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Tom Brady: Key to the no huddle is to be quick and not worry

Oct 8, 2012|

Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady called into speak to Dino & Gerry about how efficient their running game was against the Broncos and the advantages of using the no-huddle. He talks about why they were in the hurry up offense so much, how important the success of the no-huddle was to the Patriots game plan, and what effect Woodhead’s 3rd down conversion was to the momentum of the game. He also touches on why the Broncos couldn’t stop Welker, if he sees a future of Welker with the Patriots, and how the offense can get better.

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Our Monday morning patriot conversation with Tom Brady is brought to you by north east electrical distributors and gallery BMW he -- the running threat jury that. Combines the power that's the power Earl Campbell the speed elusive miss. Of let's say Barry Sanders Tom Brady joins us on the eighteenth got on good morning Tom Lauria I would that part at at at at that they -- all due respect. To the a record setting 2007 patriot offense can make the case. But this year is balanced attack might be more problematic for opposing defensive coordinator Tom. Well let's -- we're we're doing such a great job you know gaining yards in the run game and our efficiency there will be handed off. Terms of yards per attempt and so forth and and I think it's put a lot of pressure on the defense so. You know we just got to be able to continue to do -- all about consistency and really be able to do what accounts. You know we've we've made some huge run -- into the game to really run the clock out. You -- an individual and their Stephen grant part of the day. Chains you know at a critical. I have served here it's call against him in -- made a couple of huge plays on third down so. It was they it's great -- contribution from everybody -- -- that was. We saw yesterday a step above in terms of speed a hurry up offense and -- and number hurry operate warp speed offense what to call that talk is it was faster than we've seen in the past. Well removed pretty quick you know I think we -- trying to do is keep the pressure on them and to try to get them to line out and make their calls went. And the that we did a good job of that you know it worked together trying to keep them off balance trying to keep our tempo. Really hide so that you know that forces them to get lined up as quickly taking him in the right spot and and that we got to go to twelve on the field at one point he's you know there are some creases in the running game because of snapping the ball pretty quickly. It was it was good news today. Can you do that. Next week in Seattle in that environment or is it have to change completely because it is just too loud to make those kind of make the kind of adjustment you made yesterday. -- communication is different on the road. You know there's a little bit more to challenge such at a place like Seattle where. I never played their record it's. You know pretty loud so I believe Clayton played allowed environment -- -- played Baltimore in and -- on the in the huddle played in buffalo last week little I don't know little. No it's it's not something we can't do you know we just try to figure out what we think is gonna work the best we can and that's what we try to do felt. We're never really locked in one particular mode which is more a matter. How we feel we need to attack them. Do you and practice -- we were talking about this earlier. -- a defense get a simulation of a real no huddle real hurry up offense or is it impossible does this take them by surprise. When they face and on Sunday Joseph Mays said it did. Well I I think there's a few another's -- -- we get. It's I think it's hard for us to practice that offensively. Because you're trying to get this you know certain defensive look -- direction gonna go against but. And sometimes when we tapped the ball there really is no look that we've gone against because. You know they're. They're trying to get lined up and there were shut acceptable also has some guys universal lot blocking on the run. Where guys are just. Going toward where they're supposed to go and pick up some that they see but. Commitment it's it's tough to defend their nor defense he's alive and may have a hard time that's sometimes you know give their substitution didn't get their calls -- -- -- it works it's our defense and we have. They're very Smart defense. Then that I know that we're doing some right. On a couple of procedural questions one about practice and one about actually game experience here and in practice when you run this ultra hurry up thing going on. Do you have the radio helmet on and you practice with Josh in your ear telling you as it would simulated game situation or do you not do -- that way. We always do that judge so it says is that coach the quarterback. In practice and we use them all the time. Okay now in the game are the calls that -- making as a sort of wondering around and getting lined up. Would they be the same words out of your mouth as if you were huddled up or they are abbreviated versions of UB saying in a huddle. That's sometimes though. -- sometimes both where -- You know there are sometimes we're trying to go really quick and and you know I don't need this thing is much of -- potential we wanna say a lot several -- can hone -- on the -- play. But I mean I think there's there's definitely vote. And correct me if I'm wrong when you're going at that speed there is more chance for error is they're not -- somebody miss hearing their misunderstanding miscommunication or not in the playoffs then there would be if you were in the regular huddle correct. Well. If there could be potentially I think I always tell the guys. If you don't know what I'm saying you gotta let you know right because I'd rather. Have eleven guys on the same page then go fast and have nine of eleven guys on the same page. And there is no snap count is that right it's like first word for me. Is a step in your state is setting -- -- on three obviously the defense standing right there too they note the stepped out would be. -- we're in the we have code worked