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NFL Sunday - Week #5 - Opens with a Look Back at Pats/Bills and Looking at the Broncos Matchup Today

Oct 7, 2012|

Dale Arnold, Chris Price, Matt Chatham and Kevin Faulk are live at Toby Keith's at Gillette and they review the big Pats win vs. the Bills last week and talk about what they saw from the running game, the defense, and Gronk.

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Welcome to Toby -- I love this bar in relic Gillette Stadium patriot place here in Foxborough where this afternoon at 425. The New England Patriots kick it off against the Denver Broncos except everybody on the planet knows. He really has nothing to do with either of those two teams it is Tom Brady against Peyton Manning that's that's with. Apt to happen when these two teams like this is unchartered territory rights. And it belts on paper as many years I've been involved with -- which -- all the has always been Sunday morning nine. And this year we sort of move things around the first ball wouldn't be here. Which is really guys and second of all when the patriots got a whole world -- game and it's -- well this year. Well this thing to want to 4 PM at. In effect become your pre game shall we hope that if you like join us talk about the game whole bunch of Europe parking lot those of you wants the -- on one like. Some of what we're here recently -- as a whole -- oral forests and we're broadcasting live here my name's Dale Arnold Chris writes from W we got that comes along side. Former patriots running back Kevin ball is it left into the it was announced it here it. Former patriots linebacker Matt -- that the right into the table and you do the same thing plateau are here right over here. And now fellas get to see you -- secretary back in and I -- -- back and good to be back with the out of it I love covering games on the road but the -- time. When you do with the show you feel disconnected the guys that -- you back if you talk football. That coupled lose your. I'm very curious if you guys opinions when we look back at last Sunday's win in buffalo. 5220 with final score many people including me -- no way am raising my hand here sick you know. And if the defensive effort on the part of the patriots in the 28 point in the quality -- Then I went back and look at look at afterwards. Given the Patriots defense is much credit as they answer as I look back -- they were better than I thought they were despite what the cleanup efforts my Alley. I'm so that you read. I'm so glad because I want to say that that we would have. You know you can't then it was an idiot I -- the -- -- the -- -- -- -- and we've given them. It's like we always heard the that we -- go through two weeks before. 32 degrees and of course the game that that happens and as a team you expect you're good to users -- in he'll be loud scene in saying quote. But that's it could have whenever we got to Terry who was in office and we need to you know with the points in eighty formal affair Saturday and without these things. Back on the field right after being on the field consecutively. Now Ryan Fitzpatrick. What's great a couple of passes were really wounded duck -- passes but the defense also. Took the ball away and did it on a consistent basis throughout the game I didn't put enough importing. Big difference in the -- three takeaways giveaways all there generally accorded the same way and I think when you. You know you you come up and feel -- and literally watching guys flying just don't know ball movement ground. That's right that's not a give away. Tipped passes those takeaways knocked it way up. It -- but the point is -- missed few but it really aggressive and they're going to keep the ball off his opponent and in the other thing that I would save your right what this defense is just. What's her moxie -- whatever -- you wanna give it there was really critical point afterward would have gone one way down we once. Come back -- what the what the great stop obviously it would stop before halftime but they also came back into office the office to stop on the opening drive of the game. So although the second half to right. That was really to me and we -- look back in the season and you know critically we broke one of three teams that really who have been sort of the field to -- -- kind of thing that could've gone either way it. And the way that because -- route from that point on no more of them really bad. But we play that would be through the cornerstone -- the that you would speak to the badly with the big miss. Which is eighty yard Jones thing right of the publicity without through bad angle -- -- -- That really colors statistical performance as much as anything but I think just the risk that they showed in other situations where it bounced back in the second half I think it would them what. -- Boca -- call agree bolt right -- just realized I I think Kevin's point I think he played. Not so great complementary football for staff that includes both offense defense and special teams that while the two missed field goal for a I think that played a role when it is well and I think we saw that the second half. Special teams in defense what your offense in position to do well. And I think we thought it down the stretch they think that's why they have the success they had. To the first half what it really good complementary football they got back to that second half he agreed to accept both sides as well without special -- penalty to the coincidence. We -- it out you know they are garbage time if you will -- yup and the confidence but we can talk more about that they'll road. But I think they got back to playing really good complementary football second look. This is there is no such thing in the NF Pelosi soft hitting football. OK we all know that if -- violent game played by violent men my friends here not include necessarily although they were violent men when they played through. What the patriots are ringing in this mentality that I