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NFL Sunday: Here we Go...We Missed it Last Year and Now it's Back -- Brady Vs Manning

Oct 7, 2012|

The NFL Sunday gang gush over a favorite matchup for many NFL fans - Brady vs Manning.

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I will spend the next twenty minutes of NFL Sunday here are giving Kevin an opportunity right now the Jacksonville Jaguars game. To be the only thing he cares about. Iran itself are. I'm concerned that you discuss this. You're trying to set me up to -- crap that's what you're trying to -- -- the -- -- -- by the -- I don't know why I'm glad I don't. And a half the fun and you will slide out the important thing isn't that hey I want this -- about then and after about forty backing matchup today. It's hard not to. Realistically they are the greatest quarterbacks of their generation. I think. I truly do believe Aaron Rodgers -- Drew Brees is like the next generation. Behind the the Brady. Peyton Manning generation they are the two greatest quarterbacks put it in whatever order you want. This part of the country we're gonna put Brady first midwest they're gonna put Peyton Manning -- but they're the two best one and one day. And we haven't seen it since 2000 and so no matter what uniforms they're wearing. No matter what the situation is in the season it's different when these two quarterbacks like it. It's been a long time since we haven't seen since. And it ended a couple of for a while it was Tom -- couple times a year every. And and we haven't seen it because of the injury at all it's not it's fine. They don't play on the field against each other they keep saying that stressing that they don't but we loved it in Italy has -- active member it was it was marine don't know. When Marino and Elway would play against each other that was the match up you that you really wanted to see that's what you get when these -- -- with the two quarterbacks lead their team. I heard -- talking about this before we went on the area and there is the real analogy there I think in a lot of ways this bird magic you know fell because it's not just. The two quarterbacks these are when people with the colts these were two classic -- And they had a decade of -- every time these two teams that you've got to speak with every time it was -- week it meant them. But the with a regular season with a with a post season in these two guys were the stars have really some of the most compelling theater in the NFL last year. I'm glad you shared their skirts because as much as the media talk about Manning vs Brady of breeding birds. Maine. As a football team. We always felt that game in the fifth and coming -- to begin that we understand that the game made distributable. To for the third -- of what type of game that was in my mind I called it the soap -- again. Because there was more of those games where. Anything can happen before your games doing gain even after the game and so it was that what I call the soap opera here. Yeah well. Again I I like we've reviewed the sort of the year round votes coming together it makes -- -- -- -- right we keep the -- its product I. We're -- he -- yes I think I totally agree with that and see the -- and see what's going out that. Well I also witnesses. Were maddeningly I don't know about just to work with them. They Cooper magic -- in the court of as I did yet it did not consistently but it was the only word you're trying to think of comparable I would frankly you know Reggie White -- -- -- Maybe rates apple rejected it there was no basic right tackling and fortunately it's not like this that's yeah. -- I do agree that it's there and meet their stories that are too easily irritable it's exciting for us as players I think what that but I -- if we clemency but that's I think. -- says the hopefully it's -- colts week which means something not made any necessary -- so they -- to be perfectly honest with you Wii -- game plan. It is one of the week's report. Called my name which you don't normally. Well I mean they're playing -- -- you know to talk about Sanchez necessarily classify we've stopped well those days plus about how to stop you there now we stopped and it's how we stop all the office. There is sort of a little bit of those sort of scared of change when you colts. Out of he stopped me and and yet you know bullet. Using visas are few quarterbacks never stopped and it's like now or we can put this sort of story -- -- compliment with all of for my money with just for an entire decade it wasn't just receivers meaning but it -- Belichick for done yet a lot of it with Ty Law offered to Marvin Harrison right it was meant it -- -- -- it was like Peyton Manning against Willie -- exactly yeah meeting with it would go to individual matchup hardly -- that we. Obviously you know the note the breeding meaning being -- responded like with that report the way up to write about. But so many of those individual matchup with so much fun to watch. And there were two great teams they were from the great team led by -- quarterbacks. But the thing that they were -- -- contrasting styles I think that -- to be here right through. Got a bird physical. You know with the vote but at the film team were stacked with guys all -- team physical team that it is like through. What could you write about -- whether there was literally every single week. When it was patriots colts. You knew what you were gonna write about other week you know you kind of struggled with my story lines here and there but I mean. This week it's it's it really -- I mean you know -- week with the way. Well let's let's get to the notion of contrasting styles. Are they contrasting styles when we talk about the play of these two quarterbacks. Because they see very similar -- -- they're not running they're not dancing around. They are they art exhibitions they are surgeons. At the line of scrimmage at. Defining where's