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Kevin Faulk, Former Patriots RB, on his retirement from the NFL

Oct 9, 2012|

Patriots legend Kevin Faulk joins Mut and Merloni after announcing his retirement at Gillette Stadium.

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You don't realize how long you've done something. Because you doing it you know from eleven in it it just feels great. But when that time comes would go used you can understand and realize while we do the companies as of football player as a person. Kevin -- earlier today at Gillette Stadium part of v.s. Those retirement after thirteen years to play Kevin -- was open to play again this year did not work out he retires after thirteen years. With the patriots not -- ID three point seven WEEI got a posting up on FaceBook dot com. Slash WEE our people over at the remembrances of a Kevin's career as a page about. On FaceBook dot com slash WEEI summed it up pretty well set every moment thirteen years of solid play. For Kevin -- so many third down conversions made the patriots so tough to be I can't remember a bad play on his part -- got three rings. -- -- tennis and he is gonna be remembered here as gay rights at FaceBook dot com slash WE yeah how we talked about earlier. That it if you think about the under the career Kevin fault give them the word trust comes to mind the -- Reliable comes to mind talking about it's clear in what he did. Ross Tucker writing about him calling in the greatest role player. In the history of the game. Called the best third down running back in the history again and joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three -- AT&T. Rethink possible. Former patriots running back Kevin -- Kevin -- -- Dario. Are you you're. We're no good -- -- -- via the press conference today Bill Belichick jumped on the podium and said by the way Kevin Faulk leads. The patriots as far as I'm concerning game balls got over sixty -- during your career I'm curious what a storage space. It's a sort of trailer to keep track of sixty game balls Kevin. Let it. It's related pairs of outer space they're in particular from -- well good -- Olmert met. Eight Kevin view yeah I think everybody from the dining staff did Troy brown and the everybody that was there we got a lot of people noticing the left one man now give you an opportunity to talk about Tom Brady at all. You know let it that itself in the dirt courts have always you can -- -- bird. Or or are you have to talk about term and everything that you speaks for itself. Everything there is peril premieres -- full well where are we were separate note. Kevin over the course your career people have been calling in and talking about your role on this team and and year old player to major career one on one of the things that stood out was. Your ability to protect the quarterback who ever was in there you seemed to take that job pretty seriously anomalies are running back but -- that last line defense. How hard is that as a back to sort of buy into the idea that yet you're gonna be back they're gonna get -- touches but. You also got to protect you got to block and mentally. Yelled getting into that role of being -- offensive -- next to the quarterback in that shocked a position. I think the hardest thing about they ruled there. -- any bullets you have you're gonna say -- -- -- -- certainly when this governor -- you look at the total came. You know I think Kevin at -- Bill Belichick talked about that all four game. Against the colts -- -- only reception was a third candidate or talk about it afterwards -- -- that was -- fall whenever there was a big play to be made it big first down to get that always you always stepped in how hard was it for you. Maybe not being involved in the office but yet the biggest play of the game came down to a reception by U. I look at their hard because always prepared myself. In no way had a trial were the start earlier but it as well when you the most involved in the game whether it be running not receive an and so -- -- Do not think about. Not say about being in the big part of our prayers are you prepared myself in -- we had to Iowa -- to be well. Kevin your your tenure spans over what we're gonna called the development of the patriot way you know during your time on this team it was born. As someone who was part of that what when someone says the patriot -- TU what does that mean as someone who played him. That's. As someone that's all part of what. We've been ordered to -- your way is there are simply early. There ain't no like mystery it would that is -- it is is character come and that will be winners and do whatever it takes to be winners for changing anything up from there. Gave their lives their gains. It is great if you keep that previous pay for it come from. It's just -- in -- year to win in there and create our base is whether. So but as part of that right young guys that come into the program come into the patriots organization their -- veterans whether you were Teddy or trolling. And you go down ballistic guys who were part of that -- Rodney obviously -- Did you guys make sure to tell the young guys -- you may have been missing college you may add as many stats many whatever. About here it's its team I'm curious how you got those young guys to buy into that. Well let -- do whatever whenever you know there are some that -- -- preach your organization. It's already been talked about how does that mean to preach culture -- -- -- Had a guy that it is I don't know exactly it is so it's one of those things where you come Mahan is very quietly -- -- And they understand our survey. In these big girl that late goal into the atmosphere and you don't shoot that mold you'll be here. Erica and thirteen years in the leak I'm wondering at what point was it this off season. When you said this is gonna be for me. Are ultimately supporting -- you know they're always there at the court so he always knew. Says that would let people need not -- in the full all the greater. Now in leader. But I had -- -- their respects you know like march or whatever is creating the greatest -- -- dispute that. I went equals