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Deion Branch, Patriots WR, on the Pats 31-21 victory over the Broncos

Oct 8, 2012|

Deion Branch, Patriots WR, joins Mut, Lou, and guest host Troy Brown to break down the Patriots 31-21 victory over the Broncos. Branch comments on the Patriots impressive running game that's surprising defenses around the league, including maintaining a balanced offense, and blocking for both the pass and the run.

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Patriots Monday -- -- -- Gillette Stadium mile below 93 point seven WEEI -- always toward brown joining us in studio we'll get back to your phone calls but Deion Branch patriots wide receiver joins us is Weller reviews with -- Are brought to you by Verizon the official wireless and telecommunication provider. All New England Patriots. After the game yesterday after your win over the Broncos -- You were quoted as saying you could see early with Denver that the speed of the game defensively for them. Was going to be an issue was this a guy thrown up on himself as a guy passed now what did you see that you knew early these guys we have a tough time keeping up -- your offense. Oh I think would be saying what -- impressive on this is tempo. And I think it was a game. Once we establish that in we noticed the gas has an issue since which is good sample. We continue to push over. Our tempo and and that's what we thought you know the coaches. We got so many different style house that we wanna -- began. You know who wanted to -- MO would slow down spread them out to type whatever. That was workforce and those who -- to. Yes in 94 please. Including some of the penalties but 351. Downs of me. You've been here you've seen no huddle offense under Tom Brady but he has to get the point were you guys are so comfortable perfecting that now to XP beyond. -- fast paced no huddle what we're. Now wanna say that it's it's it is working here in -- And legacy of same time the coaches. That it says so -- to successes if one -- -- we can do that one of reward to. The thing is we're doing pretty good job book. Excuse to place the way to coasted to -- and in going out attacking the defense. I think most of Portland the Frontline is doing great. Lauren black and it passed by it. When -- we went about it will the movement brought. A paid post and out everybody. The whole -- was pistol used a storm of it's. Now we've established is running game that's a plus plus possibly put. And we always thought -- Our dog -- anyway. On the ball so much the patriots from 2000 like 2007. Up until about somewhere during the last season. It was as primary and on the -- football team and now you come -- guy without these different looks to talk about you know. Out how much you think you fix this other coaches and other teams that didn't rating for to so many things that you guys -- so -- do and it was his policies. Because the elected office and you see -- these different this matches. From. A spring category. You look at our office and we go. Three wise and got the tigers won back the now that's that tradition of passing formation. That's was two things yes but we -- involvement is what it would -- into a great job and yet so well. You once you start implement -- stuff and then now we can throw the ball out of too tight we have three tight -- on the field to renovate it we can also spread them out. At this information. And Uga has the goods -- obviously two of even when you're and it did did that the anyway and download you know because you guys to have pretty darn good job of blocking -- -- -- -- blog yesterday. In -- kind of Lenovo first down and answers those kinds of things assistant at the attention of the -- And the patriots put -- of these things during the course of the week as kind of a mess by anybody else abundantly offensively our defense that is -- this fourth pamphlet and it is ordered. Did to do that I think most importantly you know this offseason -- made. Put an emphasis that we need to it is running game. And they do agree -- when I didn't -- Gaspar an orgasm front. -- -- all you guys in -- doesn't -- you -- all of us you know we're going to Obama's daughter receives is like Ottawa. You know -- -- yeah. -- you don't get it going -- there's no gain look I'm not one and I don't know one way to -- -- and that's right and to -- I think it Oprah's announcement in the body of war. Game has had yet in the -- hoosiers -- -- passes for -- can shoot they'll add a -- or is it. On it and it was no different phases. And if you. Anyway I am lucky but also. Try to get the first down as -- focusing I better improve block it -- would not Molly I want always -- -- you know. In it and it would seem. You know. Or grow you wanna be to complete receive would be gets a moment like what -- He's it was talked about camping wasn't epithets and so watcher of -- seems like base defense these investors against you guys was that an acknowledgment of that that the league is turning to -- his league that you put small players out there. It wouldn't just sort of flipped the script here Loeb thrill of -- -- and I can't say for the things but I know that's what we're gonna you -- -- you going to raise. I don't know. You have US -- what went -- yeah. You know. There's definitely go to Colorado and -- is that that this was happening so you can -- out of TVs on the field we got involved here. There's going to blow you notice that of what to do that so. And -- Palestine -- -- these guys last week about what what it means to -- Your team when you're able to run the ball. Very well like you did -- -- -- in the human and you see vote and just put his visit for its it is sort of customized system -- over. And came in today and into the end zone what it does -- football team as a whole. It just shows you. The day we -- for real we will have a physical team right now out of you guys feel as if you -- vote and today. That was because you know knows that much but established that down on the field and what -- handle is fame as we go as far as the in most physical team on the football violence and I don't know that I think overall. We don't agree doubled him down you know just don't agree to -- You know within a certain that reputable -- -- and don't agree I mean everything's working well we've -- -- thing you know the Hogan was part. It was producing three -- to work India and you know this if it would refrain. -- honestly you know the first the