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Miss USA joins Mut and Merloni in studio

Oct 9, 2012|

Miss USA Olivia Culpo joins Mut and Merloni live in studio and plays a game called: "Do you know more sports than Miss USA" with one lucky listener.

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Not every point seven. WEEI. And done this this studio everyone knows this is a lot more class quite frankly that you and I everyday Joseph we. We stink up the place and we are actually honored to be joined in studio today. Finally the reigning miss -- Allen but how about the reigning miss USA -- call Paul joining us here in studio. -- great to see -- good to see yeah thanks for having me as a company and of course I don't let us -- here because miss USA was what in June. Yes miss universe is coming up in December December 19 -- and DC so -- in everyone Sosa talked about the training. -- was it like spring training training camp what what do we do to get ready for miss universe. Well it's a lot of physical training because there is that beating seaports in. And also preparing the -- preparing for interview and the top five questions that you need to -- your current events with the top five question. What would be atop the question is an example of the top five questions to -- And already I'm sure. I would say meaning something it's usually just current issues that are problem like underage drinking or game there rated two hour. Presidential election and so it was spot pretty good they did you guessed what was that one a couple of years ago it felt so bad for that girl forget what it was I know just talking myself an article overseas and everything else -- YouTube sensation from South Carolina Andre -- it was why can't Americans locate America on a -- have you answered that question just the case you never know that want to come back again yeah. I mean I think playing -- to say stop with the youth. It just goes through. You what you are named miss USA you win the competition in June suspend it a couple of months now. What does that been like for you how much travel is involved that he got so you'll be involved -- cool stuff between last year and today. Oh yeah there's a time traveling even today I mean I've been promoting Susan G. Komen with new balance in the airline. We've been doing media since then we were before forty fives -- -- day is in new cause and. You need a lot of great people but it's hard rhetoric doesn't change your life I mean -- you let your friends VP global -- go to school with next thing you know it's. No longer Olivia you know miss USA. Yeah it will luckily my friend -- seeing as Olivia it's different when I'm out in people -- you almost it was so. You can get -- it had no idea I wanna be like. My name have a name is not actually his -- But it's good it's fun it's a really great experience and I'm really lucky I mean I've never done a pageant up until last year's -- Mr. announcement for -- -- second -- to exit if you see a lot of this where the pageant say the pageant circuit what you do some of these you build up to miss -- was your first. -- every didn't ever cast my first pageant was in September of last year. What made you wanna get into it I'm curious. While in college is studying communications and acting and pageantry seemed like he would be a performance for me because I had never done a pageant so I was acting. And I think -- -- -- Because I end up winning that's an island and then I was training for miss USA while in Boston and I -- than one that in jeans. And your -- girl from Rhode Island you follow sports again. Uncle is a myth that test that knowledge out I don't know you like you want to test the knowledge that so that's find -- -- -- ground props. Security as we know that's. Things talented and she knows there's more so now it's time to play in love movies -- No more sports in this. I we're gonna test out sports knowledge of one lucky caller we -- lined up and -- Sean and some verbal shot in there. Our shared -- Mark Johnson a little Libya miss USA Bolivia current. -- yeah -- -- -- for the main key you don't -- to watch December 19. And being a little yard. A hundred combined they'll be creepy -- want to live -- -- Obama. We've selected John. To compete here against Olivia just are being selected. And veto or sports to miss USA it's gonna winning more -- marsh opera tank plantation and -- hockey issues but the closest thing you get. To the NHL the questions have been selected randomly properties are -- are bundled. You're gonna get three questions get the most correct answers you can win -- some of these questions might require factual answers what others -- just acquired informed opinion. And he questions here Sean I think I'm good. -- Bolivia's make sense that's okay. I'm gonna -- question number one this is for Olivia. -- first you don't need another Saddam but you know OK I'm ready I'm ready ladies first ladies they -- miss USA first. What year his -- making Major League debut. With the Boston Red Sox. Easy there. 