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We get Lenny Megs thoughts on the future of the Red Sox

Oct 9, 2012|

Mikey and Ryder are joined by Lenny to talk some sports. Lenny covered the Red Sox all season and gives some thoughts on the future of the franchise and who might replace Bobby Valentine as the manager.

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Hopefully hold over a hole in a bottle of realm. Whale -- -- national hybrid terribly popular in the past few months ago. It would miss this that we did the bar and it is harder. It is yeah well. And homeowners don't wedges you don't. That's my favorite part shaving heads -- with a rusty razor early enough hard and that's my favorite part noted that -- -- John candle area really well while that day that he yet. In dock -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have been good. I have been good. Yes I've been great to everything's been great I know electric side pick and those NFL games you feel great I don't do well. I'm on a roll right now with that. And I had a tremendous weekend. Hinting around what the (%expletive) you set -- DeVon five and 20 were you this weekend I was like six and one. Let's step we've been five and two out yet is basic and one well because I've had a really think about it. I had some things tied together you know -- they came together nicely for me in the end that's good and I'm happy and so everybody gets a bonus tonight. Which is meaningless in this content. Are just to give this number out folks as well we have to open lines I know that it it's not for lack of interest it's for lack of no knowledge of the actual numbers of people on that rolled eight but it doesn't work. -- it's a little tricky yes. And I say that number this way -- it's just really really -- is gonna help six point 7779. 9837. Now it sounds like super Laver boy that's annoying. What to fortunately tennis ever and I asked. What do you know of that would if I had a radio program I actually talked like that and giving people to listen no you wouldn't have a radio program a -- -- -- to and it has an hour. -- -- 1777. And I -- stop stop I'm begging you ninety's through service hospital there and ladies and house -- glad to have -- -- -- -- full show tonight now Joe -- just let me throw -- at the table as we talk about everything tonight we don't care. This is the program -- you're telling your friends about it. You say that that's the program way to give a rat's ass what you talk show mental rep by -- right so just know it use it call and it -- be. We've done stuff like we've given out advice to people. On on affairs of the heart -- we've given up. I would ask personal questions like have you ever you never know many you've never seen the Kardashians. I feel better about that -- -- -- do I want actually see him moving on the screen mail but. Now have you ever had caviar. You must've I have not have real content while traveling not so no not really -- now -- this announcement not to my knowledge or maybe I started want to admit it does -- -- -- -- forty to eighty I know -- met a lot of Cy Young award winners -- yeah you know I mean if you -- Right -- -- -- -- -- you know Pedro Roger Clemens -- at a courtship but it did you know give the listeners they're not inside the clubhouse like you are they're not you know impressed passes like we do has anyone said the -- Now you are young we -- not yet known how have you ever had a hemorrhage. If invite all behind me -- George Brett the famous emirates and India were the playoff game here. You of course have been super doubles is these are questions we used to get to know -- let me ask Roger -- -- -- 323 lifetime here as a catcher. He's pretty good and he's he's going to be thirty. -- how many years left that a country outlets are I don't as the -- six years at 23 million a year or two with a burglary. Almost six years still left -- still left still left on the -- and how much 23 million a season. Lot of money no -- this the -- but but but let's let's put into perspective. Carl Crawford was on this yet but -- they're done doing things like Canadian Ramirez's on this team and for eight years and when he million dollars. That was fine that Joseph lowers the best -- in American. It's not anymore what it really well I think -- 319 -- -- will. You know I I think we it is as the best kitchen now have defense offensively defensively how is it if we're talking defensively you know and talk about overall the catcher in new position and I think he might be a catcher for another 23 years in power and and do you still see implants more first base because. And cinnamon -- know what is. What is that he's had some injuries but I just had one injury in last jury had an injury over the rest of his career he's been healthy as a hollow course. -- he spent her last two years. I don't and a 47 game -- already has he been saying he's not the same 319. Yeah no that's good but. He's for the price it's gonna be too much it's gonna be somebody's regular first baseman in two years. Went -- planned direct talks to somewhere else right. But and you you said that as an and -- -- mind that. You know give a team -- -- -- -- would be like Fred Lan hidden that Walt or blogs they. And you limited to twelve on -- and be even playing in Fenway in his left hand he's gonna hit you know he's got hit at least twenty home. -- well he'll get one year or hit more than when he and that is you know ninetieth Toni home runs but other than that he's been mostly like 91011. Home -- Type a guy. But don't worry even worried about the home -- I'm worried about averaged via a guy who's who's a middle of the order and catcher now you got the bottom of Yuri. In other words you're gonna have that black hole. That they've had all year long and and we -- with due respect to Saltalamacchia in his home run power output. And his improvements and all that struck out 137. Times awful. He's a rally killer. And Mauer is on the is is the opposite of that you know. -- strikes I was fifty times a year or more concerned who's gonna pitch to him yet. Now he can throw it rest is now he's a contact a look at the place to spend all this money right there actually have what they need to. He'll put the ball in play mobs -- -- a much more than so it comes over thumbs down on the thumbs down because you. Yes not just 23 million Obama I mean it's a price tag was you know even eighteen are I'd I'd go far -- 23 and I I'd rather. Find you know the night Nixon result. The next Rizzo on that. And the result -- -- tremendous achievement -- so you know Natalie from the corner down there on the corner now the cubs -- yeah I -- still improve yet it -- second -- let's go to -- New Hampshire Stuart supplement hello Matt. Able shell out there are ready -- -- that -- you don't man that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't rocket Clemens is it pure technical strike shortened easily being able to eat and 94 was that year. Yeah he. Both wedding -- Oh. A lot. It so. The war and -- -- Or or what he would not. At all actually George you gave