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Oct 8, 2012|

We speak with the head coach of your New England Patriots Bill Belichick on the Patriots win over the Broncos at Gilette Stadium, and look ahead to a tough week on the road at Seattle.

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-- back here to make show it's patriots Monday after patriots win here at Gillette Stadium yesterday and that's where we are it's time. For the no nonsense conversation with the coach brought to you by SP alive the no nonsense life insurance company an hour for new low rates for men and women. Call 888 get SP ally or visit SB -- dot com for your free quote Bill Belichick I don't and a -- goes. Michael's they've been good coach bill nice swing yesterday nice balanced attack this is two weeks in a row now we run the ball effectively want to talk a little bit about this. You're seeing a lot of nickel you seeing a lot of dime is this something that we're probably go to see a lot more especially if teams defend you this right. Well let's us for a artists say we make every game plan every week based on. Oh what we what we think we're gonna get from our opponents and sometimes -- -- -- just that -- in the game. So our philosophy really is to. Stick with -- are working -- trying to move the ball score points. That's Roman throne. The Enron matter to songs we -- or her job offenses and the move along score points of however we can do that's -- or in front of but as a matter of teams trying to exploit other teams I would think if you were looking at your team from the other side. If you that well balanced it makes it very difficult to try to exploit that team that's fair to say. Well I think the key thing for doses but hopefully whatever we need to do will be able to do. So we need to -- hopefully we can throat when -- drama or that's what looks. Like the best opportunity and we appealed to run -- insider outsider throw it. Or tied and there are receivers about it you know what are what are the opportunities are hopefully will be duplicates of those plays and and be successful. We asked you last week how similar the Denver offenses to this Indianapolis office the payment -- that about 90%. How about -- -- -- -- by -- percent other. How about Peyton Manning when we last on the 2010 vs Peyton Manning in 2012. To -- looks like the same guy. From your analysis has has there been much drop off much change in. Now it looks as an enemy -- -- said he does everything well and but he threw one make good decisions and it was accurate history. Now this is it because it's such a similar offense to what he did it with the colts. And part of your preparation for this game you just focus on. The pre season the Denver pre season and -- four games they had previous forty actually look at that and what he did with the Indianapolis that. -- T tell your team okay this is the kind of stuff you should be looking for. And -- definitely wants to colts fans know absolutely. Our game with -- -- and even a little bit Lester even though wasn't supposed to record back -- -- more of our guys. 91011 all. Sure so do you even go as far as saying okay to various Thomas is Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison this guy is Dallas Clark -- -- to detail like that or just say. As a big picture concept. This is what you should expect on office. -- is more a big -- is more concept thing. And and I would say that's one of the things that was unique about Denver is that those players. Dinner -- and Reggie Wayne and they generally have a dolls or or they have. Stokley was Stokley but they they didn't quite have the the scope the skills are different -- Decker instead of Reggie Wayne are our song. And their current homes are both good and so. They're just different style players. -- there's a big -- you've been mentioned the same thing that that his research was less about the two games that you played. Last year than about how well you defended him in in Indianapolis. -- -- it goes both ways he was thinking the exact same thing. How much you actually gonna get from the two games played -- last year as opposed to what Peyton Manning brought the -- publisher. Right fit and I think that just again and I'm sure they probably did the same thing defensively as you know. With how we play somehow somebody else played Olsen and how they played us with the matchups are thicker or more important than what the and how we played in 1990 can't get some ideas from that that bitterly familiar with a team you can -- Washington against you and what you do. So how much like game plan yesterday was. What you plan for how much over woes. Adjustments along the way. Offense with our offense via -- Well we knew we had a -- an idea of things going into the game we start with those and then as as the game went on we. -- what what Denver was doing and so we adapted some things and you know based on what we were what we're seeing from them they were. Moving some guys around -- -- don't room Miller around so we. We weren't always sure exactly where they were going to be the fact they were moving them was it was like him to sit them. You know. In the same spot on every play. They -- makes and in some. Different personnel groups they came in there with their seven defensive back package. A little bit and you know we caught and that's the play that we it would -- on the run it's third and seventeen or whatever was and then. Well we kept them in that group and ran a couple more times and so. Just thinks like does it does some -- a little bit of -- feel they're in the game of how how the -- gonna hours. A successfully are doing certain things that we we go into the game plan think and that there's a possibility that okay if there -- nickel we're gonna think about this aren't done where they -- more about what programs they. And you brought to sub last week because more according made some big plays and people were on in two weeks ago because there were. Some plays that that slips through or ask you about is that the pass interference calls. And according doesn't look like he's turning his head back to look at the ball. Do you believe that that's one reason a lot of times the officials will throw that flag because you're not looking back at the ball. Well with the rule is is if you're if you're looking at the ball on this contact then it's it's not a foul. Publisher. Grant from the dire you know obviously flagrantly doing something if you look at the ball. And there's conflict that's -- -- if you're not looking at all there