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Friday, October 5th Whiner Line

Oct 5, 2012|

It's just Sauce Man Style !

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Views excuse views expressed and expressed the -- these aren't -- -- Chris -- Some discretion. -- -- marks. And now. Here. Ms. Monday get a basket and nobody has didn't try hard and now we went to long down by ourselves and then exchanged. When when the -- -- but with a quarterback tailback DJ they haven't done nothing but just don't wanna let alone the WEEI. -- your line you can't -- -- -- -- you can't -- you don't have a chance to -- 7793535. But it was mostly all of this stuff just right. If you don't understand an artist you can't play for us because what is -- and now what does get a basket no matter how. We are coming admire it when guys don't work that WEEI. Won here. A little -- -- on the whole staff is because we have not heard from -- Adams is supposed to be here this segment we're supposed to Johnson went on as -- happening Hamlet. But I think analyze. Why I think you know Gloria he's fine now right I think she's gonna pick up another animal at the airport I don't think that's at all. Yeah I read this story -- story yeah that tech cops have found what they believe is the largest. Score of marijuana plants they have ever seen before. Plants gigantic ten feet tall. They eat the lamb decisively and the size of two football fields have been ready to harvest it's worth about ten million dollars you know -- Where in Chicago. Think that hasn't been -- Mike yes I think Mike he's -- from around. I don't think might involve me things like that. Idea we go tomorrow we're moving on what I don't sorry royalty. These are my album -- I can't wait for your body we got to move on time for you know that's your catalyst around here to decide the AT&T wanted to wake. We put the best to want to the past week you make the call. Wind of the week winner by texting your vote 285850. -- not. It. And it. -- -- -- I just dominate any areas nominee. Yeah. Exactly practical about. Barack -- what about the the technical. Know how I object to mark. About the technical and a very. Good at this point and -- you'll have. And the appointment and edit that edit the Greek temple might -- Alba yeah they haven't gotten quite good. I -- could -- that not that good about. Getting treatment at the government. Outcry about that yeah. African expanded. Video and the Pentagon can't outwit out. Everywhere I thought about and I. I too much -- don't believe the white text me a letter 8285850. To vote for Kerry -- checks and text a lot of need to wait 5850 -- until we have the one line. Not to vote for your favorite at 85850 are what are received 100 dollar American Express gift also eligible for the wonder of the year grand prize that's a new iPad. With one year of AT&T service included quite quick stop at AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up. Ten times faster than three GE T it's eight Rory thing. Don't try to influence process and you do that sometimes the line of the week and people don't tell people -- -- you think it's funny which wanted more creative which it. But the process play out which one did you think I'm not I'm not coming in. Which I think I'm gonna do that. We're getting a web democracy absolutely in candy let's step and a release -- and you. -- -- -- we're -- here what am I supposed to do it and move those lines about what to. Tell you. This is unbelievable this past week. He missed -- an entire show on Wednesday to see who's picking up his adult dog at the airport right. And then last dedicated here at the last second and then tonight he's not even got here. It was a busy all last week. While. I mean. If I'm him he's like how we steal the toilet paper authenticate jumps -- and beats. Very bad side -- aren't there really long web page and -- number. I was that -- but they've had a number but -- got -- good that's good about what. Yeah yeah I'm as good break and we're playing. Glory don't. Google it -- Broderick Emma Cabrera a ball or what about the that I OK and then back and I'll pop in the bat. And mesh well wasn't that kind of like the whole point of that movie that Woody Allen movie midnight in Paris -- in Ali's. Good good concept at first but then it just. -- kind of worn out ever got the heart I think just didn't believe that I was wearing gloves and I got guys on how to not believable. Important I'm happy we have a lot of yeah and it -- -- stated they're happy to get them but that's not happened by. Did you know I think that that. I've been arrested you after it happened. That was yes I. Did not back. And that it did happen that don't quite. I really thought about. And I and I -- is actively. Why do I have I think that I am glad they got bad day that you. -- I guess is that kicked everybody's -- right now and I look at it this way Reiser they still remember you know okay. Love that the whole time reviewers. That just put a stop its. Both. And I'll -- ever. You