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Tuesday, October 9th Whiner Line

Oct 9, 2012|


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My view as an excuse views expressed. Breast blew my mind these aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox didn't. This -- discretionary box. -- -- And now you know you weren't here alive. People always look guys you like we are winding up which you know both things. And the bottom line everywhere -- -- on the sand is they probably only have one life you had a goal and it's now denied us again. You know bad boy am I -- -- I don't know forty. I'm you can do what you want afforded a 42 are very limited. The thing that. You -- here WEEI. Laurel near lives. I got to come in every year and try to do something just click here to announce. But I don't think they'll have to prove myself and more money went over there. Dial 6177793535. And imagine that there -- suspect and I'm glad. Record date and I am the problem when he goes. To go on there whiner line right thing take a martyr and the things here. And the most what have we hit the -- and -- in the mean and now I think he's probably before. Mobile. To follow signs that WEE nine so it's. I never has something that I don't think I ever. Whiner line. -- people after. Michael Adams Michael. You old you don't like. What we mean. We don't know what do. Read this memo it's like nineteen page via its W to take all night you know thank -- double when he read it to -- -- a bloody and I think that he threaded some nice little background music. Why a lot of powered by AT&T WEEI live it's available to -- -- Rand drug Blackberry device. -- do you buy. AT&T AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to ten times faster -- and marine GAT. And T rethink possible by the any of us. Hey Mike do you. -- Like you anymore yeah I was -- I mean. -- -- -- -- -- And troops that veterans today -- were all equals with the talks on lately and affect them going to a party at his house. Is Tommy invited -- to drug abuse and -- going to be there to get well pretty much all people -- enough to support. Formerly. It to bill. -- And -- -- in the gas to get over what time. For them. Lucky he has calls for you know you know 4 o'clock Mozilla John Dennis -- yeah. Clark AM then I know him -- press close on three. Put -- out of work and I'm not a big help and a third that it calls not not all of and then you get that you expect from. -- that didn't have to do phone number political -- and you'd expect. And give it to a -- tried to -- comment pummeling that number did so from somebody people jangled. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Joseph one you know -- when does. It's six blooms so big incidents and nothing he says. Six runs 77. And -- 937. I wrote it. Difficult for an -- to thank -- to the arranger. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Said. In my brain it is now. I let her new single with no big. I'd probably like a bit more could you no pay every single bet in the -- number and get -- that it. Good idea. Our dual credits though is that seventy is what ties it all together once and that's what keeps you right at the -- seven it stands out right in the middle of the number absolutely. That six month sentence. Yeah it would be too many -- yogurt right it's like a bookmark that -- -- too -- it wasn't 77 to eat because then -- could say. -- Ted precipitate. I don't know what it might. While. Right. He got a bad about. Five point five mile trip yet. I -- object that didn't keep it open to build what it quite that bad bad bad bad boy it. I don't know about it I don't know about it and they -- -- bad. I. Haven't I haven't I. Happened. I had pretty private about I don't know what that little problem probable and yet not been made yet now. I think I think it or an error the operator was an -- I would -- that -- getting things passed for him by the -- and I 930s. It's 93 sevenths like the frequency on the FM to finally pay the operator to tell people the Colvin and number she still is playing for I don't know I went I went -- object. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I expect everybody except me read it and what -- -- boycott the ultimatum that we've had been haven't. -- -- -- I thought and message forgot about that Nevada. I. But -- the underlying. I would go about what exactly like all my collected. Quote ballot tax bite is accurate -- And I think that's fair. At least as a trap question. Well I think bill I think adults use despises insensitive no I think -- up. The -- bring up a fair point I think he takes them. Some questions. And extremely personally -- -- -- -- -- -- Your thing but that may be used to since as a threatened to punch you like Saturn disguises it very you weren't it's pretty -- despises the line of question. Resents the multiple choice next. You'll hate that. -- -- -- Got bell so creativity required that the neck probably about what I want yeah this -- an iPod while. That's correct but I read -- can't -- It is what it -- and yeah they are born. -- -- -- bad -- comes -- Welcome it as an added that the yeah Dobson well below. On the other -- does she says definitely -- -- lyrics to everything. We've all questions about Elizabeth Warren nationality. What I've heard -- got his -- call it. I couldn't help but wonder if you. It's but just pretending to be -- -- have a way to pretend that this there but it worked today -- you always -- -- But it never about better one point. I think I wanted to get -- you know report on that. Just AMP around. Now Atlantic and Pacific. Longer dangerous Sunni MP and here's where you go there winners -- Whereas Bradley's. Name peace monitors. The whereabouts for Julie's parents -- -- tunnels always. Coach -- It's. School. Right now and -- Use. Trying to. I think I'd start Craig you're out of body. Now. All of them it was so bad day I had missed duet -- -- go out and -- Bought. Well read that there is an apt board. How great game. And land -- in -- he interviewed for mr. on this US. There and violent month button. He's got -- -- Hey nobody like but pat down that you get out of everybody's obligated like -- boy like grow -- very much so creepy. My bet pretty -- -- But but our -- exhibit his leg moves like when you scratch your dog's belly. Up. She sounded really thrilled to be. That the traffic. I don't know I don't think that the body. Many wondered if that was not about bad dialogue and paid double. And Matt Sussman is everywhere and. There it. But Cabrera kept running I don't electric -- and it's good good good. And message. Actually -- yeah -- would John Lackey. -- That my record well yeah particular looked at the end of this of this season and join me in welcoming the world stage. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jacket. And conduct offensive and and everybody thank you. I think a lot of things that. -- -- If -- We. You know. And well and -- through. We couldn't. And very its. The. You do not -- your company. -- Political. Opponents. Quality and it was but it smokers it's a vote total but it is a concussion and benefiting and haven't had that season where -- that -- -- -- -- The best part. Jacket hat -- It up. Everybody did that and upbeat guy open it stop it but you get to shake my head what I want there. I'd say I'd know what -- yeah I've got no idea what the boys in general Bob don't -- -- -- got Eric. And that. There's going to be either small to warmer in isolation and Emily took for him to Brigham and bring god into this really got will be my judge you you really sure who went apple down I'm not sure if. You only had one but -- the -- -- that hearing could not bend him. And how about them and then change. And and it -- bad. I would have a lot that night I don't know what I would want well well Vietnam -- -- Sure one -- fun but AT&T AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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