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Kirk Minihane Talks Pats/Broncos, Previews the Upcoming Games on the Pats Schedule, and Takes Calls on the Red Sox New Manager Search

Oct 7, 2012|

Kirk gets further into Pats/Broncos and discusses how important this game is because the Pats could get some serious momentum and potentially go on a roll looking at their schedule. He also delves back into the Sox with callers...including the infamous Danny from Quincy!

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Final hour here -- -- until 1 o'clock NFL Sunday. With Dale Arnold Christopher price. Matt Chatham and Kevin fall live from beleaguered Toby -- straight picture place. There there. Stop why he got if you're heading into the game and to do some watch the game so that there until 415%. Or five or I think that is go to sport until four. -- for many -- jobs yet and here it's used radio but the patriots that I suspect probably watching. In the post game reports game as well my pal butch and -- after the game. Suggest YouTube and there's well played patriots appear to date thank -- Oprah. On the phone number -- 61777979376177797. 90%. Boys play eighteen stroke -- -- Yeah rich -- Hand in hand over fist I mean fifteen million or Michael lost. Organizationally -- lost and watch the NFL. Off films Cleveland 95 special Belichick the other night his coaches personally without the -- -- Super Bowls. You know. At this time. -- -- -- Another organization and his apps and chaos right now one in three. In the dead last in the FC west they're going where Cleveland went for. Jacksonville won the war zone for -- teams' seasons are over basically it's Columbus Day weekend. In this season's are over to what you star for the -- of people -- you know about bridges here. I think they win today the patriots get the three to. You know be interesting after that I mean if they scheduled to repose in the piece a cake. It worked we do at the beginning of the year in the off season wears on a pretty good you just don't know things for the pages goes yeah out of tough. You saw that that the -- get to. Aaron Rodgers I'm acting in their home against the jets and nickel back to Saint Louis. Audit department teams and one. -- have the bye week in buffalo in the New York Miami that's story you're stretch right there. Get through to get to Denver today you go to Seattle find a way to win that game -- Your four and -- And you are home if the jets should Bernanke. Saint Louis should connecting home buffalo should win that game home in the -- enacting. New York at Miami at worst you should split. That spot before you had a -- back to back games gets decency Cisco. She gets out esteem if they win here today going to Seattle win can -- one will -- the parole. You win six -- seven when seventy. Backhand. Let's get back to the calls here John the cellular. Like -- page. I'm a couple question a couple of comments actually in the Red Sox on. He got a call awhile back who made a point that I totally agree with I think Sox wasted the last month -- -- this season. All icon the -- to Boca are -- to got a short I think maybe the -- unique it is because this month Ferrell in a vocal Bogart capital. -- what do you call it something how would you deny him the job. Well I think I would say this though I think that -- Bogart there's some some stuff was crucial threes and Barbara and one of these jobs he's going to be for AB I don't think you know. The younger my Valentine that there was some problems there and hoping they wanted to give him that. Sort of credit him for doing that if -- in a few AT and fourteen or 2012. Only -- to be fine for -- the -- steam. Yeah that's possible I I I don't don't seemed like the guy deserve a shot like you say he has been. To a lot of these in the if you'd like to mediocre Q I don't know. I think hired by the entire -- Porter via nationals third base coach so. I don't worry I I yet may be does go on these jobs John I don't know open he's he's going to be the few times you do wonder. Would somebody interviews two or 34 times you know maybe it's not -- yet. Thought my the other like level midfield that was what I. A guy I really like as moral goal ultimately and that was reviews are Geico were really blows -- -- and Syria to play it well. He may be a good fall back for them what would have a position date they feel weaker I think this -- is just -- you can -- it on. This and you'd be really hit down -- tucking shirts and stuff here I don't know he's gonna be an everyday guy who defensively obviously its first place. Penalties you mean every day first face -- -- he showed something in Syria -- showed -- -- and those are a couple of the bright spots two of the three or four bright spots. British team last year so yeah I mean -- always -- going to be -- I think they'll have a -- I didn't -- to anyhow Oreo. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah our attitudes -- our brother had a -- -- -- and -- On guys what's up. You have to become a moment but anyway album will be poured into the patriots Kirk I mean this thing. I don't know what works you know people call -- which -- proposal while people call it wouldn't your proposal goes really mean. -- knows anything about anybody when it comes to being a manager in baseball. Oh you mean you mean -- -- -- you speak with any authority about or who have lower San Miguel Martinez I don't I I I -- I I agree don't I agree pretty. We have no way of -- the way. -- -- -- in -- probably -- very few of the big guy turned it on which an idea -- -- ranked -- lockout -- trade and injury and you know GM. Didn't back him at the beginning it yet except a column for the whole Asian in my opinion it would -- the terms. Or riding on the air all that is somebody -- I still think it just went overboard at the end. Well I think I don't think I do think with the all time now -- a lot people say he never got a fair shot that may be true. I would say you think about it down times the best choice to manage this team next year I just don't. -- had no idea what you are talking about what happened issue right all editor but they sort of way I look at it plays got to -- and just try. One that it was here eight years in he had one bad month and -- and -- you know. An Iranian in my -- -- it just I don't know but it's. It is I didn't -- you have to release that lightning is going to be good sort of next here in court slower I have no idea I have no idea. I mean I don't know what it takes to be good manage other -- gore side babies and it will most. It almost looks Arby's group that. Well it takes a big a manager takes good pitching to be human that's much -- It took that again obviously