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Jerry Sandusky is more defiant than ever

Oct 9, 2012|

D&C lead off the show reacting to Jerry Sandusky releasing an audio statement claiming his innocence and blaming the victims and media for being in jail. They discuss why Sandusky released his statement, how creepy does he sound in his statement, what to expect from his sentencing, and if Sandusky will ever admit what he did. They also chat about the Boston Globe’s Greg Bedard’s piece breaking down and detailing the Patriots no-huddle, what the Patriots are using for terminology when calling plays, and how the national media was mocking the competiveness of the Jets-Texans game.

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Always. -- You -- been shorted -- instead -- you can go now oh my god I was my wife has been my only sex partner that was after marriage -- enough now that I know he waited to marriage I hold opinion and again I'm putting. -- mix sex out of wedlock all not. I don't why didn't you say so GA adult -- would have been better. My wife has been my only six partners that was. To marriage so you know what it's going to wake up with a little creep and out. You know people just get now -- nothing can just get in the car just haven't breakfast is bitten. Undressed in the shower wanna get creeped out first thing in the morning yeah that's the sandusky statement which was released on the student radio station. The audio statement from the monster behind -- it be wise would've had him say something different ideological Adams say I've held a number of extramarital affair since mirrored -- I put the adults in adultery. Wouldn't that make him seem a little better yeah yeah -- an adult an adult yet that would help but. -- I guess our answer yesterday we yes yeah it is and and it was a remote possibility. Few people we could be come clean it can't ever get out of jail this company can do mean there's no way can save themselves. Except this. Couldn't open whenever. Woods small small chance well that so I was gonna. He's more defiant than ever you know he's more defiant and much more defiant when Bob Costas. We'll see what it does in court with -- like this audio statement. It's going to be. All kinds creepy and it's can be a justice rolls -- throw on paternal under the bus too doesn't it. Sure he'd have to he'd have to admit to doing something wrong to say Joseph Paterno knew I was doing something all but he could say Jupiter was part of the conspiracy in. On their league convict Alia that now you rightly and he's he's throwing. Sees things -- everybody and the media the media a media day of kids in one treated. Who started at all it's interesting enemy we may hear from picked the number. Four -- yup that was in the shadow aquarium nobody knew we was no and even. Want to know we lose Paterno. Didn't attempt to fine. Schultz and you know these guys that -- -- some disposable he would. Who -- locker room holding hands. Where that was another victim -- them blocked from holding hands after the -- Michelle at it yeah. The mysterious -- with them aquarius will speak. Is there any things and dusty could have said in the statement yesterday and will say in his statement today. That would make you think worst of this guy now my immediate visceral reaction that is Noelle we could say anything but he did. He talked about victims and said they were the problem. I did he succeeded you right you know a young man who was dramatic a veteran accuser. While that let's play. The young man whose dramatic and veteran accuser and always sought attention started everything. He was joined by a well orchestrated effort of the media investigators system Penn State psychologist civil attorneys and other accusers -- there one. Of wonder what they really won. Attention financial gain prestige will be temporary. -- -- -- They all mixed up on Jerry makes Dick Cheney knock it down the towers on nine elevenths seems like small potatoes into this. The media. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Conspired against them the best thing is that he's. This is better you know this is better in hate him more if he came clean and found eases its you know magic -- mentoring people in prison and you know -- that we you'd creepy cult like you look at his face like. Applewhite if instead. Instead. He feels unfairly convict parties and Clinton -- fairly compete at some victims he's suffering which is we wanted to stop it and at 9 AM he appears in court will be his really last chance at least for a good long while in his life via. Larry the broadcaster will go through a prison life is going to be like for Jerry sandusky in what has been like since and who posted this and the item posted USA today had -- yet -- very interesting we will get into right now but it's them is essentially the work thirty hour week. Pat down I believe nineteen to 51 cents per hour so we can nineteen if it -- cents an hour the thirty hour work week. Some of that money will go to pay fines or toward. Ten dollar co pay for doctors' visits. Prisoners have to pay a ten dollar co pay plus is a television available would cost -- 275 bucks. So you got to scrub that floor and make a nineteen cents an hour former. Penn State coach relented and at least one of the former Penn State employees whose visiting him. In jail as Dick Anderson former coach yeah Dick Anderson is gonna -- letter. -- the court did -- and movies and read it or someone read in court in in support of Jerry and what's interesting you say -- brushed his teeth before sex only had sex with the body and all Malia after marriage you know he's not an adult I don't know gospels say. This vast. Conspiracy and