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Sandusky gets 30-60 years in prision

Oct 9, 2012|

Mut and Merloni react to the sentencing of Jerry Sandusky in which he got 30-60 years.

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Final hour much -- not a three point seven WEEI your phone calls up until 2 o'clock in the big show at 61777. -- seven. 937. Miss USA. We'll talk with -- bottom of the hour yes the real miss USA also formally miss Rhode Island. We'll talk to her 130 all. All -- I'm down there -- Odd that a -- 130 and your phone calls up until 2 o'clock in the big show. Optimistic earlier Jerry sandusky sentencing. Went down in -- font Pennsylvania. And was sentenced to at least thirty years in prison effectively a life sentence. In each child of that as side child sexual abuse scandal that brought shame to Penn State led to coach Paterno is down full. At his arraignment today in his sentencing. Lot of people questioning as to whether or not with 45 counts of sexual abuse why he wasn't convicted. Of a life sentence well in try to pick through some of the news reports here today and some of the breakdown from the the the legal people. It seems like a thirty to sixty years essentially is the life sentence because the way it works out his. As one of the the prosecution said even if we get that thirty years and somehow 98 years old sandusky still -- He won't be out of jail if he's going to stay in jail and there would have been something -- more comforting you know the C a life sentence by thirty to sixty years today. As far as I can tell does essentially mean that missed chances for roll any hearing for parole. Seem slim to none right now for -- and that's fine what are sixty years old just go away forever never compact. I'm a climate that now I have a couple of statements -- him today he date we have not yet been produced the audio of what he said today can play this. -- he spoke for fifteen minutes today when his voice cracking. And was defiant as ever about his innocence and maintaining his innocence and I'll -- to some of those coming up but yesterday. He releases audiotape this monologue that was aired Monday night by Penn State com radio. Where this guy is yes. Creepy as ever Jerry sandusky. I would cherish the opportunity to become a candle for others as they have -- light for me. They can take away in my life. They can make me out as a monsters they can treat me as a monster but he can't take away in my heart. In my heart I know I did not do these alleged disgusting acts my wife has been my only sex partner and that was after marriage our love continues. The young man whose dramatic and veteran accuser and always sought attention started everything. He was joined by a well orchestrated effort of the media investigators desist not. I'm stumped -- up now. The media was part of this part of his reign of terror so -- the media -- that covered it up Jerry. Should thank your lucky stars. That the media and at that Penn State sick of pants for years. Rumors about you abusing kids. And -- Jack about it so shut up about the media is this sent on what was he talking to this is Penn State this is a monologue. That was given to Penn State radio dot com. And they aired last -- actually ran three minutes. In its entire air like on campus -- state com radio. I saw there was there radio stations Penn State Tom Brady what is the need. Really to have this to allow this man to give a statement. To anybody other than the courtroom before it goes away for life. You know I understand you go Jerry sandusky calls in right now PB you put him on and everything but it just. Mean I don't understand why even given that form the -- or some ridiculous comments that he has. It's a great question and I don't think you could say anything major feel like he was -- creep but as he talked more last night in this this monologue. He comes across creepy than ever and still defiant about -- and. -- before you blame me. As others have look at everything and everybody. Look at the preparation for the trial and the trial. Compared to others think about what happened why and who made it happen -- we evaluate the accusers and their families. Realize they didn't come out of isolation the accusers were products of many more people and experiences and me. Look at their confidant and their honesty. Think about how easy it was for them to turn on me given the information attention and potential parks. I never labeled or put down them or their families. I tried and I cared then ask for the same. Please realize all came to the second -- because of issues. Some of those may remain. Talk about just managed delusional why why did they remain in sick. Trust in families it's just it's amazing some of the things that he would say it's like he's delusional in his -- mine never did those things. We will continue to fight. We didn't lose to proven facts and evidence accurate locations and times as anything can be said. We lost the speculation