is contact. And as well so that the rules -- content she just seems to have happened a few times with -- it is is that -- because he seems like -- stride for stride with this guy he's hip to hip with -- and then he just doesn't churn on and then there have been some obviously some some negative plays -- is that. Is that is that something he has to do right now is turn on apple bill. Well it -- very careful it's. It's fine if the balls in the air in return that's great but at the ball's not in here and you turn and and the receiver when he sees you tourney goes in the direction and covers. Then and you don't have covered so and it's a technique thing. And that they're different situations that we. That the right thing to do sometimes is culpable sometimes a little credit goes to excuse me how do you guys -- it won't there's a lot different situations and so that's. And when we talk about those so that it isn't look in an outlook and fumbled suffused. If you don't look at the ball and have to play receivers Hanson and and off the ball winners here tries to catch -- if you look at the ball and play the ball. Hopefully a closer. Look and -- doubles here. A good receiver -- just uncovers and CC you turn your back on him and he goes that direction so. We grew a trio of of the -- coaches films how we use. According -- out overall this year. I think -- and so a lot of fun if became instrument but it literally tackled well. That's a good coverage Woodson didn't like any quarter in fiscal plan is that. Probably like to have back -- room and we all of those. That's the that black quarterback position he plays as -- to offense -- right usually best receivers. Is out there is that a factor in in and some of things going on him when you're almost or -- like to attract the right side. Right I don't know in this those quarterbacks -- but chairs and most right now of course that's from more of their right and a left but it. -- You guys had a beautiful sixteen play drive yesterday right before halftime. And at great pace knees and started at seven you call -- on the field. Then at the end it I don't know what happened in the final minute. Was there a miscommunication there there wasn't throw. Toward the end zone and you can you settle for field goal and the two of seventeen to seven but the feeling was with the pace of that drive it. You'd at least have an attempt at the end zone and maybe even a touched on what happened there and a final minute remaining get a pass in the end zone. Little balls and some of the 100. We just unfortunately weren't able to get it and. Over there was if it wasn't a miscommunication or anything because it was inside the one. You ran it and then you have to I think around eight seconds left of course -- out then kick the field goal posts -- now. I was -- was so on second down you run it on third down not even a quick pass to. To try to take advantage of me because if you read it there didn't get it and you're forced to feel -- -- oval as opposed to. At least take a shot. Company you know you can second guess every call it doesn't work at certain grade -- wanna -- -- in subtle one -- and so. -- I don't think -- on the ball friends on the one airliners. Necessarily a bad thing to do and work out so. Course when it doesn't work out then we can always pick another political movements. Well I don't think the -- were on the ball yesterday rumble from inside the one -- lines. You know the worst thing we go to -- And it. 89 place yesterday huge stops -- Do you ever -- ever concerned. With the up tempo game that you play because both teams played up -- yesterday. Especially with the running DeLia temple. Is that more mistakes will be made in an up tempo games that is that fair to say that because your. -- it's such a quick patients seems to be working are great to this point but does that ever fear. -- I think if you. Drummond all offense you're trying to gain some advantage by donuts and if you feel like you're in an instant. That's the reason why do we feel like you're knocking them and mentioned there's an Anderson. The huddle and cannot do without one of them than you do without. I negotiate you've got to have really well conditioned team to be able to pull it off correct but that's prices to say. Well again I think the bottom line is if you meet people. You're trying to find some advantage so -- whatever that it manages. Whatever happens to be if you feel eager -- and that it and then the next sensitive and you feel like you're consultant and you look at it and say a -- what are really get dallas'. How's this openness on the religious Wimbledon with what's the point. Wes Welker was was targeted fifteen times yesterday had thirteen catches the day he said in an interview after the game that is -- to stick it to bill. He said it was a joke I'm wondering if you heard the joke and if you thought it was funny. Well. You know that was played really well yesterday and I. You know that -- things turn out a way to -- Any conversations that I have last week between analysts still together future as a comedian. If something else. -- -- back to that that's a real blow all of a score of total offense. Is that strictly the home field office you pull that off -- all on the road especially. In light of who's going to Seattle and there and they're notorious for the drug users that. He still pull that up trouble office and -- We didn't Mosul won't. Allow -- to. Islam. Through. There last week you had product. Fourth and two from a few years ago and Indianapolis -- a situation of fortune five. Late in the game and opportunity. To probably cannot seal the game it happens to be Peyton Manning again. How much of that was you didn't wanna put Dayton back on the field -- you had a play that you felt based on what you work. Looking -- here who's gonna work for him. -- well ordinarily do payments. That was the field position we're in -- would have been a long field goal. Or short punt. And the fourth and for fourth and five -- there was. Like we go to. You know hopefully we can -- that appointment didn't work out so. That is what we wanted to happen on the play but. And punt or kick field on the situation. Definitely going for was. A -- at those that are decision but it didn't work out so. -- or choking worse because of the fumble and the ball well and it's called them -- and twenty yards on the play and all that is. Felt that result really it was a -- pretended to do on the -- So we do basically was that. An incomplete passes. Houston you don't give the ball for seven or