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Mustard and Johnson Preview Pats/Broncos and Talk Other NFL Topics

Oct 6, 2012|

The guys give their thoughts on where the Pats are after 4 weeks and the awesome Brady/Manning matchup making its return. The boys also discuss some other NFL topics before getting back on the Bobby V track.

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Man so. The Red Sox are in search of a manager. And patriots in search of another victory against -- Peyton Manning this time. Not in the colts uniform but as a member of the Broncos in as I was saying earlier. Thankfully the NFL scheduling gods were watching over this game no buying time be a -- games on Sunday here. Monday night more clock is the is scheduled showdown between the greatest. Rivalry in NFL history Tom Brady. And Peyton Manning in Matt is done a spectacular job for change and came up with this great -- stat sheet. Brady leads the series eight before. Although Manning is gone off four and two in the last six they've gone to. The AFC championship game against each other twice there wanted one there. And as I said earlier. I I I dare you to come up with a better. Quarterback rivalry in the history of the game there have been some great ones but this is the best. That at this just a conspiracy. Again you're talking about two of the you can debate the two of the top quarterbacks in the top five. In my opinion. So when they're facing each other that many times and it is you cannot ask for a better driver Regan that. Manning as is gone to a new team as we know and if it's interesting I think is I'm strength he said his back to about 95%. It'll be interesting last week has buffalo chose to go. Against the safeties. And the week before that. They were go picking on the on arm accordion a cornerback so it'll be interesting to see. I love what Iraq but the patriots are doing with their running game I think they rarely when you have a 12. Running attack that you Google were Brady's play action that's certainly gives you a lot of different things variations in Japan to -- You really believe the patriots again management's success on the ground as the puts its app and -- game. It's a well know to have his ninth against the rush this year and actually via patriots eight. Com. In passing against a defense the dentist thirteenth in the -- to twenty. It's gonna come down and in I've I've heard some -- obviously it's all prognostications. Speculation like we have any. Particular insight into this by now based on what we've seen. Over the last few years. It would be hard for me to believe it's not going to be one possession game. Late in the fourth quarter. Hand it's just opened -- about it -- the -- goal while today now skis definitely want to match ups that you have to watch -- Ryan Clady left tackle. He's a beast he's about 26 we still not it's prime. Going up against that Jim Jones rookie of the year for the month that'll be great matchup to watch in the key is. They might not have to double Jones they might not have to use the tight -- to chip them. That'll be a key and the other key is the former -- for the open open going up against -- -- who had a game of life last week yet that running back I ever got out and -- -- of -- you know it's funny because that would put him up 2178. -- and patriots would have all of the momentum yet the -- early in the third quarter when when he -- seventies -- -- fell. It was the bills in the afternoon as they did a year ago said. Instantly turning the switch seen anything like -- sixth street. Touchdowns mean that is just boggles the imagination. Meanwhile met your team all other -- of -- Eagles. Giants that just it seemed to be the Eagles well potato I got to do is get into the oil -- It's worked out for the giants over the years the -- -- -- by the way I am mixed emotions that I love Drew Brees of everything the guys in. Eat high united last week I really have -- the most historic. Rate racket he'd probably know. I just the united -- my favorite all time players. And we were very fortunate. Near the end of John's life to meet -- -- -- autograph session where is that west Borough -- and that's an area I expect which is marvelous idea who has I have one of my greatest all time -- my seven year old Bryson came out of the -- the other day we have this advocate lockdown -- yeah that's the way I discipline the way and otherwise it's complete pandemonium of monster house -- come out of the cellar. Finished basement by the way out there and -- that -- -- Displacement. The -- silly at this whole homicides seniors it was an old. Helmet I had my youth. And signs on the helmet was not not regional program but stamp on the -- John -- In his helmet with a double -- -- -- a sign something and that's prostitute that he has that was that was a true pleasure -- Johnny Unitas and of course the record you're referring to as the 47. Consecutive games with at least. One touchdown pass Drew -- you think is any chance he's not gonna do now obviously at the high tops and I remember they used the caller wrong place they have fifteen coaches on the sidelines. And John united Lotta times they have a third intentions as something and he. Take the take the -- from bugs not irony faith that make -- carry -- anymore neat group rock back and drop a bomb Raymond Berry. Jimmy or in the end zone today you're so cutting edge you remember