for everything. So. You know if if it was on three you may say that. Lasso jag orange cougar I understand cougar I think at the other three of them -- Yeah -- I think he Larry Bird. You know offers number. Policy. Got it yeah. And and went when yes -- grown to block a guy he says -- truck blocked it and I. Got it. I figured out that they tell us we often hear quarterbacks are assessing the defense in the Manolo. They look maybe send the -- emotion of the DB goes with them you know it's man. Our obviously you know how many babies on the field you can tell that what -- -- -- look at -- what -- your keys when your scanning the defense and make and you call outline. Well that's hard to say you know I get that question and made -- they would -- it would you look at mention anyway kinda look at everything I mean you look at it. How deep this safeties are worth the corners are playing and the leverage of a corner. You know obviously other defendant. Into the slot receiver. You know where the linebackers are are they bounced up the formation that we haven't -- -- to run the ball. It's it's hard to say I mean it's it's it's protecting your driving down the street we look at. Legitimate in the front looking aside years of looking and -- looking in the rear -- He should have a look at the the less a couple of years like asking a pro professional golf what are you thinking yeah before you announcement swing in the gun I don't know I used it. -- -- The other but I asked billion trade -- if a fighter that is the -- -- program. Of course of course for the last thirteen things going through my commitment to support swing. And -- you know when you stick you know wouldn't really hit the ball at what he's thinking about the force -- -- -- -- This is let's put that little peg in the ground I don't think that that is my -- -- when -- how do you know when the coverage on Welker will be advantageous obviously you like him -- linebackers on him. And just a linebacker. Or can you tell that are I mean a bit and or can defenses -- double coverage on Welker. Did they do that yesterday at all. Yeah I think and then they do it to do the job a bit as you know sometimes I think it's one on the west and the ball snapped and the guy on the west. What place from Tampa -- the outside leverage -- -- funnel them back into it helped inside you know so you know what as an outside breaking -- You know based it's based on one that's called -- huddle. That -- got leverage on the massive. On the outside and force some insight to where you know somebody's gonna -- -- -- You know when you do that you can only rush three or four guys. I think everyone else is an enemy and so. Yeah that's what other guys got to make some plays its. You know if you decide to put two guys to one -- -- that that's matchup for everybody else and I think part of our -- to what we're trying to do is really spread the ball around enough where. You can get a beat on. I know you don't know what's gonna happen in the future but the general assumption around here promise that well Welker is gone after this year. And it's sort stepped in and do what he does concede. The unique talent that at least as far as you're concerned in the way you and he played so well together. Well I think you know I really as -- credit the west and you know he he hasn't talked about any of that or mention of that and he's. He's been so focused on the season you know and I never know what the future hold them and this is a crazy game and I think we appreciate what we have now because. You know the truth is we don't know if there's -- next year and the only thing that's important dresses this year to the north -- we can really make a difference also. I mean I know we all have goals about you know I certainly do and in the west as. And we'd all -- to be here for as long as possible which is not always the way things work out you know work here this year and what we can do best -- years to go out and give everything we can't because. That's what I think and -- that's what you know. That's where Ford deserves its first to get our best. It's all I know and most people know the basic advantages of that hurry up it makes the defense second guess themselves are not in the right positions they can't substitute and they get tired my question do you -- Why does the defense. Going against a hurry up get tired that your offense does not. Well because. I mean part of it is we know we that's how we practiced America we place again pretty good condition. I'd say you know it's hard for. You know another team to do that. He's just don't realize bring them -- because we ran fifty plays in the first I read in our economic terms were keep them from fifty plays -- the first step. I know there are third down conversions such as third 13 two and then there -- third down conversion such as third and fourteen or seventeen as a quarterback when you're watching the defense and you're looking in their eyes at the -- just converted a third and seventeenth. Do you see more devastation more. All idle -- disappointment in their face is based on the fact that you just converted a third seventeen with a run by the way as opposed to just you know somehow make it a third one. Yeah and we talked about that and we talked about you know when -- In their large groupings sometimes they like to try to confuse the quarterback and -- Lot of coverage players on the field and a lot of coverage players -- little guys. So we decided handed off its really just a matter of you know we have match ups -- -- given up on those guys to block them and you know to do any. When he gets that ball like he did yesterday -- Decrease the line of scrimmage you know he's he's pretty low to the ground and he runs slow and it's hard to find them. So you know he's it's almost like a punt return at that -- he's -- wall blockers in front of me just squirted through there and really made a huge conversion for a from an analyst. You know those those big plays there was -- game if they. A fourth and five of any any thought any talk of a quick kick I'm sure you lobby for that that looks like a fun thing for a quarterback to do when you've done it before -- -- did you wanna try to. -- we really talked about yesterday we talked about. You know