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Kirk Minihane on the Greatest Rivalry in the NFL: Brady vs Manning

Oct 7, 2012|

Kirk talks Brady vs Manning and says he thinks it may be the greatest rivalry in the history of sports comparing it to Bird vs Magic. His advice...just sit back, relax and take it all in because there may not be too many more meetings between these two future hall of famers.

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More my generation over. I was up at the family compound in -- import this weekend. I. Violation purposes Turkmen and here until 1 o'clock the NFL Sunday show dale. -- -- Kevin falcon match -- -- one leading union patriots a game -- -- -- to better spot for those guys. It was a late game makes cents in. Perfect shots it was. I was driving down from the from the from Kennebunkport compound here this morning early up at 515. Thanks to my -- son who's crying. So I'd never of kids. Was actually some -- now. I'm not really planning on it right now if it. -- the series rate which only because. Could it. The count on top forty soft this week in 1983. Happier. Role -- crap. It was grates on tonight he's. Okay examples -- that I would mr. Rogers park. What else do we -- air supply. Only the good die young Billy Joseph. -- maniac from from flash -- and that's a great three hours. I am an -- -- six -- 77797. -- the threesome that you're missing John indicated that six months of his spouse's name like K I start. 6177797. 93 set to music during that pause I -- -- WEEI dot com by the way you'll have a fantasy football chat at 10:30 AM why. It neatly in the questions WPI dot com and he inactives starts and he sets go there don't ask me like instincts as usual. Among them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- George Joseph Rachel Michael that the guys in the second where he talks for the first hour talk Bobby Valentine John Farrell Terry Francona Joseph Torre. Which way you want the Red Sox to go you know charity in where they gonna go with the -- what do you want what do they have to do continued use that. Let's just quickly talk patriots Broncos he would. Chris Chris Gasper of my palpable got a good call. On Brady Manning I should appreciate it today he's right -- the great rivalries. Sports never seemed like it again you guys who battle each other free decade at the top of their sport. I wrote what the patriots rather we meet with the colts release Manning. The beginning of march. I wrote a column saying. That. Manning Brady rivalry is a great rivalry and bird magic. I believe that. The bird magic bribery I grew up the world's -- -- and overeat. -- them plays me about it books written about it you know documentaries all that stuff. But it was a four year rivalry really 1984. And 1980s. That was the heart of the bird magic -- And met three times in the finals there was great. It was a great contrast between two players. But -- Manning every game may have played here. From. 2003. -- until today -- hadn't. It's an impact on the AFC landscape. In those years with the colts and patriots colts won 1212141213. 1214 and ten games in the playoffs each year patriots you know their record 141410. Wins twelve points sixteen wins fourteen wins -- wins. Made the playoffs. Every year but you know back ghastly. These are two I think. Outside of five best quarterbacks in history. -- -- -- -- I put my hand up there -- put -- yet there it is up there but Brady -- it was a five past history. They've gone head to head each of those years I put that -- about bird magic because. It is he drivers had impact every game the regular season he's been great. I ask you guys this in nobody I would not argue this is a bigger MBA in 1980 -- and no. Give me a great regular season games between Burton -- Aren't a whole lot of them are a lot they met the finals that was it. These guys were there every year in and -- six MBP's. Going head to -- six MB peace and I know they played against each other in the NCAA finals. I've -- professional rivalry. I put Manning Brady a -- of bird and magic a hot single players are great that's a different argue. Different argument. That rivalry after 79 which is a big NCAA final but not relevant to the NBA to me. Was not a driver to 1980 force scheduled a proper user. The Celtics may rival until 1984. Acres. 76ers. It was a huge rival. A massive fraud by flood watch game 791 Eastern Conference finals. It is physical games ever seen him -- To fight to the priciest. Celtics are -- ballot after the fourth. I think today ECB continuation of one of the great rivalries. In American sport underrated I think because Brady you know obviously is a three Super Bowls for the -- Super Bowl that's fine. You know talking in seven. Six MB please. What. It's a -- between two from that right. First team all pro seven of eight years Manning Brady during stretched unbelievable. Unparalleled stuff now Manning is not -- Manning anymore. You know EC took a deep -- he struggles -- top current early this we -- radius and Mexican division to quarterback. Making those throws I agree. Not the same quarterback. Appreciated because when you watch Mitt Larry magic at the end. After 87 people a little older ball by the injured about the Alberta BQE two was on the scene after that quite the same. Didn't really get to appreciate who was appreciated at least be fair people -- texting in San Marino and Marino my top five. -- Super