teamed up on port Jerry and I put him in jail unfairly unjustly not much this idea thinking it'll laugh track in elected to -- half men laughed trying when you do that in court don't you mean -- I don't giggling and this takes place at 9 o'clock today yeah you know on our watch art -- and Dan Wetzel is there. From Yahoo! who's all over this -- again he's written you know to calm today -- one so. You know we will get will get reports from its what's the I'm telephone developed thoughts on all of a hallway Belafonte used to hang people in the town square bet that's not what is still a place give that idea in some times. You know -- -- -- In the name of progress we receive and we will see we regress is right we just keep paying and people need a big market. Us to get a yankees whose last night the jets losing last -- and -- loses again today you mention the words system the system against Jerry sandusky in this little weird segue. But if you wanna be impressed by two things actually if you wanna be impressed by the efforts of a beat writer covering a particular sport. And if you wanna be impressed. By the acumen the mental acuity. It takes to play professional football level. For the New England Patriots. I suggest that must reading today sports page Boston Globe our pal Greg a Bedard I would -- -- this is virtually. Two full pages of the newspaper on the broad sheet two full pages of words is this. Equates to say that's probably. Yes. 45000. -- 5000 which is it about as big as it gets for a newspaper right yet you don't get much bigger events yeah I mean out of college trying to put into this last Wednesday he told us his breakdown. We breaks down the film is an eight to ten hour process right this had to be more may be. You know this happened before or no question and and as impressive as Bedard worked years and as extensive as it is and I'll tell you the headline quick and to the point and then there's -- -- after points. Just one word triggers the patriot vote no huddle offense this and tiger missed it. Discusses how the patriots ran that offense not at high speed. Not at really high speed but at warp speed and it was remarkable he gets all this done and perhaps it was working on this for quite some time. But the timing of it is perfect based on how quickly they ran their offense this past Sunday. And and beat the gist of it is -- so many interesting points in here. But he says one word does at all the patriots operate their no huddle attack most often using one word as the play call. Now I saw the Tom yesterday so maybe he -- to be able. When you're calling this guys come mulling around and getting ready lineup. Are you using the same verbiage you used if you -- -- taking your time in the huddle doubles long you know zero X cracked up up up up ball those kinds of things. Is out for the most part -- and we shortened up but for the most farms in the same thing as were mulling about getting ready to play getting ready to run the hurry up. Vs one were in the huddle. Not according to Greg Bedard the patriots operate -- no huddle attack most often using one word at the play call more accurately they use six. One word play calls per game. That word tells all eleven players on offense everything they need to know. One word tells them formation. Blocking scheme direction not run plays routes for receivers on passing plays -- information. Snap count. Possible alerts and play alterations all of that with one word. The second thing I'm impressed about is how much knowledge and memorization and paying attention. You must have to invest to play for the doing a patriot and if he can't do it -- your name is Ochocinco. Was that exactly yeah yes and unable can do it but. Now it's the only one last to know everything is Bob Bob yeah. And Adam Bedard. I think he did take some time on this as he talks to Brady apparently. And Belichick and I think he must've got those guys alone and Chip Kelly and he goes and the whole influence of Chip Kelly and and -- organ. Or. You know as anyone knows plays faster than anybody plays -- and any team. Although this -- sell the economy is a lot of teams -- and there are at every just recited army this how. -- accepted those -- some pretty Smart guys. Two. That but I think. And and -- the best point I think. In the whole pieces you know like Madonna and that's why can't players have instant recall and all the concepts. -- everybody knows number two in the McDonald's menu gets it. It to a quarter pounder medium Fries -- the FF FF got a I don't -- Chad Ochocinco knows that that number two target chip. That a combination. That's more concerned with -- other number twos and I've been groups ethnic groups so I think. It's I don't think it's as hard as you think lol I do I don't I don't know. I -- tend to think it's probably somewhere in between and it is you could pick it up it's unless torch lighting it up global position does this not belie the the stereotype dumb football player what Brady yeah but. Do you think every lineman. In every tight and giving Daniel fells is just some brilliant. Guy that have to come in here and and grasp everything. -- -- -- out of those six or seven things that he said the one word indicates. How many things on its OPEC summit topic of a -- into what got lots to be up to know the direction on run plays yes yes he does and often other routes -- receivers on passing plays no we doesn't. Shift in formations probably not snap count yes he does. Possible alerts and play alterations yes he does to those seven things there're at least -- that an offensive lineman has to be addressed. One of which is right or left. Yeah there so. I would say that's not that tough critique even Ochocinco and