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Mike Petraglia, WEEI.com, on Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Aaron Hernandez

Oct 6, 2012|

Mike joins Pete to preview the Pats-Broncos and discusses the difference between Peyton Manning now in Denver and his time in Indy. Mike also shares his thoughts on the Tom Brady-Peyton Manning rivalry and whether or not we will see Aaron Hernandez in the game tomorrow.

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And you know payment in the currency receiver -- it was. And a colleague arsenal Wayne Harrison -- It's and you've got on the ball and that's. When you know when he mixes in the running game well it does a good job of views in the the running game with against defense and looks that are -- -- and when they take it away than he goes to something else. About Jack earlier this week the big show talking about the Peyton Manning. It's what 77797937. PH are with you were to label get back to your phone calls -- bit but once again we check in with WEEI dot -- up Mike drought yet but since he's got all dot com on -- as a stage name AKA tracks. I took what temperatures to congress also Mike ILO. I don't have a fantastic just quickly for us that I know how big a college football three and you are as well I know you've covered BC. Many many years many many times couple times have been together. Did you -- did you watch the game today by chance. Unfortunately -- no I did not -- Washington a lot of soccer it is -- and then and the job. Oh yeah I saw a picture of you beautiful daughters play and other torture and are able to get into the VCU that. You know well I was horrible failure I you know I I do feel your pain. The big issue with -- acknowledged he is talent and I don't think they were prepared on defense of the law that was equally. And that's what element this year pretty obvious if it was obvious from the first game of the season. They cannot stop anybody at the -- And that's -- teams -- identifying their weakness and they don't have the amount of talent that they used to have on defense and that's all I'll -- It is in it is boards and elderly around let's get into the Broncos at at the patriots again. I think people someone of getting a little bit carried away with Peyton Manning -- that this is an Indianapolis Colts of all that he has back here for offensive weapons. And although I think -- -- be a very competitive game Michael I do think this is one. With a straight to -- commodity had I can I see Brady having another gigantic game. From a eight yardage wise against that bronco defense especially. If Fernandez can comply. It's just it's unbelievably -- -- out there after couple weeks. Well -- first -- I'd be very surprised -- Aaron Hernandez played that he played played more than. In ample snapped maybe perhaps as a decoy yup certainly. If Aaron Hernandez can get out there that great the fact that -- even practicing and it is a great side and certainly he'll be ready. All indications are he'll be ready for the game in Seattle. A week from tomorrow. But it beat out there maybe 1520 plays just give the court keep the Broncos honest. Maybe -- like he said Tom Brady -- a few more. Options against the deep don't repeat pants Pete I think you're under normal that there Jeff than Nancy in -- Out in their third overall on the conference in terms of total yards defense and -- aspect can be. You know misleading statistic that that this could be spent so much differently than the one. They saw last week in the Buffalo Bills their march or balance. Especially on the back and court you know I wrote about it today -- Palin's one nation and such as special. Defensive back is certain hall of -- some day elevens eleven Pro Bowl. He really quarterbacks are secondary much better the very -- -- -- last week. They still have -- all the humor bill. They have the rookie of the year one of best rookies in the NFL last year in linebacker Von Miller was the much more athletic defense I think they actually saw last week -- balance. -- but we did hear the we heard that some of real names and and Yvonne Millen and last year and David -- level against the patriots in those two games they played the regular season they got smoked by three touchdowns in the now in India we know what -- play after now granted I agree. That's stiff Tebow was a quarterback the master of the three and outs so course I thought Denver's defense actually took a bad rap last year. Because I thought they regret that because they were put in bad positions because that's -- Tebow so many times during the game. And I'm still not sure I'm not still not convinced yet. That they've they've changed all that much oil gets Oakland last week it looked to help a lot better but I'm not entirely convinced. Well -- if you remember the game in Denver last year the first half the Broncos dominated the first seven minutes they dominated. For seven or eight minutes and then and then since he goes started