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Mikey is back to working full shows

Oct 5, 2012|

Red Sox season is over and with Bobby Valentine being fired and Pats-Broncos this weekend, he has no shortage of things to talk about.

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-- -- a wanna thank the big overly -- this link up here on the computer. A Hulk Hogan hunt. Man I hope that says it can't be -- the only people have that kind of paired with the creeping baldness in the the the obvious tan lines audits is sick anyway outrage here we are. On a Friday night we get a boat show yeah act. So very is pleased -- that patio. It's it's our governor -- for the new number number try this out -- see how we do okay with this new phone number here's my Nugent. 61777979. -- people who are able to remember that number and call it tonight by letting them on the air. And letting ago till they've completely expunged. That -- at the right -- Expunged all their but it needed to purge sports situations. It doesn't matter which -- talk about by the -- just say you know. Saint Louis has overtaken Atlanta and that ball game. -- down in Atlanta they're in the bottom of the fourth inning and it's 32 this is that Ted a kooky little. One game playoff. We've been talking about all year. The Braves had a two nothing lead but suddenly I don't know how -- -- materialize him run around crazy inning they get up jingles and doing stuff like that. Now I'm looking braves erupt bottom of the fourth three tool. Is the score in that game of course Orioles played them Reynard February as the to win just think about I mean I think they really really deserve -- Also tonight we heard about the new jobs report. We don't know how the number got that low so quickly but it did that. Course of part time jobs we don't care we're here is a full service radio station for you if you're an employer. And you have a job opening. In cross up and you can even email address -- -- as to how people can apply for the jump seat that's and that that helps people who don't have jobs right now. I who were looking or let's say Europe. A qualified professionals something. You need a job. You know you're -- you talk sports with this huge drop that the little smoke memo one people by the way I you know more -- -- dead later. Not that not like you Da Vinci Taipei but regular pain -- house trainer. Eating eggs and we'll mention it because everybody working is good for this country. Are more people work -- better off the economy heads. As a sidebar. We're gonna help you are a little bit. Maybe it got a new company has started you got five every need five different guys to consult that it it just -- let's let him know. Then of course baseball football. And that I want to also talk a little basketball donated -- have you noticed today. That. Dwight Howard was already trying to pound package and now he's got checks old -- Now he's seventeen -- and everybody else will probably thinks is gonna have an easy breezy way to the NBA finals. He's opened his mouth already had Dwight Howard who to me is not likeable effort and maybe it's the steroids I don't know. But maybe it's a Laker uniform could have some to do it certainly for me could have some dues. The Laker uniform. Alex spears -- committed 7 o'clock he is without question one of the best -- in most knowledgeable baseball people that exist. And not just in Boston but in general. And I and he'll be here with us to explore some of the some of the possibilities and -- kick around we view the radio listeners. Some of the potential. The potential managerial prospects the -- projected free agent acquisitions if there are any at this point in time by anybody. We'll have some fun talk and baseball. With Alex -- who -- who again who's to script writer is off tonight I don't know what -- story took a night off. You know he does face a selfish. -- right off the -- do something. Somewhere -- somebody very fancy and that's and that school I'd prefer -- Of course -- the patriots I had said last night people thought I was nuts that gets in Texas some phone calls about this. That I predicted a seventy. Point. Performance by this year's patriot team at one timer -- and I haven't looked over the schedules as far as trying to be more precise. About which game it is that they're gonna score seventy points. The reason I say seventies because well I'm looking at two things. I'm looking at. You know the competition. Obviously they're gonna come up bogus defense is we're gonna grow to be little more simple line who -- Easy easier to score than any other on any of the other but there also look at what happened -- that one half of one. Our football game against a particularly not. Proficient defense and what they do this for 45 points and now 45 times two is ninety's so. You could if you really high in the sky yeah optimistic freaked. You could -- 100 average corner to negate now I don't a reality or be realistic about this. And I and go on a limb and say I think there will be one game this year because also the part of that is that. You know Belichick has shown over the course of his life he's not afraid to have people accuse him of running up the score. It is to him as more of an extended to extended practice again and number 617. -- -- of its work at first -- -- All right -- is number working 6177797. 