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Boomer Esiason: The Patriots no-huddle offense puts enormous pressure on opposing defenses

Oct 8, 2012|

NFL Analyst Boomer Esiason joined D&C to breakdown what he saw in the Brady vs. Manning matchup and how impressed he was with the Patriots ground attack. Boomer touches on which is more difficult running the no-huddle or defending it, if the 4th down failure play call was a mistake, and how valuable the no-huddle is. He also discusses the importance of a balanced offense, why the offense doesn’t get tired in the no-huddle, and if there is a smarter quarterback in the NFL right now than Brady.

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Welcome back -- -- the coffee with -- brought you by be surprisingly delicious ice farm house blend coffee it's just 99 cents any size only Cumberland -- good morning boomer size and how aria. Good morning guys doing well and you know I -- -- this morning we -- talking about that two great quarterbacks and a how well they played yesterday but I -- I thought -- I don't know how you guys -- but I thought -- Manning really. Really played well a -- Did he did indeed and we expect nothing less no interception from either one of those guys and a lot of fun offense -- teammates let him down -- outlets any McGahee wanna dog. I want to run him down you know and that they are pretty okay were organ and -- talking about. The question of all the blowing towards -- like implied by the northern patriots maybe Bill Belichick property was back in the yeah. The old Hoosier -- wherever you know these the call that -- and that you wanted to keep the brawler from from Beijing had it not read anything about why they did what they did at the end of the game. He just said we were trying to win the game and by I don't know he thought we could make it I -- -- as a tech does he just dismissed the question that was asked in the post game. While I -- I understand that it would -- in my estimation is the 100% mistake and certainly after the fact in the plays -- doesn't work in the and they have to give the bulk of the Denver Broncos took your position. Clearly it was a mistake you know there's there's there's just -- to make any sense as to why you would do what they did their part. In true patriot fashion. Somebody comes up with a place somebody that forces the fumble and a the -- to -- on the one. Obama with all due respect of the 2007 record setting -- when the patriot offense can you make the case but this year's balanced attack might be more problematic for. Well you aren't good enough for two weeks of running back situation that they have there whether peace Barack. He would go to war -- -- that orbit -- or even -- for that matter I mean it's a nice little. A compliment to what Tom Brady in the passing game have been doing for years you know BenJarvus green Ellis -- for all the good things that he did and you know was not. You know being exposed supplier that Ridley is an. And even bald and has you know the -- right now that you consider it becomes you know through the TV screen when you watch them on film. You see how quickly you know they get to the whole event. Of course yesterday you know third and seventeen and -- -- -- run for ninety yards for a first -- I could imagine the whole stadium the present time what. Oh. What a great call us. Because it it turned out work but you know when you have this kind of running game and you know you have probably 124220. Yards or whatever it was yesterday. Just goes to show you how important is going to be moving forward and help. What what what what about supplies it is for Tom Brady in the New England Patriots. -- and boomer is is Tom Brady and that matter pay Manning -- they just smarter than all the other quarterbacks. Because strikes me that every quarterback can't come -- Read the defense make the call make the adjustments the way these two guys did and yesterday we saw Denver just had no answers they just didn't know what to do defensively. Well -- figured out last night Drew Brees threw you can put there with those two guys and guys -- earlier Fareed best. At the line making the -- district that I love most about Tom Brady -- and what the patriots did yesterday. And you know people noticed but -- -- -- talk about another Phil and Jim did talk about a little bit yesterday it's attempt vote which they're running their offense and finally a team in the NFL -- recognizing. How valuable it is to get the line of scrimmage call play and run on first down and hand at all from what ago. I can always go back to my final year Marquardt said -- last week he got shall say it again Corey Dylan ran wild when he ran wild because it won't we had a play called forum I want first round there was -- checking at the line of scrimmage. No -- blocking scheme to try to get to. The war develop and all the defense is doing -- -- act do you make them get set on the line of scrimmage and make them make they're. You know if there are substitutions on time and put in the enormous amount of pressure especially in your home building. Up against the opposing defense coordinator defense suppliers. That's what's going on in the in -- -- right now they have the great young players don't get me wrong but they're running yet it's such a highly tempo pace. That it's putting enormous amount of pressure. -- on the equality because that's what last week in buffalo -- -- for the first time this year but yesterday. It was more evident than ever before and I and