turning the ball over -- beat morale yup and it. That effort and and if you recall that at the end of the first -- last year Tebow committed a horrible. -- over an -- changed the course of the game degree in the playoffs. Like he said. Tebow was the master of the preannouncement and had no. A patriots had every answered defensively and Tebow and the Broncos ever had a chance and that and the Broncos defense is simply on the field. Too long and the patriots wore them out not that that was Marguerite I think this year the beat -- -- Peyton Manning passing notes that this will be much more of tea. I'm possession battle for the Broncos trying to come into Foxboro and ample. The patriots in that regard they want to obviously play keep away and I think Manning. When he manages the game at the line of scrimmage is much more capable of that intensity. Jack the real defense a quarter of this year for the Broncos and they do have as you said I don't I don't think game strand -- one game to the next and not only during the regular season but we played teams from a year ago -- four new starters on defense this year and cornerback Tracy Porter. Mike Adams at safety Justin -- and a threat to tackle and rookie defensive end Derrick wolf. And Jack Korea's new defense a quarter -- and so what is -- different looks and different personnel there. And what they do not interrupt -- Guy on your wall Belichick action and were at a symptomatic. A big playmaker in the middle that defensive line but very very apt. And he's very disruptive I think he he has potential being one of those guys -- Nobody figured -- Being an actor in the game defensively he could come up and and really be a big factor in the game -- keep an armed. Obviously last week tremendous are rushing game by the -- as well the Brady was offensive player of the week certainly. People were worried that Americans didn't play. And that was one of the greatest offense of measures stand rushing standpoint -- that since that since 1980. I don't expect at this week and that was not -- it's it's a fluke as they dominated on in the trenches but. Will -- to be able to run effectively against his bronco team. I think -- well I'd look last week with the matter to me. Of the patriot and don't have Logan Mankins but we're gonna make it. Physical battle -- Thermage. The -- and it really it actually dictate your app or -- that bill. Were you know built on in the off season with all of their most. By running the ball right up the -- and write down your throat and I love that attitude we've we've heard earlier. Training camp which mcdaniels. Was gonna do that with the offense and the first couple games I don't think any of you -- the patriots privately I don't think he. Struck to the running game plan as much as they should but on Sunday. Even when they were down 21 to seven in the third quarter they start running game and that's all any. Anybody was talking about after the game was. The reason the patriots were able to be so it's not so they didn't. Abandoned the running game even when they were down two touchdowns I think they'll try to do the same thing tomorrow. You surprised at the Russians against -- short small sampling quarter of the season over but four games 45 almost 46% of the time they run the ball this year. And seven perhaps -- touchdowns. Have been have been by Russian surprised. I am not. I I really am not I think they're trying it in. All honesty to be a more balanced offensive attack. They think that they in other weapons can be much more. Dangerous if player if he -- have to respect the run but let's face a couple years. Defenses have tried to that have taken the approach we're just gonna be off on Tom Brady would -- not. Give him time to beat it tablet field or even intermediate passes it was the way to really. Try and now manage. Rob Gronkowski and and how much -- weapon he is in the passing game by trying to seal off a brilliant move and move -- the spot a pocket. And I think you know the patriots answer -- that is but what was once you running game you know a really physical. Counterpunch and -- it was certainly a part of last week. But yeah I mean there's no question I think anybody who argues that any football team he's better with a balanced attack is crazy now. I think thinks change in the game by game basis I mean you know I mean this week -- -- to five pass attempts and you know fifteen brought it to us for all we know. All depends on how the game's going in the flow and halves of the game I think people sometimes lose track of that. This is why I think people get caught in traps Mike about. Gains training for wanted to extend if you've noticed this year I know you have an almost the fans have. Every single came this year the first four games -- pay to play has been different. Everyone of. Absolutely. I would not dispute that anger in terms of -- mentality. I think the patriots are much better off when that -- have to respect the run -- -- not restricted