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Matt Chatham, Former Patriots LB, on the retirement of Kevin Faulk

Oct 9, 2012|

Matt Chatham joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Kevin Faulk's retirement press conference and also to talk about the Patriots win over the Broncos.

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Odd that is Kevin -- just a couple of minutes ago. Live at Gillette Stadium -- Lou 93 point seven WEEI thirteen years. In the National Football League at the age of 36 saying the -- the patriots and their fans organization today and well became an emotional -- conversation from Kevin -- -- to let stadium and -- the and you heard a lay down not one not true. But three Super Bowl rings missed time with this team yet if they won't talk to him later on the show and we will give them an opportunity to thank Tom Brady. Adios you stick caught up there you look at there any audience it's Bill Belichick it's craft and -- -- pricey Troy Brown. And there was no mention of I don't make anything -- but -- just probably suspect now some -- -- in Africa both Palmer and forget about armed. The last Google Kevin focal join us here -- joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three -- it's AT&T rethink possible -- teammate right now on the radio on NFL Sunday but also with the patriots Matt Chatham. Joining us Matt. My Lou how are you. More -- What's that and we are. Oh well thank you I'll get there ego say I couldn't couldn't get to the first time through you were just there for for Kevin's press conference you played with Kevin just wanna get your thoughts on it. His career what he was like to play with as a teammate -- Well a lot leveled out and don't -- -- from you know -- -- with them quite a little a little different but it. Perspective you know -- Out of specialty Wear for most of my career so I got the block for help and wanna be a really appreciate a block of computer merger as. As a battle blocker you're out there are you know -- partner bodies out as a -- them out they're a little but all war and one big -- electricity is. -- -- -- Beecher are physically handle. That does the recurrent committed to cut you blocked for one of the things it's really a personal quality action that person. Is that. They have the vision to be -- the place you go to -- real good. It is IP the idea of him is the best role player of all time something that you know it is was written. By Ross talker what he meant to the organization for thirteen years -- Yeah I I think I think while I can't compare acting out on a -- walker would certainly are about -- Wheeler and even more than the actual port side -- play and yet that's sort of -- ability to direct the guy can do so many different thing to so many. Things well. It due to such a professional level that was that was mentioned the kickoff return stuff he's the guy. Who -- -- to play into it and you really appreciate that little block virtually universal. I'm out here -- in my life and you know just. While the -- take in my job professionally. The wanna guy that's doing the same argument in that Kevin at a high expectation what we go over terms and we are high expectation Orman knows reciprocated. Or another thing that she that's that I. Definitely remember about -- just how much of a mismatched a guy -- through the linebackers. That's the big games going now -- now -- mean had you seen Kevin sorting this copper bearing gold had in years away the game missiles spread value to see even more dangerous. Because backed out and basically linebackers. Cough and trust me I had to do it every single day of practice. He's not the -- Not a characters are based on speech just. So extremely slippery quicker car breaks -- -- -- -- -- match -- you know the thing to stand out -- -- -- just the incredible catches the way to separate the way you. You always meet the clutch play so. You struggle so much you can do about it it's a great repute and you know long ago as. Neil Mallon president talked the last couple days to -- he got a Steve -- right fumbled a couple times now you expected. That 2000 year Kevin Faulk had six fumbles and you go from that to one of the most reliable trusted players. In this patriots organization during that there in eight days amazing. Yeah and remember that I was there were killed in that time and I do remember a bit. Started about labels like take as much as anything that you referenced in the speech today. That there were times -- you would sit down with coach culture in the war a war situation and talk about. What you need to do get better in a lot of us so I have had that speech that they'll -- you know Hewitt obviously very persist. And all and figure out what it is like to be better that took the last in -- -- And he addressed those things so it is -- optical forgotten debut started to get a label -- on his career. The completely flipped the script and actually work. More open Dirk or else -- or never -- so you address the issues that will you know but resisters Google allowed himself -- Sort -- -- -- I -- we don't do that. And -- have made it clear from. My last follow -- on Kevin today