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Kirk Minihane on a Sunday A.M. -- Opens Up with Bye Bye Bobby V, Hello John Farrell?

Oct 7, 2012|

Kirk gets things going giving his thoughts on the Bobby V departure and how the Sox handled it. He talks about who the next manager may be, his feelings on John Farrell coming back to Boston, and Tito Francona getting hired to manage the Indians.

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As manager of the Cleveland Indians. Bobby Valentine. Fired this past -- -- manager of the Boston Red Sox in John Ferrell evidently if you believe everything you read. The only target. He managed moderates. Deval typing was just you obviously disaster from the start terrible hire. A huge hit you know. You would hope they'll have no role whatsoever in iron next manager but we know that's true. The Red Sox soldier and a press release. -- -- -- is gonna lead this we just brigade define the next manager while an -- Taylor's fearless because they million capital like. Alert you -- not come back here to sit on the sideline during big decisions and Fisher is a big. So it's going to be Farrell hoping they want John Ferrell Jon Farrell's the guy everybody agrees with that yeah okay it's been hugely successful. In Toronto but -- situation change climate change. One -- a bad spot. He goes a place and does a good job fine OK fairly workable. Here's the thing. What happens if it doesn't come through web as a Farrell doesn't get the job. Toronto. Has -- Maybe he wants to stay for a may be the compensation is too much Red Sox decide to move on. What then goes on organizationally. When they look for that next. -- charge it really is going to be the guy with. No pushing from working on the prodding from the you know it's going to be up. Debenture are to all the way -- the next guy wherever it is Dave Martinez. Of low whoever. Bogart and -- pogo whatever it is. Larry that you know is really just gonna sit in the corner of the room in the over just kind of watch -- to make a pretty critical. Move this organization I don't. I don't think that's gonna happen we've heard some you know steam John Henry said that. I'm up by press releases I'm buying a reality that's just too much of -- track -- And overlooking those here to help -- Fenway Park -- to do more stuff I think he's here to make baseball decisions. They brought them back for a reason. Let's be honest when you look at it right you read this stuff about Francona. Going to Cleveland. At the end of the hole. If the Red Sox had taken a deep breath. And picked up Francona -- options would be a better spot organization right now is there really any question about that. The Red Sox players threw them out -- here. If they had a bad month. Did the best record in baseball in the American League at the end of August. Or just woke up one -- collectively tuned him out. I just don't accept that I don't believe -- and -- -- taken a time taken a deep breath and says okay let's fix some things. But Francona is not one of the problems and bring him back may be the better spot right now. There's got to try to chase a guy Farrell was part of Francona staff to bring back the stuff that worked when Francona. Can I just kept her -- I mean hello John Farrell I get fired this offseason anyways you may be back with Frankel is the pitcher coach this team. If you had done things right. But they didn't do. Some learn Shaughnessy spoke with Francona. SP. It will find out to divide us. And I understand he's anger at these guys. I get that. They if they picked up his options on -- August 16 last year. -- I think Terry Francona -- we welcome back is meant to this team of course. Course not he would've stayed I. Won a lot of that yeah you along the whole thing. They stabbed in the back. Radical stuff Rodger frank Olympics some of the same people we think. Leave that stuff vote we got stuff out. But the valentines stuff I mean. It's just amazing it is amazing how bad it went from beginning and they tried defining. -- defensive -- it's not all due to the bench Henry players' attitudes don't. Injuries. We get all that. Commit at least every single time intricate part of you wanna do that manage never to fight. Ever community as we all their fault no but what how -- did. Managing this team was a failure he did not do his job. Over the sixty that wind and pick 17273. Games. If you have a communications better. If -- any better in game manager. He'd still be manager of the Boston Red Sox in 2013 and tidbits of fired because his record as crazy -- that sounds got fired the ball the other stuff about pass. I guess I mean you look at fairly here say. Never a chance to win games. This team is -- -- 1972 with these injuries with the underperforming players that's fair. But frank but Valentine's job was to. Easily communicate. His job as a communique. Was he disaster. It total disaster. And what he'd do well. And over Israel left defending about -- lot of these calls -- people say well you know you never know he did gadgets. He got a chance you're thinking you got fired because they didn't go in 9460. Or -- 74. That's -- light a fire on telly what this record. If the players like if he communicated better if he had been a complete. Hold eighty that the media I mean just embarrassed. That. I -- the habit I -- remember what. Now tied. Incredible it was a remarkable amount incredibly secured. Parent. -- guys that. You know he gets super defensive boats. Can't handle it I have to read some that was the way he dealt these players who -- sure our world. He's gone read -- -- of Fargo said the players. Defending Valentine ever a -- last couple -- -- -- John Farrell. That's you know I think that's an okay move I guess I don't know it seems like everybody's on board. So that's gonna be the -- It would be interesting to see you taking get it done now I don't know why everybody's so convinced. John Farrell's the guy. I don't know why. -- ignoring the fact that he has gotten worse under his watch and to receive communication issues in Toronto was well again I must say the records and only the only indication of whether or not John Farrell. You manage a baseball team. -- -- -- -- You can go somewhere else is Francona has -- a million guys approved human 65 -- somewhere or some -- some talent and went a hundred games. Go somewhere also -- the problem Cleveland's struggling about the players and the pitching as we know appoint -- wise man these guys love John Ferrell. They love John -- every year by him you know. A calming influence. He knows the pitchers he's Smart guy he's a bright -- immediate laughs for -- every inning battle Farrell the other -- the media loves Cher. You never read anything bad about venture. It's all the -- it's all Henry it's all balanced. You know the idea announcement that -- was in charge of this managerial search. Was sort of -- excitement or you know good. What is been charged and done other than make a trip Dodgers that I don't even know if you could you charge of three Latino. In cherry to deal on three different and stock retreated from people -- the dogs were. What Sharon and I in the past year indicated he's gonna do the right thing here they don't get fair assuming the Ferrell is. Is is the lead guy seek safe false through. What is -- -- not privy to get this. Has this first year's general manager and huge failure. -- -- credit for the trade okay fine. Well -- What else is he. So it's interesting receive Francona in Cleveland I think she's still in Boston I thought that when it happened did not personally rid of them. I think you along with that I think you'd have to use to manage this team. There aren't disaster Bobby Valentine nothing went right now they're going up to John -- now would you rather have Terry Francona manager team. In 2013. John Farrell it's an easy choice to me guys won two World Series is unparalleled success in Boston or a guy. As had two really bad years in Toronto. As a manager and no track record successive Major League manager in a position as a pitching coach. Where's -- long lines successful managers. So this is kind of what happens when an organization doesn't really. No they're doing this kind of lost their way. You wind up in situations like this and fairly -- to be home run but right now he's a huge unknown whereas Terry Francona was known quantity. -- --

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