to run as much the last couple of years knowing that. When push came to show. The patriots were going to go to the passing game and abandoned the running game was -- -- we saw considerable. Pain how many -- out there. From themselves if they shut at this kind of running it running attack against the giants giants would've had no shot everything. Are coming back in the game permit and I think that was a great lesson of Super Bowl 46 we have got to have a more balanced rushing attack to put games away. Well that read that three drops late didn't help either. No but it. If you're running the ball perfectly helping people you're not looking to throw the ball all that I mean those three -- probably don't -- maybe -- one draw. And maybe instead of -- seventh and Brady going for Wes Welker at -- 33 and June and the patriots you know up ever. One to attack in the in in the backfield like it is now I don't think there's any doubt that they would have any -- of giving it to fold their Ridley. And trying to open those two yards instead -- always trying to stroke or. Within the bothers me that just a real quick to digress the back -- a Super Bowl game no bothers me more than anything else is a three turn over the patriots costs and could not get the football the box is that what the giants' way. Not what happened -- but they amid the giants made more plays it deserved -- let me ask you -- evened itself -- are you concerned. If it continued their moral -- come out and had another rough game tomorrow gap our piece. A little concerned sure but I don't think it well I think you know Bobo -- like he did. You know the week before with seven record -- was like let's keep my guy OneCare came. And it moved me up spot because -- Who abandoned by kicker in the middle seat because we know we need in -- out to -- for the court not a good chipper great kicker force. Over the last three years and there's no reason for up to abandon them now. Well Gregory soccer player tomorrow and nobody's really been talking about that he's been playing I think very well this this year so big -- big pressure for for to Von Wilson. Yeah I and it's an opportunity for him -- I'm lucky is another one of those rookies do you know obviously -- the big picture and in the season opener against the titans. I need you know had a couple big what is in the secondary when he's been -- nickel packages. I think you know tomorrow it is certainly would appear with Gregory ruled out yesterday with a hip injury. I you'll get it -- the start in the secondary is sixty. The other match a -- report to Mike is my last question -- -- -- is it is is -- open against the against -- -- open and starting -- senator. That's gonna be fun to watch and after especially two out of the beast that Wilfork was last week was just phenomenal. Well I mean you've been under watch last week and you know we he had the opportunity to actually drop back. Retreat step that and that you know obviously they get. And Donald. I suffered a collapse and right now does it -- -- Anyway. A fantastic job well you know laid the wood down and it's our support been like that but your point about -- and and Coca. Certainly been asked about -- any debt. Look. Open note. I finally what's -- scores going to be. I patriots -- -- 3420. I think I think you're right about the patriot offense but I think it'll be a more balanced. Acton I think people away with a late scores you know. All right Mike -- AKA drags a -- held a Villanova university graduate in just one -- even better held a guy thanks rejected a micro look forward to reading your stuff on WEEI dot com. I appreciate it always -- Mikey my pleasure appreciate it might drive the W I'd like I'm 617779798376177797. That if he says mr. Mike thanks -- by fourteenth. And off the best part of the short today as always coming up December 30 hour Mike decks where you gather all your family and friends and relatives and that's around. You and your goldfish and I'll give all my -- last week dominating. Dominating with about 58% -- that 50% dominating at that was my super locked on Detroit those steps lines scrutiny again. But I have all my picks coming up the -- three hour against -- spread. And jealous of fun would that and also. Much to block against their review myself the patriots picked our way to the end. But it's I'm leaning towards a I patriots victory in this one I really think. That that they have found themselves going to be agency. If Fernandez plays or not. I probably leading toward a pick agree with Mike that it probably not gonna play an overcast is questionable I'd be shocked if he could play. Americans looks like he's going to be back in those ten guys questionable Deborah property pretty much healthy but let's talk about. Picked -- -- our thoughts -- what you think this team to do what your expectations are all option affairs your dreams paycheck with you -- to -- clock -- -- -- Sports Radio WEEI.

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