Bowl and not soft fair Jeff to have at least -- suitable to be in that conversation have to. I haven't given -- a -- to pursue global. A man exit Manning won't when he's in and those numbers -- Was numbers so good you have to put them. Let's get back to the phone calls. Cilic in your first up this -- Turkmen. I didn't -- I do I would -- -- -- -- around and say what the scent that's out there that it really feels to me. It's an unhealthy Canada -- the same date teacher. Julio Lugo just. Ultimately the problem is that the managers only small part of the problem that the -- way to make decisions. The organization ultimately -- -- so I think him yelling out their pitching coach that. Look at the and I wish you lots of guys were good. Coordinators who can't make the jump to it had so there's a lot different skill required to be manager -- we upset that the much -- take the gamble on -- -- Mike Lowell her out is very look at something exciting and different. They're looking for something exciting this certainly taught that looking for a guy who makes the most sense and they think I think that Ferrell is a guy you can comment -- look at. Yeah I think -- that you're number one problem for the Red Sox on field its -- right starting pitching. Trying to look at -- -- we maybe could fix Lester maybe you can fix sparkles may be key to fix barred. Whereas you know -- -- you know who knows Michael who knows I think they think Farrell -- makes sense to do that. No I don't think you're right but maybe but maybe you sort of manager and pitching. I I agree -- It's -- it's not perfect I agreement. And there's a mystery here for me as to why. A law like -- so definitely the right choice. Everybody's perspective I agree with you on -- It's a it's a strange thing but everybody seems really beyond Borg John Farrell I think the media likes -- because the media expert I think. Fairways are pretty good media while he's here I mean I'm not read one bad thing about him and injure one bad thing about it pitcher coach every one bad thing about him. As a potential leader it's all been good good good good good people who who the record in Toronto which you can do I guess if you want. But a few of these guys really like in life now you know we're electric you know them to like -- that's -- thing don't forget the media drives. Opinion in this town. They -- -- that your advice to them. They like -- for a nice. To get a lot of that that's gonna happen whereas the guys who wants a nice to them. Not gonna get that's. Rachel Boston it's a ritual. -- -- On -- -- you are my you have armed marine and I can had to call -- then he backed off and hitting on the same point that I am with the unhealthy obsession now and and my theory you know for what -- -- It you know I think one of the league that they want this just can't think that they just don't trust the players. With a guy to come and that brand new it's almost like they have to bring in somebody that was here before. Because then they got to take on the the respect them so volatile. Let up. And I don't you know it's kind of scary that they don't think they can bring somebody else then. You know that that they actually were backing up from the like Sandy Alomar. Or his wallet could come in mind that. It's you know it's almost like the inmates are running yes I -- like OK we better get this job found that back even though he hasn't had success in Toronto. Yes he could help with the pitching and and that's a big problem but he had almost like they're afraid that -- they. Eight. Yeah gets fairies who will be interesting to see what happens. If they don't get -- was just a false threw for whatever reason right doesn't happen in the -- to see which way they go after that because you know. They try to talk to walk last year they they weren't able to permission. You know guys like that -- Martinez types will they go that way. Or they go a different way and I know that's -- you -- factor comes in what you're right I think there is definitely that attitude right now to decry what. The point of you know I have to think they have taken backpack and my -- the dog found -- -- good too but you know. That climbed to get somebody a little older like -- Alomar because. You know the younger guy he is going to be tough for them to come in and and and managed to -- capacity to play and that it's a little -- cook account. Yet that's what to meet -- -- thing thanks for calling Rachel a good call. That's why the Varitek into mean except those doesn't doesn't excuse him. It may be really good baseball but to bring him in here with these guys -- from the with whose bodies with we defended after last year. Locker and he was in last year in September -- whole collapse he witnessed the whole thing yeah I didn't mean year. And fix what was wrong what's being honest I -- -- part of it is is insane that people like them again it's fine. Terrific members organization that would be horrendous. Shortsighted hired if they make that higher that actually happened -- it -- set a wall. You be petrified you -- petrified. 61777979376177797. 937 your phone is your phone numbers and phone numbers next 85850. I'm watching ESPN's Sunday countdown in Showalter Eagles on playing guitar with Chris Berman next -- -- really sure what the hell was gone. Why is this happening on television. If cycled TBS for themselves on what. 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