the weak spot what's the point I wanna attack. Brady got to do with much of the -- make Hawkins at the line of scrimmage -- up -- are putting but he does a lot of that stuff too. I think there's a reason these guys are putting off the field through because there's a mutual respect and they sort of approach their job the same way. They're both sort of trying to diagnose what they see in front of them they -- they're both very good knowledge of theatrics because you got this much but with. Re directing a play -- words he's a weak spot. But guided isn't generally fooled by a lot of the skies of a lot of moving around a guy that's you know does a tremendous amount of film study to try to figure out how to get from ABC. I think that's why there civil war and they're also you know neither of these guys are sort of -- normally. You know you know Daunte Culpepper kind of like I can throw 75 yards but we do with this that the things that come about -- not a punt pass and kick competition these guys it's guys that. We're in the correct window that diagnosed with the coverages and put the -- the covered -- is that with the convicted change the protection to protect his own hands and had all these things are very important. I think you alluding to -- they got into. Be perfect situation for the both of them they got it in the started working with coaches. We're Smart enough to say look I'm not gonna train you meet my entire offense -- to go to this -- -- I -- definitely with drinks and and it obviously we don't know on a regular basis with meaning and dungy but here it's clear that the quarterback -- the coach carefully. At the foot boat that you very much correct -- Would you both you volunteer. Competitiveness. Yes those two guys are so competitive it's it's unreal it's ridiculous is threatened you know playing dominoes and -- that they won't read it it does it matter what it is and that's what is about -- that would make them realize. Who do or the football we've -- the -- for me. It's it's almost and it's an old old analogy going back the days when computers were really computers these things he's got -- you know back the money and I see guys. It's almost like you two years with the quality. You can give you the things -- in their -- it's almost like OK there I'm gonna move this guy here. Argued in my hockey analogy -- hockey analogy to what they used to about Wayne Gretzky with -- -- -- -- if I pass the buck to you. This is what's gonna happen he thought that down the row. Three passes down the road if I asked to use that opens up that night you can make happen that'll put up that that's what they. They don't just see okay it might throw the football you know. This can happen they're setting up for other thing. I'll point out things I think it's important to note all movement in this response about them honest with just. They're one of just a few quarterbacks -- we were organizations and coaching staffs -- comfortable and be in the offense over to them. Their running off there's only a few guys in the forward and say that what. Tom has that huge hand between McCain and other ports so not complacency when things what he does have a license to work doesn't feel like that's like that's. -- -- -- -- but it beats the same way I'm just have a sense that there aren't there you know with sidewalk to put things together themselves each week. People -- -- license that sort of thing and that's what's up acumen and talent you have an opponent played already it's -- well what are. These guys we'll look at Kevin you know the -- gonna ask you a -- to the stadium wanted to just phone -- wrong but what did you just like -- off. To a certain point it is that. They have deflection. The flexibility to do that a third point of the game which you don't wanna give them that whole game to be able hopefully -- their lineup. You -- them that from up top but we don't need to know that I coached they're just kind of brought that program you for that you. You know you can't you can indictments -- -- are accurate your plumber made some back that you understand where you think the safety rotation was its -- covers your right into what sort of feel miserable right. You pepper that you kind of clicked back the photos heaven knows I've touted this -- -- -- this one but if you -- that you have the -- -- and run the Oval Office because. What is called the aggregate throughput that that in the third mean. That that plays when you run this latency. It was like usage you. In hockey you've met the -- or that which seem to -- but then. Well look a defense that this recovered come off patent just knowing they're made out that what -- that he. They see its -- so much they've seen it India understanding what's gonna happen that he probably. These -- they write their abilities he -- that it makes very quickly from that we. I got a question if you think that's the last time we're gonna few reading meaning -- now in 2013. The patriots are scheduled to play in AFC west team. That finishes the same level that the -- -- the Broncos finished first in the west. Hopefully the Broncos victory here but I wonder I think that's got some pretty good likelihood I wonder if this is the last time we are going to see. A -- meaning that there there it from violated the very real likelihood that the fit. I was I was a little surprised look this week for for yet now all we've been doing since fifty. Like you came in super young and I think we sometimes forget that I still look at Thomas you know whatever however -- -- -- split when that might be for my six I don't know. -- even at fifteen and watching them this season extensively on film. I'm a series there's not report -- about it is we'll stop because that's where we're gold when we come back boom he's coming off neck surgery. He's the opposite quarterback he used to -- I've heard that but some places.

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