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McGahee let Manning down

Oct 8, 2012|

D&C lead off the show discussing the role Willis McGahee played in the Broncos coming up short against the Patriots and the renewed rivalry between Manning and Brady. They chat about the importance of the Patriots running game, if Tom Brady can get any better than he is right now, how bad the Broncos defense is, and are the Patriots now more of a running team than passing after yet another dominating ground attack. The guys also talk about who should get the credit for how well the offense is operating, has Manning arm strength, what is the only thing Manning does better than Brady, and if the Patriots will see the Broncos in the playoffs.

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If you've been following this program over the years you probably know by now that we like to commence our program with some little awed or quirky observation or comment. As opposed to saying ruled the patriots were awesome that her it was awesome severe McCourt -- blog comment I could if Willis McGahee. Didn't suck. If Willis McGahee did not drop a critical third down pass that was right in his hands if Willis McGahee. Did not fumble the game away at the very yen. We would it be doing four hours of bill bill that check bashing. We're going for it as opposed to putting it in the fourth quarter -- four hours for today -- four week's game. It would be an issue would be a lot of issues will be talking about. Instead of the -- defense it would had to deal wouldn't close the deal could close the deal how the offense to put off the pedal. I do think. If -- affair of the patriots have to give the game ball to Willis Miguel Angel. He just choked Billy Shakespeare once said -- that all's well that ends well I suppose an enemy it is taking nothing away from the patriot offense. But the patriot defense. Got a break. When them McGahee I mean -- -- and give -- give the defense credit for the dropped pass on fourth with birds before it's faith that a little -- that late and then when the one thing you have the -- people hands on the ball when you're in the middle of that its chrome is in. The -- he gives it up he -- -- and and and this is an if it's some. Young infants Brandon Bolden is as a -- learn Willis McGahee -- -- forever. Most of it tough rather tough guy and he coughs it up twice I felt bad I know this is probably. A minority opinion for Manning a -- -- have a chance at the end. I want. I wanna game I'm sorry and no it's you know a source -- just -- year. That's what we do -- the station should -- patriots red white and -- and -- the there -- awesome like you said but I wanted to game I want it to come down. You know a shootout was just a couple minutes there yeah don't you know -- yeah. He let Manning -- would just say -- I just -- let Manning down Willis McGahee left Manning down he you know he was. X I I honest I don't know for he has the arm strength anymore. I don't know if he needs to -- -- got on Crusoe and wobble or is it and you know I was deep ball the -- is the big one on fourth down. Was under thrown in Phil Simms thinks it was intentional. But I'm not sure Phil Simms knows what he's talking about on that one to Velika -- -- it's a good -- -- court. Quite -- night and talk about rivalries bird magic all. You know vote in the end -- McGahee don't go away idea and spoiled -- and I tell you what. -- -- on -- -- which predictions you really you predicted a ten point win for the -- says it and you predicted a YouTube. Said told us that the Denver defense stinks and I think you'll write on both counts at least yesterday. I need to know do you think Denver and then knowing will meet again they gonna meet again in January. I think probably us. I look forward to -- you know what. Yeah I mean the -- defense will probably get them the way it often does and the bronco offense has to get better -- and it's. Fairly new there and we started to Apple's takes a while. Teams for players to get used to his in the west so frenetic it. Dedication didn't notice this Manning Brady match up. Was of national interest I know we are caught up in here because it's this team in this region and were covering this team. -- on anything the last three or four days prior to this game. And every single football show every single media -- -- an eruption every single around the -- was leading with or near the top in the a section. A Briton mark Manning and sombre love will -- his interest correct. Rivalries are awesome and these are the two. These are two of the three of four best quarterbacks -- a -- as many reclaimed his place in that small class I think he adds. He's off to a great start I think he has -- as numbers is pretty unit announced three nick -- Which -- Needs. Good question it's a great question -- -- -- -- in the biggest stage on a studios in -- and a well and that's the key one game. That's my question on the particular. That's a good question but these of the two oldest starting quarterbacks Brady and -- yes and two with the best the two smartest. I don't think about it until Prius saying he's an artist and he's -- -- is among the smartest not the best best. But saying