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Mustard and Johnson: Is John Farrell the Right Guy for the Job?

Oct 6, 2012|

It's no secret that the Sox have been eyeing John Farrell as their next manager for some time now, but Mustard and Johnson aren't exactly sure it's the best fit. They talk about what it would take to get Farrell, if he's the right guy for the job, and who some of the other candidates they should take a look at are.

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It is mustard and Johnson and we're here on sports Saturday make your way for our job -- -- -- -- Ronan as they had. Up to the Hudson River in New York. At all happens about quarter twelve. Meanwhile our new telephone number in case you have not heard 617. 7797. 937. That was easy that was thank you 6177797. Nine 37. Our tax line. Up and running and that is the same old same mall late 5850. In a bunch of people have suggestions Larry you were sort of baffled about which are Red Sox player would be sent to Toronto. Seems to be had never -- lets the suggestion clear Texas seven they want to give -- Bart I'll drive to the airport -- he can get close to the right if you're bringing in an -- manager was supposed to be a pitching Guerrero maybe you can turn them around on Toronto wants an everyday player rights -- -- Connecticut in the 86 how easy give them -- -- -- -- the so there are a lot of give up -- says attacks through before while -- line. Larry you salaries if this is like just this this like it's the core four right here you possibly give up a. One of the main reasons your -- for Arlen is not just as a manager -- has hopefully somebody who can straighten out the -- world's. So why would you give up pitchers who are or still young right. -- struggled maybe you can put him back on track. And sue I -- and defend Bobby V here lord knows you didn't have many redeeming qualities but one is that he did understand. That Daniel Bard was a closer or a set up guy he was not a starting pitcher. That was forced upon them by managements -- give Bobby V credit there. -- when you -- management in your I'm gonna keep going back to this as you tried to. Make a case that I really wasn't making much sense but every UT -- You add to my argument when you keep using the term management. For the simple reason because you don't know. Forced to -- that if you were passed and you had to come up with -- answer. A multiple choice question. Multi territorial okay -- who was responsible which person I have no idea at all it's just to sort out it oh well look you know hired him. -- high above ground that yes OK you don't make that decision did buy it should be. Analyst dot back could have been bench him you don't know well Donna I baseball guy. Larry Lucchino was gonna make decisions just an -- -- just a second. Justin Carrington the baseball guy right but Larry Lucchino -- -- manager capsule with what you -- your problem with that of course you -- great moral -- be that guy picking up the manager -- -- in this game or give up a phone number and go to the about the no I'm not an all right away I -- them and don't commie boy. Correctly it -- -- go ahead as dry front 77797. And 937. Better at that seriously the practice match office. Microphone practice on his own for a while and then he'd come back on the year more in Rockport your neck of the draws so yeah I know that -- I do it. And I. Got an ally in our. -- Right so the plant that cherry. I would like to office that that -- Q where he. You picked out some are out there are yeah beat the street. Ticket and that you. -- you know is. That now you know we ought to pick text editor and achieved -- requested. You guys all bring slightly this seat to the editor Gerri. Willis -- that's what I -- -- Mark mark Craig accuses me of being too sensitive to -- bother you that they didn't have the usual press conference at the end of this season to really give -- it is the fans as to what happened. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Battery up on you guys aren't everything I don't know what people don't see what all this is pretty obvious ones that beat. No I think I would give Larry sovereign credit I'm holes being -- under its hood. And I think he admitted as much as I'm reading Scott offers peace in the barrel this morning. In this the quote market I think this is a good first step. He says yes I was an advocate war Bobby. OK so at least he's admitting that sent out our -- about Larry personally that's right it's uncomfortable moment to. To make these points I -- the guys we've sat down he's trying to help me out he's he's a great -- Larry. This is what -- she's supposed to do your team criticism last place. A gizmo last September. What else you supposed to do it seek answers in named names and called people out that's what happens when things don't quite well when you're winning championships. And bring out the duck boat well we don't know how it works when he finished the quote Walker's pace we thought we -- on the verge of an exceptional season in just needed somebody. Who could manage that kind of team. It hasn't worked out and I share my responsibility. For that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- records are probably you -- Larry looking to quote you look great shot yesterday. Yes it will remember -- -- now I thought when I say great job the answer the questions they asked -- But -- it personally deeply into it and it out without question. What would you -- It will probably you know in just to name it like -- able to hold management ownership. Com if you watched that and after the iron and what time did anyone Tom Karen -- -- even refer to it. -- being fired it would. -- -- -- -- exited this is well thought your earnings like a date going to like it the problem or is. It turned into the end protection that. The lack integrity. Well you know how it works when people are fired everybody wants to take the high road no -- even admitted from last year that Francona was fire they never used that word. -- 65 years ago by the way are you surprised that Bobby has gone quietly into the night I told her to. Order during or -- -- well it won't end if they paid a mob some some decent money to say -- money ride your bike into the sunset provided -- bottom and no helmet I want. Your partner. You are or are maybe a new phone I mean come up with something different Bobby come on your 62 year old man. You're texting while biking in Central Park I don't care where -- viking texting and biking. Not a good idea. But yet you you have to believe Larry that there was some language in that original contract. That says they were gonna pull the plug on him if he wanted to collect the full parish value accepting -- That was targeted somebody Wendy and it's more accurately probably gonna sing at the end of the season he says now he's not. Pieces that are Smart enough that they'll pay him off. They'll say listen you know you'll get your -- -- your contract but we don't want any singing when the season's -- By the way not that anybody really cares about Valentine's broadcast future does he have any shot at all. Of returning to ESP and my guess is no. Why. Possibly the most about him was not just the usual things that puzzled everybody. But for guy you -- -- run him broadcasting and stuff. We took a minute for meat on the stadium when he was trying to thing. I always felt that way you always -- -- circuitous route to entering your question was should -- the master of that its economic and -- dark art our very direct this morning. -- like you. I'm trying to open the Sharpton get a proper or decent start. And harder to get Craig's at a corner Larry on Kato secretary OK it was an arm that try to keep your rent control and make sure that we -- all the right things -- Democrats up as the cap. 6177797937. Is the number that's my focus for today and of course we're focusing on. Only Bobby V in the rear view mirror but a look through that windshield. Who is the next. Red Sox manager down the road it looks as if the organization. Badly wants John Farrell I think that's do you have a pick is that John McDonald you'll -- -- John. Ferrell is my pick -- well -- on board last year I was not on board with it. This year I -- I think that is the right I don't mind him. But I'd like to know what it -- you can get any of these other guys with no strings attached you do understand right. When you if you got to go after him and of Toronto wants to play -- ball. What are you willing to give up to get him right and you know I don't like that right but as I said earlier I think. At this stage all the chaos. That erupted on a daily basis in Bobby -- clubhouse and dugout I think you really need not just. A strong here and it's not that they're probably going the other direction that they need to guy -- out -- -- find a guy -- a hybrid of this. Half manager that they -- they had in balance line. And the players warm and Fuzzy cuddly guy like they haven't McCallum would help while flow that would pretty. To ever fully go let's go to that Alex in Fall River is next on which rated WV -- -- to make sure your radio about. Alex out we got this newfangled. -- piece of equipment burials are proud old Larry now we have a new number we also -- this new thing called 102 delay spoke a concept so you can use dirty language absolutely for the first time let's go to bill Springfield -- next cents. -- -- -- -- Good morning guys are a good example would you build a -- The approach. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- -- on the bench coach and I would think about million dollars. A lot about. Britain and I'd say wanting. To help the reds -- and realized they were okay. -- they -- they may be fired up before every game they would be fired up in every sense of the word no question about then I think they need some I left handed -- still. God no goalies slightly and I approaches the amount or he's got that market advised.

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