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Pete is calling for Frank Spaziani’s job!!!

Oct 6, 2012|

Pete opens the show recapping BC Football’s 34-31 loss to Army and the horrific job being done by BC’s head coach, Frank Spaziani, and his coaching staff.

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What that help wasn't the act. That I just witnessed over the last three hours. I governor opened up and everybody pre -- review. Volume BC army. Rush talked up as they -- today. -- political -- tonight and let me just say it's -- and about 25 minutes to regain my composure here and usually. -- the last several years ever get too worked up on a huge cause football guys. And and I wants to Boston College too well. But I -- I gotta tell you. Those of you watched the game today and also review didn't get to see it alive -- it was on that ultimate hopefully listen to writer and editor point seven FMW united Boston. Boy I was on the -- that that CBS station that's. You know like people have a hard time finding that was your big to party college football fans but we have a year. So I got to witness that the block. And normally you know we'll talk a lot of college football here on W I understand that. Oh. You know some -- -- national -- of games music on my LSU Alabama things like that but I've got to tell you we're gonna do a lot of a lot of top we get get several topics on the table today coming up believe me. More about Bobby be more about the upcoming possibility of a new manager the debate between Trout. And Cabrera who should be MVP and of course the patriots and the broncos' Mike -- -- -- -- be joining us from WI dot com coming up. That's at the 5 o'clock hour. And normally are on several times this year after BC game and I'm not in -- left of the -- -- stuff from -- get -- you know blasted by Clemson. But I gotta tell you. This. Wise AM Harrison. Embarrassing. On so many levels. And I've won I I'm I'm sick and tired of this team get pushed around the way they are this team was unprepared. I can't stop anybody on deep threats brought in the football. That's not just today. In my opinion practice Reggie -- should be out today. Two day and it's not personal it's professional. And I don't know -- -- with -- at the white coach you know Jeff. Accomplish on. Because he should be out -- This team has got pushed all over the field today. Why guys half the size. I mean -- -- -- give army all the credit in the world that what does a disservice cabbies do well. Where it's army air force navy it's unbelievable when they win games I'd -- I don't I don't I mean archer RBC fanned out they aren't you tired that's what. I'll market year. This was a joke. This army team lost to Stony Brook last week at home 23 to three. Stony Brook. Not even a division one a school. Stony Brook school -- got to beat this army team last week at West Point 23 to three. All week long you know -- gonna do they can only do one thing basically is run the football. How well. Enough football game. Oh wow. Army. The numbers are our largest luxury just don't think this stop. Yards for -- 595. Their rush the ball 79 times a 516. Yards. Up you know all week that all army can do -- run the ball. Mean what do you -- what are you practicing where's that we're talking about accountability. That hell's going not a Chestnut Hill. This was a joke. Absolutely sure. I said I'm just shocked. And how easy it was public debt to just watch Madonna -- the rent a breakdown Eagles routes play after play after play. I don't agree she made that might stop in Portugal the end of the game. You thought maybe you don't need a couple pours down as the wind but they were not prepared to talk about situational football. That team look so lackadaisical. Bill that they look they've looked lost. That last minute it happened it's game absolutely lost. That's on the coaching staff. -- take a delay game penalty from like -- or yard line. An important out of the two yard run whatever web. Not prepared him. -- got tweets and stop FaceBook stop and it's just all you know anti BC about and how embarrassing. People are. Now you've got sticker over the top team in the northeast and you know is in the division one area at UMass is apartment -- -- after a horrendous start division one. I don't know what's gonna happen at Boston College I know I -- good out energy people that -- don't we step and out but something has to change this is a joke. This is embarrassing this is beyond embarrassing what happened today. Not embarrassing that seen this team is not prepared on a weekly basis. I did -- like army who lost a Stony -- 23 to three. You let them kick your ass is up down the field for 516. Yards on the ground of 595 yards overall. All my dot. Met a BC a lot but there are looked at different guys after this today is that though it okay we can always talk about. So much talk about the patriots in India and the Red Sox tonight get it as a lack the one on aggregate all the today believed. But I images and livid at the way this team play