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Looking at the Red Sox farm system and talent evaluation

Oct 5, 2012|

Mikey and Alex Speier talk more about the possible future of the Red Sox, who the new manager will be and what offseason moves or call-ups the team may make.

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Now wait -- braves are gonna play the game it's under protest at it this is like an erupting into a nightmare for Major League Baseball Alex beer. Well people are going to be watching now and it's it's about as good to bring -- more pins in the game. As it was when when that rocket they need blew up in Daytona or something now -- it was. A rocket blew up in you know metaphorically speaking tourists yes in this game between the Braves in the cardinals I'll man it's just so we're latest texas' -- baseball so -- You have unbelievable retention. Just about weird things several five guys but I appreciate that I appreciate the props. I you have great retention and I have no attention. -- there's there's a middle ground there my attention span has been described by people who know. As that of a goldfish. And a partner tap on the glass from the -- there's a reason it shouldn't swims away sure sure but perhaps their -- that's because they're concentrating on something else that's -- -- underestimate the goldfish local I have one named Joey the issue at my house. It is Christmas present from the from the staff here at that WEEI. Five years ago when he's doing great doing great. Flourishing just like -- the fish the producer yes right it you know particularly flourishes as much as he thinks he's flourishing. I care because they care that's terrific I have Timothy the dog now that I just got two days ago he's in new arrival at. At my house a ship a Shetland Sheepdog and mammals and other reviews -- because that why not he's only weeks old there's a lot of gone. Our new phone number 6177797937. When -- -- your phone calls right now and may be a little while we'll hear from the space man about this awful Red Sox season and what the weirdness is going on right now and the one game playoff with the Atlanta. And it in Atlanta. The Saint Louis cut it's just bizarre. Meanwhile XP of WEEI dot com -- sitting in here with us and he -- he knows everything with unbelievable retention about baseball Bob in the car. -- You don't could not to. -- -- do an hour during the winter wrote all the dust or -- there are a lot of spot yet the that the ratings would be just buffalo yeah yeah and Thursday night -- 7 o'clock can be good times that. Don't even get me started on says Erica brawl anyway. All in the secret routes will remain the case or not. Yes he was injured all year serving on the DL for themselves. They'll still has to keep them up on the Major League roster threatening the first 45 almost. You know being injured exactly exactly roster -- arm. -- -- minor leak questions first called cops for our barrel public Alex will. I think that might be a little bit low on the part of from what the jays have won because Wilson's now. The potential impact guy in the bullpen but I I think that you know if you look its use. The construct of what the Marlins gave up and their merits their system was terrible last year but they still give up the guys during their numbers four and five overall picks. Wilson would barely be in May be the top twenty years so. Because he's a reliever at this point so I think that might be a little bit low for what Toronto is -- wouldn't -- bargaining -- media going with the Toronto Blue Jays he says look you can finish and sixteen games under 500 without Ferrell. Yeah yeah well I think it I do wonder how hard the the blue -- are going to fight because I do think that they're. Yeah you hear us. We hear you about article by I don't know what would happen -- -- we've also nuclear saying it was a change has we are we ready for this to other minor league quest with work where applicant called back. That new number out in the bowl maybe it's his fault but I do think that it's worth pointing out that John -- things are not hunky dory with John Ferrell in the Toronto organization right now at least it doesn't seem so. Based on -- Omar Vizquel comments the fact that there one of their TV broadcasters Gregg -- -- also kind of credit was critical of of the remark of his holds in his ability to kind of show young players that they were consequences. Or lapses -- sort of things so. I do wonder whether or not the blue jays are going to fight really hard. The the whole area scenario is of course you know Red Sox -- Chris Carpenter of the guy who make up for the go to the blue jays. -- you know call that a trade of Theo for fair Roland you know. Yes I guns recoverable there was of course is to remain in baseball guy got treated for himself remember that story -- But I ended up being the player to be named later yes twice for himself you know witches. Real bizarre but when it comes to trade my my favorite all time moment was Casey Stengel. -- his backup catcher. In between