I just thank. That's what you can do when you have an old quarterback like Tom Brady who by the way back. Extremists that I've been brought to comment in -- with a deal starting quarterback he's got a problem but worth the time gone guys right by. Nobody had such a high temples speed that they are putting enormous pressure on the opposing defense. When you watch Brady and this offense clicking that well that. Quickly at warp speed it looks easy and I and I know it's not an -- lot of preparation goes into it and everybody's got to be on the same page on what -- What's more difficult is to fashion an -- -- acute and offence at that high speed into mistake free or to try to deal with that defensively. I don't get to do that apparently because I assume that Tom's been in the soft on long enough now to now. You know that the play equality and get them out easy and the thing about it -- got -- on to employees and huddle he's he's getting that player from the sidelines. And he's making that play call -- and what they call it can either sugar hollow or loosely formed a -- the line of scrimmage and and guys are getting right to -- positioned -- end -- snapped the ball and going. When Ashley force -- that means the person that comes out of problems now in situations like this he's snapping the ball on the hardest thing proposed indeed perhaps as. It's the practice against this in their own practice you know cut about. You know re creation of -- if you will also if you're if you're you know what you're playing now all -- sudden -- got -- op -- their practice on Wednesday and Thursday. And you're trying to bring it into your defense of our players you don't want to get off the field on the field it's going to be quick guys in the same thing. That reset for the defense of coordinator you know he's got to make it calls quickly and that there are substituting on offense your party keep up with that. So what why doesn't everyone do would boomers look so -- quarterback handle it is as simple as that. Simple -- that a man. You operate next on it Drew -- daughter and so Tom Brady but not everybody in the NFL. Has there at the quarterback what the mental capacity to handle and understand how to execute didn't have a. He told us last week that just details call on the plays that I don't think he wants to diminish the role of the offensive coordinator but isn't he called the plays. And the player we see Iran isn't that generally called by Brady at the line -- it she said and that loosely formed -- No it it pretty well I don't know how they're doing it but when you -- in in sync with your parents or better for me my last year was Kenny Anderson the former quarterback. That was in -- chemical formula was our offense coordinator Bruce Cutler I was that I coached he would while often recorded when we went to the super ball so. -- about had been in that West Coast since that event offense our entire careers. We knew I could tell you what they were gonna call before they even called it. I think that's where they are which province when you're and Obama has been great for you know a lot of years. What I see associate Tom Brady who is still -- with his offensive coordinator and the ability to all the players quickly and you know has wide receivers that you know are getting themselves open and making big plays on the if you combine that with -- -- and would edit or read Elvis what you got yourself. An explosive offense that is has balanced the and the offense in football. It would Tom Brady is literally making the call -- that loosely defined huddle are those calls the worst coming out of his mouth. Abbreviated as to what he would be saying if they originate a standard -- in the second part of that question is and I think you entered this. There there really is they'll snap count it's not like you know on three is the first really words out of his mouth that's that's the play emotion direct. Right exactly you know I don't know how they call their place it over the brokers that goes along with it. But in the old models idea that you don't like to say you know I left seventeen power first round first round -- -- -- -- snapped the ball. -- line of scrimmage I would just say you know odd power out of power -- want everybody would know where to go -- -- something you do practice right. In practice in and there's there's portion of practice it's called nine on seven and that's the running park practiced. And you could practice. From an -- -- spam point and popped up all parents. You know it's nobody's you do that and recreated for habit in that aren't used to seeing it. From their own offense. So you can recreate that stuff and I'm sure that they've worked on the biggest problem that sometimes you have. In the situation especially with young quarterbacks is if you do that when you. Follow football you've got to make sure that those guys know who the hell they're blocking and pass protection because it's about our survival from that point -- Hey I know I know the advantage is the defense can't substitute and the defense gets tired what doesn't the offense get tired of -- hurry up boomer. I don't know and I just hours remember that you know when you're having success you're moving the ball right not tired you're excited here. You're you're you're mental Mathieu you know -- sort of like gamble -- all of -- far -- have a great time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't go up there on the field with a lot of problems confidence that you get the job done that you can