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Patriots defeat Broncos 31-21, Response and Reaction, the Real Postgame Show

Oct 7, 2012|

Fred Smerlas, Steve Deossie and Butch Stearns break down a Patriots win over Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos 31-21 at Gilette Stadium.

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Second intent with a fourteen to get to the gay yup the Biddle inside that handed down for the night what does the football he fumbled the football the patriots. Wrapped -- football club but maybe and it's -- after ten yard line but Denver. 342. To go in the game Denver driving trailing by ten Peyton Manning and already -- for. Nearly 350 yards and three touchdowns. And Willis McGahee. Fumbled on the strip. By Rob Ninkovich the second time that he did today Jermaine Cunningham -- recovery. And that sealed the win patriots beat the rock with 31 when he when it was in the real post game show. Live from Toby -- I loved that mark -- -- -- -- Steve DeOssie alongside got a single out -- could pitch the game yet. They don't we -- it because of publicly any of the fumble by McGahee. He's always communities Motley reaches for the ball is always trying to strip to -- to human being traded the pick but that's what to. If they -- ending wasn't tipped off the field he got through your. But -- virtually war covering anybody and felt that at that that kind of a back kind of back up on top. I didn't that it see what the -- the official was like got to figure picture that a seventy. But it advantage of -- 3510 for the patriots 24 elevenths home they go and -- yes I was closer to protect you're exactly right at what point they ran like. Forty of 47 plays or whatever but. You can also point. Those are two very big plays defense we can also point 22 plays offensively both the ball we did he would that we cubes or seventeen or a running play. The -- I don't know how many of these it's 45 yards -- gets on the ruled that the I think that was on the ninety yard drive I think a mature but. No it was that was that was sixteen play drive eleven -- -- -- Well played running place right so you're talking about two two huge plays by what -- who plays but they but it that really was deciding factor in this game. You know -- and others -- that. Would look at time of possession -- -- -- -- the time it took that they've pulled the school 1251. Point 713. That advisory that gave over the infamous fought for foul play they did make the ref to call it. Completely couldn't stop well if Bill Belichick wanna get the rest down in the for the back -- scored what he was virtually unstoppable now the threat. Nobody was covered anybody there's good news and had to keep the ball away from. The numbers on the real post game show in the -- -- -- WVU you have been listening today 6177797. 937. At 6177797. 937. The coliseum in the real postage right you called up to one more point guys. Steve to your point about -- ten minutes time position as we play against Peyton Manning ten more minutes for your team but look at these other numbers. The patriots after 331. Downs last week at 35 this week. You have not only did the F 351 downs they had sixteen passing eighteen rushing. Here's the other thing Peyton Manning at 66 plays under snapped the patriots had eighteen. Sign up they -- 23 more plays all because of a running game that last week they ran for forty times 247. Yards. This week they -- at the 251 only -- out but they re -- More times -- in the off 54 times in this team. And going into third quarter and overhead of pretty good third down percentage to in terms of hit that the first you biographers fountain is groups were 33 groups are reported you just. An amazing golfer but in that situation you know what that would all -- great offense with all that stuff -- It took a couple of big defensive plays down to fuel that gave. -- -- first down to a relevant to the who Broncos did not getting restarting it thirty yards in a report yesterday that if you got to not a lot of third down through his fourth downs off first down. So those numbers were at their feet worth of that's because of the patriots now can run a methodical. My clock to -- Ten five got it got sixth yet forgot to write it getting second down and a third down to in the mifepristone. The culture of getting I mean people who put netbook when they had to get please we're going to when he thirty now view. Let me ask you two guys who were on that side of the ball for -- whole careers how impressive is at all how demoralizing is -- for defense. When Tom Brady's out there over snapped used to him thrown for everything and they get 181. Downs. Rushing the football weather on first down with a run third down like he said would would that they get eighteen -- those first sound the majority of them running the football. When he got an offense like that and -- -- -- like that should tell you build them writers but what you gotta do -- -- two things. First off you've got to have good red zone defense they're beautiful football there's no doubt about team like that like that will move the ball. You've got to be it would have a pretty good result percent the other thing you got to do is. Find a way to either create or you can hope for parole because that really that's the only thing that that stopped. They really today was the turnovers to caused by nick rich and -- called a drop by big metro two over two because that's -- they were there were driving it would blue. For the likelihood -- score so. Anytime