games of a doubleheader. Said now don't look now one of -- got traded to Kansas City in that that it is that's if that's -- relayed the news out of in typical Casey passion let's go to Bob and a card tomorrow back yes. Well we waited but -- -- number two all he's ever been on the radar from manager but it. Just out of respect they should they interview -- by -- -- is an interesting one because obviously he has a lot of organizational credibility having managed in -- for the last couple of years Portland for a couple of years before that. You know good baseball man. I do wonder whether or not a I think that he should be they should talk to him about. About being on the Major League staff or. And you know I don't think it's of the realm of possibility talking to about being a manager but my guess is that they're going to want someone. Who does have some Major League coaching experience or playing experience. In Baylor doesn't have that yet so I do my guess is they've done is they've missed shorter term. To be considering a coaching staff consideration. And then with the possibility of being a manager a little bit further down the road by what Don Baylor. -- I think that might be it. -- by I think that might be getting into the removed from you know removed from the line of fire question but I I have all the respect in the world for Arnie Baylor he was. He he's he's terrific he's done a really great job of you know of getting of continuing guys progression through farm system. On -- Maliki give some tight timeline on. But although -- in your mind and I'll throw all my out Jackie Bradley. Possibly price brands you know kind of like according Iraq separate out into right fielder. All and -- last week as far and it's gonna hit at Coronado and -- and. And I'll answer the last part first Matt Barnes is clearly ahead of -- Renato entity Renato didn't pitch after July after the first week of July. As a result of what was first described as dead arm Internet -- biceps and arrangement. Yeah actually just through the fall instructional league and looked pretty good the velocity was back up around 9293 which is better than it was in Portland. But Matt -- showed quite a bit more in what he was able to do. In Greeneville and Salem this year so. Matt Barnes is is ahead of him although I think that maybe the two guys that they got. In the dodgers' trade Alan Webster ruby Della Rosa might even be ahead of Barnes based on their complementary breaking stuff. In addition -- -- pretty high octane fastballs. It in terms of your other questions Jackie Bradley in price brands to outfielders who probably figure. Potentially significantly into the Red -- future I think that both of them could be ready sometime in two when he thirteen. When that I would be a little bit hesitant to conclude I think that. If you look at Jackie Bradley his career progression was really outstanding in high Salem. Great when he first got to double -- and any struggled down the stretch it's pretty similar what Jacoby l.'s very experienced in his first professional season. If you use that as the benchmark then talked about a guy who may be by mid 2013. Could be a Major -- consideration. Rents. Is kind of following prince -- will Mittal Brooks finished this year. I am not quite the same performance level. But in terms of a guy who you know who was making some adjustments -- play yeah. It was a little bit behind the curve when he first got to AAA then he had a really good run in the post season but. I think it sometime in two when he thirteen you'll probably see him maybe it's only in September. You'll see -- -- up I see both of them being potential every day guys by 2014. One of them is probably going to fall off of that projection but right now. Both of them by 2014 could be everyday Major League players in double -- you really kind of separated a lot of than the men from the boys is a pitching gets so much better than the sequencing is totally different that was the things -- -- -- a lot. That he had to learn plate discipline and he made some advances this year and that by. It was imperfect he's still struck out -- time so sometimes a guy comes through with great plate discipline in advance of that taken taken jump through them in the ranks quickly exactly which is what Jackie Bradley junior by Jackie Bradley junior could well LeapFrog guy like price -- who was Jackie Bradley senior pat. I just as a. Junior's dad Libby was there any reason. And other words Ken Griffey junior I understand -- they're never gonna Ken Griffey senior human Ken Griffey. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- densities lawmen -- you're next on the planet Mikey show then go ahead. Oh I don't sell Alex -- Alan all I'm great what's up Dan I don't know a quick question and I do not understand why this guy's name not to mention. So far as -- it has been it's been. I'm very much on the periphery. