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Patrick Chung, Patriots safety, on the Pats 31-21 victory over the Broncos

Oct 8, 2012|

Pat Chung, Patriots safety, joins Mut, Lou, and guest host Troy Brown to share his thoughts on defeating Peyton Manning and a talented Denver offense. Pat discusses the improvements made during practice leading up to the win, what it's like to play against the no-huddle, injuries forcing the younger players to step up, and impressions of Demaryius Thomas.

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You know about it not a team you'll fall -- -- -- they have a a good offense or what -- with a really good player. Common share of had some things. That term we've not done before and not show before that I thought they were pretty effective democracy had a chance that. First possession -- in -- from start to game on the road with a touchdown or with points some. -- so the crowd down and instead go sort of -- to him. I gave him some momentum from. They got the lead never lost it. Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning after a 3121. Final here patriots get to three and two will live at Gillette Stadium for patriots Monday -- and -- Troy Brown. Here -- money with us here -- 93 point seven WEEI joining us on the AT&T hotline part of the defense. Gets old couple big turnovers late Patrick Chung joining us on a patriots Monday Patrick Oreo. There where do a good there was a lot of conversation from idiots like me same Peyton Manning had neck surgery and he can't throw the ball -- start I'm curious what your seat of the veteran quarterback -- first time -- summit a Broncos uniform yesterday. Armored command and offered support that all this. I've been needed I mean you know. It was still the same -- and do read sequences of those in the where -- quickly. These guys obviously trying to disguise. A lot of that coverage how much of -- were you surprised maybe still picked up what you guys are doing may be unable to confuse them. How mean he can only do so much you know I mean he's he's one of the best quarterback so he's about some -- -- are -- which are illegal made maybe every. Some kind of -- was -- great peonies you're trying to on the perfect way to -- a -- spelled -- You know what lady actually jewelry and -- -- -- did -- on -- where were you after Iowa they. How concerned are you guys about protecting the middle of the feel about the last week you gave of a few plays in the middle of the field. And obviously has the easiest place for quarterbacks to complete as the president got -- injury like men. More conscious about that this week. Exactly you certainly and their ability is so period every aspect. Passes the ball -- the receiver mean it is easy so easy for quarterback. He's very clear that there are so. Actually bought outside these storms here he's still the same page I -- -- you -- -- you know and that middle field of contagious or be taken away. It's difficult to -- We talked to Devin on Friday about you know Manning in that offense he compared a lot to with the colts didn't thought it was really close to what the colts used to do with many in the -- I'm curious in the build up Patrick to backing yesterday. How much of the coaches have you watched -- running the colts offense vs watching anything Denver did last year with the Tebow on the other quarterbacks they have. We've really just watch him and this year we're what great mixture with their problem for everything we do. Cut you up as a player kind of players they have come out there running at me was it was particularly India put up when it comes down to -- -- you have. Certain packet or formation or what is that we've never seen before so it's still -- compare oranges -- reject. You have to go to fast you were dim record about the -- Thomas now in -- he continues to maybe give the ball appear once a week what's a beautiful thing. For the New England Patriots for this guy's a beast is inning and he needs. He just looks like a large man. Yeah I mean -- physical. The ball on air to air is going to be great look he's a very you know very good for you rate here is a lot of our our tour. I terms yesterday within the safety set up may have a couple of guys. I heard for use Steven Gregory in that game we saw a lot of they've all Wilson young kid. Patrick you've talked about communication honesty downtown port and that's been. Last year was a huge theme mixing in a young kid like that how was that communication he got a lot of extended time next -- at that safety spot. Oh good -- hard -- wherever he's Smart comforted me look he's he's just a reformer he's a player out there ever appropriate football. But he smartly and we had no no problem about their views. He's deadly -- came in which gore he's very mature and you know we've learned that they they've also brought out there you go Adori eagle please. Patrick McVeigh at the time you're talking about this no huddle fast paced offense from the -- the patriots -- -- to say it's another gear right it's another level. You guys see that at practice a mile out there try to run as fast as possible and and what's it like going up against interest in practice. Are we really had a little period there we don't do it all go the whole car but -- also also. What org. So RJ -- And you know but I mean exactly be a good thing or bad -- carpet. You know. But it -- -- I called and not be -- -- tear people apart and also -- repeat if you think you can order executed and they can be great. There's organ WVU people about it -- making economists in about it being compared to appease the empty -- there's no way. But Alec marshals not not like on -- -- -- -- though -- day. We get kimono Mars and not win very many games -- -- can move the football with them units pursuant. But does not know that Saddam and we talked about lot of different things that that though obviously not a tempo. What's it like for you guys you have the gold standard in practice. -- to let them get prepared for any situation remains out how valuable pilgrim bill early secret conditions so. Mean we've practiced certainly assume it is all are so like every every situation you can you know every situation you can practice track so. Because of the game -- like a few surprise that he accurately or. Not now was this all of part of the way you guys got million offseason to OT gays and and mini -- was this part of the preparation. It was an entertainment and actors. I think -- the same. Really care about restrain growth is getting better get -- -- The curious though defensively when you up against a team -- -- at times Peyton Manning they were in the no huddle at the look is fast is what your offense did. How tough is that one of the things you've got to focus on one a opposing offense Patrick goes in and that that hurry up -- keeps whatever defense you have on the field. On the field because the running play so quickly. Communications. Airport in the same period is what got off. Also -- a different periods it could be such or big play better result now so on the air we -- same period -- communication. Make your call simple and -- Are you looking ahead you guys go to Seattle which is -- a tough place to play but you go back to that West Coast any. Any extra bump gold back to the northwest and a college -- go. I -- very you know you don't like but let me it was a crystal ball out get there early -- Is that that leg out to get -- they're very good football team they're very good. And a great defense Patrick appreciate the time is always look -- talking next week best luck in Seattle. -- various Patrick Chung as he mentioned the organ duck when he joins us here are patriots Monday Steve brought to you by quick lane tire center.

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