you're up against that you -- that goes especially even more so now for an even more so. You're really these guys who have had the ball it's just the way it is everything is your world with office right now. You've just got to buckle down the red zone and -- find a way to -- Donald create took over for fumbled. But it will take you -- eligible offense. And really it's pick your poison. Once upon -- Brit the preacher we want drop may have mud and debris to. They really want to let the running game freedom but the running game did you but it means the other team last week so now with a viable running game -- -- -- -- -- take -- -- and -- -- -- back. -- -- Settlement comes back it makes much more typical of shut it off its golf with you wanna put -- the small fifth pick your state -- he's running the ball run track running off tackle you get a prediction. Well let's talk about the turnovers and a couple of sacks and how the patriots again in terms of what the viewpoints be ready comment -- this these teams in the red zone nine times today. They converted seven times patriots for five Broncos 34 so -- Manning and Brady with quarterbacks like you're lucky if you're. Near 50%. In the reds with a mix the turnovers even more important to the -- Thomas dropped the ball that that's paternal but the other two. Forced fumbles and turnovers that they took advantage of give Denver credit they got on Ridley all of those are gonna be the difference in making what about -- -- third down of his second now with time running out for a tap the victim -- we've played by bella. But not with Ridley Ridley doubt they could settle for cubic until -- up to four point I don't know that. Play calling -- debt clock management with the improbable but forget that much I haven't got what two time outs when he five seconds left -- run twice in the. The the -- over the patriots forced. That's exactly -- these were lucky turtle was doubled to stripped by but big rich and the other one by both growing more. After -- the boy I caught that won't ask both of whom. That is about five -- -- effort total which. That's -- -- -- dolphins like this you've got a ticket -- Robertson. Go to Jimmy and suckers to -- -- -- -- the real post game show indicated it would cut deftly hard Bart bronco barking of regained today. Bronco busting that's what you wanna call it now we hold on it bootstrap at the end of that game out there that -- -- ego Jimmy kicks us -- time -- take a break. Bronco busting all right I'll take it channel seven -- I don't know beat up on an annual list of the by asked that -- -- Pretty much money on the patriots win we are a lot of Toby Keith if you still. At the game still coming across hanging in the park a couple of weird giants have a beer with the boys. But we can entry -- more often hear that now it was -- Awad you have that it's the real mostly about 06177797. 93 said. Just combination of -- but you know take advantage of our scoring opportunities in -- millions alone you know we. Came close there at the and a half we just weren't quite able to. You know to get that in their own phone -- a second and third down so. Not the guy can do better job of you know mismanagement situation. And then after the exchange of possessions start -- quarter. You know we have the touchdown their -- got a big swing there at the end of the forward. You know -- In other points and you know we exchanges possessions in the third quarter but you know we have more possessions and it it's -- it was broken clock management there in second quarter. Welcome back to Toby Keith's I love this Byron grow were alive Fred's pro Steve DeOssie you'd like to read just the number is 617779. Net. 7937. That's right 779. Not nearly 577979837. 7937. Let's correct it won't talk to Rick. And would richter -- with Fred Stephen butch. Again I go it's not rhetoric. Like he hit completely how it's seven maturity is allowed to Wear and have a regular on west seem. But defend by turning around looking for the. Is there. -- is gonna go watch that game again -- -- like last week. Now no one game going out of how many how many and when did you start you would have expected to return on a couple times you gonna. Second touched -- what to talk about that was a a role that was. He covered them turn around. It was a factual but -- almost on the ground touchdown -- -- Paul slots movement that it was -- -- it was really becomes -- Rick we were talking about this before we can. -- let's be fair about this and let's be serious -- reported by the patriots. They are doing him a good enough athlete that he covers. Somebody -- number one by himself usually without help over the top so they don't. When their defense. The number one receiver on the other team today it was Eric Decker up until that touched down Eric Decker had two catches for seven yards but. All that said I'm with you. Pieces -- frustrating to watch because oftentimes he's right there but he doesn't turn around other times he seems to get beat and then -- Sort of make up. He gets called creative spirit is to meet reminds me guys of running with that. Number one running at them real you would dim green was thrown out of his mental health is wrong for them but the next year running became a really good quarter packet to get throw all that much. Well but I output. Double -- some new level. NFL quarterback we do rules mid level starting just. It's what does that mean Steve defined to mean -- there's there's. Probably the same number that are better than as there are the