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Lenny Megliola, MetroWest Daily News, on Frank Spaziani and BC’s loss to Army

Oct 6, 2012|

Lenny, also a frequent contributor on Planet Mikey, joins Pete to talk about BC’s 34-31 loss to Army and whether or not the Eagles should seriously consider firing head coach Frank Spaziani.

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-- back here sports radar got a three point seven FM WEEI six point 7779793761777979237. NC John Jimmy James CJ you guys are all lined up we'll get you once second. A white chicken with let him regular from the metro west daily news and also you see him with the globe frequently Trevor with the planet Mikey show. Let me drive him back from West Point. I've ever seen anything like that. It's it's I felt the best five minutes and radio in the long time and that you know like you said at the top. You know we don't discuss culture of football much around here. Like you know the big if it weren't good round here reserves and the fans that support him a year that he would deserve better in this. And and it has been a disaster for the last forty is. And Leo there's no way these in in that sense right John McCain's. It's taken over as interim AD. It would have been out for you to upload a fire France because he likes -- Merrill analysts from. The gland and that's slightly -- right you gotta be -- -- -- right -- on the radio like it and and it is not the people thing team right now. And if this team. You know -- people think it's great I. They couldn't school. That touchdown against that's the only brought and they scored 21. Possession against these cities but it is so disaster. The strip -- have a say in the sand. So dejected BC acutely they try to get over quickly -- -- -- -- watch hockey -- that vacancy went right. Like this is this is bad and yeah and that's that probably should go right away I don't know if that's possible paid. It's probably going to be like that. Bobby Valentine thing grew rabbit out there that wrap up this season. We might have been -- feet. And and it'll do the perhaps sitting out by that you're absolutely right about this as -- back with some friends send that we John. -- dramatic yet and we just get that -- or whatever it is in Connecticut and outreach amendments that. Yeah and it was great stuff I didn't know you be talked about what you studio lot. -- -- a game tonight I've sat here up at what I just I just couldn't believe a team that is still want the value no army can do that can only do one thing it's been that way for a long time. Tell me letting your body what hell is going McGovern -- -- -- the other was the rest you know Jim Jeff -- -- would -- all the people at the coaches. What they -- I put on the coach I know it's hard to blame the kids it's brilliant I think they've done it now that they've done a decent job of recruiting to meet. This is the team -- what I've seen to give up a total of 16191. Yards over the last three games and averaged 563. And to have army rushed for 79 times today for 516. Yards. That's. Up when you know that's the only thing they can tell your defense of lying. -- double the size of some of these little guys don't like that does and. Yeah they look like midget. You know out there again the BC and that they get pushed around. You like you said they waited all week for this is that you know what they've run and I think -- -- in the not a passing team night. By halftime it didn't -- to OK. And they never did it got worse the third period it was awful. What are these coaches going. The. I thought -- I agree that last touchdown run by -- by Tillman point nine yards with 45 seconds to go I mean. What they think that would that they'll throw the ball to the end zone hot. I just I study your -- like you've got to be kidding me and then the end that last -- the the justice series before that. That was completely express the unease coaching staff from that lot that went to just the 38 yard like that ridiculous -- the delay gained that the they talk about situational football they weren't ready they were not prepared. And you know the best and whether they ship that and the coaches are well Leo we we just go to back back -- the drawing board. What was beyond that -- more -- -- name and right now we could be still -- a glass yeah. -- in a lot of people want it's bad out there. Big they'll be lucky to get forty this year right date could be -- maybe just the one win. And the disaster and it's a lot of people don't care you know like you said that the top you know -- removed from knowingly please vote. You know big -- bit nervous about ecology and that's out and -- work and in the in a lot of people doubt about the basketball program but that's not the situation. I didn't have party that we don't lock up the revenues sports beat so we know that led national champions they want. It's a good thing and eleven testify Jerry York but the and I think about their football coach. At such a shame because I was saying I was on last night for a John writer and I was tell people you've never been to Mikey stadium it is I've been there once and it is just especially this time a year when he. Is there a more beautiful venue and all of college sports and to watch a game. And you know early October with the foliage and that at that academy and all the prestige and and -- tradition that goes on over there just a tremendous atmosphere a beautiful stadium. You're a lot of it's unbelievable. And that's a witnesses gamer just -- I mean just how did you with a sour taste in my. We were down there not collect the -- in the media -- that's come out of the you know of the dom and form an alliance on the practice field in early. It is a great spot if anyone you know don't get discouraged by this folks are gonna battle. The stadium you know it's only four -- late. The big game -- But there that we're getting our society is this something have to go that and I think it has to go down this week nevermind still undeveloped typing away to. I agree. I agree I think it's -- Gotti or are -- that or rob -- -- has got to go. You're gonna tell me tiger prepare for Florida State ninety on you for crying out while we -- Well you know it that's right you know number three number fourteen in the country there at all and all the -- Olympic Games to go. What not 5060 avenue week. They -- some cases. -- I could JD might be good -- over the upper next week you know unfortunately. -- But there is doubt doubt the great they'll be needed there had to be -- you get codes are saying. Are rightly thanks so much and -- -- in and -- thanks so much and we'll talk to -- Aren't Lenny -- from the metro west daily news you also seem -- globe and -- -- -- -- -- a frequent contributor to planet Mikey show. Quick break a promise that she got in the bag -- -- -- and Jimmy Jam CJ Ted. I see you guys and we have one open line right now 61777979837. Paycheck until 8 PM right here on Sports Radio WEEI.

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