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's been mentioned -- not to may be as often as some of these other guys but Tony -- has been a manager. He's been great catcher there we go again catcher and bench coach for the -- us. You know. It'll pension and outstanding that was like always be -- and I'm sure yeah well and you measure here that you actually didn't and that's the position that I wanna go and I -- not watch. Are you about Arnold so adamantly opposed -- -- I am gonna I would like to see the bought Red Sox. Take a step back take a deep breath. And say let kids younger -- scared. Hello measure that little more yeah. Fundamentals would be -- as we gotta think fundamentally different. And I'm I'm as what are your audio and disable Pena and about that position. In terms of what Google for a topic Errol the right guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Couple thoughts first is you know I think that he was that the manager of the year in Kansas City back in I think 2003. If memory serves. The fact that he wasn't on the list of Red -- candidates last year. When the guy who was his GM when he was the manager in Kansas City Allard Baird. Is a very prominent voice in the Red Sox front office means he's probably not going to be part of the search this time around is as a guest. In my. My feeling is that Tony -- is a very very highly respected baseball man. On the Red Sox obviously have an emphasis on guys who who fit within the greater construct of the organization. And I'm not sure maybe maybe that's the reservation about a guy like Pena are we going to be died in the wool trapping is it dugout baseball guy right right you know and might not be. The one who's you know. Who approaches advanced metrics you know for defense or whatever. In -- in you know spray charts what have you in the same fashion I don't know any of that first hand and just kind of taking stabs at why wasn't Tony Peña part of. Masters last year right good point Allard Baird his former boss. Was with the Red Sox very good point by Alex they're all good you know you got great retention. Okay Saint Louis again you know they did again as so I just keep doing that all the time they sneak in there. Somehow and good for them a sad note for the people land another got to go out side that ball park there whatever it's called Turner Field or whatever. They go try to find some kind of transportation back to train station which takes forever that ball mark. That's not the saddest part about the saddest part is that the season's over. -- spears here from WEI dot com. I'm your host Mike Adams and yes I have been around much because so well have been preempted a lot but -- that's over and as the only silver lining for me in the red sex not being and his that I get to you Greg it's coming to work. And do some actual radio -- oh by the way I -- mention given new phone number and -- open lines for you tonight all -- -- -- to ready. 6177797. 937. Okay now. Like I did that appear remembered it package that's a new number we do again 617. -- quick version. Excellent seven cents at 979237. Ago also tomorrow at noon -- drinking beer. At the October fest in Newport, Rhode Island I went -- last year's great unbelievably. Beautiful women everywhere you look and the year how can you go wrong. That's tomorrow at noon. In -- -- the water you know where it is and then Sunday Alex I get to -- to stack hers and -- Massachusetts. Where they're gonna be watching football all day I'm getting there at 330 of you want to -- drinking -- W indeed drinking beer that day job. -- -- pictures give a courses at 425. -- against the Denver Broncos were all really excited about that so if you're going to be anywhere in that area drop might say hello that's backers. In Amherst -- will have some wings on some beer you know and more beautiful women walking around which makes your Sunday football even that much better you're. You're like one of the a royalty figure in coming to America very impressive throw petals movies -- -- -- -- my Q&A dress like that there. Now Alex -- so who's next for Saint Louis. Washington they're going to be hosting well the bright they're going to be hosting the nationals for games one and two and I'm going to Washington. Or three in potentially four and five right. Right so. Here we go from here now. And -- and weird also this new system in that you you know you don't get the home field advantage right out of the gate right that's it for this year only but they couldn't work it work it out because they were. Changing the system on the fly they couldn't work it out where these sorts just this year just this year it's going to be a two to one format going forward PO but this year it's -- -- and the Yankees will have the same opportunity to go on to the road and me right -- he's in right Baltimore or in Texas correct precisely. There we have it our phone number again six or seven set a seven -- 7937 and Pete is in Boston next on the planet Mikey show hope beat. Made by might there -- a great show I love Michelle thanks I have a two part question for Alex but people like dude at. Mike you wanna ask you when you gonna bring back you'll. Things song you