stories that were influenced by people who wanted to convict me. Must fight on fairness and consistency and dishonesty. People need to be portrayed for who they really are. We've not been complain ours when we couldn't have kids we adopted. We didn't have time to prepare for trial we still gave it our best we will fight for another chance. We couldn't have kids we adopted. Is there anybody -- or -- has periods we adopted think about the he's now extolling that as a virtue of he and his wife Dottie that cinco. Then all week could have kids ourselves we doppler that's a good thing don't you molested year old kids wait -- your your adopted son Max and de ski. Has his time in the spotlight whether it is on sixty minutes or The Today Show or just it in court. You molested your adoptive son you sick jackass. And for him to sit there today enactment heated something great by britney's kids and like no you ruin their lives you ruin their lives Dexter says it. You can hear the evil and the bill and perversion in his voice. That's what I -- Jerry sandusky talks. We have given many second chances and now -- for one. -- will take more than our effort justice will have to be more than just a word fairness be more than just a dream. It would take others somebody apolitical with the courage to listen. To think about the unfairness. To have the guts to stand up and then take the road less traveled. I asked for the stressed to handle everything and the willingness to surrender only to god. Regardless of the outcome. It it's unbelievable to me that you're right and it finally gets a little less than album. I do that that's a -- -- -- I think less Jerry sandusky the Odyssey big cities in this is -- public there's somebody more -- -- investment. More terrifying disgusting. Than this man here there -- what he did the children coming off like it just never happened. -- just I have no idea what you guys talking about. It was set up. I hit it is mind boggling way he's going to prison any stand by the defense is a ticket to -- great. His statement today we -- the entire thing yet because he spoke for fifteen minutes I guess people are still putting it together. -- part of what he said was missing his family and loved ones -- is imprisoned. I speak today with the hope in my heart for brighter day not knowing if that will comes in dusty said today in court. Many moments haven't spent looking for a purpose may be it will help others some vulnerable children who might have been abused might not be. As a result of the publicity. His statement today also included numerous sports references. He said he is -- -- -- to his wife were definitely in the fourth quarter. Any reference the movie sea biscuit. And he also went on to talk in this this is the one that I don't get. I've forgiven I've been forgiven talked about helping children I've been comforted. I've been kissed by dogs. I've -- by dogs. I've conform -- have also been different I've been me I've been loved I've been hated. It's in -- today in a courtroom. Nice architecture off of that knowledge that the pot or use talking about oh maybe with what's happened the year of the vulnerable kid there won't be abused to mean. That part of it is true but he's forgetting that he's the reason for it. He's just pick because -- published case was so public. That hopefully there's kids out there strong enough to step up and say something and and and may be somewhere it'll help a child. But it's not because of the publicity. Just that he's falsely accused just because he's a six on a bitch. And it because he was exposed. And it got so much publicity. -- he makes it sound like he's like a martyr -- I don't get it. There you know this this whatever hopefully some good comes out of it was because he was so evil. Some of his victims showed up today in that courtroom and the reports -- there were very emotional and some even spoke. On the victim number -- mother set for four years I believe you're helping my son but instead you molest again. He was losing weight couldn't sleep I blame myself and still do. I -- to a door to attempts -- from my son on his own life all because of what you did it do to my son how cruel you. Whatever comes US open is tenfold what you've done to my son and others. From the eighteen year old victim number one. I wish ticket reacts I wish I could relax like it was before I ever met Jerry sandusky. And looking over my shoulder for a long time. He suffers from mental health issues and anguish that words cannot describe said the victim. Any attacks and dusty for his demeanor throughout the case saying quote. He smiled it's marked his way through legal proceedings. Through the end he wanted to manipulate the system and the victims there is no remorse and Jerry sandusky. Only evil. And more more victims spoke as part of this here today I Joseph Amendola he's creepy. Creepy defense lawyer also spoke out on the stairs -- courthouse today in Pennsylvania. The question as soon as