definitively that there inch Rodgers is the best and has no one close to him yeah. Is Tom Brady really not close to earn -- told us Andrew Luck uploaded analysts say -- -- about Trent Dilfer. I know these things they they change quickly on a split winter break eighty. Loses his membership to this -- -- club or say employees at the top of his game right now. And I don't know who's lost in the physically I don't see it. But he has gained something mentally he has. Command over the game like nobody I've ever seen planet closest level is a report -- the guy -- yesterday nobody. As a command over where everyone's going when they're going how quickly -- -- I mean he just. As. Handle on. Everything can't even begin. To evaluate and appreciate. The amount of information that has to be processed from the time that Josh says something into the microphone into Brady's helmet. To getting eleven or ten other guys all lined up. All with the Max protection the protection he's looking for identifying the Mike went linebacker. Calling the plays checking off the plays if he doesn't he would he like he loses me after says Mike Mike 52 to you got a partner that's and then after that you know what when he gets into when he gets into it was a call when he gets in lasso -- -- goes after. Earlier cougar. All law. And you know what the cougar park you can guess I don't know that mark and the law and the longer it goes the more he's figuring out right you know I -- see -- -- the play clock. -- goes in motion and if they go with them it's man he knows it. You know he knows that the west knows that Crocker knows it and you just feel like okay he's figured things out -- good luck to you. In defense good luck to you Joseph Mays was there. Laugh out loud moment for you in the game too because it certainly was one from me laugh out loud and -- replay a couple times and listen to three more times oh what all the bloggers who I sophistication up there in the play calls stuff we don't understand these attitudes we deployed at least talk of rock but. Lots and. That was kind of a they they I don't know who did we gotta give someone an increase of CBS credit for moving that Michael yes sir yes because we heard more from Brady yesterday we ever did. And it's fascinating I mean I think the shot. When he's in shotgun in his looks up the clock. He looks -- These that's making the calls he get the sense that you -- defensive coordinator or -- linebackers in this old crap out -- he -- -- -- Figured us in the wrong spot and what can we do and they can't make changes they can't. Send them a call from the sideline yeah you know the -- -- shut off I believe in for the final however many seconds after getting the linebackers a year and so it's just like oh Brady just sought asylum and -- back that is you know avoid this Welker or -- And or is a handoff because he sees how many guys are in in coverage. And they're they're screwed and you say. Why you know he's getting better he's getting better. At Andy's 35 and he's -- all Democrat Jerry faster and it passed the senate would you think that was what we've seen Bobble in the past and that was another gear yeah I won't get better and faster. Maybe it's Josh McDaniels influence may be Brandon Lloyd. In bringing that. Component all the running backs but they're getting better slash faster it's the same thing right right you know and the defense. Gives up at some point not totally says we you know they just give up and try to hang on for dear life. The past the pass rush. Is negated to some fatigue that makes -- -- phone call me. The one guys who need that burst more than anyone as a pass rusher and rusher and when they can't bring it when they get a little -- -- and you got -- and Brady. At times gets a little cocky and hangs in the pocket too long via the one thing. Peyton Manning's better and Brady and the Brady at the one and only thing in my opinion is not -- avail. -- -- can stand in there would -- as flying all around him and it's like they're not even -- -- he can stand in at the last second Brady's stats. Duck -- a little sand I need to buy some time here or moving. Which use normal that's the most guys do Manning's amazing when it comes to just stand in there and guys are flying all around me -- him occasionally but. He throws the ball and that he rushed it. But he didn't he it's just the way he opera -- is the greatest. Internal clock who many quarterback and Brady's not far behind in. I don't I would never say -- -- Texas and shoulders above either of these guys especially as the beachfront to fortunes of mine yeah but but do you think. The EC any flaw on Brady's game right now in other than that -- -- within reasonable and Belichick. It. They edit it is your chance that we are approaching yet a another tipping point in the end in the other direction too unbalanced. You know in in years past it's been unbalanced weight in favor of the past vs the run. But recently it's been very much balance 34333531. And yesterday it was 54. Rushing plays vs 31. Passing place is their chance I can't believe I'm saying that. The Tom Brady led offense is moving over toward being unbalanced toward the rotten vs the pass rush yesterday. And it's