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Bill Lee looks back at the 2012 Red Sox

Oct 5, 2012|

The Spaceman always has an opinion and he has many, many thoughts on what went wrong with the Red Sox and how he didn't like Bobby Valentine being hired, from the start.

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Back at talk of baseball kind of it's like a wrapped and there's no pun intended to Bobby Valentine who invented the rap on that. I'm last year with the atmosphere of WEEI dot com who's in and around the -- such a Los everyday. We don't talk to a guy who used to be in -- -- -- recessed house every day space man bill Lee of -- -- Vermont hello space. Voters -- -- We got one more out same -- and then my got to shut him down and you know boy you watch this ball game it was like ugly throw the ball around the Braves didn't deserve -- win and then I seen. A call I never saw before. Infield fly rule called by an outfield preparation. That's crazy yeah -- -- by no replacement another showed him on there. Out of shape beat that what this call. At at at which you don't make that away but before we answer that widen the guy just catch. Well it was the shortstop event. He thought it was out there -- that the -- the outfielder was camp the crowd was yell at you know the Braves were the fans were yelling -- didn't -- -- I see that a lot. You know a close games but it was that left fielder's ball away now -- It's weird and this is what -- way to start with these one game super playoffs here -- -- into the what do you think of this system. I like last year which were. -- but two of the most exciting games you know. What do you think of this one game playoff -- me -- me obviously the Red Sox and right now I'm not like it it. Our -- and then on eight net 178. When you should have pitched in Torres page statement -- that's the bad taste maybe look in your mouth but they'll call. You know the fact that there was a delay in the fact that rookie Wilson supposedly gave him is that. And Tories didn't throw any warmup pitches in between. You know when he lost like three miles on his fastball when he through their ball I mean there's so many scenarios. It's a resident remembered by those I was I'm not is Mickey rivers debt Mickey rivers back yeah yeah yeah I mean there's so many think people realize who is managing the Yankees. Bob lemon that's right. You're go to the top of the list -- Added his name is Bob lemon. It charges that sanity you know and everybody said I say to this day as 78 team. Personnel wise was the greatest Red Sox team ever assembled. It was unbelievable and here number nine hitter is thirty home runs and that's exactly had such a big lead but never the kind of guy that did not uses that never came back on him -- it was Bob Bailey or not. Well you they brought him afterwards that was after pro ever and everything else. You know they traded -- on that last day of the trading deadline actually didn't trade him they sold him perhaps the waiver right to Cleveland because. To Cleveland because they couldn't make payroll. While I didn't know that old yet you look back they finance they club at seventeen and three quarters percent pro American finance corporation. Out of Ohio. That's -- And you told -- you said yourself. He said it was like a sudden I mean you say you sell your stock at thirty it's so -- Exactly the people vote a player who lawless and the press didn't go after mapped that they did not know. The fact I don't believe and the fact that what you look it's always like deep throat follow the money paid. Red Sox to just had a -- season. -- statistically wins and losses since 1965. Yeah when Dennis Pettit was on the team. I can't believe it yeah I was soft more US sea ML lost to Ohio State. In the old national championship. Now. This Bobby Valentine thing I know you're not a huge fan of him he's gone you're not surprised. Bobby Valentine went to the university Southern California for one week. Flunked out I let him do a national championship why did the the question is. Not that they hired Valentine. But why did they hire now. Now let's of people rescued now in retrospect I don't I mean I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt I was gonna give him one year until like toys pressed on. When I saw that -- Robert first when you're -- more. He had more -- that it here in line Connecticut and -- so you know regular December 2011 viewers had -- the terrible December 1. Yeah he did you watch him who watches bases mannerisms he did not want to be there it was like he was on fire. Each you've got to meet cute this Egypt that I don't kill anything I sit on the bench. You watch US almost got there -- -- US. Saltalamacchia. Got Pedroia yeah. They would've played for me you know wanted to -- the last two weeks of the season they. Were they knew they were going to a funeral of Valentine's and they were just nailed it -- in his coffin everyday a -- was off but it up intentionally. I -- that they. They knew that that -- was going out as he was being Iceland. I think -- the service you know I think you're right on that you watch. They have caught that up and stuff I mean I know baseball lights seen negate. I was that at the thing with pesky little we are sitting there on the foul line -- that. LaBelle was there he did a good job and then that they brought in Buckley you know and that was. That was buddy goes down at my wife that he did she get. He could user broke yet as beautiful broke structure at -- but that was cute dispensaries until the straight. Yeah a bit odd that they're right -- after me that I that overnight doctor Pedroia had stuck in May they agreed with me you know that's I mean they. They should never done it this this period of the Red Sox out why they hired I wanna know we actually the circumstances. Of their thinking -- what they were thinking about because. They weren't thinking. I mean I can give you go to the basic rundown which is that they were looking for it after seeing their clubhouse. The number of clubhouse issues they're in the publicity attendant upon them. In -- -- sabotage last September. You they felt that they needed someone who was going to be a different voice in order to connect with the clubhouse and Terry Francona so beaten higher not Terry Francona. Candidate was certain with Bobby Valentine represented that in part. And then they thought that based on the interviewing process. When they did bring him in and it was clear that he had the backing of the owners. They thought that they were that in what he showed in the interview process. That he would kind of be adaptable to the new circumstances and that he wasn't going to who's going to leave the -- there are behind. Turned out that wasn't quite right. Well now if I'm trying to defend of those bass man I would say well you know going out there are starting to play. Your one and two starters were ten games under 500. They were -- weren't doing well you're center fielder got hurt -- first half the season you know you're all star MVP candidate. It was was hurt Youkilis crap the bed get shipped out. Pitchers sucked I mean that you have a lot of excuses right bill I mean if your if your Valentine. Well you know what -- -- created those excuses by his attitude and spring train and they didn't wanna play him from the kitco. It's -- him toys and related wanna play for now. You know and either -- when Pedroia is that we don't do things like this in this organization right right -- Youkilis is back where they do they get ready -- put. And then they get -- everybody else and that's not a bad thing is they can't play anyway Gonzales I think it's over the hill you know. What did Crawford bring to this announcement that misery nothing you know nothing I mean that was that. This -- -- wherever inherit this club next year. He's got -- he not only that they have to bring the shipped back to shore yet to find the Titanic at the bottom of the ocean and put it back together -- I would ask you because you're left handed pitcher for a of of quite a lot of same in these here parts and not just for your record breaking. Winning a professional baseball game at the age of 65 play as coaches don't play today so. Doug Lester OK he's going to be key to any Red Sox resurgence -- -- next year or the year after. What does he have to do to get back to form because you and I sat behind home plate watched from not too long ago and you describe some of his issues. Well he's got to go to Malkin tied with me on the coldest day of the year. And then if he makes it back from the out of his sport -- You know and first of all the philosophy that I sent this letter that John Henry earlier in the season I don't know was delivered but their whole -- beyond pitching is wrong. You have to take your strength coach in writing about the pesky -- That's the first thing you do then you take all the pitchers and all you do is you play pepper. You do squat you do. Pitching drills you do baseball you throw it throw batting practice and the first thing you know you throw the ball over the plate. And you try to make people from the plate to be and like ordered the -- like work. You don't do cutters around the corner you don't do backdoor this and that yeah because umpires are gonna call it hitters aren't gonna swing at it and the games are gonna go -- Four -- and you pitch counts which they live on now is gonna go high early you got to go back to the majority partners Johnny saying over the head wind up. You know pick Paul has said it best you can't pull back. You can't pull offs that right even more muscle which can't pull back -- -- fifth. -- I have to -- mother's second alum right on the on the same page reviewed here you -- -- -- fat and. Can't pull. In the funny thing is these guys are too lean mean they got a very elected barred the guy from college yet he. If I had him just wind up straight throw the ball as natural sleep right over the middle -- plate yeah that is natural velocity. Event brought occasional curve ball and make him throw batting practice. All of 45 minutes in Atlanta hit every pitch. And that's the key to pitching every pitch I throw I want to be hit right I want it to be put in play and that's not the way they've -- to give the red side. -- yet you've got a pitch to contact express he would pitch -- so key in this in this world. So the Red Sox have effectively been blown up they've been ordered. They Jones got an infield base hit on a broken bat single. This looks like a spring training game. -- -- his two outs now on the Atlanta Braves is 63 bottom of the ninth and Chipper Jones who made the heinous error breaks the bad. Yeah and gets an infield base hit and -- there's a very -- in the big -- -- and he had stopped reading dubbed son of a operatic I know made it like that are among the -- course yes radio though -- you can watch it on. They got before we let you go here wanna ask you what do you like in this post season right now and how amazing are those Oakland Athletics. Oakland Athletics I love them to chili Davis he was with the Red Sox AAA. He and I were out there with the big -- that we we talked about working in heavy and everything else. He helped the hitters over there they believe in themselves. There are -- great. Team right now and a lot of Red Sox player on it so. You should be -- for Oakland if you're Red Sox say OK so is that that your only broke into autopilot broke when I -- for the giants on the Bay Area guy. Because there's going to be yet earthquake out of the double up there now government. Of Ireland -- plate. Let's go watch it we're gonna do the same during a break space vague great talking to anybody thank yeah about the job -- they wanna give their okay thank you spokesman ability. The only at 51 wins in three years three years that's not bad. Left hander -- now Alex if -- who can get seventeen wins a year for three straight years what is contract look like well especially if you are averaging about 275. Win if you're different you're right and that he would. Well Cliff -- would be of a point of departure in those that's right that's where you start to market.

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