know addition that the moment shall we -- do that -- annualized by requests and -- and he is by requests like you wanna hear it. Sure we're -- -- I admit they the united content but you should hear -- all the time in my you know first among you don't played in the analysts. Don't directs directly stolen. All open and the -- -- shall not by me out of my lawsuits coming down and meet for this. But one of our production guys who will go on name therapy just. Stole it and throw it on the -- and it's been just a huge hit ever since its. It's like candle in the wind blowing up the charts but yeah yeah I think -- -- -- so what's on your plate that I am different. I hit a two part question for Alex. Alex earlier this year and the Red Sox signed up they young prospect. Allowed attended the -- yet. From Australia. His name -- you McGrath and no -- A great retention wondering what can you tell me about him. Short data McGrath is I believe that he's eighteen years old now he he spent the year I'm completing his education and Australia -- and then pitching. A little bit in the Australian in the Australian baseball league so. Yes and been over to pitch in the states yet but. The Red Sox really like his really like his stuff. Left handed good frame has he now runs his fastball up into the low ninety's but the fact there is a relatively limited amateur experience has. Has break you know shows a breaking ball shows and have some sense of what a changeup is obviously pitching in that level you don't really. Yet -- the real measure of of the full arsenal but he's competed very successfully in international play they like him a lot he's going to be coming to the states. Next season I wonder if I'm not sure appease me instructional league this year is like his eyes he's AT yeah yeah just a high school -- signed young his mom is from doing is from Massachusetts all. In so there was like there was a real deep abiding affinity. For him to want to sign with the Red Sox in the Red Sox also have. The coach of the Australian national team. John evil as 1 as their Pacific rim scouting coordinator so it was it was it was a a no brainer in many respects and I can understand that did that geographical ties into my wife's from Sydney. Ohio. Well it's it's just the same it's a very tensions in the -- went -- and you can go home again OK so Pete how do you know about this kid. So willing you know on mine only -- -- yeah -- yeah I know he's way way way far away from the major leagues next year who probably my guess is that we'll start. In extended spring training and then you'll see him in the in the rookie level Gulf Coast League so. The lowest rung of the minor league -- based on the degree of experience that he house. -- great. -- OK of information appreciate it good deed ever dreamed of Maria -- yellow and the question is I -- take it chipped week. On and down. On one pitch Sunday at San Francisco Giants. His name is Cain -- Lincecum. You think if he could be a good fit for the Boston Red Sox. Lincecum is an interest statement because obviously he had a couple of years there or use is the best pitcher in the game back -- excite young winner ended up signing. A huge contract as a result of that what happened to mr. yell out well that's that's the big question and you always wonder with guys who have. Such tremendous success early which means tremendous workload early. Whether or not it's sustainable. And obviously this year. You had a drastic. -- a drastic downturn in terms of his numbers are particularly throughout most of the first half I believe that there was some correction there. Down the stretch but he and Jon Lester were describes you know is kind of in a similar place meaning. You know meeting puzzles riddles in terms of what had happened to them right the idea where it was to dominate so. I think that you know there's -- he's still he's still with the giants he still has I wanna say the you'd that he has another season before idea before it reaches free agency. And so next year is obviously a huge season. Warmed to determine what exactly he has yet ten and 15518. ERE this year yeah I was. You know basically double what he had done in the previous in previous years so Lester was better than him this year and those those five. -- going to be striking -- a -- an -- which is you know which is significant marker -- at the home runs about the wild pitches you know went way -- the home -- went up considerably so. He's Ariza got stuff we can't -- worry wants to argues. -- all right all right 6177797. 937 it's a new number it's rendered today. It did give -- completely devoid your phone of 885850. References now. Because it's all on FM baby you know were -- grew up to date now everything's on FM says. You know all the kids do and two or as modern as the jets in the ahead and dad that new numbers the number three to call it on the radio stations so many view participate as program which -- caller driven program caller dominated program writers on here.

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