it was or anytime before trial. Let it was a possibility of the guilty plea that might have resulted in less than a twenty year minimum sentence and answers now -- is simple. As I said in court today and I've said many times before today Jerry sandusky has always maintained his innocence. There could have been discussions are invited in some deal that could have been worked out but Jerry sandusky wanted none of it. Well I'd I'd I'd rather prefer not to go into those but the bottom line is this Jerry never flinch from his position. That he was innocent and -- -- -- -- the opportunity to prove his innocence and -- would not entertain any plea offer. And and that that's from 20082000. And -- With the first accusations by body accused of why. The thing -- is. We're supposed to believe that sandusky so sick that you know we hear from the victims and victims moms. They're just all lying everybody. Everybody that came forward is a liar. Every one. Everyone -- crazy money off of this -- in at all. -- area of the strength and give them a ton of credit to come up and speak about what they should make money off of this state they should get some sort of compensation for a school opponent will it. The turn a blind out of the spot -- -- years because they cared more about football reputation and it. In the shield the Penn State and the moderate Penn State and they cared about the well being of those kids. It. And I think that they'll say why I didn't think got a good feel worse about Jerry sandusky and load the man. Any more than you did after the scandal Penn State I hear his comments on Penn State com radio and reading what he had to say today and to hear him stale. Tried to deny these allegations -- and and put on the victims. Like Derek fault. It makes you feel worse about I didn't think that was humanly possible. Not 92 break we'll get to your phone calls keep the bill everyone else 61777979. B 37 it's not Lou keep it here. I'm responding to the worst loss of my life first I looked at myself. Over and over I asked why why did we have a fair opportunity to prepare for trial. I have so many people suffered as a result of false allegations. With a purpose. -- be -- help others. So vulnerable children could be abuse might not be as a result of all the publicity. That would be nice but I'm not sure about it. At the voice of Jerry sandusky and a three minute monologue released yesterday. And aired. -- they come radio much -- not a three point seven WEEI I don't know if these. Victims get closure today but he was. Sentenced thirty to sixty years. In prison. And I know Woolsey were goes -- -- sounds like and fortunately these clowns behind the sandusky defense are gonna try to. Gonna try to fight this he says they're gonna fight it made a bunch of dumb sport preferences and fourth quarter keep flight and everything Yeltsin. I feel that they're gonna try to fight this thing and continued to be public and I wish she would go away -- rot and prison goal way die and move on. And try to get these victims some sort of closure. After an awful scene Penn State their lives in and for college sports forever. Our bills and car beat some your phone calls got a good afternoon bill. -- guys do it it's it's a pretty optimistic. About it that there is that fortunately it all the -- case. Other quality Catholic Church. Being a product of that there are a lot of people out there are a lot of men. My agent network problem. Talked about it and I didn't so completely that. And to the person that. Abuse me and a person actually a back court and so that's an apple that. But I haven't studied psychology. To Europe -- thought I. This. They're not many people -- compute utility. Had -- alias is why. This is just the and to think of the world that which is. Truly been. They don't think they're doing wrong and it in it but technically an element that is -- Only it up they -- it and yeah in the that it it -- her purse. Hope prevent it in the lie about it decided that he and that individual mind that. There's no way that you can and out into the and the there are multiple and -- -- or are not musical personality but. He had to wait. Are rationalizing in his mind. Sunday -- this is very normal. You got out the problem I don't so. Kind of a weird day but I am I can't Muster a lot of anger toward this to. Certainly the Serbs are not normal and now or putt object at all about it all -- and it's just. The next few collided today. Just really really weird. Wish that the. You have -- that's. Bill he's not he's not gonna is gonna continue deny this thing -- just cares that the reason why you -- that feel. Is that the reason why he's good at that field psychology. Yeah I saw a lot of we had -- that you lose around religion and and I thank pat. -- -- -- -- -- Our checks to connect all of that and you couple that -- some sort of religious all right. Now and it's a religious fault and it all right. And help that a student can manipulate people do it at DuPont and -- to talk about Jim Jones you can talk about the people who are. -- -- -- And you know reverend Art -- -- other people. It's a really cool way in which to manipulate people to get towards. Social activity or -- and when that you know how that thing and it's a religion out there and there are some people. That can't separate themselves turn it into -- day. And other Koppel I don't know why. Antarctic. I don't want a church -- And I'm sorry that -- that. And it's not right I don't know why and even there -- it -- -- even when I heard that a lot -- -- -- -- Yeah and all yet that was so. I agree with you bill that was my first response when I heard the sound the first time this morning. And a final where it came from and I'm like what. -- Penn State if they still just not get it. Mean distance yourself as far away possible from this guy instead what do you do. You've given the opportunity for his voice to be -- but Penn State radio. Actually allow this man -- speak and defend himself. On your radio airwaves I don't understand that they should have nothing to do with them just says that there's still some people that just don't get it down there. They don't get it they're -- honest as -- com radio X. Elusive on a -- pretty heavily yesterday. On saying the former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry sandusky be sent to the former coach could face life in prison dot com radio obtained. An exclusive statement from sandusky on the eve of the sentencing the audio can be heard below now today. Did they obtain it and they were supposed to have and you know days -- build the prosecution came out today and and they -- laughed at sandusky for this African releasing this last night. Yep PSU com radio which is Penn State radio look at the web site right here. It's on the campus there and I can't tell that student Ron efforts its its school run -- contributors. I want to students here look at their pictures on the website itself. -- Keith in west Byrd joins a show like Keith. I don't want the keys now you are first time caller. I think the best way to handle it maybe is -- -- -- characters in that don't get the mundane. But it let him go away about saying they'll focus on the problem -- -- on the victims -- they need all the help that you get the Jerry sandusky. Don't cover him anymore don't equipment or. -- -- -- -- today ends hopefully the public conversation -- I understand your point lot of -- on the -- -- text line and a 5850 years in the same thing why you giving. In a form -- your plane once or reminder I'll admit that is sentenced today. -- talked about a sense it's also reminder about how delusional this guy is on and the more you talk about we talk Heath Evans about this during the process because opened during the Jerry sandusky case. We spent a lot of time on on the show quite frankly if people know white talking about this -- -- a big deal. If Heath Evans on the ballot and -- that I was part of a foundation that was. You trying to help. Children of who have been abused and he says how important once he talked about a when you start to talk about it and get it out there and not make it's it's a hidden thing and you expose it. It gives other victims the courage to come forward and speak at the very heart out and try to you know -- ages. -- I I don't wanna think about other then I'm sure many people high -- when your victim of a teacher -- coach or family member. You wanna -- that down inside and and he explained us. Right when -- of people here. You know they they become. More open the idea of telling their stories you know first these -- -- places where anonymously can go and tiger story. And that's definitely be confront that person. And support I understand it's doubled the wanna hear about it creeps you out. But it's part of the process is part of getting people that have been abused it it actually helps. As Heath Evans analyst I wouldn't have necessarily believe that before talk and he. Well looking and his foundation talk with -- about it you know -- He's he's pretty convinced that you're talking about a publicly acknowledging it putting actually sandusky is a name any face to. Can help other victims come forward and speak about it that's any part of this process there's no good it's gonna commodities. Maybe some people come for against their abusers. And speak about it because they saw the victims in an -- that is -- in the senate and out of deposit the comes out of it but for sandusky to say that. Like keys falsely accused. Is a chuckle. And during his statement to whatever you wanna call it a Penn State radio giving in the form to speak. -- I and a I don't know why they did it's a great question Texas's big players for ratings I mean is it that's its state college radio I mean I don't exactly know. You know where they came about it now let's sneak in a call from state college markets out there -- next Dublin what Lou. That they're nice guys -- market Edelman. I'm well. -- Listen you -- all time I'm from Boston but I live out here and state college Pennsylvania. And I just wanna dig a little bit inside what what what I feel will be here. Just. Did that few. -- they did a few hard court and the people that no matter what happened or what was gonna go on they were gonna support. Kentucky into turn on the old jeans but 99 and 95% of the people. Are people like need to understand what he did with evil and very long and have a much. Jaded perspective or more their respective. The whole situation and so. Put the whole community into bad now pay. -- -- -- the right way to handle it very few without a doubt that have the wrong perspective that most people out here. In the community in general and university is if they're really great place. How did you feel when you heard it was on the Airways. I I don't listen to that it was probably -- I have no idea where it was -- Is competence like a state rating but it's on its campus radio looks like from the website here it's it's in radio station and state are operating. The very small college radio station I mean it's nothing that I ever -- and who -- even heard about before. You guys talk about it's probably just a very small student run thing and like you said maybe publicity may be -- -- -- I think people run in the promise and a generalized right everybody from Penn State feels. That you know this whole thing was blown out of proportion managed just let -- play football and wanted to just go away can't. Generalized though obviously have to there's some people down there that realize what went on and in realize that the NCAA might did the right thing and maybe could've done more. You know in the people that paid where they should be right now ones you know in sandusky isn't trial being in jail rather and but people wish Joseph Paterno an opportunity to be trial of self you'll -- come on -- of people really -- Was wrong with exhibit Joseph put his reputation it's. You can't generalize. I get mark's point he's on that campus does one -- campus get bad now but the fact remains people in that organization people at Penn State in around Penn State the second mile. He had certain things because of the football program because of Penn State that that fact can never be changed. On its opposite and everyone act campuses is hidden something and -- -- campuses there is some sort of shame or some sort ridicule but there are plenty of people now have their day in court next. And Penn State is a college should pay and will pay off financially first and foremost of these victims going forward. Four we get the break -- about our next guest dates of football music -- I dates of football music is week five. Of an obvious football league is in the books we look back at the winners of the Dhabi as a football league. Second highest scoring team this week. Joe's our model. Awful showing -- 149 points. Beat top scoring team this week of 153. Sean -- of the grandy and Max obstructed view. To find out who won the fifty and 100 dollar gift cards and obvious being teamed up with a second or first place team this week. Simply visit WEEI dot com slash -- and Maloney. Pro weekly chance to win give guards obvious northern -- steak house as well as the grand prize of a dinner with the big show and the month -- show right there at Dhabi -- Enter as often as you want it is free to -- free to play. At W we got dot com slash but Maloney get ten qualifiers every week. The sign up today WEEI dot com slash -- Maloney I should say. If we're being fair and saying who won this week. I played -- I got its underscored enough point I gotta vote at top two I got result my five and oh squad that on your team this weekend score enough. Dennis Miller president right at the edge. Then exploit the edge what he had to get 149 or better at 136 or seven put on yourself that my team right now -- a coaching change. The trades come in this week and dietary change at the culture nickel above. We do and we're Gannett tough -- another thing about compensation. To get a new coach in here. I'll get your break here bottom of the Al wicca backers talked to miss USA were scheduled talked to miss USA live here in studio. -- last Thursday something happened last there -- at US navy got fired last Thursday. But it some miss USA did not join us -- join us after the show. We actually I taped the session with miss USA. We had a listener we put up on FaceBook. And -- listener call in. I play -- game called the you know more sports than miss USA and I thought I was good conversation. I thought Joey -- a particular creeped out or miss USA by slobbering all over. I had a handle myself of -- of the war on the comes at being. A host here in this town. I thought professional you guys script the hell out of and I thought Sean did a nice job on the phone that's a pretty good answers. Yeah. Here's some of that too creepy guys and be talking -- miss USA next don't go anywhere.

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