why I -- Gap area average cap on -- -- years now. Top and Everett is next -- three of access. I'm like yeah. Clinton. How are young and popular in America the ability did leave him and make -- big time -- come back my. All week she finally made the big time and that. Unbelievable the market yet who's on the cover and I actually Apollo. I read this and Lisa bloom Brian may and oh man -- any you know interest -- to. What was it was his most famous one the the Packers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was thinking of the probably the most famous NFL films Super Bowl game is the jets and colts. In it's rule 369 the name is Super Bowl. -- sable saying later. If you remember that if you see I've seen it so many times already you know latest gets a lot of air time -- -- it is a subpar early moral of that game. Right there in sable said you know I made a mistake the way edited that Super -- realists such a Johnny United's fans such a colts man. As a young member of the NFL films I put the emphasis on Johnny Unitas engineering a combat that never happened. That I actually did the jets winning that game that was interesting it's able would be. Sort of apologetic later in life after back at that. As far as I was concerned -- through here and bad -- unbelievable at anything they did wrong Jonas. And they're just as responsible for the success of that now is anybody else they've -- about it big mastered that shot. And all of fame and I certainly hope that he dipped in the hall as well greatly posthumously. But what voting on the bill. They've mastered that shot from the end zone not you get the trajectory of the ball as it's coming down like a long bomb and it teaches math I you can follow the trajectory of the ball -- -- I asked him listen before you go any -- I didn't. I've I've got to continued down Tom or because I don't want -- that's disturbing yet and I assure you won't get up but I write him because I don't want people lying later about I told you so who should the next manager of the Red Sox and he. Well. I know what will be I've made to me -- -- you know independence of the McCormick right there used to doing it and they're going to have to get fouled. That's my opinion. At which he is you know who can't quite frankly I did so -- -- the nation is prepared for a bad. I don't know who blew them complete mediocrity but on this roster. But we just don't -- -- -- evidence -- -- but what is the -- -- but we used to buy your -- -- Slowly. And you don't get mad men -- -- -- the diplomat let me let me bring in another. Analogy. I I use the Francona last place -- three times in Philly turned up pretty good with a Red Sox. Buck Showalter a guy that it really did turn that Baltimore franchise around. From the manager's position because. Yeah right you know why because I don't lie because he has what Ferrell has he has versatility he knows every aspect of an organization he was de facto general manager in New York he was given as much credit as anybody else there. For building that franchise's star -- that's. You must time this week it could -- whining and only done saying. The most important thing a manager right now and especially the manager of the red side is ruining the players could not excellent in the stimulus did you almost let that stop. Because it was -- -- important thing right we could go to and so when you give us our content and so -- get -- a little. The -- manipulation Adobe ultra just big you can have a manager. And -- -- it looked at I don't know what I'm OK so what what are you willing to. Whenever it's gonna take you. Because politically than I don't think back to the -- I'm really included the local news tonight about an hour. And it sounded like he went into a glimpse of the. The -- he didn't actor Jason what are you willing to give up for him. I'm well I mean how -- you -- -- -- they -- you know it's -- the name. Don't get the seven. Could you imagine the sixteen words in this case. Has been giving someone -- -- in -- -- -- talking about the in the bottom of the I mean. -- frankly -- opinions. That's me and you want to I -- think back and I know it's different but the ball. But -- so instead -- jetBlue that was too much to get him. Venture between the -- and it was too much to do it again but the bottom line if you they want. -- -- overall because this is gonna take a big success right thing. I don't don't get the Clinton doesn't -- in the towel and number seven with somebody else. The ballot deciding not to me in a bad light. Dick -- you want to start making some decisions. That you're gonna stand behind. All of the management team that's it. Yeah and should be helping elevate let me a menu one thing there and I got to get a screwed here. I don't wanna thank all our committee. Hold management team making this decision. Let bin. Make his own position land that's -- and that's the kind of questioned it should be asked at a press conference. And I would hope that Larry learn from his huge mistake of last year. And just you know an -- -- space adventure -- did not want any part. A Bobby Valentine you heard the news conference from December 1 of last year when he said. We decide I mean I decided let's make no mistake it was you know decided to do that that we last week you were last year was a collective decision. This year it has to be individual.

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