9378. I know it sounds weird it feels weird to have his number after how many years of having the same telephone number in the total freak. What I found Beecher is the trophy a free numbers and in Tuesday -- a little less necessary. -- they used to be. And the reason is because it doesn't really matter where you dial from your cell phone. It's a toll free call it's pretty much the way it is so I think it's good and expedient. I had to eliminate. Via the 888 whole portion of things because you know Leo's face you know if we don't have to say that -- The less we say the more time there is to talk to you. On the radio listeners act. I want again I suggested this yesterday I think most people probably do there's -- call the station regularly. And we're the ones that called the station regularly have you know we know they have -- -- we'd like first time callers. Of this number or any number. All right your first time we've ever used a phone we'd love you to call on the program tonight and keep this company for four hours and this is -- this is a relatively new thing this is going to be the best show that I had in weeks. 6177. No wait a -- Iran Garcia already screwed up patio. Excellent set of averaging 6177797. And 937. Good jewels and sure can be -- I'm glad to hear your paid attention but he. Mikey thank you rapidly. Glad to be on the program. Your coming out your way on a Sunday I'm going to be at vast backers and Hammerstein no it's not right in chicken -- but it's close enough -- -- say hello for our Budweiser -- patriots watching party 330 its backers. I'm adult prints and might -- out of -- to come drink because -- I need any -- you all right. Eight. That is talking about job or so I wanna announce to the world -- I -- freelance sports writer coming back cover art school football this afternoon so there's -- Oxygen Media. A full time job I'm available. A free time high school football. Gregor. Part yeah we're at -- order freelance high school football writers don't -- -- -- example Jules is the most recent story you wrote what was about. I'm coming back from covering -- down high school vs congress I go to -- feel so out there. Altered now I've got a 21 district victory that was today -- That was the day I would earn our game up at 4 o'clock and western -- because it's up to bleed like well. Liar yet Tripoli virus yeah I heard a lot about that as Gordon and a lot of towns where they're trying to make sure that there's no -- out. You know confluence of the mosquitoes favorite time to fight and the players but they retired to play. Right okay. Or are sort sort. Of what George give archer rise you know you're. FaceBook Arab some -- up the -- if they want you they can call you or didn't touch. Yeah you can you can get that need. JP McCall. Same name -- -- -- -- correct -- our second baseman -- -- Gmail.com. Confining and that's enough that's good to know who and they asked -- what are your plate tonight journal. Well you know. I looked a little bit earlier today and -- Lot of people that are of the opinion that there at archer years are contending again and that's true they keep the current team but I I don't think they're going. Our a game and think they're gonna keep this current bunch of AAA players. But here I have sort of Iraq the beat her six set for 2003 OK let's hear. Hi there John Farrell or someone of that nature. OK and here's to our state. You make it straight for -- -- -- -- will be available and where and when that guy when is available. You're responsible I thought I thought he was under long term contract as his mount war that's right that's right but -- -- -- and out I think got. Minnesota look at anecdotal we're thinking I think he's certainly somebody that could -- well. You know just have to indulge that conversation for 12 here a morneau although he's been you know productive yet hasn't been nearly as productive as he was. When he was an MVP guy in the same applies to Joe Mauer the -- kind of hold on to some rotten luggage over there may be changes seeking out those two players. But you know what I am -- I -- not totally familiar as Norton probably no one is now wouldn't this year's twins what morneau did this past season but I'll look it up for it. It yeah it what it will then all that great but what it was you know it's a home run until. They're driving around and oh yeah but -- you know most Drew -- and -- -- -- contract -- -- that -- that expensive so it. It's acceptable figure Rangel -- -- -- 800 dollar money at something at stake if you are gay or will will run a. Everybody here George thanks for the call we'll check it out with people -- they have the same about your room. Little bit of a theory morneau. As we all know was an MVP -- for four years ago or something like that I don't know this year to 67. Nineteen homers. And 77. Driven and he played a 134 games. 