balance. So limited it -- -- -- -- they K when it you know back you know I have some days. He's not I'm not see. -- -- -- -- -- -- in June punitive fine if you're. But all. We need to have a bank is ultimate theory year old boy -- So long. Obama and they don't. -- -- I'll marry you. And Sean. And -- you know video track not quite in line. All traffic was not there auto I don't want. Something new trafficking -- am -- out this was worse than ever -- able to sit -- right now related like to do traffic update you into a traffic update I -- it's bad to have the action fourteen can. There are no drastic with the Mike Adams. Pioneer -- Boston in his helicopter. Yeah it's absolutely awful traffic getting up and dance. -- actually fourteen you're gonna wanna avoid that if he can't do it really shots. And it sticks. Exit fourteen where -- -- -- -- the roadway aren't matched by artist brutal brutal. Yet nothing -- -- marijuana mariners job fill in on that ten times has asked are you try to jump in there you're using it -- Yes -- that we were lost we did know what to do. It was a good this the worst I've seen -- months. You look like to -- it out much like I said to my -- isn't usually bad like around 6 o'clock shifts they ought to Friday. The holiday week I left -- -- -- I was on the road an hour and ten minutes ago twenty miles. Yeah I think you've got born spam now. Hillary and I don't want to do well. -- the tigers -- ago. I picked the tigers to a whole thing -- Atlanta this first game Mikey and all of them were beat Baltimore -- there bold plan in the second he and we for those that don't know Tom -- was just awesome to -- you've got men and Honda one and he hung up boss you've got hair to -- Still as ailment. Mike. You -- the current Tommy charms the only one that's a cut that would -- but he's got -- now. It would have spotted. There have been kept the L box. -- lives and yoga. I don't -- but there and it could -- This hey guys did talk. Earlier Elizabeth and I felt it was -- the way I would -- it affected my ability. What flag football and have but it definitely going to. Headed up but I did want kind of both of that that quality of information on Brady and it big record is under point three pick and and in the -- -- 126. 37. Okay. That was -- yeah evidently got up there towards. One guy's got a more playoff game you don't get that it would average. Operating both -- about it. And you know whether it good -- -- many. Thirty point excited to pinpoint who get paid about -- work out quite a vital point don't make it 2000. -- -- -- -- Seven and problem. And -- -- -- everybody has paid any sort of great importance. 1011 but it was a book called because they want to a game bouquets it would have went into it that they came -- -- that would be great evidence what you went. I'm not sure that you know. It would it would -- put up next week about what it. And it probably it's not -- And so this is way of doing he hangs up -- -- because he doesn't like the fact questioning the question in Atlanta its figures he moved a lot a Long Island here. Go all the the whiner line and he get his point across special treatment he's -- -- he got his point across and got those numbers out you know it's not like to me pretty different now it's pretty demanding we clearly it. A Tommy's got it. My element. And I could -- -- that. It won't be and I MI. Latin pop and it -- that this idea that this and that Abbott park. And -- of those laser disk if it's easier to pulp fiction -- to close for home. Yeah what can fight a bite out of going to the airport to pick up much. I'm glad because I would. And at this point. And Amy dogma it would have been perfect and it would they -- gonna -- instead I brought him the tournament easily. A great tribute about because he's corporate. And because I thought it was yet again that didn't blackboard BitTorrent then I would get other applicable they called it's not. And this message. -- Provided critical. Of its -- very important. -- -- -- -- -- You couldn't you couldn't that I was -- was not what was the context in that sense he Ryder you don't know this is the so staid and conservative. You know all prison he's reached an agreement frequently -- night he's all over the place her. This -- kid you know carousing. Chicks averaging. It. A lot called quite yet out there and tried so hard. They. I. That. -- darker eye color good strong. I think it's only 299 pound and Shaw. I don't know I have. My. Yeah. And now. And a hard time a new phone number tonight are you doing that pretty go -- an agreement -- -- -- we have a jingle the subject or lose and you saw -- we got a -- -- the company came. Rolled out the carpet 61 we as a -- boy -- Once. That would that would. 