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Is Peyton Manning's Arm Strength an Issue? Matt Chatham and the NFL Sunday Crew Say Don't Believe the Hype

Oct 7, 2012|

Matt Chatham explains why the theory that Peyton's Manning's arm strength is way down due to lingering injury effects is false. It wouldn't be the first time that the media has jumped to conclusions. Matt thoroughly breaks it all down.

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Welcome back to NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEP I'm my name's Dale Arnold Chris writes from W we got dot com it's here. Kevin -- former patriots running back down my left. Patriots linebacker Matt -- that my right is -- district got -- to -- if you -- The updated scores in the NFL. I will say -- the browns had a fourteen nothing lead over the -- -- that game. Victor Cruz to receive day at touchdown pass and and the giant step back -- the -- The back golds leading that all but six if that meant everything else is catalog scoring Packers with a seven nothing lead over the colts. Sunday Night Football of the wanted to -- and make his apparently. The saint asked for and were given permission to allow Sean -- to attend tonight's game. This is a potential. Record setting performance for Drew Brees and depending on how things work out. Now my friend from New Orleans who I had dinner with last night. She said the -- in New Orleans is he's not don't. But he's not comfortable going in given the situation he was given permission by the NFL won't supposedly in the game now with an even bigger -- -- not. And will soon we'll CP -- it's my injury got all right let's talk about about Peyton Manning from a physical perspective. He has neck surgery. Look it's easy for me to say I have never been an NFL player nor even you know thought about that possibility. Just that I've been down this you just missed out but just a guy with with the white and a couple of kids I say to myself why -- put yourself through this you know why would keep you yes. Your your Peyton Manning I'm assuming he's got enough money to live on very comfortably for the rest of his life you know you are one get away from catastrophe. Why do you go through woody went through but that's beside the point he did it at the surgery. Lost the season. Has come back. I've heard very reports that he just -- all the way used to do. -- -- -- but that the zip on his fastball that he used to have. You know we've still got the same football brain although it's a little bit rusty as you might expect that we missed the year that makes sense to me. You tell me if Peyton Manning when he steps on the field that they at port 25 today and throw the fastball believes. Yeah OK so. I'm gonna go through this sort of a group of women go through every little level historic. While players this thing and I think it's important understand my personal view is that there was a little bit journalistic malpractice on the national scene book this week. In September 18 nineteen around the ultimately win. You pull up their need to understand -- Manning has had one quarter. In his six team that he's played. We've got a turnover yet -- in that game. So most of these conversations. From the arm strength issuing those kind of issues came from you think's capable quoted training camp -- -- I'm not at a 100%. -- the west the year after him back in the -- you talk to Kevin here's your training camp after they feel that's the throw away. -- your budget probably also -- Manila residents after it was true. And then there was a secondary issue I believe in one of their first couple games where one of the back -- we're much more compliments on my world for a hail Mary -- -- -- -- exactly. So warms up until that notion though you know longer throw that he passed kind of became part of that story as well. Haven't you probably got this I don't know what Paul but. I don't think anyone this table would think of Bledsoe was not strong -- guy. And is that an -- our current guidance Tom Brady well and whenever we played -- -- flee whenever we played teams. Michael bishop and people will remember from Kansas State was sort designated. It -- -- That's not an indication of where his strength is it just doesn't make sense that you don't go truthful -- from the wall and -- -- -- -- -- to -- around with them it wouldn't be surprised to see it -- to -- You're doing -- with right now which is not an acute. Not an indication of -- don't know what we're what we're we're a ticking -- here and it's these little piece of information means zero you know. So moving on so now go back to Atlantic game and do my best here to sort of do this as best you can and radio and I'll try to be quick with it but there were three place. Through a series of interviews with Matt Patricia asked him if he saw anything from that I was checked. The page itself all the receivers don't want as indicated that any issue with the guys -- And he has gone over and over and over himself and -- decision which. On the case that would make your you know that is absolutely this is if -- usually -- -- -- -- -- -- that so anyhow and these were picked his first pick in this Atlantic game. Was actually called cover for which often gets mistaken in this sport that drew was well practiced a lot of Walker Cup a few things looked like it before it's four. And the importance of this play. Is that they were caught in a little muddled situation that -- that won't go -- really good at you know Colquitt counties in the past rodeo. And the falcons were caught kind of with their pants down you know scramble and you see the three linebackers motion in one another to see the safety. Not know we're gonna go sort sort recess and play like that. If you don't want that to happen but it doesn't it almost works to sort of an accidental the skies. So Peyton threw the ball where the -- never would -- -- if you have been able to reach the people to quit because it would cost him or operate the kind of just what that -- off the side it's not a particularly from. It just simply happened but hasn't the -- -- for the second pick notes guts whatsoever to stand in the offense defense it turns out to be cover for what happens a couple of for the -- level. You feel about this while -- before -- reply once that we're we're receivers on one side of the field and one on the other. We're basically plays like walk which told the quarter over backside -- you're actually a man to man little left three quarters of the you'll. Looks like three deep safeties over the top of her. And that the analogy I would make on some of these places often you'll remember back that I walked victim in the in the playoffs. We sort of stole one off the back you -- wasn't his guy it was a rout of the scene I was -- leave his responsibilities about. It's like company -- -- which happens when you're walking outside the other second safety. Mistook the three -- once it has nothing you can we overload of the slats which you wind up with. It's worth the -- with only worked real -- -- overload so you never throw all the they did that's got nothing to do with orange. It's a movement on the last one we actually have ruling that same stance situation with wanting to be it was intriguing its cover for can't cover three or four was against but trade. So formation. Through receivers once the -- on the back with interest in Napa thought that didn't get picked up form what's. They have they have a nickel or soft defense out there the defensive back that was the scene where me -- for -- eighteen to twenty yard drop in -- patent. Had the -- -- it's not it's not an on line kind of ball because you -- defeated him over the top. The thing that was interesting in that place is you guys to various Thomas and the outside receivers you'll -- side. He needs -- because you've working with the seek the incumbent through the firewall -- this view on the inside. He runs basically if you're walking nine route went jogging go route. And makes the seat you immediately know nothing's going on here I can go steal the other guys what he also doesn't do it doesn't stretches. His route to be outside the -- -- for the silent to make -- why this week. He runs a dummy rounds which will give it you know it's sort of that review this coroner buddy by not doing so that accuracy he is able commented missed the throat I want it steel. What I thought he didn't get Harvard rated Stokely got from them. -- at -- you can compete on the ball didn't look like you thought it was gonna do it because he got that all political before things were the actual people that don't look like the Boeing company. He can compete on the ball and wants the ball was intercepted. Actually continued to -- on the on the field. Injured people didn't pursue the turnover of the point of monopoly. But to do with our street global system patent pool only three -- -- to -- before the season into with a perfect you know with upward when you throw line anyway. So the idea here is. -- story. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But quick break we'll -- ambiguity that data will take a breath one. Welcome back it will just one look at -- if implement it we're broadcasting live from that we keep that up this -- -- Those arms straight is it okay is that it's okay it's hard you order this and -- Sports Radio WE yeah.

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