505 at best rated have a great year all. And sorry and a probably look at it. And if I'm looking at first base as a thing in you may very will be looked over the yet freeagent list last night the run very many. Available worth a crap to be honest -- yet. In the free agent market at first base. So what you're gonna have to do is either from opposite arm I'm pretty sure there's nobody there at such system it fits that bill now that. Now that the Swedish guy got traded as his name. -- Carter's RJ and you're here Newt he never quite developed its you know body guy. In the -- who was that potential guy comes forth we would know about that already. Now -- having having said that just now I think I didn't really really wasn't that aware will middle -- she's pretty quick developer. You know I think most people had him penciled in for another full season the minors but you know he came out and played like a pro. So there might be some so diamonds in the rough some surprises down there last Alex spear. At 7 o'clock because he's got to have more knowledge and anybody about those things Tom and Springfield is next. On this but planet Mikey Friday show Tom. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Akamai have a beer or something like that you know we're gonna watch it so polluted here yet I'm gonna get there watched part of that -- gave beforehand and then you know would jump brands and pats because this is huge. That they're not -- sort but it would have been Manning and -- long it. Like rivalry renewed. Yes and it's been it has been awhile too and you know I am having these weird thoughts about this gave -- in that. I I you know I can see -- go either way I can see the patriots completely dominating. I concede the the Denver broncos' surprising everybody and being great and dominating this game as well -- because. I don't want us shorts a cell Peyton Manning and his abilities. And -- that pretty -- win last week to Denver so. You know maybe they're ready to step up and make this a real game but I'm totally in the dark as to what could happen in this game. Well. I think Libya patriots who balance act with the run. I don't think it's gonna reject clothes like yeah I hope you're right again and they're going to be -- -- at least one point that. Everywhere and what is the spread of this game I don't even know that. Yeah I don't even though it is now I'm gonna find out right now would go ahead. I'm I was wondering how much much money you think. John Henry made. Bodily injury when he made an impact in this guy is plate. -- and comment. When they interviewed him after -- by -- he's like well you you know I'm hoping they're gonna. Call me -- -- and they want you to -- well like I bet they get by me. There is set an end you know you think about this to Tom may be right from the very beginning now if the right -- let's think think this through with me at the Red Sox really wanted Ferrell. OK and last year they knew it was not going to be available for whatever two reasons Toronto were contractually. He was going to be available. Maybe the Bobby Valentine thing was an interim move on their part -- to get them to appoint and -- probably figured. No matter what happens. They might be able the last two years rebel attack because let's let's look at this way they probably thought this year's team. Was going to be a hell of a lot better than they were and that Valentine my deal to last through till Ferrell comes. Long or what have you. But in relation to get promoted from Barbara horror or DiMarco oh well he sure read retrospect I mean everybody's gonna agree with some like that but you know they were there to look at for -- named -- -- command experience take control and what a mess that turned out to you but you -- you gotta say it or at least. It made it entered the year award debacle but at least it was injured I mean. I've been read a lead on their record you are. Patriots minus a patriots minus six and a half Tom and moderate -- I don't know -- I at that that -- and I think they're gonna win by I don't know would be over there I think a. Six and a half home games so that's three of it and you know thanks -- -- Minnesota start to get some respect their six point favorites. I'm home as I'm looking here idea of the game -- Baltimore on the road against the chiefs minus six and a half. They all fall into those clear favorite categories now. The niners are favored by ten. Over the Buffalo Bills I'm not sure that game's going to be that much of a blowout because -- again the day it's all about the match and maybe it's maybe I'm wrong you know me have been wrong before hello.

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