it was would be -- in that locker room Pratt just curious with C. It sounds like he's one of those guys -- was friendly with everybody that it wasn't just the running backs they hung out with the joked about the in the -- hung out with the offensive line. Let's see that guy who get along -- any part of a football team. Into beyond just a walk on my -- obviously you Lugo bounced from the group the group was from a several of these so that affable personality put. What you like to know Kevin quite a bit off the field as well just because we get a lot of security and trivia. The four players group with -- packed with while we're playing there's some. You know for Monroe also production companies that do. Promotional -- charitable things for the police and fire and things like that it capitalists. Was very you or great all the reporters as well I mean it's a relatively small community here. Of players that play now that played before. And yeah I haven't opened down about the -- those guys saw -- he's the kind of guy that it's hit or enemies adapt the values. Is so vital trying to our leadership within the locker room and -- group of guys that you guys you -- -- of those it has particular the sugar content that got. I'm -- -- what this offense now I think began years of people. Wondering if it could be as good as -- seven don't think anybody figured they'd run for 250 yards back to back weeks just another issue for the defense to prepare against. Yeah off and it's it's hardly -- southern comparison because they're just. Do anything so differently you know -- -- go back are drinking and where they end up Bozo as. So per game that serve it's a pot analogy I mean that's certainly the -- the numbers mean look the same with the winner getting theirs -- entirely different the temple thing I think will surface last week and you or -- with the running game and the ability to. So come out there not -- -- very quick calls and give in and then all medical groups also feel with these quick runs -- -- very manageable short you know -- them for certain. -- -- -- It's it's indefensible rule yet so I do times. Olmert called him her what about it were reaching out two weeks here where you've seen the ball well group that. Try to -- dime which may get annihilated entrant you've got to get some of what personnel groups one or back to target of hatred -- sold them. Denver answers with the medical group released they're they're keeping the soccer linebacker in the box opener also try to pack the box a little bit Marbury in the quarter down every mistake you or the war. Then you know bringing blitz packages. -- work either. So you're now at a point where that -- game has established itself against the groups that never should worker gets that never should work against all the Beatrice and district was Seattle it's basically -- suck it up over a golf course and author twelfth and will probably see sort of regained their gangs are going back to. Relieved you know torture people trapped in multiple -- also. They're going to put the onus on -- -- -- available rooms on the other side trying to -- partly it's because this is not -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- that this this no model that a different approach times you know you don't have to defense opportunity disguised coverage and music come out of no -- just throwing the hell out of the football but this time it's a cookie at the small guys in the field I wanna keep them out there. Is gonna continue to pound the ball I want to ask you how difficult will you think it'll be up in Seattle with how loud beckon me. Yeah about that changes things that the report will because. One of the things do you only get to know model is that if you're against a very penetrating -- -- -- you can't change the snap count general. Didn't play -- quickly you're not spending time the snapped originally went on and come -- -- -- ball coming out to -- or some sort of I'm not at all. -- only thing that sort of drawback there is no anything that -- you know -- for all aspects across. So you know the one thing they keep using it a little bit -- so it's going to be super loud certainly can't change that the snap -- -- -- indicated an amateur for example aren't so. The idea that your going to be quick and -- -- great what you don't want people started to climb that's so you'll see you this just amazing ability to use the three up a hole. They're always gonna do no huddle and meet yield little less of the brand we saw this week we are certainly don't know that bought. There are certain aspects of it but a little more difficult with the rollout was the structure up actually. Match out for patriot joining if you -- -- in the -- report every Tuesday and Friday in a Boston Herald here -- on NFL Sunday. On WEEI. You joke about it today in your -- report you've alluded to it for Seattle got a coin flip year terms of of what way to approach very I'm curious no matter if you -- to put your coaches had on. Is there race style is very schemes or anything right now you can do to disrupt what the patriots trying to do offensively if you're on a defense audible. Well I just like