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The Bobby V Era is Officially Over and Mustard and Johnson React to Open the Show -- "Bobby V was the Worst Hire for Any Position in Red Sox History"

Oct 6, 2012|

Craig and Larry kick things off talking about the end of the Bobby V era and where the Sox go from here. It's going to be a long battle to get to the top again. They discuss just how pathetic things were this year for Bobby V and co - so much so that Craig actually thinks it was the worst hire in Sox history!

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Until then of course -- to talk about all the things that. Are important besides BC football we have patriots football tomorrow afternoon thank the lord it's not a prime time. The baseball in the football should say scheduling gods. Blessing us with a 4 o'clock game. Down at Gillette Stadium Peyton Manning returning to Foxboro for the first time a couple years this time Broncos uniform. As the pats and Broncos renew their rivalry. Tim Tebow will not be the quarterback I think the result might be the same. Little more competitive this time around for the Broncos meanwhile -- Bobby. Valentine Iraq is over mercifully that ended somewhere on Thursday morning so those two topics on the table Larry Johnson forty wanna start with. -- -- At the analysts that with is as you heard only yesterday we have a new phone number. And all the old number you if you wanna get on the year Wallace's 617779. And 937. Which is now are you practicing and -- yourself -- what -- -- over the years in this I think from the Jerry Lucas school. But I always take famous athlete and I remember their numbers and it's easy for me to remember telephone numbers that -- Sosa Maine I'm -- -- of Brown's number. 37 Rodney Harrison if you can't remember Roosevelt brown and why are we going -- Williams and Harrison. -- -- seven or just remember the numbers of the station. Yeah that's what that's from three that we have a pause in between -- you want ecology and it was a call on that number. Try to get there. -- -- you do -- -- -- I don't clear enough of that yesterday I did I've been practicing all week like you have obviously you've been work in and -- little intonation here accent on this particular numbers and again 7797. 937. Which you're on the -- would Austin Johnson by the way in the old number you were not allowed to you about the number more than twice police say the number of trying to right now I as Jason rated use the right to give up the number yeah because you didn't open the show doing. 617. 797937. Other way we know -- at every place. Referees weren't there now refereeing -- umpiring in Major League Baseball. What a fiasco last night in there if there risen one -- -- out while cod playoff game. And certainly the Braves had any number of opportunities to win that game but still argued he is one bad call questionable call and are -- home. -- that certainly on the table the good the other knew that I really have to get to Craig quickly is them everybody predicted. Body was gonna get fired but I could pitcher on his bicycle. Texting. Thursday and he's all excited -- arkan whose family page and I am not gonna get fired I'm gonna get made and get ill Larry's right now. And daylight time. Member Tommy my marks and that I see just a couple of Jason no cops or anything where is everybody walks into the room is a big fish -- -- man but you know what though. I am I'm very upset with the Red Sox once again they can't even handle that the right way why did you call. A press conference. And and M is Larry said he -- won a mob mentality. Larry what do you expect when you finished with one of the first -- ago. Racquets and over far do you worst rockets over forty years. You have to take you beating. Somebody has to take responsibility for hiring Valentine. Somebody has to take responsibility for the for the all the -- field interruptions and confusion and things that we're going on. That's called baseball that's called big coming out to -- public if you got a Celebrex. And you got to -- hundred year anniversary events. When things are going great wonderful that I think you should take the credit for which you guys have done a great job over the years with -- everything that you've done. With special events but you also have to face the music. In I think breaking up the media -- to small little pockets of of roundtable discussions with discipline and that went. Making other venues wait until the wee hours of the evening when they when their shells are all overall they can't. Have access to reporting it until 11 o'clock. I just think was very very poorly done I was very disappointed -- that I thought it was a cowardly way. Of handling the situation. You made a mistake it's not the end of the world. But I thought it was a great opportunity. To have John Henry Tom coroner Larry Lucchino in -- sitting at a table with microphones. You announced the fact it probably was fired and then you'd take the barrage of questions. Like a -- static moment you get it out -- way. And -- like anything else that like Craig people will move on instead what