to balance you know I always say that about the patriots would balcony swap the other thing I wanted to -- -- is the album. Denver patriots if she I don't look at you use it bigger rivalry that brought him out -- I -- Bob Manning and -- I do believe that. -- pick -- bigger Denny is it's it's it's a different language it's eight to me more significant. Rivalry that every game has met some bird magic at its peak. Was great -- -- it was four years who's 83 separate. All -- years. In this football and admit that mitigated by the fact that -- practical on the floor at the same time. That's that's something people -- that's something I wrote about I don't -- that. We do now and all of the bird magic -- -- -- occasionally but you know on the floor and I think that's -- you know you look at out so. Football which is mortgaging sport of basketball sure you'll agree without a -- right. Barbara team -- the basketball well I'm obviously is more. It yes you have the office in the defense is a different situation. I mean -- in your reply Brady says all the time and maybe it's just you know political football -- that he's not out you -- defending against Manning. I mean Manning you know Manning goes up against -- gate -- tension. Where Brady goes up against. You know what the integrity character in this case but I don't know I just don't see it that way but anyway. I think. The most important aspect of today's game is beginning it's always Rick Wallace one of them offensive line Williams with the colts he had good weapons. Adam and I'm not sure I don't know anything about Denver Broncos offensive line commute could be there are somewhat against the patriots defense and and that's that's -- be hit it where it meaning get some time. He's got to count the secondary -- and I think I think the picture will probably -- out so. I don't -- out. To that goal but that's kind of the way they -- it does look at Christina Garcia I don't I don't quite single hardest game yet. Tough tough before Damascus where bent have talked to who might spot five months. You know -- never won by yourself when you know what you know -- the decade he kind of takes over the show her and I heard the yeah. Against -- -- what they call lighting don't you want militia not against them I'd never had a never had a doubt that you repeat it -- out salts you know yeah. Yet he execute Saddam in the everytime I call it an argument yet to be at the end what -- you want to. I don't know why you. Publish it because like -- up I come out with some top slot or old or New England Patriots sometimes called the art. Nobody I don't I mean a good look at that -- -- -- -- Christine. All it is that you'll have this patriots team I mean I think I I like these young guys -- Jones like these young guys but you know. Carter had a super terrific question the problem is still the same where as if they don't get pressure opposing quarterback. I don't think the secondary is good enough to make -- yup that's yup let's of the despite the score million points and we all agree and what. The that it -- change up tool to get -- it looked like maybe it is the other two games I mean I don't know what was typical. But like I disagree reviewed any -- ought or ought to kick back to make the playoffs and you can't. You can't really tell me out how well. I got -- I look at these teams you know and thanks for the call the American Cleveland and they just there's lost and look at the warlords I think it is going to one of those years. Where you have a lot of transitional. I was high overrated underrated rather well -- he spoke -- is Phil -- is -- up. All these weapons in and now they don't. They just seem lost and losing at home to Kansas City not a bad break last week -- he had a couple of bad breaks. He would shoot the officials that's fine in addition -- 130. Appointed not seen team defensively. As bad as they've done in the past -- really this year really. Rocky in Dover -- Oh. -- -- -- -- All not bad -- I was on WB channel or watch an interview just a few minutes ago votes are. Tom Brady who's been interviewed. And he made that statement. That the reason there except in their improvement during the season because they are coached hard. That they are coached hard that's the key is to get a coach that you catch on the backers say that's okay. -- you don't have any prior to approval. What -- lawyer came -- with this stupid comment about that apparently been around here. Management sugar -- down any that reprimanded camera boring down and then -- bet a whole different scene and Brooke Allen park because basically -- -- give -- control looking very much respect of our time preparing to make a push around. -- let me -- rocky -- let me ask you this -- -- they could have done that sure that's -- -- shouldn't. Valentine at that point not backtracked though should be stuck to his guns. I I think they'd be up. Upper management connoisseur at all this Pedroia urinate they probably reprimanded Valentine's what Pedroia. It -- everybody if everybody says the ballot time zone man he's this guy he goes to his own drawn. Wouldn't he should step up and say listen I think this is the case I think this is the case I think this is the case is a grown man sup port during this year. If that's -- was going on -- stop was in the front office and then his own guy. And he failed himself by not doing. I think I think upper management has a lot more power -- the what you're saying I mean he's under contract with dumped so he has everybody -- -- -- it prepared out of the military did that chain of command. And if you can't get our act you lock and step forward you've got a power to -- you have to Obey your orders. The bottom line and management talents aren't. Is -- command and let me ask you -- look great -- -- he would get on TV and straight to pop out a check that's not how -- do things. It's brought to what's -- what's the big difference though with the big difference. What's the big difference between NFL players and in the -- dealers. Iraqi -- Iraqi Iraqi forget it should be and I agree it should be that case. Boat caught track for. Contractually -- the difference. -- -- -- guaranteed contracts will please -- And bush and -- about saying. The -- wrong. OK perfect world right. We know that's not the way it goes the ball team -- not run the same ways baseball. Wanna blame people for that don't blame the players. When the owners. Wearing Gene Upshaw allow that to happen for years years years -- negotiations. NFL and Lee Marvin Miller Donald -- for winning negotiations against owners in baseball they set it up. That's why it exists it's not connection.

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