right or laugh here's what bill says about it you learn to make words that are easy to say one syllable and distinct Belichick explains. At the colts all our strong side patterns were score. Strike staying smash get -- they'll begin with S so it's strong side. Yet -- the effort that's out. And the weak side patterns were Worrell whisk we'll weak -- W and with one word usually one syllable polled everybody what to do. Most NFL offense -- ball -- -- two philosophies for play calls a number system for routes. -- the West Coast offense and -- extended verbiage taught to distrust a couple years on the year to what's your longest political Davis is ridiculous thing that want like six minutes. This -- and saying you know world. Is the length of a temple typical play call in the West Coast offense the patriot system is a blend of both that leans heavily on verbiage here's a quote from Brady and I'll shut up. We have a really heavy terminology based offense Brady said so everything is really memorization with us which is actually very hard I think for the guys that come in here because things usually don't make a lot of sense. -- never departure. Except look at any given Saturday you mean you can. And any called game and then do it. Those guys are all really not a plan does BC called -- NASCAR -- that's another quote when their team that would depictions the field portola Saudi Coleman book Clemson does a Florida State does it Auburn did army did at army units and Chicago won with this content that Snoop Dogg golf clubs and its new season. And until you. A lot I'm Obama knows everything snap count and everything but it does a lot. And you know girls all of familiarity for these guys what are they like what are they learn easily movies. TV shows via music. We'll see this is why the freshman quarterback at Ohio State as we shouldn't have to class right we're here to play football we'll tell how -- still hardware study in that -- plays. I mean it's -- -- it is hard for the quarterback. But I don't think it's his -- everybody because I mean their -- and eat greens. Is no model. -- note on two words home on the plate I think the plays. Are not. As as many plays you'd think what did you see Gary Kubiak -- -- she did what was going nuts over yesterday. He's with a double X both sides stack he's never seen anybody with more plays and gruden with these it has got -- for this particular wide receiver he plays for short down situations. -- -- also -- -- -- there in Boston yeah that you have. We developed yet that was circled I think yeah. Wanna talk about the the greatest example ever seen that not that Israel says yeah I don't bet it. The pre game funniest in the count now well -- it's important. Predicting his game they were laughing and laughing at the notion Ron Amadon couldn't stop mocking and ridiculing. The suggests. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The spread. The jets beat the sprint and I was marking Norm MacDonald -- -- like the jets and he's a gambler. He was right. He was right. In eight ethnic -- pretty easily and they you know almost. Almost had a chance to win -- -- -- -- had to make a play you do they do rocket fire and -- to win but can you know you know within six -- could not that this wasn't a blow me in the -- We're literally. Taken volunteers in the silent once the pattern who wants to play retriever and Mario outs that go deep like with -- big surprise that -- -- -- Mario he eats the -- deep. Like he gonna do as Santa brought out about Sanchez has pros -- bad ass in a tough past if you can't. Cromartie Chara under this sort of the inside. He can go back and he's athletic he's tall he's -- You know he's he's used -- on update. But that team was ripe for a blow -- -- would seem that everybody thought except of course Mike Ditka and it was right it is said to run the ball thirty times you'll win. Well and and just mistake is thirty times they should have just run the first thirty plays from scrimmage. Running place and they will want or the end when he threw the interception should run the ball it's 25 times they need to five -- wrote on a more I don't know how that -- -- you get a point for five yes I think so back is. It is so bad it's so stupid it's unbelievably says the teams that run thirty tons of our 25 and six you gotta run the ball and sent. -- make sure that 1967. NC. Said Tuesday. Like Mike Ditka thanks if you run thirty times he -- So you think he'll be up for the Eagles job when. When Reid gets fired. This -- out of the violent electric 22 year old intern as Mike. That's because the teams that have lead. -- room when you get a lead you Rania in my -- she's. Again now that he is at what point that out down the wind because you run the ball thirty times. You win because you have deleted you wind you'll run because you -- -- run you'll do you really have related exactly look like like that Texans did meet. Him. He's featured Mexican theme parks here SC inane things like that but he was right. The Texans ran thirty times they won the jets didn't run third test that long ago as the formula -- statement back when we talked to Pete Carroll this week that alum -- if you wanna beat the patriots. Rough on the tomorrow just like it -- so liked it and he's my he's -- -- legend. Are right here. More important thing. Bright -- -- 36 scattered make -- web X 77 quarter that's our play for the day 617. 779793. Point seven Dorsey levens will join -- at 820 Dorsey -- former National Football League running back. Executive producer of very compelling film. I'll talk to him in the 8 o'clock hour -- ninety seconds right now and talked you'll only get back.

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