you would you do there's not there's not a formula that any team can take and just if you could pull this off to respond because there's such period. Personal. Differences between each team. It happened. -- -- or -- like degenerates you don't need to bring pressure you know fourteen like got a -- really good did not do with the organized. If you don't have that group. And you're not gonna get very well the last thing you wanted to do was -- -- because whoever in your article every car and used to detract somewhat from coverage. You're at a -- in the secondary apart always picked apart now you'll have a order are picking up Port Huron. You know certain -- because of the -- get there. Bought it if this running game can continue to make its second and short which -- shot on second down. And still give back into the third down at third marriage if they're consistently in that situation. Crusher is just open that you're gonna get tortured and if you do it against distinct. So what I would open your building organization and this is you know factoring because there are acutely apt to have earth orbit can simply get after -- maybe even -- -- if you can get there were three police. Get all off spot the biggest thing is an opponent to the team that there was always talked about it just not allowed to post up in the throws you just don't want stepping up front pocket. If you have to make him look collateral against wash a little bit it's not necessarily his game. What if you can provide any off the spot pressure would -- all -- rushers -- that is if you into fourth grade you get to retreat but not likely to happen. What you need bodies coverage just do you got space heaters -- out there. Beyond always aren't old west always -- the whole wrong makes holes in here as political back those -- great job of the goods that are gonna sit down so. They have personalities that rule should the kind of dollar try to do wouldn't prefer Greg laden might be choreographed and. And a quick follow up on the broncos' offense because you joked about not having seen Manning played all you -- Manning hype you prepped watching Manning. Up to watch this game this past weekend from what you saw that tape what you saw Sunday. It easy close -- to what he was when he was the quarterback Indianapolis Colts in your mind. Yeah I mean it's I think that the sort of -- not a story that was out there was that this is you know Randy Johnson covered mavericks. And is for people who knew. New and it played in architecture co director of the papers quote from literally Q&A much better than me bought you know pay Manning never laws the rock. He -- a dart throwing not in an hour fastball like with the perception about well Richard the quarterback also irregular or. Sold great quarterbacks in history that actually interpret gospels which might -- -- far. We will look super accurate this the delay kind of akin to an armed guard Joseph Montana. And I mean you can go opened -- a list. -- strict or not. Or about capture -- I think anyone of their culture demand which you and Paul and Drew Brees or this sort of upper Echelon of considerable artist that's the number one. Thanks so. -- you know the perception of me neither will walk out all it's based on what I've already are -- doesn't work so all why would go back and say you know where he may be slightly rusty. Are the issues so decision making and for his discredit you only had three -- in intensity in court and they all came -- and this game notre wrote again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dollars and 303 touchdowns and up again and and huge -- sort of track mobile number in April so I think he's very close. I think the thing it didn't have a last week that they have other weeks that. Allow them to sort of back and at that time of possession style was a running game and the picture to the majority of analysts are. At the bit the imbalance between the two. You know the -- times -- -- you expect little matter how well they did a natural way comeback it was it was too shall also. I think they're probably looking much the way the pictures are but I kind of balance. And were these few teams -- and I think that's what you look for bought. Yet you use an older wiser -- you don't see him making the mistakes that you know he may have had to get some Belichick defense was earlier on that. They do little Newhart all the salt and not always mix aren't discard them out but -- we're not going to -- The best ever a crowbar in tech -- reference history they show may be WEEI general these Matt Chatham. IChat report Tuesdays Fridays Boston Herald here and witness former teammate Kevin -- NFL Sundays every Sunday leading a patriots football Matt we appreciate it we'll talk you next week. Matt joining us on the eighteenth -- hotline AT&T -- LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three -- AT&T. Rethink possible to talk about this patriots no huddle offense no one has written a more informative definitive piece on the no huddle why it's so fast this year. The Greg Bedard and -- Boston Globe we'll talk about that net.

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