today I just couldn't believe it. Effectively laid down like nuts. Actual vote watts. Always talked about you know you guys don't talk about football you know traditional to -- hitter I ever -- you have to be in negative. Way here today. But I know how you can -- watch are never many BC fans around here they're taught to BC phantom of -- -- routes but just gonna go watch a football game. And hopefully some of you got to go to Mike -- stadium today which is just an actual beautiful campus since that last night. Durbin to -- stadium it is just -- site to be seen especially in October and ice ball day like today. Like I said I love when the service academy went I just can't believe. What is -- express the body is staffed or if you -- all week long that all army can do is run the football. How the hell can you allow this team to racked up 516. Yards on the ground against year. Does that happen. How does that happen. What you get the due to get yeah I mean you got to get the Stony -- for a look at that was distorted reporting three to three. There are copycats that copycat league not to express he ought to get the story don't watch that. Didn't work. And work. Stony Brook army last week by twenty Boston College goes into West Point today. And gets mad get in the trenches got killed absolutely killed. And prince -- he got in my printed it up at Florida State the third ranked team in the country next weekend. Tough talk to fire coach I know that I get it. But you can't I mean I mean this is a joke right I mean this is an absolute joke. Ought to bring it out since Matt Ryan has left -- just where's the leadership by the Boston College Eagles where's -- gone to where is it. Does it does it. You know that's obsessive -- sport with the basketball program Sox. And this football team is atrocious right now what I know is going not. Why isn't so bad. It's all about coaching all about black recruit this particular team is all but a lot of it about coaching. Like I set I don't know how argue it's one dimensional that's what they do that run the ball granted it's a lot of different ways. However. She's got the -- -- It reached a gut you know so it's a pretty decent recruits on that team how in the hell on racked up 516. Yards on the ground. I have I'm telling -- I just couldn't believe it's not the time of possession army 37 minutes 38 seconds BC 22 minutes and 22 seconds. She's Mary Joseph is a loyal -- It is a disgrace. It was disgraceful. To watch that team get manhandled today. The defense of -- get manhandled today. That's -- well look yourself in the mirror. Decide when one key play football you play at this level stop client -- just concentrating studies and upon. And I don't know if you don't BC what they have to do to get this program back on track and that's been talked about for a while Todd to talk about. Lowered academic standards or paid a big time coach whatever it is better get a -- about to get it done soon. Because you're cubs article on by a pretty much the last couple years anyway. You -- -- -- -- you massacre aways to go up at the -- one now that obviously struggling their first year I get that. OK I can get to see a pinch to go the way they aren't just -- 0145 years UMass is going to be at a BC. On the football program as well. I mean I don't I just I'm at a loss. Lots of how do you lose to a team that you know so one dimensional. And you get killed in the treacherous today. I've looked at different BC a Lama who saw this game today or listen to -- on the radio. Are shocked and stunned and as angry as I am. It's just amazing to me. Please spare me about of the locals out there about -- dollar rip a little you don't just thought here that it's that the team thing. I'm I'm more concerned. I packets are more about the coaching staff the situation. Like I said. I don't know what what do you prepping for. An army team that lost by twenty points at -- the Stony Brook. Not even a division one -- team. Last week and you lose. Eighteen year -- by nine and a half points over. Which are surprised that it was that low actually about BC be fair about fifty or sixty to escape -- now Armas played. Amazing absolutely amazing architect a quick break that -- ago what to deploy its demise you guys lined up. I'll get you guys. That would move on to -- Red Sox and more -- via MVP. It's I think it's very interesting. Who you guys vote for BP's -- Cabrera. And certainly it's the patriots micro drive WEEI dot com to join me on here until -- -- The number and get the new number right down know it love it live at 6177797937. That's 617. 77979837. Top football managers say whenever -- talk about football I'm ready to talk about football they -- this to buck and you tell me. Any one good -- by fresh express the body should have his job. Aptitude after getting back up that -- today give me one solid good reason anybody come up with what. Because I -- the last three weeks here about as bad as I've ever seen at Boston College history.

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