79376. Wants. That it happened now. The driver might have been about her her exemplary. -- It's -- dial. Sauce I really pass and a good day's work and out of an entirely solid. When you -- our stated directors like that you better be six -- yeah speaking of a fifty of -- take over wonders how long before that logo comes off the wall there 67 years maybe it does at fifty -- we believe that there. -- -- might be at yes you're gonna go home. How well they came this way. You'd think we can handle it -- ya know I'm I don't it might be you know like -- man Hank. Do I didn't know how would my. Writers often of course. Condition for this is like atoms around how many hours -- if you took until ten while record for auto show in -- -- -- -- -- doing -- the only comedian right to ridership. Ladies ladies around ten. So it's all you nobody else it's going to be shocked guarantee the somebody else on form there's no way you are doing this himself. Assuming I'll bet you and how much. I'll bet you 4000 dollars that you -- Manning and somebody else -- -- -- -- I don't think so -- -- -- -- takes Carol I'll bet -- foreground but you know we are gonna do tonight it seriously we're gonna -- we're -- of this new jobs number -- bounced down yesterday gonna find people jobs in the -- million yes -- registered -- -- on. -- -- -- -- Really won twelve of just don't want to -- 777979. -- seven. If you -- a little bit. You must I don't know if it was the -- mandated. It really rocked a mall in but it you know coastal people of embraced a beautiful number that I -- really is -- -- die if -- felt they love. It's awesome man style. And we got that you're -- on the big show that hey big white and I and I. Actually work shouldn't joke is they do a song that shouldn't it. And in the -- to get -- -- liked it Sean. They want edit edit edit and pick 1777. Lot it's Baghdad and read them very fair and I was Evans economical why don't I thought I was to vote him out of there have been booted off your. And message. Still the same Reitman 3530 -- the same. Called big -- and then and says. In these three point. And now. Now. You can talk about the best you know. And -- A potential I'm afraid that frank from Gloucester would be looking for the point at port at three point like that aren't sure we have people call. For slicing their own jingles once you just have Alex thank. -- -- -- -- -- You're radio. We could dial 61. 97983. Bet. Based campaign war from the -- yeah. -- regret over and. -- -- have those old man had some creativity is the -- the -- Sports Radio stations that have those old radio jingles or the fans in your drive value -- the fan and Erica -- jingles bottle in 1960 cents record don't work. Our efforts and a -- just. Once. 77. Seven non family thank. And -- seven stands alone in the middle hasn't. I execute and a bottle -- what else do I cannot reform plan. Well what -- like the number for these guys have been asked Bachmann I'll. But what does that small medium or both mark and the drink and drive -- -- big -- analyzed. A Batman back out we. -- Just mentioned we're almost seventy -- husbands died as well as. -- -- -- -- You met dishonest man have not met the saucepan just talked to on the radio okay via then and he said you know is great line. The woman called -- or Texan but we got the line and going and she says it's fever and the only prescription is more -- -- should be happy to -- people texting and why haven't you metal ones and will be you know as he does things is -- from his mom's basement as well agricultural laboratory to moderate any price he doesn't remotely but the question is to be an urban legend to be like -- what she says he's 61011 maybe -- maybe 55 -- isn't. Should those garbage. Is reconciled. So yeah yeah yeah. I want to know brought out that aren't that bad and everybody. An appetite -- And as an exhaustive cells and the guys -- the B 52 missed the. And it never -- and -- -- we had -- yeah I mean yeah right now. We'll. Pick one Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin. Definitely. Haven't. Put it right and like Kevin Kevin Kevin it's. Really could have an -- -- It ended up. At outlets. At. But this gives us at least and I think that could help. This one's. 77. Seven -- 9376. Wants. 77. That bed with nine agree. Seven. You're a person in his -- -- actually. It -- salzman dial. The weight for -- forward. 177. But I ain't the only -- creek and I -- I deal. -- -- That phone number I think it's important to point out that nobody has ever that it would not an -- that's been an important as I -- I -- that number but a lot that I decided to take. Know about it at any public cleanup boards hiring at our board their plane and called it a lot about my account number. 1708. Oh yeah I don't I don't feel it. -- -- And here are bad there that's a bad though is so why do we go there -- rookie Terry burns Darryl he could I like what was the breakdown. 68% to 33%. To pursue excellence like hundred a hundred dollar American Express gift card for AT&T and you're now eligible for the -- of the year grand prize claim your prize sent an email to one of the week at WTI dot com did you want -- Brought to you as always by AT&T forgy LTE speeds up -- times faster. The three GAT and T rethink possible it's -- dial.

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