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Alex Speier gives some thoughts on the Red Sox future

Oct 5, 2012|

Mikey is joined by Alex and they talk about the Red Sox firing Bobby Valentine, where the team has to go from there and how they rebuild.

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Alex spirits -- WPI dot com and does so very well we're happy to have ministerial Alex how are you. It's great I mean I mean -- Mikey are you may have -- -- -- I'm good there's no better way to celebrate the end of a season like showed -- in planet Mikey at at a Friday night you know and will be grinding things into the due to -- dust and dust grist. That whenever I'm trying to say you know I am I'm not I don't have. It's two things let's start with this what do you make go from what you think of the one game playoff situation what's your insider opinion. As we know as you just mentioned to me as I now know. What a bad night for chipper how this could be his last game ever and talent but what happens if so it's of his own doing because he he had a potential double play ball. On a hard hit Carlos Beltran ground ball early in the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it dealt with Mel -- Milwaukee Milwaukee Tito was on that team and elsewhere -- was on that team and Sheffield. Was nineteen years old and throwing BBs in the seats and arch -- stadium. So this this whole thing -- where you got one game now I mean avid. Really kind of cheer for the Orioles based on what they've accomplished this year as it goes for Oakland I think that they therein and there that you know they won the division so. Texas now after winning the league divisional -- -- -- dropped this one game scenario against Baltimore. Luckily there had have a game at home maybe but these are one game up pretty extreme and really we now know. The division matters it's no more of this kind of no more of this kind of like. I had no slow march irrelevant march when you have. You know when you have two teams that have pulled away from everyone else yes in division I mean we watched all of these yankees Red Sox series. Not recently but a few years ago in which. Both of them had their ticket punched in the post season basically around September 1 they'd both be resting of their regulars and really not giving a crap about. Who won the division and who is wild card right. So it's the times they are change and has won games that mean I'm still America to make any real judgment and hopefully -- -- kind of plays out. Because you can say all you want about this one game and if these teams are eliminated next series anyway does -- small. But it's it's interesting to keep as many teams in the in the hunt an interest that I guess a little bit longer. Yet what everybody's been saying from day one we heard about this one game just isn't enough. True it's not a fair measure of what -- team has accomplished over a 162 games it doesn't show you. Which team is better but again three game series don't to a much better job of that -- game series. -- we -- a slightly better job of that. And really it's thrilling baseball we know there's a winner take -- game pitcher what do -- it would be if there were like. Two different three game series and both of them are sweet sweet you know I don't blame right yes no immediate and I'm again it might turn out to be just great and we may look at all right all week and that. Now nobody. Expect the Red Sox not to be in this. At the beginning of this year for a lot of different reasons. So many things went wrong given well chronicled you yourself have gone through and said okay well you know here's kind of -- here's what shook down mission this this season. How much of it. Is it is valid to put on. Bobby Valentine shall. I think there's a pretty reasonable amount that can be put on Bobby Valentine -- I mean. First of all we have to get to the responsibility for hiring him and I did think that it was kind of odds that the Red Sox. Yesterday. Especially Larry Lucchino in all of the little tiny break out sessions that he had with each media outlet yeah never did they under the words it was a mistake to hire him. In fact they denied it was a mistake this -- well you know the -- from now at the time it was sensible decision and frankly I was on board when they hired him I thought that it made. I I understood the rationale so I can't be too critical of him that said in retrospect. I think that I've made a mistake in thinking that it could be good thing I think it was it was a misjudgment on my part of being fit. This guy who was going to be you know who represented basically. You know who represented grenade was going to leave the -- and over the course -- -- at an infected old you know a couple of pretty quickly and he's self pulls the pin out and yeah I would. So and well and even if he doesn't the players are so on edge waiting for the -- to be sure anytime you know even if it didn't detonate they think that it's going to which is why. It was just too fragile and environment to insert him into he wouldn't have known quantity. Unlike the Texas job unlike the Mets job bitten on going you know and in the organization basically knew him except as. No one had been kind of professional colleagues with. No I was a name that you're aware of but but again made the MO is something that not many people are obviously were were familiar with that would be different. If Jim Leland had been called back after ten years of not managing. Or someone of that -- or or or Tony La Russa right for example who's got his major -- may have success. With Bobby Valentine having