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Mike Petraglia, Live from Gillette Stadium, Calls Kirk Minihane to Help Preview Pats/Broncos

Oct 7, 2012|

Trags gives Kirk a call live from Gillette to discuss the upcoming Pats/Broncos matchup at 4:15pm today. They talk Brady vs Manning, Gronk's injury status, the Pats secondary and of course the potential bad weather later today at gametime.

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Kurt -- and here until 1 o'clock. We give way to Dale Arnold Chris price Matt Chatham Kevin Faulk. NFL Sunday at 1 o'clock and usually inaudible with the 4 o'clock start they go. At 1 o'clock Toby Keith's in. Did you place a picture place in -- some. Here in the area are checking out sure he'll be listening. Anyways I figure we get up -- -- China was down at fox forum not to let covering the game here today for WEEI dot com to get him on here. Per couple minutes opens previewed skip some injury clarification here attracts good afternoon. And good afternoon territorial. -- W couldn't be better looking at the I think 12345. Green. Tarps that are on the stadium field right now they're definitely anticipating. More weather later on this afternoon -- -- bad as. Rain. Starts about 4 o'clock and the temperature should be about fifty degrees and it's gonna get. Pretty cold and -- nasty probably by the end of the game with temperatures dipping into the mid to low forties. What is the it is a million guys in this injury report this week tracks who is do you think is not going to. Well aside from Julian Edelman and right Gregory who were already ruled out. I'd say Aaron Hernandez right now that the top of the questionable a list of people who like don't think we'll play or it certainly may -- Better put it Kirk people the patriots don't want -- he played today they certainly would like to give Hernandez another week to deal with. The right ankle. But obviously as everybody is talking about right now Rob Gronkowski -- he's playing with pain. And as I said on Twitter few moments ago right now it's all about pain threshold and how effective. Tom a certain player can be with. With pain wherever it is in his body we saw last year with Logan bank and he played with a torn ACL for. Pretty much the whole season has played with a in the Super Bowl certainly. It was not as effective but. You know that's a guy that can certainly tolerate pain Rob Gronkowski may be the same time kind of player. Who has significant hip injury we really don't know how serious. Annie's gonna be out I think he's gonna play today but we'll find out you know at 255 when the inactive about. I Europe buffalo last week I watched the game watched a couple of times and I watched her post keep playing million a couple of drops in the -- Get the fumble right I watched him block watch him on the field you looked OK I mean I have a surprise that this at a I'm sure Mike is. -- is right about the sub shorts at this level of surprise they should say it's at this level. Well and you know frankly you know that heard from a couple of people on Twitter at that you know he had his. One of his worst games of his career in terms of effectiveness and and making mistakes on the -- I didn't see that because like you said. One of the big reasons the patriots were so effective in the run game last week is Rob Gronkowski stated the blocked. And he looks strong to me I mean he was you know holding his block he wasn't. Committing to any penalties -- -- committing too many mistakes the line of scrimmage he did have to drop of the one fumble. Yes but I mean you know I don't I'm not a killer guy because he makes those -- you know one or two mistakes everybody's gonna make a mistake -- game. I thought he was effective and I really didn't see any drop off and he certainly was productive. What the page is going to do here to get after man. Well I I think Jim Jones have to have a big big game against Ryan Clady Ryan Clady as a two time. Pro Bowl -- left tackle and I think that is the key match up for me that I'm gonna watched. They've got to move Manning off the spot I think Brady this year has shown that. He can play a little bit better moving around in the pocket which saw that last week in buffalo I think with there with that. Peyton Manning and his lack of arm strength -- and he's never been a mobile quarterback obviously you've got to move them out of pocket I think. Chandler Jones. On his side the right defensive end. And you know we saw much better game from Rob Ninkovich last week and I think Jermaine Cunningham could be a big factor today. I patriot can do whatever they can to make sure that Peyton Manning is at least moving around. And and it may be throwing to one side of the field instead of sitting back in the pockets and having time to throw. They're cutting games ago when he's had some good moments this year when you look at Manning and you may agree with me. As it seems that sort of a divide your sector greed you write that economic a big deal out of this deep ball stuff on top car earlier this because the -- -- that the -- division to quarterback. Our deep ball closer at all on this -- IC surprised why don't listen we know is throws a volatile wobbly. Supports a marked difference right now he's he Manning goes downfield -- to really super mean that for an -- surgeries the -- is so. You should be that surprised appoint a surprisingly easy. -- -- -- The pass that to meat sticks out in the NFL is -- -- -- to decide why you got to have he's always made that pass. The Brandon Stokley. And