it all at dot. -- -- All the bad laughter climbing. And that didn't work out but Paris. And so -- -- about you refer him. -- not currently but how he got off you know on a charge of lying. Or even the ball or any. Yes. So you get it's not worth what might have been before this whole steroids thing but it's -- look I think most people agree that Roger Clemens. -- without steroids is a hall of Famer. I agree is that it's not a question because he's -- the holidays it's when you put him in -- reward that kind of behavior and and then again as people or artists and we'll maybe it even do it. Yeah I don't know why they could say that I think everybody did it every that they said dated probably did. You know that's that's the conundrum right the how many did it. Yeah -- -- Tactic anyway in my art. Just fantastic. What he was able to accomplish his career. And all of go look that up that -- because some painful Red -- member. And risking it why don't -- why. -- won't be. The boxes that already in the pac restore. It like. Sure we're allowed to just pick or any change you want it. Well I don't know according -- and you know why you couldn't 'cause she's got to know -- grand. -- It's got to spend at a grand you don't have that kind of cash. It was beautiful to see -- -- a little love bird. Black leather pants I was like -- man -- They're not -- to hand -- flat out. Hey it's not 1984 was 94 what do you do with -- -- before I don't think you'll know the courts say that trip to that you lose those that metaphor for your life right. Our -- indeed she still live learn and at and your divorce. Though. I doubt he's still as those leather pants. Well into our guys wanted to -- would fit right they would look at a deliberate attempt an announcement saying. I think I want mr. -- tabloid it. Question why. I abruptly this data -- -- -- crazy neighbors it was more than 66 or -- and you Italy like. One armed you'll be -- and I think he had a good chance for triple. Andy bell. And I remember whether -- not because it's Turkey rule. I'm but he called the he called a high old time. After -- -- -- item -- you'll make -- any nasty cracks about it. Yeah although when you I don't want to you know look at it and and now we all know met. Thanks to you buddy -- the rock -- Mexico off -- C degrees where you live and learn on this program now. Tim and -- -- had to -- on the planet Mikey. Hey Mikey -- what somebody. Much register actually have to work. School what's going out its government abrupt patriots. All sorts -- -- that question is I don't know what you can and number a lot of you guys had to do number. Because. 85850. Was their error the old number zero whatever was -- -- is was a relative to the AM frequency at -- station existed on for so many years as so many years of being number one on AM radio is very hard -- And now. Or on FM we decided -- -- probably better thing to draw a parallel between 937. Which is our frequency here in Boston on FM dial. And the telephone number which is 617779. Sadr had 937. Certain that that's what I saw -- it's simple little marketing technique. I you know PR -- they seem like they're denied any. -- good clicking more hungry you know every case like our own -- are you can operate now. Charlie he -- -- you guys run the table yes. Yeah I do I do. Okay yeah look at this schedule what is one pitch and gave it you know might be toughness. San Francisco San Francisco who's definitely one -- and Houston's the other you know. OK that'd. Be so now than later Aaron November December I think they both -- home to. Chances don't and so they are they're both -- and have both -- a bad idea but they they will they will run the table now they'll lose one of those two right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Very balanced. I have looked at this schedule inducted into -- Big -- schedule -- room. I'll have to. I'll have to check him we don't walk around UC Agile and I get a little bit of Korea and but -- second concerned viewers that -- could do Yuri take -- your own house signature on how personally I'd say out of the next seven games for the patriots looking at their schedule is toughest is this Sunday at Seattle because after that that -- jets that gives Saint Louis in London. -- by buffalo Indianapolis the jets and Miami. -- access denied that looks pretty easy to me. You know Aaron and I and -- society I -- Sunday night and and yesterday on the airwaves. TV and radio. The outward traits that team and all of sudden -- this flavor of the month and flavor of the week anyway the patriots they went just quickly jumped on that -- way well. -- ahead I think -- -- -- wanted and then they'd they sort of half hop -- to offer elemental Lester will but it's he had it you know why because it's dead -- Peyton Manning -- no huddle up and I who's talking and understand where he's saying his her own -- what was -- engine Nawaz Santa I think a lot of the reaction is because. There was Denver who many perceive as a playoff team and paid Manning and and and that group and the offense was sold for only scored 52 points that we -- be three or four -- that's a flavor of the month more than a flavor of the week because of -- but I -- 83 points in two games but everyone's really really jumped on the pats bandwagon after that I understand that but you know I don't think the Broncos that good I think their five -- A five loss team so they're not that good with five losses over the giants -- 97. I think that the Broncos are playing great team. I think they're playoff team they might be one of those wanted out and it's -- -- right now because giants went against yes you do hear it again now three. The -- they go on a roll. You know the giants and the evidently discounted giants yet what they pullout last year discount them is a valid thing -- lucky -- set -- -- history of football down there in the soup -- the giants -- I had to they would -- get to their playoff team. Cincinnati is tied up with the giants at 11 in the fifth inning of their there's third game of their series and debt at 907 tonight on the West Coast Detroit plays Oakland Detroit leads that series two games and I think Oakland. Which is a game tonight I don't I don't Google is gonna get swept by Detroit. All right what do you think has a better chance right now getting to the Super Bowl. Atlanta. Houston or San Francisco. Are wanting Sampras is goes which didn't really really yes they -- now that it all three religion if they are if they are close. -- stick close to winning a Super Bowl it's it's this year I I think at this a great team in the league and I think it's a one great team asked 56 weeks. It's San Francisco yeah okay. Atlanta. Terrific Matt Ryan right now players media group and even an MVP but. Yes he's got no wins and attention and no playoff points and the -- myself you know your holy cats and our high and then issues. Houston it is for real yeah I don't know as I type about it for so many years now but I would say it definitely had Los today it was a pushing him.

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