haven't seen from this defense for a couple of years they are for a smaller faster. So it just the laws of physics tell you that they are getting harder because they're there they've got more speed when they get there. But secondly the speed that they have allows them to get into position to make plays. To a greater degree than they were able to do last year. But the Patriots defense they -- the -- body one thing that hopes. Steve and I think it's a little bit. Experience helped was the you know them explosives review -- -- steal -- -- times on the field. Is taking that's more stuff. You should there quicker which often made him look after. Sometimes it looks slower because you don't know what you're doing enough to function sometimes so. I know that -- your impression that there's greater speed and we'll have a guy like Cameron says it may be that the report this yes. It's no column but still that's from the linebacker this year about the same miserable -- right position. Seat maybe comparable but I think what happens as he wrote the gathering in late in the Lofton and you've got the right. You got the right experience level. You start anticipating plays reachable faster you get down harder spy at that point spike plays a great read it's a great -- and often I've wanted to for him at Johnson recognizes that -- -- that human being. -- what could be right there with one. But -- -- -- fast because we don't want to read so great he sees hope for anyone else with the war or. You would see that down down walked in the round you started so well right that makes them who you -- oh god that's what. And maybe that's awful enough right there with -- work with visits play. Or in the game you need better is where they can -- fast it got guys. And -- in that -- -- -- to go and he's going. Knowing that you would you attempt to. Well and and let's get to that point for a minute because and and Chris you've been around this team did today for a couple of years now. I think Kevin's point about trusted to go to and it is I'm not sure they necessarily trust that and Belichick talked about this all the time do your job. What if you're not convinced that that Chatham beside me is prepared to do his job maybe -- -- and over to his side a little bit. Went you know when the play is is underway maybe I'm worried about him being able to do with so I'll get over there to help him do it. If you know the guy out beside you was gonna do his job you're just focused on one thing. Not a company have a younger team because you really don't know that that -- -- magnitude you don't understand something that he's going to do with. That all comes with experience in -- -- of course if you're playing good quotes received. In the first first quarter of the season right distrust and they got it to me that stability when you're. In understanding through a few viewers as well. I think that's one of the things that you talk about last year's team and they've struggled -- I think right at the gate there was -- an inability to Ottawa team inability to trust but you have to learn how to play together -- that learning how to -- he deepened to have to learn how to trust guys. And I think it's nice to have a young team a fast team those young legs but at the same time it takes time. You'll that insisted he do that brought. And on -- defense where it is there a lot of new partner left yet this is that this is a very scheme an assignment that depended sort of defense so. Some play some -- is the route through laughter not about trying to back in the sky but. Overpaying for example with god if we make plays with a often in individual situation stressed that make the play which means to make it. Or -- why do people run through. And I think I actually don't mistake that officer course that sometimes young -- if you to get the play assignment football because there's not that sort of stressed the -- of flavors that concern that if I don't do the job that the coach you know as sort of drawn up -- might be off the field so. It's you know it's very assignment based -- the fire technique I'd stay in this one but -- I stay in this. If you were the defense -- -- don't feel like I ever have to read my response we get -- done. The poll itself will make the play. I think it makes it leaves you so sometimes the more multiple young group can actually work here that don't forget what have you been doing -- -- got to watch last -- fight. What does that mean he struggled -- -- everything we went back and forth on Twitter on a couple of people but a guy who. Blew up a couple plays -- -- just really fun to watch any candidate yet at the Arizona game -- Brady talked about that this that this week eat it. He's one of the most amazing. Play makers defensively right Brady stopped talking about this really really important point by that though and I think this is something that we were going to rate or you've been beat them -- -- It would bet for series game. And build build twelve play and play a -- it runs -- with the coverage on the field. With him and rock out to be perfectly -- coach Steve and not say that's discredit a -- I'll credit him because he made in game adjustments they've got that same front urban. Early it after the first drive you didn't see those problems in the that's a sign of a -- it's -- triple that's growing it's getting better. You know honestly the breakdowns and -- drive for a lot of him and -- happened at a phenomenal games with a deck of the comeback. Make the adjustments you're right the one overreact as we think he's the guy for me would be great. He knew it growing into that role at the rate. Middle linebacker run stopper what those guys beat you need to have a a truly great defense. I hit noted mission if you talk a little bit about it he said he'd been a little bit inconsistent you don't like where you. Like now you look at his whole body work but he's clearly rolling to that will lead to drifting through bit. Essentially. Pepper Johnson if it had become for -- Right coverage