linemen just. One of those things were -- Lucia. Opponents. You don't -- in seventeen yards or even in 27 yards you know what's the difference there. We have on his -- protection upon -- -- for the kicker Adam and all that amendments. And again it's a play you have to execute should be okay but there. Things could go wrong there as well so. I'm confident fourth and fifteen I would have been a different story up and down. A little closer or a little further away and mother of the money chances is into -- the -- were was some. -- -- -- -- -- -- And his estranged -- actually picked up a third and seventeen on the ground. Which I don't think. That probably wasn't -- desire to play either from from Danny wood and it. Two to. Run the ball and get a first in that situation. Well I mean Evernote matching and -- that's what's on screen test vote. -- hasn't been an analog TVs in the game and -- plenty more to clear line of scrimmage than. And you poker here Bakken and the guys who are blocking him. Get the get the -- you know receiver runner in space and suit up. When I ask you about Russell Wilson will perform -- do sell. Is it just coincidence that we F five maybe six young first year quarterbacks. They're having some success out here in the National Football League this year or bill is it. But the college game game -- changed a little bit know the pro games alike quickened in the college game. That we're seeing some offenses that are more of like to pro game and so there's less of a transition from the college to the broke because we're really seeing a lot of young kids. Commander and have some success -- media Angela was tremendous yesterday and that game against. Very good football team. But in their own differences and college in the program happening so whatever. Whatever when you wanna compared to I think the defenses and what would affect the players see at this level what does it cost of equipment different. This is just a good lot of players -- this tournament it is a I don't think it's because they'd they'd see the same thing at the college level they stuff and the pro -- there's not a big learning curve I think there's been an anchor. But those -- of unsuccessful obviously been able to make that transition so I think that you have to give them a lot of credit. I don't I don't see you. -- that big of a carry over from college at the -- -- felt that position what do you see in Wilson. A winner he makes good decisions he. Problem is very athletic and he's got. And other than -- -- run ball and they have a play action game that goes with a play -- to -- some movement marketplace things like that. And and he gave her to lose his -- and -- -- Vince Wilfork talked earlier boat the physically for the defense of that was causing these fumbles were fluke fumble. Do you see that when you watch in the the breakdown of films to the physical nature of your defense. Causing of those turnovers -- or roots just individual. Strips and pleased to see him. Well on its combination of both student movement last week I think. Couple loose the conflict placed -- -- spikes and definitely jar the ball loose yesterday. Nicholas at the head on Manning and and stripped the ball out kind of at the same time. You know he he did a good -- play on the on the McGahee fumbled like coming in from Sidon and just really basically -- on the ball and then. Sterling was alert the function on on Tomlinson after after the catch. Since I haven't Thomas last week in the Oakland game console screen exit he he really think it committee uses. And try and change hands with the ball drop the same kind of thing that. Again that's what defense players do you know as you gonna make the tackle if you see that -- not secure by the runner receiver whoever's got it. Government. And red light goes off in your mind and says okay I'm going to make the temperament and all the ball out if you knock the ball well done. Or do it as part of the tackles and that's that's really the play tonight I think that's which -- make their players aware of that situation where you're on and make a tackle and and that's your number one job if in doing so you see the ball exposure or you can. Put pressure on the ball. Put pressure. Is your defense more physical than in years past so far. On and on and that's a hard thing to measure we -- we try to be physical. And saying you know we've done some things the certainly add up with -- little football. And the running game and it's certain of the physical play put so close in turn around -- -- think there's some. There's some correlation between being physical and marketable so moment. What -- the challenges going up against a very good -- York defense they should not given up a lot of yards on the ground. We're we're challenged -- you everything there there really good on defense there. They're physical. Red Bryant -- and is there really hard to block Clemens. Their linebackers are fast the defense of backs are. Our big. And he they tackle well so. They force around while so -- you know block although. Gobble -- all Thomas chancellor to very active safeties. So their their smaller across the board there could bolster containment calls a lot of turnovers there they're long they. They intercept. Or get their hands on balls. -- is -- instinct about there. Good -- contain Clemens isn't as an excellent pass rusher. Irvin or Jones -- Tennessee last year does a good job -- in there so they do good amount of blitzing and be -- really put together. A good defense of football team they're fast they're active. They're harder and harder run against her to throw against and an interminable over. There there really planned well in a lot of good players they're young but they're -- and and they're very in the kicking game there. They cover kicks well -- return no course of them Washington. They block -- with with a Red Bryant. Block to block punts blocked field goals. So they're they're they're very good very very impressed washing them. The coach's hours brought you bribe Mercedes and in the end the milk were good luck against the Seahawks. See you back here at the beginning of the week either Monday or Tuesday we'll we'll figure -- -- as you know those West Coast games to go out there. Enjoy affect our excellent likes it thank you Bill Belichick also brought to you by yeah. By the no nonsense like insurance company in our renewal rates for men and women got AD they'd get SP -- Or visit ESP -- dot count for your free quote one line is next.

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