because of Tom Brady this and again in -- John Fox says mrs. you have to choose and we did early put more athletic smaller people out there. To defend because they spread into. He says so it's match ups and -- get the little guys out there it's more inviting for them to Iran and and it happened last week it happening in this week. And what do you do if -- Seattle what do you do if you Pete Carroll -- -- you know pick your poison if this is what happens when you put five and six. Defensive backs on the field and they went with the dime according to Ron Borges that went to the dime wants. Once that went to sixty -- Guess what -- that was Russia now that was the third and 70 shirts tailored seventeen. The -- up. Six defensive backs and they say OK and you know that. Seems elementary it's seems obvious you see sixty -- you run opened a lot of teams don't run. In that situation just because -- third and seventeen you don't do it but the patriots have made a decision and I think he we've got to credit Josh McDaniels and Belichick -- He says if they're gonna do that. Nowhere in Iran if they gonna it's Charlotte 65 DBs they're gonna go small. And we're gonna run and they have done it and I assume that it makes life easier for everybody. Is that the against the defense doesn't know what to do they bring in extra DB is cut as Brady to Welker. -- yet bringing anybody that I was the -- what's there and they're locked it right whatever they've chosen to do that they've chosen to do -- McMullen she's good. Right -- road apiece Brady Manning his new wrinkles is the headline and she gets to that Jesus Brady has come to except. His best opportunity to snag some additional championship blank is to shepherd a multi pronged attack that includes running the ball. -- before you -- to -- tied to an author to when Archie has all via the stats here. Let you talk to Deion Branch Deion Branch says it's just time you know all. It is so important for us to be balanced for years it was nothing but pass pass pass it wasn't bad. But it catches up with you in the end when you need the run the ball and everyone knows you hardly ever do and the points this out. Yesterday's rushing total against the Broncos was the third most in the Bill Belichick. -- third most in the Bill Belichick era inspectorate that's somewhere but he was the second most. Come in like 773. Yes -- set a team record with 351 downs 793. Games a page has played in their existence. The -- for the most for now they got to click. And the men face in nickel and dime and have been for and that had a lead. You don't put teams away running balls we saw and you don't what. 888 selfish quarterback and there are some of those in the National Football League not named Tom Brady. If if if I know exactly where you if you look at his totals and he's a hundred -- touchdown passes behind Peyton Manning and -- rose three yesterday three at the pump rose one Tom rushes the ball 54 times and only passes at 31 some able quarterbacks who hate hate hate. I'm not looking good here about throwing the ball and I say I touchdown that checks off from the marine off left when the easy that's the thing right -- -- Welker grunt thing like it would last status it will last goodness it's 630 this is a courteous that you're not really -- your passing stats here to running the football so much. And. I don't think so and often watch that true love to see react yet and they run instead of Massey he's trying to make -- case let's row. All of bachelor quarterbacks to that but you know it's it's human nature no let's throw on the quarterback you -- funny and the a couple of years ago I -- -- -- -- every right to get him to say that any clubs. If he loves the no huddle and why wouldn't eat when he's I don't know if you like. I -- yeah I can play -- -- from the -- Although I think you have to credit to do is keep up. As to did you assess Brady's offensive coordinator but he's the quarterback which means as a conflict as quarterbacks want to throw. And spread among all the time and active -- agency. Well the -- on the field -- they're -- Israel and their -- -- you have to and the ball off this is what you know that's what they're begging you to do. And I think McCain's problem that the good cop when oracle or any easier. OK David Beckham and fields and that the woody. About the pace that mcdaniels has to operate out there as well beyond knowing the personnel grouping that the Denver Broncos or whoever Buffalo Bills have on the field he's got to keep track -- down and distance and that's -- basically pretty easy. But that's -- -- anything basic easy getting guys lined up getting guys in in Max protection getting guys -- -- there Simon understand the -- that's all difficult as it is for Josh to anticipate. Probably just to the balls being spotted from the previous play. Josh just process what the down and distance is what the next best -- is to get in the -- helmet and if he's confuses Tom did you do that you would -- Solio's are right innovate patriot Monday fault number of the new -- 6177797937. Tom Brady will join us at six. Thirty Boomer Esiason at eight your phone calls next that the NC.

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