do exactly what Palmer patent and are doing because. You don't have a quarterback -- do you rebel forces for the confidence -- blame. To pull that off so right now are I you could probably ask -- that I don't know whether or not -- you would. You would admit to it but but I got to believe that they are from a confidence standpoint. Playing -- competently offensively. As as they have ever played and that's because of the balance of paper into the stable now. Boomer obviously Brady was great Manning was just as great and he the 3431. Of 44 you know 116 rating open X three touchdowns. And at the end of the game I'm still not sure if he has the arm strength -- used to have a I don't know what matters I mean. If it doesn't seem to have quite as much zip. Does that matter. Well what they comment doesn't fumble the ball in the game that was McGahee you know convert fourth and want to market was gay doesn't fumble the ball now what are we talking about this morning so. Those replies in my estimation cost Denver but the ball payment. I told you guys last week I would take an 80%. Healthy Peyton Manning over 90% of the quarterbacks in the an -- have good ideas and -- -- I've always felt that about -- -- especially on the play the money quite the patriots and Tom Brady Bill Belichick. That he's always had this significantly. Outplayed Tom because -- and much more. Awards were on the report -- much more consistent environment he's got the better coaches he's got the better players around him. And you know Peyton Manning -- his his fifth game with a new team with a new group of players and as well as he played yesterday he wasn't the reason. They lost it was a few of his teammates to let them down. Do you see that is a work in progress whereas. Mean the end of the year that you think you're gonna win that division and will they cause some problems for somebody maybe even the patriots in the post season. I got to believe that they're gonna get better as the season goes on if you can believe I mean offensively they're as good as anybody in the league right now. But as they go on here I do believe that they are the best team in the west I do believe that they will be in the playoffs. I would not be surprised to -- Denver visiting New England in the first or second round. While it over there are third down conversions such as third and two and then there are third down conversions such as third and fourteen or seventeen SA cornerback can you see the devastation. In the defense in size when you convert something along as opposed to a third two. Who all of the other upload -- speaking out was just an enormous play in the game I mean the momentum change in the and know the way the whole thing shifted. After that rug by what it was amazing so. It could call that -- Normally don't have much success -- a plate and time ninth time that apparently maybe you're gaining ten yards but the -- nineteen yards -- -- -- first down. It was student in maybe in my estimation -- from all the playing a little bit but I thought it was really deployed again especially in the second. You know I don't know too many teams that would do that don't most coaches say oh it's third and seventeen we have to throw. The -- it regardless how many you'll see it occasionally drop right on the defensive backs are on the field regardless what the defense is do when they say this is just what you do on third and seventeen well. You know honestly what they've developed that. You don't see that very often in the reaching out here very often -- to people -- -- trust without awards at the right play called the right time plus. You know we have been shifting a little -- about -- -- all the people holes make a nice cut back he's got a great football and intuition. If not you know a lot of great football speed he's got the portion nowhere to go. That that's that the -- -- miracle play but you'll see that very often there's a reason you don't because it's not very success. We touched on this earlier and I want to revisit fourth and five on the Denver 37 pats go forth on fourth down Brady sack fumbles again of the 43 continue to play devil's advocate and try to make your case as to what Belichick. Might have been thinking I know you disagree with the column think it was wrong what what where where would be the harbor of of not insanity -- call. I was more arrogant than anything else forget Tom Brady we can run the ball -- -- could pass protection we get guys opened on the field coaches call players don't make it happens -- you know. But I love Bill Belichick you know more -- football and however no but in my estimation the complete wrong Calder 100% wrong caller. You know if you if you don't don't what you want to attempt a -- -- give them good field position I'd get -- just pooch on that even if they just on the twenties and make them go eighty. Especially with the other quarterback and the other side total belabor the point but in my estimation. The 100% wrong call. Given the punters may be that he's not a good pooch punter maybe is not good opponent. I thought maybe a quick technical sub with Brady with the job done and -- quick look at that don't have anybody back there but I you know -- -- again you know bill's gonna dismiss it -- on the game and rightfully so but could you imagine if we're sitting here. And I'll I'll you know Deborah got 34 points to beat the patriots are very it would be harboring or just let me focusing them on not one particular decision. And -- we know the NFL is unpredictable. And