gold for that didn't know we thought we had a good opportunity we just didn't -- very well. You liked the play before it got blown up. You never know like I like to play we had on. You know it's sad but they just -- -- Gujarat government. And you know we we talk about that situation need to convert that situation and that was one of the ones that really kind of -- down effect. Eight going forward -- offense some and and it's hard to say get better you could get better than it was yesterday but don't all these young guys and everyone just kind of bigger and out not -- you and and Wesson and then -- -- I mean these young guys Bolden and Ridley and and new guys Brandon -- are gonna get better and more in tune with what you're trying to do as time goes on. You know over the course the fees and toward trying to build on -- pink you know coach said it. You know it's September that we got to get better read that you win or lose you got to get better because every team. Making improvements and the longer we play together and the more of an identity that we find in our offense. The better we're gonna be when it -- tomorrow. And it all matters from here on out I mean there's no game that's not important -- You know that these are only sixteen evolved and you know we're against some pretty stiff competition. And you know we've we've lost -- it airs on on the very close game we lost to Baltimore to close game and you know we don't have much smarter fare so as we -- we gotta win. And you know we can't. We had a bad week practicing. Have a bad game and and then you go may have are right now let's get back to what we -- do we need to do now that urgency now and look we beat a very good team in Denver. But we got to keep you know we got a very good team field go to play on the road. And no we got to do is we got to have our best game of the year in order to beat these guys so. Can afford to know a lot better than three and three and and you know for us to accomplish that we have really put together best. -- for years and years now this team has been looked at as they passing offense first and foremost unbalanced to that end and now recently. In fact yesterday 54 rushing plays 31 passes you've gone to balanced and now almost unbalanced the other way is -- -- chest that would that we've had this tipping point. Re going to be more of a run oriented team then a pass oriented team -- -- a week to week deal. I'd look at I think it's whatever is working yup now I think to have the flexibility to do both and there are times where we sort of more than that. Noble when you're when you're ahead and you can control -- have but the gambler -- that's what you gotta do. -- lot was made of view and Peyton and your rivalry in your friendship. You know it's really friends I mean you you -- call -- and talk. I think there's I mean we have no problem doing that we want to have that I think there's. You know I think he's out of the fight of his life -- -- his finger on -- -- but you know when we see each other and we definitely. Enjoy being around one another person I have a lot of respect for him he's. No he does things the right way so -- he's held a quarterback mean. He had played a great game -- they have an -- in his fifth game as a new team you can expect them to improve as well. They're going to be they're going to be summoned to deal with all of season you know throughout the AFC so. You know they're they're they're tough they may have very good team and and certainly. You know Peyton Place at the level that he does they're going to be every game they play. And asking and a brief exchange at the end to just say see in January because. They're gonna win their division to you guys a ball and when you're divisions is a good chance you will see him again. Yeah I love the way you think he just haven't -- let's just go straight for the both. Of you watch that with the we guys you know -- so much second happened and we got obviously you know a lot of work to do -- the kingdom. And you know we always talk about Thanksgiving is when the season's start some where a long ways from that so. There's so there's a lot that can happen at Merrill we just keep making improvements and better every week it. The players the younger players you know continue to gain experience and you know the veteran players continue to lead and play well -- That's what we're going to be here for. And inexplicably. Some final question for me we circle all the way back and reconnect with the yet the hurry up in the in the no huddle does John Wooden is famous admonition to his players. Be quick don't hurry. Apply to the way you guys -- trying to -- football offensively. I think that's exactly right you know that's that's there's no question that's that's what it's about -- you know he is being being quick out there and hand. Mean that would be on the same team except of course that's who we can't put that don't know what they're doing you know these star Marion and and play and how to control. We can play that way and and certainly we can so. Never would have to know what they're doing that would have. You know understand the concept of the plays and be able to re active something that we didn't necessarily practice as well as sometimes they fall into place yeah. You know and stand up yet to be able to overcome those make in the -- fourteen to make the most burdensome to -- in the third and twelfth. And -- the critical point in the game and so the real important that those third down and so did the ball and in the red area. And so turn over those are all of the big part of what we're doing it. You know -- in in the games that we won you know we've done a decent job postings. And if it requires the quarterback saying -- wrong watched the end then that requires us to get that -- And it all do whatever it takes and I know growth -- to. I don't figure that code out however I got that part and I got. -- bureaucratic run all right congratulations on the win good luck in preparation for Seattle talk to next week. I'd already -- some talent on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LTE our conversation with mom -- brought to -- northeast electrical distributors and gallery BMW.

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