they'll do with they'll wait. They'll they'll they'll wait give you will -- press conference when they hired a new manager everybody will be giggling and falling all over reach out our. And then they are hoping that. Anything that happened yesterday will be forgotten because now we don't want to talk about that now -- to a new page now we have a new manager in place. I'm just telling you it's not the way to do business with your public with your fans in the people listening out players fans. If you disagree in this is the way you want to be treated the atlas and more power to you myself personally I was very disappointed. I wanted to press conference. I want it to one of them the field all of the tough questions get about the way it's not the end of the world you bet you've won two World Series yet you've done a great job his owners. You've hit some speed bombs in I think they should have been accountable to that. Somebody should -- stepped up I thought Larry did I get credit in -- -- -- he did say that he did take some responsibility. By the Bobby Valentine hire I I appreciate all of that I just at a press conference was an order I thought the fans deserved. More if they had although sellout they deserve to hear. Inches now this fascination with it was Farrell is that number went flavor of the month. I still don't understand them. The Toronto finished. This year 73 and 89. In the last year 81 in 81. In his. 24 at 25. Last year it'll all -- and lower this year. So I don't understand if for arrow is supposed to be just pitching genius in you predict the interview we just had on about Ramiro in their struggles he had. What is so much of a fascination to get him and he got to give up compensation. Like I -- Mitt Romney listening to -- I have to tell how important are scrambling now -- benefit from early because we're being we are we going to be offer cut that number -- -- because of obesity -- 6177797. 937. Markets and you're all over the pleasure and -- -- -- the places we don't want sad that your going up eighteen years ago it's only seventy only feels like he feels like an eternity for a life sentence so you're upset the way the Red Sox handled the Arab media opportunities. We get opinions from you that's something no okay here's something why would like to hear how they handled the media opportunity because as it I have advanced care Vick because you want answers you -- know what went wrong so you won't repeat it you want to know or you know who did the hiring what did you how did you go about doing what happened during the year. To allow it to get this bad -- of firearm in Seattle these questions that I think fans does it right did you not listen to DNC Larry Lucchino Skype operate what made it's not you don't like our show now it's not not a question of that is not the same Larry said himself in his genius he said he right from -- respective. Keep him on a mob mentality OK there are people assuring upper burning torches and everything and Robert rock all right so it was the method it of the communications. That Europe set I didn't like I thought it was a cowardly way. Of the handling -- horrible season in handling the fact that they -- millions of questions out yet. It will not be answered now because they're -- animal -- you were not satisfied not at all Ares said to John and -- this week now I was not -- was forthright enough you think I was -- Howard you know I think right and it is I don't put it on Larry I think the you have to have. The ownership the -- And one of the questions I would ask what are you gonna do different this time around than you did last year at this time. -- -- -- credit for doing something different oh stop it -- -- -- you wanna suck up for Christmas at -- are -- go -- yeah. Listen I anticipated dates -- my calendar and I am sure Larry's not happy with me improbably nobody else over the areas. Let me tell you what we've told you over the years. The fact -- upset about it means that I still care the fact that people come wanna call and complain. And the media has questions to ask. Means they still care when you get to a point where people are no longer angry then you really have a problem with your product -- -- I think over the last. Thirty days or so. Since may be this Seattle. Breakfast or even before that may be needed the big trade with the Dodgers I think indifference was really the order of the day I don't think it was anything but we can't. When you get to the final last straw and you in the end it is much as people criticize Curt Schilling the different things -- what he did and I -- espionage that. The guy comes on the year. It the and they asked them a couple of questions about selling your sock yeah I have to so much argument about archer. Operator army collection well some of the other things that he might have to sell -- I have to saudis threw away -- whether he'll like Schilling I'm not. The guy eight. You answers the questions that's all -- that's -- that's on you losing. Both cheering. Now just -- I'm -- now I just wanted and -- would digging for days now just -- -- tradition and our traditional what happens is when you're