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NFL Sunday: Just How Serious is this Hip Injury for Gronk?

Oct 7, 2012|

NFL Sunday, and specifically Chris Price, discuss just how bad the injury is to Gronk's hip. Should the Pats and fans be worried about his durability? They also discuss his playing time and the amount of plays he is on the field for blocking purposes only.

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Back here on NFL Sunday Sports Radio WB -- broadcasting live Toby -- I love this barring -- right at Gillette Stadium. Patriot place technically right next to -- stadium. A couple of highlights from the 1 o'clock games that are going on right now the Cleveland -- to increase their lead over the New York Giants. They're now I had seventy. -- seven in that game they just that I had to settle for a field goal Michael Vick has. Lost two fumbles already today in this game including one at the end zone in the end zone. That was recovered but the Pittsburgh Steelers. He's -- at seven lost fumbles already here -- it is I mean he's an injury waiting to happen anyway I mean you get you know if your he would be read in the eagles' coaches. He's never going to be able to finish the way it's not gonna happen it -- has -- But he's also apparently a -- waiting to happen before -- already in the first half of this. -- called the guy is so dangerous like what the things that he does that make him dangerous. User knocked the ball often so it's a sort of conundrum like what do you do I -- from injury and I'm not sure. You just it's as if it's probably the kind of team we're always have to maybe over invest your backup quarterback because. He's probably gonna play for more I don't want to I I teed you up pretty nicely minute ago and I wanted to be up. My buddy Chris -- here for a minute I'm ready we are hearing some stuff. I thought it's not written I'm not ESPN boston.com Mike -- wrote about this other people have. That Rob Gronkowski participation is down that he didn't hear maybe more significantly. In here the patriots want you to understand in fact. There's some thought out there at the patriots are more concerned long term but Ron -- gronkowski to help but they are Aaron Hernandez itself. And and as a result of that not only is his production down but even his participation is -- -- are not for what when it. When you talk about Rob Gronkowski is health first and foremost you have to talk about it in the context the fact if you fell in the draft because of reported back. Did you with available in the second round because he had back problems if not -- with a different idea for for a great though when every talk about Bronx health. You have to figure that the picture that being said. He has not been minimized at least when it comes to snap counts and -- around the round but that can -- a couple weeks but. He hasn't been minimized when it comes to -- Keith Smith a total with ten snaps over the last week. He played in in importing -- number -- by the word from football what if you played a possible 290. Of 300 ninth there fifty. If the guy who is also working extensively. Not at liberty extensively the blocker. In you guys can look yet again repeat how many places -- company snaps -- he not play eleven. The entire -- entirety. But let me it's offensive participation camped down much at all is it you know you look at the snap -- -- and again we've we've talked about it -- the barometer of if you -- a guy is but. It's not only the fact you've been used to you being used more as a blocker -- more often no more often and has been the last few feet in a lot of ways he really an extra tackle in ads. But we need to wait for some really good running performances the first week in this week for a good thing if Buffalo's though. I don't know about that you guys can speak -- to thank you when you're a receiver in. You're looking to work with the blocker and receiver if they're more stress on the hip or on any part of the body or blocking of supposed do when you're relief in. You're going to for. What would -- -- Well if you're really thinking about what's it worth it. With more -- -- when you're around because do more direction -- -- in the anything in anything that can we. I wanted to to conclude. -- but he is there a way -- spark job but that's a YouTube to journalists here but is there a way where you can tie -- to defect if he's working more to block period -- -- at the hip problem that we said are you did that there's that -- you know white group with a -- we want to -- more to blockers network with a two week. Well called situation. If these -- their main football game he's he's out there. -- -- We in the uniform fashion featured in the if -- can run a very gifted. It with the effective route across the had a great year minutes. Embryos. -- they'll note that. Team -- really -- him come on. You know they look for him to notify -- that want the guys that that -- -- to -- This time -- guys and try to use him that this guy served once the season's third term defeat and this was happening right for reform of the season. Not sure if they don't good season wrap your cost would be very important office numbered. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That. It's harder for him to get open it's harder for him to get separation. He may not be as quick that first step off the snappy may not be as quick when he running. And that he just not able to get into those spots for Brady to find if he has -- this knowledge I would you would go back to what the Baltimore. Not too much last week he could buffalo if you'd be able to get good separation I think kind of fairly consistent basis but. And yet he catches against against the ravens and we all started thinking well -- was that it's being used more walkers I wanna. Armed with this knowledge don't wanna be it would go back to the Baltimore team would take a look at it and maybe is this something that's bothering him what's bothering him the ball. Right well. One thing I I is the -- the idea that he's blocking more pro football focus snap count thing or just the -- don't know that that's that's no that's the -- to break -- the numbers in the in the -- their. -- -- it done that they've they'd be working more as a blocker -- here. It leaf watching those numbers in that's in that we talked about them with a worked -- as I am curious that I don't if the perception but the you know I can look it up where immigrants and -- fun -- -- immunity to it's one of those things where again. It's not clearly thought OK I think when you're working -- the war first thing I would say. You know hip. Is like saying. If you look at it and see if it could be. Pool -- muscle it would you structural it would be a boxer. It would be so many different things this is why it's hip it's kind of like when they say it normally. Or when they -- shoulder word here it's enjoys the rotator -- was -- offer price of the Soviet missiles to the idea that it's hip. You know yes if you had you know slip disappoint Rosey Colvin -- kind of thing. -- can -- give -- route but we don't know what kind of -- because quite frankly -- I want no one's seen him laboring at all. I don't you know I think. I think this might be another one more than the than analysis -- you led by the narrative where OK we know what it came out of college with. So maybe this is sort of a sort of hold them back look of the I don't see anything there to be honest you Basel which it is or I don't know -- -- -- -- fortunate what they think they need real quick to -- -- and I think it's interesting that we talked about maintenance repetitive problems here. Gregory out because if you know we're talking Mercury -- -- wondering what. -- injury early years are interviewed in Europe but it could -- some things that we. We'll take quick break welcome back on the other side we will break down the Patriots offense led by Tom Brady against the Denver Broncos defense. The last time we saw. These two units going up against each other that it seems to be any Denver defense. At least on the Tom Brady couldn't decipher that was playoff game last we last --

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