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Oct 8, 2012|

We talk to Big Vince live from Gilette after the Patriots defeated the Broncos yesterday, and the defense did its part by causing some key turnovers.

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Charitable Joseph is pressuring its money where new at all I've got -- we always do at Gillette stadium's DSCR third minutes could see him as did the Johnson. Usually when you turn that I was there on the job -- is at the version of the bill. And and of course it's are get togethers we do every Monday with the Vince Wilfork was to a worker -- -- today aren't good these things. Good outcome yesterday everything worked out just fine Guerrero -- could win. At the earlier in turn -- Here we go to Kenya Hank and we pulled do we stay on the page like ten minutes animal. We'll put the total bottom paragraph of the first published a study the page and. Definitely. Don't look very very little talk about it as a class. No pop quiz on the woman battling. Shift malicious about paid many can you guys seem to do. A tremendous job of coming up the middle force and pressure of the middle we -- -- numerous times blitzing up the middle is that designed for quarterback like that in that. He's good when he kinda moves -- -- pocket but yet you try to give you some pressure up front right into his face you know we knew Payton was. Very good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When our main thing was to try to get a Marcus Bach -- over Ronald. And we did -- we we we we we do pretty good and we did we have a different calls that we've experienced a flow. At noon today we executed well there -- -- Got -- Israel plays with plays after. Played together as a team all three phases. And that's what you wanna look here you wanna deal. -- you talk about it it we've been seeing one another. Field position internals forward. America we do particularly US soldiers -- to keep -- -- don't give more consistent in this league star power room. He took a year away from football Peyton Manning did you saw him yesterday and you've seen this -- many times. What's your take away -- mean if he. The same -- he had better -- you got to step I don't normally form he made some throws humans need me some place. I mean he's an NC the suit coming into this week are paying. Over you know the couple first couple weeks where Oakland you can see him you know -- did back in tune with. I think. He square hole patent you know we're we're all pretty means he's he's back to him -- itself. He made a -- -- -- so that's a good team we play we -- to -- team we -- amounts are. A -- very good football team so. We have to be proud of the way we played our our shore. That you you face Russell Wilson for example come -- -- Seattle yes I don't know scout team who's going to be Russell Wilson. Peyton Manning but he got me -- is it is there any way of really preparing. For that guy or is it just one of those things -- you gotta you gotta experiences that we can't come coming we you have to experience yourself on the people who attacked. You know different he was certain ways. We have certainly we -- an attack from -- and we'd be paying them anything for us was -- -- Everything is -- -- for me you're going against one of this quarterback bill or his game so everything was going to be perfect. But we -- to -- on the defense the game plan that we -- it was their success. You general who was they had new powerball -- insult them but listen TV broadcast both him and on sounded. So clearly there -- make him more calls and ever you've played against them enough was he making more. Callables they callables all that stuff for directing things more than usual because the audio -- -- -- they were. Making huge holes no our army. From the terms are faced him. All we ever tune you know yesterday. Is to say on this thing communication means that the way he. Do you. To try to get the perfectly force force -- I -- this assignment. Are trying to navigate call up and listen what he's an -- so because you -- crazy there. And parkers -- main thing was its its its Q and I guarantee. And out of there when we did their Wii -- -- was very successful do what is so. That's -- can be each week each we won't have a different game plan. Is gonna -- as you mean if we don't like what we do when we come to this I would change the status that's that's capable. I don't know what it was for the players for the fans to have two teams come up -- hurry up offense was his entertaining is that possibly gets you set out a few. Plays I noticed and they in fourth quarter you came out a few times they seem to really. Be a little dragged. And dragged down in the -- in the fourth could you feel it. The taste the paste the -- Did does talkative picked up on. The into the third morning to the fourth repeated that they pace picked up a little bit. I don't -- game you know you do a lot of chicken at that point I think it was a -- -- in one in the due to meager belongings most capsule. You really geared almost like a tomb in Israel you know -- -- point. What he was you feel that for Howland was Speedo please slow speed optional but. By in the third quarter was in the third quarter. You witch's -- that was a sense of urgency for his cast EP PO. And found -- was due -- capital levels some employees. Right obviously the score got to the point where you pretty much knew what Peyton Manning was going to do out there to score dictated it. But the fact you guys were able to conclude they're running game. Did that Alter his play action did you suddenly get a better feel listed were containing this right now we pretty much know what are you gonna do here. Yeah there's some points we kind of knew you know to study. Technologists is doing a lot of feel more when they liked the play action it's when. They -- front -- the ball when it worked in the bowl fate. We have a pretty good deal in the when it was on the Buddhist and as in us all come to a field. You do which is. Play a game tomorrow. And all of a sudden you know you you're -- scores. Now you know clerics and really not in their favor you know we're really not paying for Barack. But it happens like you know sometimes you can see is sometimes you can. Is it just depends on how to team liked them. Run the play action or run the ball how what type team there are in the fourth