Tammy and obviously -- -- you know he's in years past Marvin Harrison and and the list goes on and on and on he's always been able to make that Al past. That it would mean fifteen to twenty yard pass to the sideline and make it crisply you don't see that this year because he doesn't have the arm strength that's very apparent to anybody who watches. You know the eleven on eleven film from the hands down. So I think the patriots are gonna a part of their wrote you know defense defense package. With that in mind that you know he can't get the -- -- the sideline let's not let them kill us over the middle but that would be my thinking delegate. What happens give me a scenario here where Hernandez doesn't play they which I'd be surprised he plays as well. And gronkowski in the middle the first quarter can't play anymore because of injury what is -- off and so. And I think you're gonna see a lot more -- would head did you ever thought he would say -- Danny -- head out of that out of the backfield catching. Screen passes Unionist people and assuming his knee is not an issue is officially questionable but I expect him to play. And obviously Steven Ridley I mean that's why I think Josh McDaniels really wanted. To install. More of a power game and training camp in and have a more balanced approach. On offense because of what your receivers goes down or god forbid to your receivers go down which could be the case today brought to your -- and you've got to have a fallback plan or fallback plan Steven -- Brandon Bolden Danny wood and with that Welker. And Brandon Lloyd looking more and more comfortable in the offense is not a bad week ago. Not agree with that mean you know when those -- ball and obviously but you really have to be optimistic about how -- took a couple of these. These guys make it's gonna play a. Are 5050 I I would say right now. He plays its power. Hightower I would say he does not play. Sounds that would -- it look at it -- guests right now he was that practiced on down. Friday morning an inside Gillette Stadium we all saw. Bill Belichick go over and have about a five minute discussion with him with Belichick doing all the talking after resettlement game time decision. And Belichick saying I think. I make that decision around here. And the last time hightower will do that but I think now they're obviously going to be a cautious with our -- strange injury and if unless hightower. Is a 100%. I don't know they're gonna take that risk but I right now I'd say now. Any problem with the 25 21000 dollar fine the spikes -- them. I know prominent from my. Look I mean by rule technicality I would say no problem at all because when when your forum gets up around the head which it did. At Chandler and everybody saw who was watching the TV replay literally saw Scott Chandler who was a big human being with days on the ground. And -- it really had no impact on the play I I think the NFL -- Can take advantage of that to send a message and I don't have a problem with -- -- -- concerned about such. A little bit but. I think you know Patrick Sharp has always. Been Smart ballplayer. Who really court to accept secondary a lot of people look up to him for leadership by. You know they they can -- bottom and I think that's you know that's an issue and going forward and may not be. Early on in the season but still later on in the season when he received more high powered passing game be a little more concerned about and yes. You realize Tracey says cigarettes in your life is on the line tonight with approximately on your -- that. I I wouldn't necessarily agree with -- hurt considering that the ace of the staff when he pitches last I found a way to win game one on the road. Well I I don't know I want it would help money with rocks. One won that series on the line. It's a big part of that game -- it was a series that's my prediction right does a great when you're right what -- decades -- would series. Yeah well what will save but I was just shocked that. The reds actually. We're able to hit visually pitching. For -- quick information we basically have an apartment ought to call an -- I know you talked to guy on Friday night -- give it to eight games start at 1207 today good job of. How has looked at 1207 game I have a big problem with the perfect game got over it. I agree it's it's that that was ridiculous but it was also Don to appease MLB network. On TV that's the first that 1207 game or whatever it is is I think the first game ever on MLB network television and he's and they wanted to started at -- I get to get a head start on the NFL games. Another war don't know no question should our job I'll be. All right tracks like for checking him but it always a pleasure -- -- well. -- micro targeting great tracks WEEI dot com you Cincinnati fan I was in teasing but there was agreement for the reds last night. And Verlander. Like for example the off homer in the -- Kristobal people and other game and bowed out of the strike outs and the relievers at 45 more. Quadruple header. Line baseball Oakland in Detroit the Washington Saint Louis. Yankees Orioles at 6 o'clock in Baltimore which should be fun. Showalter the Yankees and reds and giants roiling mass on the I'm that quadruple. Poke your head and back and forth a little bit I guess -- your maybe not for Fortis and thirty. Lubricant talking baseball for the first time to in stupid managers -- How great Tim Bogart is in its pure speculation talking baseball game hamster fine. Actress talked up.

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