sitting there in a press conference. That one person my last question it would trigger another thought and eventually. Every EU cover. Once and for our Craig which is arm asking for that that's why you won it. You wanna cover wants overall it's over item on talk about it anymore and you move on -- outlets organ oil smoke -- but I'm telling you -- -- -- when they hire a new manager at parliament place and everything nobody wants to talk about yesterday. Let's move on now that was before. And that's fine and you -- right to do that I won't take it as much a -- About Toronto though I and I don't understand why people. This Major League pitching this year they were 26 that Major League pitching the reds -- for a 27. Last year they were 24. So they got worse this year in pitching. So -- might be the guy the embryo we're learning and the more we're listening and Schilling said the same thing. In -- at -- all along. You know on it you don't care about him and to be in an -- -- guy you got a bench -- -- buck communities somebody can work with people you need somebody who -- to wait long. Season. -- make sure everybody's performing it it is a top level. And getting along OKA in working through brush -- is -- of the standoff that may be for -- will do that. The other big when he gets brought to people is fine -- -- -- guy what you wanna give up for compensation and talk about giving up and an everyday player awhile aren't that many everyday places. That they have left to beat him. I would look at it this way and you made a good point about a manager really is a psychologist more than anything else. Needs to understand and communicate with the front office needs that need to communicate with -- coaching staff and certainly there's operative. Seed that this -- -- -- -- about by the words today -- am I Africa's economic or borrow up now but every -- when leftists as one of -- five -- energy -- by the -- six point 7779. Point 93 separate note these are the paper ballot it got to go -- that much a partner for art -- -- that you're on the -- -- you to send me into Danny doesn't like that a mantra needs to communicate with the what do you think I said the players in the front -- and the coaching okay oh in the front office. I would like to believe -- gentlemen was this -- dollar that's why you have a press conference. High the manager. Always going to be calling the shots now because whatever you did last year. Didn't work why it's such a bad. Point him or listen intently is I was through the -- -- interview this morning it was in the parking lot Larry tried three different spaces before. That. I would you know out of the interview attend a lot of cross street compile a lot of that -- on their -- bumps and scratches aren't cognitive enormously important and I can't have and I think I -- but anyway I've Lucchino. Was as forthright as he would be -- he said he didn't like. How they did last year in congress has to be fair agreement how are they doing that we are exchanging roles here how they're OK okay Larry how did you two Atlanta last year they trotted Francona out. They trotted up the allow in they had Larry member there was there and that really awkward dog and pony show where all -- media gathered. Everybody could ask questions and we criticized the apps that now which I don't do not what we criticize him -- your jump at all. Now we criticize them because -- and and Larry couldn't get on the same page. You couldn't tell who was calling the shots that was out of the question you wanna know right now. Number one who is calling the shots. Who hiring the manager is -- going to be nights around a round table again. As is Bill James got to be reporting directly to John Henrik one of these unfair questions to ask listen. Ice I saw a Red Sox team I thought was resolute for the first time a long time they didn't wait. Longer than a few hours. After the game was over less than 24 hours about twelve hours after the game was over. Bobby Valentine was history to me that was progress I don't care how they explained it's the media behind closed doors or whatever was they got rid of Bobby Valentine expedition to get so does that solve your problems it it's certainly good first -- does that solve your problems it's a good first step because Bobby Valentine but was the worst hire opera I'm gonna be inflammatory here. The single worst hire in Red Sox baseball -- It who did that. -- -- -- -- I just am trying to find our. Now wait a minute trying to -- him this morning it's dramatic as their ass and says -- investigating our guy like -- -- database eleven like let's go like that that debate the other night I got all that energy as well. Like for incest or Barack I don't know whether it's going out on a date after the away by it anyway. Lean mean spirited about it. I care about the team. I even as John Farrell -- this lusting after Farrow the got to make the same mistakes they -- it would Valentine and just jump on the forest. Name that comes out let's put it I wouldn't want it let's put it this way from Bobby Valentine there's no word ago --

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