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Monday, October 8th Whiner Line

Oct 8, 2012|

Satan may come for Tebow on the 666th Edition of Monday Night Football

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But music music music fresh grass blowing like -- aren't likely to keep pushing the car. This discretion he should bottle still only Morris. And now you know you -- your line. Would mushroom world. Player -- ball. Putting -- -- -- schools and now I'm from fourteen wonderful years. The only professional -- the only. Colts football good WEEI. -- -- -- and I've been -- for almost all my adult life but I guess your life. Manage ports we all know -- -- new restaurant dial 6177793535. Time change as circumstances change. That's the reality of playing in the NFL why you're lie and I do love it here hello. Friends. Always enjoy our employees for such a great team and now -- thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. I truly have enjoyed being your record it's. WTI. Didn't wind airline -- And worked out for both teams and I'm usually an Indianapolis there on the road church building the future unless something burning since three years. And shorter for Denver. It was perfect now you know I know Michael -- go all good things must come to an end and Tim Tebow I don't leave. But on the whole deal worked out this -- -- -- ask -- you're going to I don't know I just can't do my best out. He's -- it did not enjoy but the colts right Gmail went there with the Broncos and Tebow threw the ball right. Who is gonna take over the starting position with the jets after tonight as the -- gold usually an -- into the playoffs and write us off a tour. All night doing you know I don't know -- you have for Tim Tebow -- his two weeks in glory in the know find somebody else tomorrow. Why do as much -- it's or am I here. I had already got my -- Ariel I thought maybe you were picking up with Fisher -- dilute the appointment and now this time -- -- a good idea your mileage powered by AT&T. WEEI -- available in Toronto and -- -- -- -- was brought to you by AT&T. AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten. Times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible why -- and let's. Let's go -- love to. Don't last night after the game with a look at it and then you ever wondered you know I would have like honey -- wonderful -- -- that you couldn't second. Bit I don't know like I don't. And that message. Really into the game. It. Kind of turn -- I guess he can work that I mean that could really. That's got potential and they get a few snaps in my -- -- enjoy you know if we can you -- and I thought I'm just very hard to stomach about -- 60. -- the real story also you won't have to lose -- went left to sort through bachelor show I have yeah this show. Oh all the men don't want no idea you know we have this in July you wouldn't tell you don't be afterward I really I got some stories you tell you. And I would really ignited debate Manning did not break -- -- -- aware -- -- -- -- -- boy -- an important court yesterday. Don't really guys. And that is kind of really tight fitting helmet this celebrated around. The -- didn't really do yeah. Get them according to admit it you -- -- -- -- probably one of that good way to lead and didn't -- hello what about off here and I'm. They had -- put forward can't fight it's. Always good. Try out and it. -- might -- well I'm very blessed vulnerable and the bad body fat that spot and he had to go to hey man band kind of yeah yeah. Dot fair bit -- -- and what has come off base third -- could be. But that's -- it back I don't know. And before but many -- and that's what he says there. -- -- Don't want -- black and white T yeah I. Wouldn't. Yeah I wouldn't want connecting my my -- what kind quarterback we'll look like. Think about that tonight -- third quarter when -- get sick of people. And let it. I'm looking forward to tonight's campaign not that I think you'll be competitive and I'm looking into -- organizing bogus and time Tebow probably won't. And the first and second half of the third quarter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mr. Boehner OK we're good football. Iraq. Are often called upon him prisoner golf and over on whom he. And then less -- same Celek got the west. -- -- Oh yeah there are most importantly so I don't know if Tebow gets -- on the -- lights tonight who pulled on win the world -- you succeed -- -- -- yeah yeah that's cold -- on some of my friends UN board wage issue what pat. -- they handled by my dad and Olivier got. PO RTS Beck. That bad at this -- that down right here in the studio while the he -- it pick it up by his horrible. And -- in my book. I think you may cut away because we felt about it. And that his best that I would I have respect for your opinion I don't see you noticed that Glenn is more do differently leading you have calling everyone else that excel himself. What's called deflection and all I can say is don't call a sudden they Angelo with things your wife does do you pay and pin and on non solo -- Ali you're my only issue with what he said is never handlebar -- now I know that's I know that's how I handled. -- -- -- -- Eight Illinois -- but I'm -- -- better than. That that's how yeah I don't show. But the hype about this. Ethnic territory that you big whales got their expert about how bad moment. And a magnitude. Soldier who runs a distant early don't you gotta eat every week to maintain that kind of way. While you can you bust those fans are going to tell us what. He's not post game press -- what Bobby had a full contact sport -- that I. Do great everywhere but a lot of dignity until they've got -- but bluntly put created doubt between Jerry -- -- -- glory -- all gonna get along really. And -- -- Taiwanese into Oreo. -- -- -- -- Still a great -- this isn't sufficient I don't know Maloney glory hole days and I've been here more than once and so had -- said that while. Only -- -- just goes to show it's a whole different country I don't really hot