never won a World Series having been last time manages Japan. -- a kick out of out of the media you want a journey -- That's a message you know -- well. Tell anybody out of out of the ESPN -- I had know about that part I do think that there have been guys you know that he did have a meaningful track record of success. Let's not disparage his accomplishment of having gotten the Mets you know to an NLCS and in a World Series. Pat that he was a great unbelievable in game manager at that time I don't think that he was. That he was as compelling as impact voting -- manager this -- -- -- an American League nationally differences because of this roster is because of his his layoff of ten years maybe it might be an American American League nationally certainly affected because the manager can -- less influence in the world which you have. A DH in David Ortiz rather than. Having the -- constantly in motion. With regards to you know citizen -- -- at various titles switch yeah well acted stuff so that inherently makes the American League manager to my mind. In game less impact -- But I also just think that he struggled so long to have. To have appeal for the pitching staff and you know April I feel like I thought he did a really good job between let's say may. And end of July mid July even those kind of burning guys -- but I thought that in game. His approach his strategy of I mean it's a win this game was OK was OK in April he really struggled with know when to let the guy you know with no -- when the pulled Daniel Bard for instance. Vs letting him walk seven guys have -- -- Get a Alex autos and on what goes doesn't get one for a break down all these play. His review began all the all of that failings of this team on -- -- -- a year and and a and also look into the future. A little bit and try to analyze maybe where their biggest needs are winners get a front. I want everybody to now we got Alex here you can call -- -- your questions as he's been on the and the scene of the case on the story. From day one every single day in and around the Red Sox and all that they're dealing with -- of course on WPI dot com for your reading pleasure. On a regular basis were also a number of -- right punch a ticket this writer and amateur circuit area and I didn't sing if you call -- a -- you'll personal -- It goes. Parity 6177797. -- 9237. I mean I was really good thank you yeah I'm Maggie -- lives are good to jingles. Mark isn't lol when Alex beer on the planet Mikey show. Mark. I got to order that thinks you mark. Good thanks just ordered what you think about about the possibility of -- -- and talk -- good -- Kevin Youkilis again. And Vatican experts say that was Bobby Brown's arms fall losing him. Yeah I think -- it's fair to stated did Bobby Valentine lost Kevin Newcomb is pretty clearly and in fact I think that early. Youkilis was one of the people who is perhaps more responsive to him during spring training. Before before obviously that situation was napalm a little bit in the middle of in the middle of April 9 games into this season by the way that. Now it just would be Youkilis is a player. I've heard this said and it was maybe writer bit ago or somebody. Was at my phone yet despite a I should turn that -- Is Youkilis a an old 33. I don't really know what that means he's a post prime player clearly and so there are various skills that are in decline. He was no one of the best offensive players the American League. When he could hit for average and power. He sustain the -- he he showed the power when he was with Chicago yes fifteen bombs in something like eighty gain something like that yet so you know that projects to being a thirty home run guy. I do think it you know clearly he's in kind of the descent stage of his career. I think it however his relationship of Boston. At large might have run its course because. You know let's not forget that there was there were dynamic there were problems with the dynamics that he faced and in the Red Sox clubhouse I do think it. He was greeted with some suspicion as to whether or not a -- ball he was the mole cry uncle molten. In even -- -- -- now gun and he was the most adamant one -- turn this now here's the ball chaser I have right right exactly. But I think I my sense in in talking to people. You know Kevin. Was that he had kind of he he was ready to move on to a different stage of his career. Out but it doesn't want to back -- -- iron sand -- are we being -- -- -- Well I think he's a good player to acquire because if he does bounce back is a pretty good player for the White Sox he's one of the best free agent first baseman available to terrible free agent first baseman market yes it is their old. Right I mean he was playing third base for the White Sox who still has the versatility to commend him but. I can see I can see a number of teams being in interested in him honestly when I saw what it was of personal. Student he had was when he played first base residents to go over there. That he was really great and that he moved back to third and I'm looking at grange do you know his -- down I think. Maybe his jump or adopt you know McCracken the batteries. I I think he's lost -- -- also. You know 235 batting average could disappoint for Kevin Youkilis -- any phase of his career. Yeah Abbott the on base is still pretty Garrett is still pretty good of the slug and so pretty good striking out a lot though for. Our sport. But it's what is any indicator -- -- -- of our larger work and yeah he wins it. Yeah I mean he's he can errors he cares a lot and he will work to be really you know to be as good as he can possibly be but I do