with him almost. When he forced up in the relationship between -- and bill talk with -- about the fly after the there -- a lot of similarities there between what pepper brought the field in what rated. Well and you bring up an interesting point to beat his -- and you used the term code -- matter a few minutes ago we hear that term a lot about players. I'm thinking is that the particularly. Johnson high tower. They may be comfortable and I think they probably are. But don't we just over complicate things don't think just how more talent. Then younger players that we're used to seeing here they wanna make 21 round picks you would expect those guys be able to step in and play and they can. Because they're better. If Jones is definitely that would fit them wanna fight nor does not like -- has on the ground have the -- not solemn. You know I'm trying to -- -- -- Witherspoon like crazy range over the field linebacker he moves really well he -- -- more and -- really. Places more welfare already he's NFL ready that's and he used it infuriating city area that I think the thing with him -- Would really gut feeling with me today. Knowing that he's the coach it will that I -- -- very cool guy he already knows the that -- and if the at years 34 right now is. Even now helping out help 88 football in the fight at just the thing. Tell me tell -- football terminology issue. That that -- -- playing you know it Ohio State is gonna know -- a guy playing for the patriots is gonna. One of things is things you look -- you will -- Look at how you make your read the a lot of guys. And then more polished repertoire probably include a lot of guys and other programs that that may be -- You know just to -- the back -- they're the guys from the view there's a different way to read this book she wouldn't walk from the box but boxes -- theory inside the tackles for friends out there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When you walked out against the receiver that brings imminent part of its own rules -- reunion mental -- the tackled through the back. Quarterbacks are always things for reform passed until the scheduled to rub basically if he seems more in depth if you even read faster. Which is it's not you know you are half player vaccine coverage -- -- have what happened for me it's a quick stepped to. Right and he seems that half the stuff where it looks like he's adept. You -- -- -- sort of lost in the wind kind of went from young guys if you'll see that as much with him like that that's colonel Kevin it's because you're living through real quick you've been five minutes with the minister not to discredit any little from the locker room. But he has got an astounding football like you. Don't think he just he knows stuff and have for your relief for. That guy's work when he threw 2324. Years old probably don't know it yet -- keep you -- way ahead you know a lot of guys didn't fit that you would have thought about that. Let me give you one tit bit of football -- -- we go to break we'll come back here just a couple of minutes. According Adam -- but ESPN. The NFL is not investigating the Buffalo Bills for not properly just -- disclosing -- Mario Williams wrist injury. And they don't take kindly to that sort of thing as Bill Belichick has found -- the past two hits to his dismay. According to Greg -- of the Boston Globe. The patriots were looked at as well concerning Logan Mankins knee injury. They were cleared. Because Mankins told the NFL. He would tell medical staff had a knee injury. So you can't quite put a bad knee injury report -- player doesn't tell the trainers that tell the doctors he's just saying screw this I'm gonna got it out anyway sonnet tell anybody. According to Greg Bedard that's what happened with the patriots they were investigated about Logan Mankins here -- sort -- meet the needs last year yeah national -- Supposedly you play the whole year with a torn AC Alitalia and subsequently found out that that yet and according half. And according to Logan Mankins. He never told the medical that. Which will now take it back into the category of if he is the toughest that's opium plant. Which raised the question what is an injury to Kevin. You know how many times you've been banged up at what point you have to cross that threshold and they go reported you know we've got were covered in bruises -- palaces and -- this is and that's windows across the threshold if you haven't missed time and that's important or -- missing practice time you can go fully available. The fact the more Williams you know had to put extra tape on it were a little split. But never missed anything I just I -- having to work its way in about say in the either side is wrong but it fizzled when -- in capital we have about who's watched us all that stuff going on when there's an injury become an injury. And in the in the Mario Williams case I guess we're what we're with a mop is a guy doesn't appear on the injury report all we want to make him my rounds on. That is the way that you and it held regularly talked about that but he played great that. So while events that the right. Well again heat -- -- -- afterwards. He had arrested actually kind of ruffled -- yeah yeah yeah oh yeah if you don't get that at all that he's saying well I couldn't play the way I normally play at my -- to her room and all of sudden. The NFL's that was coming your wrist hurt you weren't on the injury report with the electorate being -- now it it's that there's an easy way out of this week in Logan Mankins. Well he didn't know what all the it that the that the real battle with -- for. Really interesting that a question is you know in terms of a player's rights and what he can and cannot tell the team -- chooses not to help the team. In terms of going. Getting it and you know -- allies are getting work done. How will -- dead in its gonna be interesting to see if there's any sort of legal precedent here that because of what look at the --

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