quarter. When they got to have -- what type of you know what he wouldn't wanna do quoted wanna go to. So all that stuff coming to -- it in towards him again what was it like for you going against ankle and you know you know we we really been talking points from me. It was just a regular do its job for me among pursuant for the very very -- and today. I mean it wasn't. You know most golf wasn't it was not it was yes. Me going out and football game he was corner in football game minority in the arches national. See him afterwards you know you just talk portable -- Forest managers and it wasn't it was a rather be you. A certain teams that you get for more than -- -- -- were there certain guys that you know offensive lineman. Because there are strange -- those offensive linemen you know read all the time and stuff like that. So that did they. There's certain guys that you just know we're gonna sit there and start jet knowing they quietly. I don't -- But today. Know sometimes you need is just almost everything is just normal conversation you know more on the stadium to Q you know no trash talking. I mean you know government could -- -- definitely orders you know as a person. You've been doing this -- of the -- get a good look you know during the game militant mean that means it is hard. It's like you said you decide your persona and -- -- always OK right there always -- so. Said -- some years. Are due tomorrow -- asking you to exit the -- me. If methodical and check the scoreboard if I was -- -- gonna go owners. And begin to gain new ways so. It is just a wide outs in the dvds they like to talk. -- -- them. Rock the Woodstock vote that so please towards him the game word I would use district he. Anticipating a run in in the red zone that talking point to a coaching point in the in the week you know they're proponents and absolutely. We can fill his team. Mariners. Particulars. And perhaps -- Those groups. Oh on the ball breaking in the communities in his. You know as of the plan again as news goes it goes to Purdue's now won four. You keep fuel. Touchdowns so I was here about defense and became -- there was and it beats. At least these wishes -- from AT&T coming text messages. Only seven -- I'm sure it's all those phone going to. Yeah. Thirty and I generating -- and -- it erase lowered down you know match. So -- even when you slackened -- back and nods and it is when you're beginning game she stole apps on some falters items there. Be some words of encouragement to rights are your sources there were things that. Seventeen. Genius. -- -- Don't get credit for the popular iPod. What would you look at -- the way the game played -- and you talked about that did Leo by the defense of substance to vote McGahee. You've seen this team before you -- Peyton Manning do things like this get to -- them within one score. What was are talking about a how important -- they're -- systems. He -- everybody kind of understood that bush I think a lot of people at saint term before receivers -- In decisions usually does this door zeros to not take any responsibility. Now. And and that was it to Arctic ever -- it was actually. On the same page we knew what type of fifteen years ago and you know -- he was with a patent main vector all the straighten everything. So we have quarter unit are now you know so and you know he -- for the fall before. What you know we just we just -- a lot of plays. As a as a team may -- I've heard everybody say there are good team after the game the question is no questions are good team on both sides of the boy you concede that. But do you guys recognized records every week we hear you guys two months and we're plan a good team this week and it can do this they can do that. But deep down inside doing real honest with us now an open. When you come out of a game like that yes -- -- arms are good. Enough. You know what Paula could see is -- face right now I don't seasons. But you come out of that game looking and it is saying that is a deep playoff team so we have we have accomplished something off of that yesterday. We knew going into a game that this was a good football team just like we know this week Seattle is a good football team. I don't think if you recognize and that one point game -- keep what you wanna do some pretty good football team neutral. You in trouble and after we recognize to a two week. According to a real good job of you know starting duels in the background. Of -- facing. All type of players. How to coach is being. And here's how to teams -- as they were teams if it was teams may -- different. No comment again and we knew they'd like to run the ball they can run the ball -- very. Patent old football. And a good space they had good defense we new war. They had key guys in key. Positions form that made big plays form we knew that going into this day -- SA -- is going to go saying we have sweet juices. One of the another team now familiar with the widow Pamela. But at the same time we know well we wanna Seattle. Four fight. Gather a little different this year to -- they may be that may be to allow this place that you pleasure Garcia right now for you know it's not as bad because they're going to be quite when their offenses out there. But do you think that their defense of line gets a little bit of edge when the Democrat is that while that may come off the mark a little character who live. Absolutely I mean that's one of the things that they have an inferior and that there are one of them. Lara stadiums over immediately and awards stage where they're they're very allow. And just here's some guys that played in just talk about you know. Howdy to kind of give into it in on the false starts and you can see it every week. You're trying to play home this is it's always false story so. And as a trigger on that stage dad stay home field advantage of it is they Crowe getting to the ball and so. Who have to go played him in the ground when. We do we just execute well and get off to a good start and just play well together. As a team you know we did rubio. I events I can officially turned the page on the page six -- Seattle good luck pencil Porter who is sponsored by Toyota of national. It's individual -- -- -- have a good way come to America this oil for right here on the patriots Monday edition of the election.

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