that's why we love it we know you never know when Indianapolis is gonna knock off Green Bay and duo for chalk in this always some kind votes there saw the picture story right so that takes you by surprised every week. Is the jets team will look -- -- on the exception to the ruled that they have a chance to you know knock off Houston and and and go right the ship or they just such a mass. That they what we what we think they there and I just looses. Yeah he's a white and green now. You know what I think that their manhood and their product been challenged all week down here and nobody nobody and I mean especially Rex Ryan likes that so. I think it's the purest form of motivation is one before consulted an embarrassment. -- give me a tremendous effort tonight and less Matt Schaub gets hurt or. You know there's like three special teams. Touchdowns were because of touchdown or do you know the jets don't have the horses that perhaps what these infections are one of the best teams in the league and when you lose to your best partner -- Altman's role -- that's a major major problem that your jets' offense that we don't have any thing. Other bunch of average players aren't around out there Mark Sanchez I believe they brought him as a quarterback right now his. Is our competence is just nowhere to be found big -- soft well tonight. But the more they play the uglier it gets and that just goes to show you -- tough forward they are in terms of personnel. And where they are as a franchise. Depending on -- Sanchez plays tonight -- might this be his last chance before they call for the replacement. Was there are some I've -- -- -- -- tobacco about it. You -- it talk about it but you know. Bigger party called for Arab men. Are such that a thousand times if you wanna see the good intent Tebow you've got to feel a lot of people and then when you're watching a lot of Tim -- You don't -- a lot of things that you like or a lot of football that you're used to seeing in the NFL and of course like dude like what's going on in Kansas City what's going on in Jacksonville what's going on. Even until want to believe -- -- not wherever you're starting quarterback struggling everybody screamed for the backup no matter what his name right. And that's really where the jets are right now I I they're saying that there's no way in the world could go to Tim Tebow but next week they play Andrew Luck in the Indianapolis -- I believe that's when their seasonal start a new again because of the play against teams. That they can hang what but I -- can't imagine them going full on the Tebow left and chipped it. Are we talked about the two oldest quarterbacks facing off against each other what about the two youngest they weren't facing off against each other about my simple minded assessment boomer is Andrew Luck is pretty damned good and will probably live longer than RG three -- While he's your prototypical quarterback as you saw last night he's the second coming out. -- -- -- the Payton Brees and Brady products. Archrival their because he's that's that's that reporters he throws -- great football guys and he's you know in watching him yesterday on the -- Aaron Rodgers I mean it was really great to take -- to the -- ball. As good as anybody's ever -- well. The future certainly -- Indianapolis and project for yesterday he took he wished it had -- -- I mean it was just as nasty as it gets a clean. I was going to yell don't play clarinet and I just think that -- he'll be back next week he's saying he's gonna play and actually -- -- -- with a battery of concussion tests. Easy he's he's got to be more careful he'd realize -- ease that problem and you got to step out of -- to go -- to play another day and we'll meet because of guys get a shot at one of these young quarterback balk at what they're gonna level -- And that they're gonna leave it there gonna leave an impression and I beat big they have -- realize that because. You know he put on top of that spot yesterday. August we don't have time for new Yankee talk at Yankee to have maybe next right over. Are. They borrow up only follow up on you talk about the fans calling for the back -- Kansas City fans took a step further yesterday when Cassel went down with a concussion they -- cheered which was reprehensible. It was and error when denied his left tackle which territory after the game you know that we're not gladiators said. Now this isn't the Roman coliseum -- inferred from that that happened on their home field. Was that disheartening disgusting and and he was disappointed -- -- speak for all athletes who have never been in that situation. Or whoever heard fans react that way it's it's really really unfortunate and it doesn't happen often but when it does happen. It it just kind of blurs the line between perception and reality I -- the tonight. Our market that I albeit a game tonight and and hopefully this game will be a competitive water and so keep my interest of. Four -- -- a good call we'll talk about it for a good luck with that well at the preparation numerous guys that would doesn't tell element AT&T outline AT&T forgy LTE is Esiason has been brought you by Cumberland farms. DC you digital federal credit union and by a little bit this is the night the jets go from people go from the jets just feeling sorry for one yeah I think by. The third quarter -- all full color Rex Ryan. It's two apartment and we'll see much a sympathetic audience of -- that's going well too far.

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