think that. This is kind of a conversation that's been -- been going on for a couple of years. It Youkilis was probably probably had worked so hard in thrown himself around so much that in the -- you know there was going to be a point where. That took its hold on his that led to her and erosion of skills yet and we saw happen. Also you know I think he can't. Stress enough how that might -- in net. That feeling about him in the Red Sox clubhouse because. Of what had transpired September of 2011. And then the the action via via the aftermath of that and you know there was talk of him beaten the mall. There was and I think but I think that those issues were really left behind in spring training by and large but even so I do think that. The drama kind of wore on Kevin just was you know eight. Josh Beckett talked about this with with rob Bradford while ago how when they when they make up your mind -- mines that you know that you're no longer. The right guys then it's really difficult were to reverse that and yet out. The only -- to -- to play extremely well and have people you know transform back into being on your side which could play does and I you know I talked about that a broad sense for the Red Sox. You know the way to bring fans back they're there there there -- attending the ballpark -- you know. But they're not into it they don't have the edge they used to have they don't have that their cottages there are going through the motions. And what Boston fans need to be and I think the players need them to be this is hard edged demanding. Write your face off baseball fans Donnelly. Stay apprised of everything his economic team. Chair moment to moment and -- baseball sense what they're doing on the field I saw that. Really diminished this year. Of course it diminished and you know in September but I actually think the opposite was true I think that for all the for all of the kind of -- it's talked about the Red Sox sellout streak and all of that. I really think that turn out remain pretty extraordinary. Over a month of the worst baseball that we've seen I mean they didn't most of the time they were showing up without hope of winning. The fans that turn out there was really I I haven't looked at this so at this a little bit of guesswork but I would guess that from September 1 on. The Red Sox averaged more fans actually at the park. In the Oreo which is fine but if we would would Josh Beckett have gotten away without being booed as long as he did and hit it he really wasn't booed heavily even at the point where he was getting vote. In 86 or 75. You know it with more of a population of real I say uses in quotes of real baseball fans as -- I don't know because that wasn't around here and tell the until the mid ninety's for so it's a little bit different -- fair question. Yes so I don't know I don't know what the answers but I actually thought the back it was held to. Considerable accounts he was booed throughout the 2010 season in 2011 when he was. One of the five best pitchers in the American League until the last couple weeks of the season. He was you know praised brightly and then in 2012 there was suspicion you know I think that he was held. Two pretty high count he was pretty held to a very high standard. It's such that even when he was pitching really well. People are still remain skeptical of and so I know I don't wanna go down the road saying that people didn't there yeah I thought that he. He was constantly lightning rod when he was I deserve to be every step away I just adhering. You know he when he came off the field after failing once again miserably you know midsummer. I expected here the whole park stand in -- the guy. Is based on it as a baseball thing as the I don't reverting back the old days of February. Teacher asked food price -- You know I mean the greatest player they had you know Jim Scott -- You know play -- like that started don't have the frame of reference to Joseph at a -- go ahead you're on the planet Mikey show without fear. -- -- Where's Joe's car and those are jobless sign industry now is that bill and bad enough bill go ahead you take Joe's spotted you don't mind. Hey no prom mom will Ottoman era go. Round. And what we -- open field. I'll be back current data these op body weight -- that you look back -- I mean it's not. -- shot to right field but argues -- outlet for eight. That we overpaid. -- here at the -- in -- -- in that -- didn't work out too well the Dodd is finished out of the while. Now it was well it certainly wasn't there it didn't lead to a sudden resurgence of of Adrian Gonzales remains desperately mediocre out there. Actually it's better out there right and -- I think that shoulder but not seen what prompted. Becker though did go 45 starts without a win you know. You know the thing about the it's will be -- -- -- at -- players and that's what's in the -- it's the law. The east you all Red Sox in the Asia also look the picnic area anyway. -- that I wanna touch. What are on barrel -- -- -- Simmons on today from the Tron newspaper. An Italian shall -- not yet nature net that's why would be lucky there's some big compensation act to be some decent player off the we are -- losses in not necessarily that report. Which it later on my palm news from mark Kelsey and not really cut Errol. But Hubble Tony Peña so my dad I put a lot like to see -- to try to come back and be -- I'm agencies. I don't let's ask Alex who in his mind would be that it Bratton lists of potential candidates aren't like management oil if you were the guy out to make that choice -- -- top three on your list. Well I I think that there's