98 at -- think it'll do you ever thought -- That -- and -- it pays benefits your mirrors that -- got a right. Think that's you know that's true -- infrared growing up with my dad listening to the show them that I know really old I was senior high school in 98 now next fight I go to John here John public career wins as Daisuke Matsuzaka have put the Red Sox. -- 85. -- to be -- -- the last couple years. I try to not watch it on the -- -- You'll probably get gates fifty right now gave miss USA one show on zero. And and husband wasn't. Number 20 Google -- back to miss USA. Aren't we championships. At the local professional sports teams won since 2003. -- 1000 narrates I was thinking green and pink and well let's see. Patriots and Red Sox say -- or both in 04. The end to it. Patriots I gang. 030. Yeah no for an -- line and got it. Red Sox -- seven an Arab government sister graduated college. Salon and then Celtics -- me. And Bruins just last year 2011. That's it seven -- upset and she's on fire right now yeah. Can -- kind of answers. A shot -- do for you buddy got on the board here okay. This brutal you're representing Somerville terribly here question number troopers shot at Somerville. Who in your opinion is the worst quarterback ever. To play from England patriots. We got my analogy too much without my on the giants fans. So on Google NC Tom Brady. Worst ever protest too much on. We go for near. -- pretty good let's get miss USA -- and European against it somebody's opinion things. Olivia who's the worst quarterback to replace the patriots obviously Scott though lack -- the right answer. Not the question number three Olivia. Good guess here -- miss USA studio. Yeah -- on a date with any of us myself -- You always expect the original it whoa whoa wait a minute wait a minute that -- that that was not that was that the -- is the question George wrote about why we don't know about you little free Joseph throw that one in their out of nowhere that was not a closer creepiest I'm gonna help me out normal here. -- my fault all of this month. When it Tom Brady date before marriage itself. Bridget -- and X three and that's correct and we don't publicly now. He's -- tired. Gisele -- Bridget this is your question. To me it's Brazilian supermodel here miss USA no disrespect a component -- -- and it's you know every now -- -- -- and -- TV show on Sunday night she got a good bodies and news -- but projects in the conversation. Thought just participating getting through tank -- -- sure Brad Marchand. -- rejoice everywhere shot thanks for taking part today you do not know more than. Support miss USA and arts or her in the eyes of the -- You -- Donna Summer that's knowledge or question or -- -- these potentially top five questions for miss universe. Academia there could be there could be up there. I hope so because I think I'll do pretty well I don't think -- Venezuela. No this no I think you might have -- this is not a top -- question when I ask you about -- talk about this great event you're part of the October 20. Since she'd be here obviously attractive girl to win -- I'll miss USA does that creepy guy quotient go up. Once you get this USA could you and that accent before about -- USA. Once your name that does it even worse like more creepy guys hitting on you where creepy guy is. Acts no wow you know what it's goes down because people are a little bit more scared. Especially like you said before I look at my mantra this incident that's Seattle crew here. Like the female version not to -- to -- walk through like -- place like the ball down there -- the -- and everything in the. Alan -- button and I well you know thirty funny Saturday afternoon -- would love. But no matter how violent. You mentioned that you put up all day here today probably a great event October 20 the Susan G. Komen Massachusetts. Race for your -- talk about that yes so and new balance has been working with Susan G komen for very long time. There brand escalates that for the care and on October 20 there's a race for the care at Joseph Moakley park. It starts at 10 AM and it's for breast cancer with Susan G. Komen new bounce will be there as well. And it's a fun day of walking in prize isn't donations Mercury costs. The great thing where can people learn more as their web site we can go to find out about this thing absolutely. Including new balance dot com. And while you're there you can check out. Everything I'm actually on the let's say too so go. Go to let's say it's all the creatures snake is actually award -- plastic it was made out of that 860 sneaker which is the official walking sneaker of of -- for the cure within bounds of. Coleman mass dot org is where you wanna go to check out all the pictures everything else called it mass scale and the yen cult and mass dot org. -- thanks put up let's say thanks -- -- push on in Somerville hanging out with a look at what dying. Better luck next time they're good luck to look at December -- -- -- miss universe with the date again. December 19 on NBC. Let's go US today with the colors universe within did you just caller missed him asking what -- was really -- incoming that a few actually -- -- Olivia you really think it's the future miss universe there you go global joining us thank you Olivia thank you much Lou back after the youth.

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