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NFL Sunday Breaking Down the Matchups: The Pats Offense vs the Broncos Defense

Oct 7, 2012|

The boys look at how the Brady, Welker and new running back tandem matchup with the Broncos defense.

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Our effort to NFL Sunday Sports Radio WB yeah -- we get the opportunity to do this live from Toby Keith I love this bar -- it is. It's we are now two hours eighteen minutes before kick off here to let stadium the patriots against the Denver Broncos the port 25 game today. Let me be a couple of raw numbers first and then we will -- right down the patriots off thank all offense I should say. Against the the Denver Broncos defense. The Denver Broncos defense. If you look at points per game they're pretty darn good fact they're tied for third in the NFL with the Baltimore Ravens in July 20 point eight points per game so far. Yardage. Not so good they get up a lot of yards but again it doesn't matter you don't give up a lot of points in the AFC they are fourteen out of sixteen teams in the AFC in terms of yards per game given up they give up. Coming into today's game over 308 yards per game now when you look at the Patriots offense. You would think that's a pretty decent matchup for the patriots. When we last saw the Broncos defense playoffs last winter. They were -- Tom Brady should read it it was surgical. Help me a reason why it'll be different for the Denver Broncos today vote. How are you -- focused a playoff game. -- defensive coordinator. I'm not saying that there was a focus in the playoff game that's out I'm saying they're going to be allowed more people -- -- -- -- because they got their butts exact yeah. You hear a lot of talk coming from a lot of very that's on their defense. -- -- I think important reporter Jackson about to be. Do you think they can win. And others -- feeling that the team. Right Thursday night I thought it theme I took -- for pro football -- of the -- I didn't feel like there were 53 guys that thought we could wind and it shows that going in the last time playoff team. This year there's the feeling that you know what we. And we can -- exactly mean you have back displayed but if the patent for for many years human. Talking about we just need some of -- personal finances Flores. Pressure Brady were four for guys only for not trying to bring five -- You can get Tom Brady -- -- people you have a good gave -- your defense when you if you've got a lot of guys. She was. Because Brady intelligence -- Rather not disguise blitzes and to bring that if you find 11 matchup in order to. -- My favorites that committed this game of the courtesy of our friend -- -- -- -- -- -- -- up now -- that UPI dot com the Patriots offense they've gone the Reno three times this year that the U with number in the week. Broncos defense before fifteenth -- you know that the most of is now a lot of that team last week and hopefully. I think if for five Reno let me get the open but that is one of those you're just the will force me to block that stat that I love in something if you have. If that some messages that yes let's talk about the change in coaching because it is if you guys pointed out. They gonna be defensive coordinator this year Jack Del Rio is is now running the defense. Would you -- which team it's like Josh coming in taking over its offensive coordinator for the patriots. You have to make wholesale change in a -- hopman. -- got personnel who were there and bought Miller failed to their Elvis Dumervil and Champ Bailey. So tell me what Del -- it's gonna do differently than what the Broncos were doing last. Big difference so the thing that what -- you'll forget my -- were more -- situations where. Denver's definitely blowing them out tickets from 36 thirty they're up by thirty points several touchdowns late in the game in Denver. It is it like a third and twelve situation. And -- pressure on first and second down and continues to move to bring pressure on third now Kevin's point is absolutely valid. I don't see teams -- you met him home you coming here it's Tommy. What the difference -- Denver now it is just sort of make up for the team before we're gonna bring pressure and they certainly you. It's its interest even though because you know sort of the crib notes that we often go back to. In the media's 3443 kind of thing this team actually -- both. Which is important note and that actually -- on the hour's standup guy please technically is Sam linebacker with -- tight end humor bill stays and then with his hand on the ground. And they go back to the report well with the kind of threw for as we know reporter and doing -- review would -- in Baltimore were -- with the Pittsburgh we're in this is entirely different view. We used to call it -- that's not important. What use is that you know it's that your big Richard Seymour or Bobby Hamilton. -- what is you over the tackles shoulder. If we're right gaps that put him in the view that the gap between the sort of tackle. And they shoot right up the field and try to depression so everything is built around -- this idea for a triple Princeton principles in nickel. They're gonna bring you were gonna try to throw the pockets in the thing. I know from you know playing with Tom Libyan army officers -- harmful it's always give the quarterback -- the -- the wild stuff but broke. So a lot of those structures especially with not knowing who's -- appearance at court tackles for short shorts and there are. His insights don't go wild on the stuff for the throat that's what was reported that -- also from the outside. House where she would make you want often on the move underneath the tackle because you don't want to constantly. One of the things that ultimately I think last week if you really didn't talk about with the fact that we've seen it in the lead time for them but last week with relief -- we we thought if -- His ability to sense pressure readings for the growth and pressure in the pocket. Move and adjust accordingly there were three or four times we're really stood out for me the touchdown run. The touchdown pass you would head in in the -- to -- -- he but it it was either drop through with knocked out of this yet where you they've put that pressure in the pocket. Will accordingly it just in I think that's something that we tend to forget about. You need people to -- that I think that was one of the big real media offensive one but he -- Marco could be wrong but that was one of the big reasons why do we have to keep the powerful house for a few we -- -- -- There's a good chance of working a few more that this. If you see that through their practice and training camp when -- influence dummies that the idea that that's not true that that role what role when the role in the medicine ball back at him. People that fit that through how to quarterbacks and -- of right they call it work it. Events around here that practice but that's it right there. You know you play the game it's flat that's that's -- them regret if my crossing that need to mix it up when Letterman it was two