worst of it. And the the thing that about him is that. He's not finishing plays the way we saw him do his rookie year. For whatever reason he did last week against buffalo and -- couple -- today that the touchdown I don't care but that was a perfect storm -- -- So you can look at reporting is this. If this day and age in the NFL football wouldn't you have two of the book how we want the office what you can't do receivers. The the talent level of some quarterback. You don't would you like him to -- federal -- would of course you would but he's not as bad as as you wanna make. It to save the kid doesn't belong and voting reforms were. Think that we -- way way back when. You could really. You -- close on nine which you would put the Buffalo Bills you have to -- -- is it everything I've. But it sure you know which could be what's about to hit you -- about going to the great people to perhaps. How would they be able -- that they know a lot of them look a lot worse because it took the musicality away from the defense. So Rick before you go I mean seriously he gets under your skin a risk on. I think Rick and I can actually -- I think given what is hot button. For a lot of patriotism for two reasons one they had a lot. Who could single coverage before quarterbacks come down especially young quarters it was eight innings they'll get a read you'll see get -- 41 on one thing and take your chances. It in and a lot of times. Court -- the frustrating to me a lot of times according right there. But -- turns out in the favorite the other team doesn't finish well for -- -- have a satellite is -- a mechanic Xavier which in public that -- throw away from using abaco. We'll keep them -- only -- there yet. We don't seem better already looked at -- champions -- overload on another thing about that -- that that's that's a quarterback the -- were from the get up to -- if you -- his initial look at the F blanket coverage. You returned his second receiver we don't see that. Two of sand on the seems to be getting beat Oregon trip around. Several times to go around that a lot times over your first read by Manny he's a bit but according and it goes through September. Roughed up by no means we sit here trying to convince anybody that depth reporting is that is a very good quarterback not by any means but I'll tell you this. First off he's all the quarterbacks right side most of the time. That's the favorite side for most quarterbacks to -- If you got a good guy over there the food you can hit the -- they're gonna go with that at that position it's much easier to play. Of the quarterback's left side or back because. More quarterbacks are comfortable throwing to -- Varieties before we go to break let's touch on the -- -- back now that we Rodham according I think a lot of people scratch their heads when tape on Wilson was taken so -- draft. Today I saw signs of why they like it here it's the rare safety these days. Who -- to at all. Who can come up and hit them up and tackle cover the -- -- helpful for the top on the corners Patrick Chung I still think he struck. With that as an NFL player and if you run defense -- -- me if I'm wrong. We put safety in position to succeed you trying to do too well the guy what they got great -- of the -- is right but but but -- I guess I'm asking you guys double play Dickerson are the days go on. We're at the safeties that can Detroit Polamalu didn't come up with it in seemingly also help bottle but you're not ready quadrupled while they don't get burned deep into that -- Think we don't see every play that haven't. We don't know the coverage called. With a lot of guys wide open all over the field with Greg rose and then they will support a lot more I was seeing that I saw from what we start Steve the official plays leaving. We don't know plays that doesn't -- my -- of so what's best enough along those covered this. Who once -- because that's about it once -- if there's no defense is decide not to have -- Somebody should. He would. This is they've been we're talking about to -- living here is rooted better defense and with the so. I get it I understand it. The defense the secondary we knew this going into the season. That the secondary was gonna be an issue to -- it was last year how much improved that maybe a little bit as -- but it's slightly improved. But the -- for what she's recovered to -- -- but I think some but it's towards where you used to being still breaks down. -- we're elated right now demanding he find threat. It is is that it has improved as the house prices in other words that we -- know that if they could put pressure on the quarterback now that's secondary. You know some film the great defensive backs who don't care what -- -- what the the question of quarterback. We both of them here when this you know and you've been great quarterbacks or. On whose real violent to you about the book but get nobody's trying to convince you about how great the secondary you were trying to tell you that they are. What we thought the word is the -- that -- what we want to see improvement as the season goes along and build -- of -- young guys that that the people. Senior of high power output cut to drop back in the -- but it was quite the patriots had two sacks today they had to past reflections. And they did not have any interceptions against Peyton Manning. 6177797937. That's the -- numbers 779. 7937. Join us here on the real post game show we're live at Toby Keith's I love this bar and grill.

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