obvious comfort with Ferrell but I I think. Bill your point your point is a -- one there has to be. A considerable question about whether or not about how much are going to pay -- I think that you know -- I think the John Farrell is worth giving up Felix to -- no I do not I do not that you wanna. Give up a potentially you know potential starting pitching centerpiece -- for a number of years so. You know if it's up for NG guys someone who has the chance to maybe be you know a starter but not a star then you know been in short you considerate but. I do you consider Daniel knobs are Taylor issue but you know that's a little while should be an interesting when it does upside you know so I think that that might be. That might honestly be fair 'cause I think that. You know he has a chance to be. To be an -- in an average to above average starting player in the major leagues but potentially not a superstar. He's you know. Right now he's kind of in the -- window of considerable skills to collide carries about right yeah except -- except for except approach is very different because there are questions about -- in terms of make up. You know and willingness to play through injuries -- about Palin's Yahoo! desperately -- who they aren't your roster is very similar you don't really know for sure you take -- chance because they could be -- they've shown flashes of brilliance -- but you know. Rod Roddy what did you think analysis our resolve how to make one B what do you mean we have salary I know we can assign Ortiz. -- -- probably want you to deal possibly yeah. -- -- And I were vesting option or something I wanted yeah I think he might the economic. Now the problem is this slight wind out of -- it will actually result of course we you look at it we. That worries -- I Ortiz can hit don't get me wrong but it should be equality -- because. I'm a little concerned. You know that it would pop -- -- you know when I know -- that's fifteen million this year. In we thought that PH that it isn't Ortiz and yet not all -- well. -- you know are all up. The kit from -- I -- we -- some problems drug Josh Hamilton yeah well no you know no Hamilton eight know him -- him. -- dropped the ball also sent -- some problems despite. In -- -- is concerned about that its optical. Activities but. Well they put the plug on something what they. Now that's interesting question bill on him it only because he is them without question the marquee name available a free agents a Red Sox need left fielder. Some might city right -- to. First base right right. Third base pretty much locked up shortstop still in the -- is that a little bit up in the air I think they're comfortable with what they have and house especially -- Yeah I think that they're they feel like they can move forward at shortstop with what they have even though of course -- explore whether or not there's an upgrade available. What if Texas makes -- -- available -- of out -- love that -- -- -- I think a lot of people do we -- -- the price would be considerable sure. You know the shorts up he's been such a confusing issue for the Red Sox not just. Now but during their successful round of 04 through 07 -- you still had the -- it's -- -- you know revolving door shortstop game going on it's just been a point of they can't get it settled since -- but -- in the insisting it would be interesting to get beyond the question of the revolving door in just to look at the overall production they've had their position. Because sure they've changed it up that they had above average production offensively at least from scooter not defensively because his shoulder made that -- out. But he was a good offensive player for the match up pretty good idea. -- Lowery had a stretch in 2008 where he was a well above average offensive shortstop and defensive shortstop go figure you could count on -- there at all you couldn't 2008. That was when he played through with a broken wrist and he got mad props for that but in subsequent years I think he became bit gun shy. Because you know he had mistress that required surgery in -- let him keep playing on now so you know they got really good production that year they had. Interest they had -- -- enough production as a from place holders like. Nick Green and Alex Gonzales club does not -- -- who doesn't about -- why that's that's one thing that's always crush me they have twice. Well I didn't keep. Yeah so the interesting thing is that basically my -- was Alex Gonzales this year. He didn't have the same flash but if you look at just the number of balls that he got to deal with the same guy terrible on base guy guy with power -- You know -- power well above average power honestly. Never shortstop in my Kabila was a very good defender this year you know I know that people puts it -- you -- -- really compare notes and I offensively short. Because Alex Gonzales is range wasn't great when he was here in 2009. It was on the decline it wasn't what it was in 2006. Analysts say Harris is still had -- to seize the handles unbelievable he was that what -- shortstop defensively unbelievable the best that we've seen in Boston ever. I act I can't attest to that but certainly the best that I've seen in Boston during that time I go back to the sixties and you know I'm not the review Rico was great betterment. -- you go through time Rick Burleson had a gun but. I go to his right. In orbit at this director tells me it was so easy it was really want is really really exceptional at short but it is terrible hitter that year. US there was that. Kevin in Boston says a -- Alex -- I you don't Alex other great Kevin what's going on. I