you know it is at the first it would be there and you know -- Eritrea are all the vote. -- what was sort of -- where he was saying in his previous speaker court he's in their current except their third game this let me know you know case is that parents. No -- -- an -- -- at our political. Analyst who ordered it and see what else might as well you look back at play at least. We're talking to Kevin fault cut out to retirement today down their page replaced featured hall of fame Gillette Stadium here every single Sunday part of NFL Sunday -- teammate Matt Chatham. Talking about earlier in the show. I'm curious scandal when you start to get asked the question about. You know what you'll remember most about your career he is it unfair to ask is -- a game or -- a moment. It's still standout do you say ten years from now on -- asked that question. -- in my mind it is answer. Was the fact that there are so many. There are so many moments so many memories on the younger prayers. That that you work with here. What. So native go through and to pinpoint one right now it kind of are without -- farewell moment their. Maybe. Six Muslim six years from now being remembered me like year that is why I'm still person. Spirit is thankful for every moment unable to have respect about. Kevin -- the first you get involved in this office 2000 had six -- -- you went from that to one of the most trusted. Running backs -- wide receivers in patriots history years front holding on at a football when he -- young kid like Steven Ridley the last couple of weeks of coughed the coughed the ball up how difficult is that. For young running back. Why are you all know there aren't that's what it is very difficult because -- If -- -- the huge -- that the that our -- that -- everybody thought but you have probably. -- -- you have to block out because they're writers. Have aaron's career greater -- know what -- -- your what. They all have that the or ignored. You joked today your press conference when he talked about Bill Belichick that you bill would never let you win an argument in a team setting but a different guy behind the scenes but -- my favorite line maybe the entire thing was when you admit it but would be a wild bill. They get used you as a coach and what you're all about. How is that is that a year -- the -- -- was it was it three years before it's okay this is what this coach about this is what is get us to buy into. I'm kind of -- through warriors you know it's one of those things that. Because he didn't talk much. -- Probably didn't talk much directly to you talked to the team he wasn't a great individual. Person that -- Now later on and as notepad or maybe airline and very expert people who are doing or at least the court has built an insult. You mentioned Troy Brown is another guy who still around this team part of that patriot way you seemed. I don't say get emotional but he talked about what he meant -- do you feel like you guys are sort of joined in in the way the picture way it was built and during your tenure here Kevin. Although I -- it would always back -- let's say in the abstract the model myself. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think in my personality because. When you -- -- our product of -- and it doesn't say anything. He goes the whose job may. You're saying you're sort of the first there he knows -- and it said there was even -- it -- -- -- to -- and that is carpet doesn't it was. What do you think you'll miss most. In a year from now Kevin about the game. Under the great thing is I don't need years to know what I'm one of the small about the game. I really know what -- the bulls but the game right now is that the cheese. The team concept that the camaraderie. About out seen walking in Iraq long. In knowing that each more and it could be a different person now in the morning to our viewers are so that I get that level it. It's still hard quicken up on Sundays and watched his team play. Well you. You they're very very well. So what's next and you do a little bit of pregame here and it would post game was a punitive. Well you have. Won't that -- somewhere lol what -- But right now is that there is -- pre game. Radio is both in Europe now or will you have daughter who knows something bigger -- And that is respect goalies. Don't let don't let -- take up all the time on that show on Sundays we got a pop and on the shut up every now and then. Or -- notes out of their great insight. Stretch there really straight. The your prayers pierce your armor and all reluctance there. And it's here's -- -- oh you know in my former ordering your policies that he is as great -- monetary. And he told a -- -- does -- -- that we think. -- -- -- Yeah and anytime you want a combined were down -- Gillette with your buddy trolling every single patriots money tie you up pop pop in and bust him up a little bit the door open for account -- no. Felicity -- a lot -- -- Kevin -- we appreciate the time. Two what do what do career and want him what a man and -- jokes about it. On the eighteenth he text -- very rarely do you get eight a great team a positive text. It's all positive about Kevin fall over on the AT&T text line and on FaceBook dot com slash WEEI. -- -- -- career thirteen seasons with the patriots. I'm as a third down back -- Greer and as a role player. One of the guys you remember during this time three championships and four years when you start let's not guys who were part of baton texts about the signature. Elbow pads that he would rock back in the day. Kevin Faulk will be on that list -- Kevin joining us on the eighteenth the hot line and if you're not familiar. Yet Kevin -- FL Sunday every single week whether it's would be 9 AM 1 o'clock games or 1 o'clock for the 4 o'clock games -- you get the elite Kevin you get Matt you decrease barged in every single Sunday. Leading into and FL football leading the patriots football. NFL Sunday with Kevin fall on top of the hour get up it will come back we'll get your phone calls and it's 617779. 7937. Is the phone number miss USA. Part of the final hours well local when he.

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