hot. Gosh I reward he went there 10 well I'm here. Out of -- one royal why a lot of -- -- about acceleration sort of confined to embellish. All right well Philadelphia fantastic and this city but up but at the -- and -- message. Didn't get off the Atari -- here didn't doubt -- Vietnam you know off of our -- flat site the good lord brother looked like he was. Just didn't -- because I didn't they thought we go -- And that helps -- Oh I see his eyes on an -- world rhetoric -- -- -- friend who's gone there there regularly thanks Mikey every week. Good week -- guys shut out in you know elementary school I met a tenth grade schools and -- -- colleges and universities. -- -- -- Guys know you're probably not got quite -- and that's I don't know good under estimated always -- good. Columbus they had not appreciated enough great Italian American. Equipment and every. -- bad news culture. Both good good guys emerging open country and always will probably be Americans. The Italian Americans remember that everybody's building and grow through the bridge you cross that horrible but good Italian American. To help get good player but I -- probably won't let that he probably won't. But that's our defense all those who have always. But you're there every -- so little coverage you know do you think. And -- -- and as you can reduce its -- thing -- left forward pizzas. But whom don't know how important he's. -- -- -- This is the -- -- and I think -- and the. Joey as you know I I I love Italy is one of my favorite places to go to visit but let's not forget exaggerated then. Columbus sales got lung -- Spanish fly and got -- excited Danielle lost -- usually in the OK can I tell -- -- Wall just ahead are you still don't know why actual. I have had gotten plays is there's room he might have been Jewish anyway the road course Christopher Columbus so originally was he was Bill Burton on the highway that's what you I don't know -- -- -- -- right. OK but we'll work our nation the clear what the -- appeal again. And -- bonds. And that -- I want to -- There -- a lot of Cleveland Indians fans around here now. Gradually change it'll become an Italian -- a few times so we shall not Linear trend why I didn't want to actually -- -- Michelle long contract. You think you'll finish his contract with the drive and will they actually win the World Series. Mother. First time six if if if you're like 1948 if you're the Red Sox -- are you pleased. Because that's another sudden sell -- from here. -- yeah I just want to thank you guys Bono and my we've had -- good -- was bad then I'm sorry yeah. Okay. Blue okay. And that she -- to Wake -- the best part download. And that's. He says this. Good or bad value -- what I want to tell me. -- -- and lose early on those -- And Bob -- about -- or what but I would give them but I've got a big group of about what should I go to bed at 9 o'clock. I don't want to -- I don't know what what the bedroom lord and I ended spotted -- this is all those. -- -- say I'm tennis is all about getting a Bart Mandell abdominal in my mind I'm getting -- bit of the bit. Didn't do but don't. Lose a lot of NBA viable partner for a big did you -- -- getting better and live our revulsion. They've got a bit. And good. And they bright kid trying to keep trying to -- number keep trying to running sales and number eventually you'll get it still praying I don't -- our plan is standing by right now Frankie dial and in this data in telling -- and I think that's intentional -- that was not -- -- didn't do so just to stutter I didn't. -- -- Yeah. I get people -- and have a problem -- remembered the number of -- -- I would appear to be it'll help people 06177797937. Battle -- You might do on the phone. You can tell him all the armed you've got a home now up in my can talk well then let -- see -- at the pin. A few games. Not available are areas but. Available at. Job. And that they might like you might wanna use that -- everybody I know we have an image of the tapes there's only stole that from the Beverly Hillbillies and are right anonymous figures that's that's not even that bit of balance that you go to waving Hillary you're open was stolen. Sharon Democrats -- true mystery area and apparently -- -- -- -- drive in every day on the pike -- -- to go underneath the -- like him do his -- -- as a child all she's an American -- size is a couple. Trademark yeah. Well. Yeah I heard Joba Hughes chinoy and I try calling me they have proven button so hard that I broke. And -- message -- Send I've been tied. -- Hey bill I'd just go up a following joke typically -- area that. -- Sugar Ray this is not doing the golf. Little Sugar Ray here as we -- the -- Six on seven and nine demanded and we love you you're gonna. But I bet if you remember that -- remembered back bought one of the better big one benefit. Veteran not that supported and gotten more veteran but god I don't. Have been -- -- I did very. It's very NF Bennett but good luck but I'm glad I don't have air. And this message and made a lot of geodesic Kerry -- messed up. That. I I don't follow it probably won't even par that's great you know why would -- that -- include a -- that a lot of these. Embedded data off the ball -- could not have been as bad as they've been through -- that -- the -- Welcome to the best bet very. I don't know my. Very well thank you. Want an open. And let them have found it that's good -- but I think it's bad boy. I'm glad it's all about it and it. The big problem got a -- But it kind of probably. The basketball that would have been cut to watch that -- I had. But it but it got tight good god for the -- -- -- yeah. All the good and I don't think that's all. I didn't need anything that -- go about doing it. And -- that opportunity. She should interpret your baseball analysis confirms all prepared to tell you right you're right in song about -- -- the -- -- and what AT&T AT&T -- LTE was made up look at times faster than three G. AT&T rethink possible that. And says it's.

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