and a team being is that. In I think we saw this that'll last YouTube for tennis right. They're prepared to pass rush. There where they'll have -- -- get the defenders tennis racquets to try to beat him throw a lot of athletes with a with a book I'll go out on the -- that's the -- when it's actually very Finland record easily went. This one is not made up of 67. You know luckily it's Campbell that's right remarkable. It's on a little bit. From some of the other longer fronts this is a small or 341 so I don't think. The quicker they're gonna go for the gap and tried to them virtual machine made reaching up and get in the little wasn't concerned this week. If you have fallen below the one I wanted to -- it if not going to be wanna -- wanna know but watching folder go up against over. It in folder you'll for all the heat if you got over the course the 3-D -- sleep very well. That it went to the in my community we -- one fact. He hasn't taken penalties all year which is to meet you tied with greedy is when they'll. For the most offensive -- they can get -- penalty all your. He felt -- very well if the -- you gonna get one of the -- that I would point we have to keep watch out for situation was so huge discrepancy. When you will be sure great leverage guide you -- what you -- long gone. Because it's often it's just all sides that the Neitzel who was -- with all the gifts you have -- or her way -- Before almost being in return -- it down to -- guy. News six inches off the ground -- -- -- of war for his leverage point is that -- mid market you know. So it's actually sort of half. Matchup for a guy like that so. Former gets the same thing we talked out of flat out -- about -- -- the same issue what they played so well against them last year Schwartzel and I'm sure that the others are active workers that we. Don't want to see you standing up straight -- itself. Gotta get down because they're going to be doubts maybe that he made to -- shorter. Whoever did you have on your theory on -- park -- -- back up. Really work on you guys don't stand up higher than 54 for this week to get down there -- than it well I'm not there or three. And I. I was gonna say it you know you go. Julian settlement will not like to play last week Wes Welker had a big day in fact the patriots last Sunday at buffalo at 2100 yard receivers. 2100 yard rushers and a 300 yard pass. I mean that's about as well ballots that the office and yet -- all by the way they did that without Logan Mankins and without heat will play this week will be back in the lineup. We expect to see the patriots attempt to have that same sort of offensive balance because I don't -- and talking about it this week who loves -- like people -- football. Well I think one of the keys to beating the meaning is it's kind of a theme that everyone I think a lot of ways the -- we've been meeting to keep off the field -- -- in so we can leave. On the surface that sets up very nicely between them running -- -- I don't think they're gonna run for 247 yards this week. But I think they're going to be opportunities there for fold improvement we would head to get some of that chunk yardage on the rep Dick I think part of it though really. With when you look back at what both looked at left we can simply running out of nickel packages and or. Time off the fact that they quit yet the end of the second half point -- -- that was really kind yet I don't before jewelry like -- -- you don't quite -- defensive back. A reporter mark Lincoln's name -- that yes he's playing the nickel linebacker role in need to say they list -- in your program. As the as the as the Americans not so that we kind of -- -- match up eleven and sometimes even well personnel to kind of feel with basically time. At risk you know to Denver -- I think the thing to work this week's game though. Is because that's what -- perfectly legal it's not a what's the off the field I would I would imagine re emergence of some of the spring game. Some of the sort of -- take away stuff. Because it's it's some sort of become the -- you. You know one on one way to take the wave you through the rest of the walls down a little bit that one works well what made you'll see a little bit more about. Doesn't it always seemed every every season -- player not necessarily on your team. There's a player who took them out of nowhere. Brandon Bolden is that player frank I think for most patriots fans did undrafted rookie free agent. He can sit here and looks like he should be on an NFL football field. The way he ran the ball last week and I don't we. Kevin you and I talked about stylistically how he compares with a guy like Ridley. -- pretty powerful guys neither of them are are are getting would head let's get outside the tackle type runners. They're similar in in regards that they can run between the tackles into a very effective. Both of -- move that they can do it. Coming from Ole miss and comes from Baton Rouge, Louisiana he. He's got a lot of talent and learned a whole lot from being handled it's become an industry here. A lot of guys tell me it feels. I have here Monday coach. And it's kind of reverted like him coming out from me in the house Martin was no noise than do you really remind -- in Jones. Do you got for you. I've -- The rebels so it's one of those things that they want to try about a few maybe we could do for me that'll Lattimore. I need to really think got you if you look at him you look at it back and he was the guy with available at an undrafted free agent because he was injured. Went out and -- and senior years stock dropped a talk with -- position coach this week. There with the belief that he would have been a second third fourth round guy but he ended up dropping the patriots ended up picking him up and I think. I think it's important to note that she wrote this in the Boston Herald this week in the capital work. Hillary -- -- -- award winning -- about. What. If you one -- that it that jump up to -- would rentable. If people often don't understand this if you look back up which obviously was more -- my career. And Brandon is not the first back he's not the site combatants these and hasn't always removal from -- A lot of times the weight you -- carries the weight you give that opportunity to watch all these dark and be productive and in -- because if you're not. Book which special teams play -- make it before we thought. Good example for more groups from back in the day with Patrick has been a backup running back has absolutely nothing you weren't -- kickoff. Or whether you can block upon to perform poorly on the latest field but the idea that rentable -- -- sure quite a bit of specialty has done a nice job. He's growing. What did I -- -- good handle on related skills tested I would imagine we'll never tested you'll Mississippi. Is but the thing that opens the door that allows them to keep that game day in week four at this kind of productive -- you do what he thinks he thought it into the in the film you. That's -- that never should be overlooked and that's -- roster but from work.

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