first half was like the second half club off. Yes -- 'cause we came out third quarter went arena. You know that was going to get that it just started to hand is that all of us started everything. You know started getting -- draft. News and we came out with three and out and some that we noticed that Warner do. Up 54 runs and 31 passes and that say a big difference from this team last couple years. Out west is a huge part of that in the receiving game yesterday thirteen catches. You didn't hear it's wanna play for west went on post game live last -- show that Troy Brown as the star of -- and start frankly ties with it as good a choice the star. -- this what if this was Wes Welker after the game yesterday in terms of having a thirteen catches verses not playing as much earlier in the year. -- -- But see your thoughts you have to look at it you know at the US is basically didn't definitely kind of this Merkel has been listening to and it gave -- little -- and you know slow as well honestly didn't think much of movement. You know -- Those with you know -- as where -- and got -- -- the ground. You -- that's where I hope the -- -- much of the old jokes either oh yeah. And and it's an -- I think people at the right -- I think it was a blows the other bush that was the usual American affiliates all the wing. You know yes -- Welker joked. And it has yet you yet the no -- -- that way in -- growth rate has got like is gonna about six and see you lieutenant and I would that not only one this month and oh yeah the you know. One of those type -- -- so this. So it was nice to stick in his -- was it's the at. Got a total later as I don't let go -- that it. There and it's a privilege and I don't you guys always get ready for next drive and I'm curious with with the Manning in the building yesterday beat two hall of famers back important you would all out of -- and watch him -- if you did you notice any rules on patent yesterday. In our own you know and is that it was Christmas time silent making adjustments. So are -- what we do about it. But the time it came. I think defense. Stuff so only time was probably too late late in the game -- patent to there was so we're audited. Holidays doctor to yeah back back back. -- -- -- just a couple of non people that I. -- -- student -- at -- in the days you know. We -- -- -- -- watches. You know we we would play good play good against a great thing you know I think we -- we we tried that we mount. We didn't have an opportunities as far as our office that book you know Scopes are we could exit in his game where we'll start finish and we didn't. Good defense back against the wall and they stopped and -- You know start before. Things that will listen in the -- Well -- so. We -- we have some doing that dance. So we won't -- I am I accurate data that's that's that's one of the three things I see economists and that is football team right now is. At -- get better in the secondary defensively and and then they kind of what I have to get better at a specialty return return game is you know pretty good right now and -- -- thing users and been able to -- his game and it goes on both sides of the ball. And expressed an office is that because they haven't finished games the will be Cinnaminson. Those last three opponents puts -- -- released an absolutely outstanding innately -- a date fumble against buffalo with out of bounds at that. That was coming off a big twenty yard gain you'll like this is what you talking about last game -- the -- When they're out when you're up 31 a seventy seem pretty and a score as a -- 3121 as little more or. Excited than that because they fumbled one entity in Austin is the definite on I mean that's you know that's that's kind of the missing -- the only one person. Yeah I was gonna love most of -- don't -- -- -- -- you -- That week when for going to tell me. That video producer Dave and Obama. Is generating. -- you know. Minutes' notice. It was mine. You know you know random it don't rain is what's keeping. With our miles that. Tom said this is sporting a DNC he's not played in this building you played a lot of home games are there do we over rate how loud it can get how much of an advantage. That plays can be when -- get through a -- this is bound for -- statement. How that affect the no huddle that you guys won't. You think -- -- that -- -- to -- at home it's easy to communicate and we loved or erodes. I don't. Who -- -- and hostile environment you know buffalo yeah it was loud there. You know things are about those who spoke -- in and customers. And bill that thing on the roads gotta give them you -- again about couple schools amendment that required to crack down I don't know I don't this is Christina. Definitely. And I got him there as it's with a twelve man at the man's -- well placed bullet yet and that Clinton arrested him before this men a fact of fifteen years. Please don't want. Way to -- And don't. Hit -- exactly that master terrorist. If you look on its way to go that was literally the water. You're going waters you know then actually was playing with my rookie year grant any reason and people. Davis right and they've created the secret is waving American and it -- I don't know it was -- and it was a yeah. -- -- The report notes before him Ericsson. Down memory lane getting upset it's -- I'm bag though who the IPO will be emotional. I mean I don't -- that prices eligibility. The -- do you know just to go to our team here and doing it the wrong time and you know he wasn't disciplined guy and you'd be because the company -- this week. Note I mean. These always goes out like those guys that aren't a lot of those guys on defense and many are such great -- is -- was it. That he'd have to worry about him is must just tell them what to do in this -- and it Dickinson has but he didn't so many young guys to advance -- peace and waiting wanted to coast but I guarantee you though. -- don't be afraid of dollars in defense is what -- on -- in Israel has started to go forming his uncle. And we -- -- to do it can be a great game we got to go out and you know of the flag and camera by the north and stuff because is going to be there is gonna do before clock in Seattle ice Deion Branch joining us is -- every patriots Monday -- did yesterday we'll talk next week -- way. Our quick break not a second. Break actually will come back talk about this Patriots defense with you don't go one --

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