hope it's little. It would take a -- guys in Chicago organization. Minor -- you manager Tom. -- -- You have little Mac he's he's actually now on the Major League coaching staff joined Robin Ventura staff and he's up he's a guy who has. Who has some some familiarity with the Red Sox bench coach for the I've forgotten he's been such a debate now he's third base their -- -- about but he's a guy who has credibility within the Red Sox organization by virtue of the fact that he played for the -- Sox in the last year. Of his playing career actually played with Pedroia. And in some of the other guys who who kind of where my particular getting through the estimate that you as the grizzled veteran on the way down they were on the way up and down at lunch or some other guys that some other guys played with them. So I think there's some value in fact I raise a good point because they think there's some value perhaps to some familiarity with your organization so you don't have a complete outsider with the suspicions. It's surrounded Bobby Valentine and not that anyone else we'll have those kinds of suspicions around in the budget. May I I don't know him personally but he is widely viewed as a terrific baseball mind. Have in -- future excellent manager. Whether or not he is that guy right now I couldn't tell you I wouldn't want to handicap the process. In so far as yeah last year. Who would've thought that end up with Bobby Valentine when we thought that he wasn't even going to be interviewed and what's funny about managers is evident analogy would be vote no this is that the the -- always seem to be the players to a crappy admitted theories are while they spent a lot of time you know -- -- on paid attention to -- He took as they had due to hang out of the game they have a natural skills. Last time there was -- a great manager. He was a really great player territory -- Johnson we GI Joseph Torre was was it was a really good player -- batting title -- you know maybe Pete -- went 363 when -- for the cardinals -- huge numbers but largely you know as a percentage of -- of players it's. It's guys that are borderline or arm or -- yeah I agree I mean you have the occasional out liars for instance Ozzie Guillen was a rookie of the year who had a very -- playing career. You have a guy like -- Joseph Torre who was an MVP of Santa birds may be on the rise for some deaths Sandberg is a rare one like him that he had a hall of fame caliber career -- yeah no doubt are hoping career. And really wanted to be. He really wanted to be just locked in as a manager going forward Kirk Gibson. Yet or did he is certainly an excellent example Alan -- before him even though his managerial career was disaster at Davey Johnson is an interesting 140 home run guy with the -- boarding up three -- -- -- also was would be your -- a tremendous defensive second -- really good all around player so but. You're I I think that where identifying the exceptions to prove the rule perhaps yeah yeah you're right. I wanna -- a couple of lotteries so in answered your question Kevin. I've heard great things about little Mac but I don't know or is it super Mac -- he was like the original super utility guy back. I and -- I wouldn't be surprised if he's interviewed. Because he does enjoy an excellent reputation does have some of those links to the Red Sox. But I don't know. I wouldn't wanna say exactly where he would on the hierarchy I think it's. The job -- if that's going to work plow ahead and if not then you start to review other options whether a guy like in Bogart or barrels that clearly the number -- I think pretty clearly he commands have a lot of respect from the Red Sox organization even if that is necessary to and Toronto's. I would have liked to have raced through a couple of through a couple of the united I have pizza what you do that I would encourage you because big -- -- awesome but. There were a few other few text that I found interesting. What of them noting that the Red Sox would have to give up. -- number seven their their first round draft pick the number seven overall if he were to sign a free agent like Hamilton that's actually not true. Because they're picked falls in the top ten. They can sign one of the top free agents on the market without giving up a draft -- And without giving up their top draft pick that is so they're number seven pick overall as protected which is really really significant for them I'm going forward. There are some excellent points between that are being raised about managers who were terrific players Don Mattingly that's a good one up Frank Robinson one of the best of all time -- to get one. Possibly Sandy Alomar junior who was a star in his own right when he played and he's now certainly he made a terrific impression. Of the red -- when he interviewed with them last year and he's in the catcher category not the hall of -- Gary -- bright but a multi time all star so he was though but he was -- gonna say this there are error category guys out -- certainly. Stresses the money gets better as a manager but. I can still continued ten borderline players will be great managers for each one of those. Yeah I certainly think that they are there that's that's the MO the guys utility right well the guys who won their future in the game who haven't been set up for. For lifetime success they have to start thinking about that next job after baseball. While they're still playing it as opposed to the guys who have made so much money that. And lest they they kind of frittered away in the as as we -- in the thirty for thirty documentary the governor Andre rise -- could really -- a job is. As a baseball manager right now it is but it. -- other -- some other some other there are some other interesting -- Bill Miller is someone who's who's been. Who's earned a great deal of respect in the Dodgers are disadvantaged don't know he has only been a special assistant to the GMs that he's got he's been in the front office culture. But not in the dugout culture. How comfortable you are in terms of you know in terms of making the punch with guys who have no manager that it is interesting. And it's a question that's been made even more interesting by the success of Robin Ventura and Chicago this year as well as Mike Metheny and in Saint Louis this year. And as Larry Lucchino noted yesterday up on a few occasions in like two or three of the many many interviews that they conducted that kind of has opened his eyes to. The question of whether or not managerial experience is is necessary necessary prerequisite -- at the Major League or minor league that would bring Varitek back in the conversation. Yeah but I don't think that next year is I don't think of this is that the environment where Varitek would pursue it our. Where they would consider him I still think that they would like you can. Metheny and and -- at least had spent quite a while working with the front office yeah in a non playing capacity so that big and important perspective. Before they ended up jumping into the management course -- it was catcher. Yeah when you're catching your automatically all of little more -- anybody -- -- you have to respect to both the position players in the pitchers so it's you know as simple as that phone number here 617779. Seven. 937 that's six or 77797. 937. Alex -- WB -- avenue on the phones it's shorted on the -- next -- And it Mikey got out. Good what's going on John. How much they might be so glad he got the full Cheryl back. I him to mint -- -- to -- at the bit to do for hours radio. I don't shot at the -- they area what's going on. I'd like to make two point -- The first back Josh Hamilton I think it's far too much emphasis being placed on the guys quote unquote. You know I I've -- into our sail the boat and I think you know the guys don't start at peace he put up great numbers she'd do great here he and get support system. Off field issues would would not the issue. I can do so well -- -- -- and I don't think we should give up our and I don't think he should be ruled out. What year. Yeah I think did die I don't I I think that even setting aside the questions of whether and of environment and you know and his obvious past his them the -- concerns with off the field stuff. Which are more recent and just than just the drug issues of a few years ago in extended fact that you know he's had some lapses in the last couple years. He's obviously produced in so deserves a hell of a lot of credit for having gotten his life. You know in order to the point where he could be a five time all star at this point but the guy is 31 years old going on 32 next year early. And that's exactly the kind of the kind of guy who represents the wrong demographic for the Red Sox to delve into the kind of host prime demographic of a guy who's. Had a lot of injuries over recent years you know he played. A 148 games this year but until this year the previous three seasons 89 games 133 gives a 121 games so there are a lot of injury risks associated maybe more like to kind of get a yankees wouldn't care about yet taken a chance on financially because he. It let's let's face it he plays Yankee Stadium yes 75 home runs -- and timing and he doesn't drink. Write it I mean I hate the Yankees now -- lot about that doubt about that part because. They they're getting in a position where they're going to have their hands tied up from a financial standpoint because they've spent so much on. A-Rod further and it got past five years left on his contract that are going to be terrible that unbelievable pretty unbelievable but. Hamilton and you have to how many years -- -- to give him would you be paying him for ages 32 through 36 may be if you give my five year contract. There's a large likelihood of of a pretty considerable physical breakdown which means that I did you know yeah it's very tough one to commit to -- it. It's a fair point because in Fenway Park in 2013. He would be a really impact -- for as long as he was healthy so it's you understand the temptation but that's the Red Sox are trying to move beyond the model of committing to. The really top of the market freeagent guys who really you know that didn't pan out for them with Carl Crawford that didn't -- -- form of John Lackey. And it didn't pay enough for them when they signed the extension with Josh Beckett for his. Those prime years and they've already committed to that theory so to go back in desert kind of re -- commit the same sins of the past would be insane and you know there are better off. I think getting a team that people can like and root for. With less of a guarantee of a performance based on high salaries I think that's a good PR move for them starting out got to get some players -- question. But you have to go nuts and spent overspend and guys is this year's crop is not a real good for freedoms. No it's a tough free agent class there aren't a lot of impact guys in the freeagent -- I think that the trade market is perhaps that the better revenue particularly given that there are legitimate questions about whether or not. The Red Sox can realistically contend in 2013. It Alex fear he's out here at WTI dot com helping us out tonight writers not here.

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