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Mikey predicts the 2013 Red Sox lineup

Oct 9, 2012|

Mikey is now a Joe Mauer guy and wants him on the Red Sox. Mikey gives his prediction on what the lineup will look like if they do in fact sign Mauer.

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Back on the planet Mikey show and LA base -- John. Six on 77797937. -- one -- open now. And you don't like it while I was downstairs checking the weather as they do every hour yes. As I thought through the lineup and I really now I'm convinced Joseph my hours -- adding we just say white don't don't -- disgusted with the -- and those final or was it -- respect you when a law like. That's because you're listening carefully to this was of this lineup I have a prediction for -- -- Ellsbury leads off. Pedroia back second Mauer bats third middle Brooks sports Ortiz. Fifth the first baseman whoever you get. Preferably right handed hitting guys will be hitting sixth Cody Ross batting seventh. -- eight you have the left fielder wherever that is and ninety have Syria -- or whoever is the shortstop. Now I know gets a little dignity -- persons were putting in guys like I don't know who he is -- nameless people. But all of the Yankees that the wanted don't get him at the end where did you get 789. You know you talk Russell worked. In the middle -- you go lefty -- lefty -- you know Salisbury Pretoria Mauer then middle Brooks that's lefty regular straight penalties that's lefty that -- right here. I think it's a perfect line up that's -- -- -- and by the way that's 43 million dollars a year than ours don't protect have that money to spend yet but did you really want him to -- least. 36 years old went out and and again. -- -- I think at that point. He's just going to be out of me and all he's a DH because of the power I think he could always hit. These -- -- and make good on its right the other thing locked up until this past year when he really started 72 games to capture half the base Faye's behalf the games catcher he received. Very good guy against the base -- His numbers were off the charts. As far as running Nate nailing runners trying to steal prior news this past season this past season he dipped in that department before that it was really good at that. I counted Minnesota would eat. A huge chunk of of the contract they would -- some and it wants some prospects that director that argument prospectors to you let there be a little bit and you take a risk are due by the way not any more risk. That you were taken on Carl Crawford. In the final and outlaws and bad decision bad they got burned by -- -- -- five years left of that now while it's true they get -- -- they get -- and and they I know one that the but my hours guys nine your batteries prove that he's over nine years he -- 323. Well the major leagues. I blitzes and what is cool idea. I understand -- I may know we should go. Because if you are relentless when you like something has already are relentless right -- -- get it always get the twins beat writer and see what he Atrix. OK let's patio we could still have twins beat writer tomorrow night of the program what you say that's a great idea by lady. And then I'll go on in my in my our power campaign you know what -- and the thing is is that I doubt. Red Sox -- their approach is it's angered going to be disciplined and to me. Reading between the lines or -- renewed discipline means not going out and getting guys that are going to be making 23 million when -- thirty -- can take that attitude forever or you can say what my hours solidifies one position forest for a period of time and he's also a 23 hitters in baseball exist. Right well there aren't -- you know what guys -- look at them now more dated that whether you agree with it or not. And I think there has to be some middle ground and is. But they're looking at. The wins above replacement are looking at old PS making their -- that well they tally that's what most of these front office people are looking at now or well that day and cram it. Okay this this guy who's proven he can hit the major leagues -- -- -- -- you know what I think I had a batting average RB I think there's still something to that batting average of course terrorists and but I also think there's something the other stuff to OPM and by the way the next thing I want try to do was get Joey bottle back. So while yeah all of -- -- the so good though he's so good -- mark is in Medford on the planet Mikey show Marvin before -- even get started let me ask your question. Have you ever. Big noticeable. Now have you met a Cy Young award winner yet old Jimmy. And the extra by the way is there anybody right now it's a better TV baseball analyst -- -- -- No but I don't I met him. For reasons of anonymity. My wife used to work with someone who. Whose husband of the former sportscaster. So let her birthday party of their. And I'm walking around adopted to this -- and -- derivatives you've been. It was. Our hockey player Derek Anderson yes. And I'm going -- the first to get -- what I've been in your apartment. And now I'm thinking this doesn't some pretty good tour for like XX XX. So I I went to a marijuana were peripheral vision of regional manager had it. Apartment on beacon street. -- at his party. And income Dennis -- it. I'm not get a bit -- good looking. It's two years ago I get this is quite an even your -- -- we -- here's the thing about act okay he's my age Marvin. He looks easily twelve years younger than me just out of the box -- like that. He he is you know I honestly he's defying the odds Richard nature honest again is but I -- watch tomorrow and be his his take on stuff in his pocket I know we're like completed it. It's that he's so good that. Guys excellent and impressed he's a pro approachable. I'd -- spoke to -- about twenty minutes. And at that who is the toughest hitter you based on the event it was Stewart Brett. Anatomy that's a lot of rightness -- it's now or would you say that George Brett made a lot of people's lunches now he -- I -- to act about the Kirk Gibson thing you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's a very competitive guy and remarkably. I think the staff to its biggest on him. It actors these career is. They added together. The amount of victories he was involved in between his 197. Wins in his 380 what are. 500 is something victories more than Cy Young he was involved in more victories and sigh -- I'm an event -- yes. Wanted to think if you're gonna do any sort of help that woman who called last night who's right. Tell me and I'll I'll donate some money. Oh yes listen I'll tell you what we're gonna put you on hold we'll get an email address Marvin. -- and then and then that's very nice. I forgot about data initiative calls that are my idea glad I'm glad you were you remind us markets we're gonna do it try to take up some kind of collection for Iran. Opera and it was Nancy right now then you Rhode Island of Warwick, Rhode Island Margaret thanks a lot but. Take a yet cut into context here at the station and patio get an email address will send a little noticed where you can send -- subject to get the ladies dealing with cancer and she got a cable bill that canceled -- And you know she's a 68 years old and she needs some help. So we're gonna try to help grow while she's forced to watch a lot of TV to make sure it doesn't have to be only three different channels. Or even that at all -- -- -- table basic cable at least gives you what 47 on where I would much. What cable channel you watch the most money. Two sports I fight it -- I had to be today endorsement I watch so little television. So you don't watch him on energy and mining and -- mining in afternoon television. I get physically ill when -- when I pass that. You be watching Maurice say you are not the father. It shows you done that. How can you know maternity show must not have a -- you all like throw again here is Mary to -- each -- Still together instantly to what she thinks about his career and you know she thinks -- and it's encouraging work. -- --

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