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ESPN's Chris Mortensen: The NY Jets are in significant trouble

Oct 5, 2012|

We talk to Mort about all things NFL... Peyton and Brady, Pats and Broncos, Replacement Ref aftermaths, the Jets and MORE.

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Yeah I mean I LA he's a friend of mine so you know others say you know we don't talk talk much during the season. No but I think there's someone that's and that always looked up to and admired and really respect the way that. He plays the position and what he works the -- he leads. He's been a phenomenal player and then you know we played against them for a long time that the colts didn't -- like every year. And so you see a lot of gains -- Analysts ourselves and laugh -- Tom -- talking about another match up coming up with Peyton Manning on Sunday night. Accurate depiction Oakland word like Michael -- time for our conversation with Chris -- some of ESP NFL 32. It's brought to you by Sharon credit union more how we doing today. -- or you don't rhetoric in -- we're talking about Michael and I were talking about it earlier it's been great the teams were seen over the years with Brady vs -- two of the greatest to ever play the position. What we're kind of running out of time that we may not have a knock on the awful lot more of these. Now that's kind of like one reason why I think people. Enjoy the game of football should stop and savor the moment -- me -- -- you know we understand the content they don't play against each other but they. They are the quarterbacks. In the quarterbacks of this generation there this era certainly. And -- statements in this certainly the -- states and -- inaudible guys would -- to play 345 more years. But realistically you know he also -- -- the -- is -- -- -- of those remarkable. -- they kept coming up on the schedule yeah it was almost like they were divisional teams you know I mean. So some we always got to look forward to in. You know we don't we don't know that there is. At all until two words to me it's more over the savor the moment and enjoy it and and opened -- game I think it would be better than what. Brady vs Tebow was. Yeah -- -- you when you talk about savoring the moment I wasn't a game at all but you don't look at it more it really is. Amazing mental thing Russell Chamberlain Marino Montana. From your conversations with -- general managers. Do they compare like fans do they compare Brady and Manning and if so what's the consensus. It all over the years this in part I mean there there -- some time early on and so and they said man a -- meaning. Was with bill well Jack you would see more rings -- -- And and yet I think it -- the one -- that really addicted to some some personal between general managers. -- -- -- Tom -- is how how he got better physically. As -- Moved as he got comfortable leaving you know he actually got physically better where he was -- ball greater. We call RPM -- to double Peyton did Dayton the same thing. And the united. In all the amenities they know they know that the winning and money in this Super Bowl rings disc is no. It is generally how you separate the two so that's why I think. You know -- Tom Brady. You know he talked to those guys that is almost right. You know like you know we didn't get to see that John Elway and -- -- -- unfortunately I didn't play each other a lot so you were able to see it on the same field that. You know I think is this such great appreciation for both themselves seldom almost they almost silly that the argument. You know because. -- they're both great ones in and that that's really where it's kind of stood. What I thought we were done talking about the a replacement officials but I gotta I gotta get your background on on this because you'd probably have some understanding. A protocol -- -- it goes on the other night on inside the NFL yeah yeah or some it was unbelievable. A first ball he claims. That the reason is he sorry it. As a completion initially as he current Mike to Rico say. It was simultaneously a picture I don't want it to be when they portable what they actually hearing the audio when they put the headsets on. You know what. I talked to Mike about day yesterday. To Rico. And he says they're not supposed to hear the audio and so world we have got aquarium -- bit and editing is that needed a followup question. Is that because I know I don't know if he was speaking. You know when I was under that I heard him say that. Or and later on when I heard the the replay on TV. After the fact I heard today I would have -- -- another question on -- And it -- doctors and Mort how Biden got added this. How about his answer when he said -- he was asked what did you learn what would you would you do things differently probably would call it an interception. Are you kidding so. Got it probably easily occasion and there's been touted these cellphone number let. There isn't a real estate agent around does that itself. -- we will they -- the -- -- talking about and hail Mary. They were all hole that you don't call. You know let the Democrats are pushing off you don't call pass interference that situation and yet that was what. The NFL claimed was the only thing -- -- got wrong after the -- Yeah -- on now in Paris that answer I have heard many times philosophically. You know you're better off Politico -- unless it's so egregious. That you have to call. And token it is -- -- -- around -- a little bit of pollution Jocelyn and I kind of think that they added that you know that that basically has been. Philosophically I think in colleges even and I made. But -- you get it just an egregious courses that certainly was and has been other cases and has some of then then. You know and it's it's different men and a lot of times and times you get their rule where you know even the fans forget it would and then an official -- That the quarterback is making the throw out of pocket is scrambling on to help merry whatever. And you can't question is you can't push -- receive. Try to get your take on the New York Jets because 23 years ago they had a terrific defense offense but it's spotted around but they had a defense that you weren't gonna score much on him. They've got injuries they have got problems on the defensive side and still no offense are they in trouble point. The other in trouble I mean in the defense -- probably has been no has been pretty surprising. And obviously Darrelle Revis allows them to do things that mean Rex anchored his defense up in over -- Darrelle Revis. But you know the other linebackers Bart got a very you know he's seeking taken advantage of those guys and then. You know they -- -- young defensive linemen that were flashed in and pre season and even including Mohamed will receive needle if you don't see it now where's your -- -- edge pressures and aware of those explosive guys and so you know the defense is being exposed in the -- we knew it was a -- -- very and we just weren't letting the buffalo game no -- kind of you know -- people off guard because we were really expect to see more of the team that we saw him supporting actors and we were at a whether we saw in buffalo and we want. We saw an undefeated team did dismantled last night pretty impressive. From Saint Louis so now Arizona's four and one which is still better than a lot of people expected. Up to five games. In Missouri team and they may but the cardinals guillotine for you I don't know -- -- their team that really stands out to you this year reason Atlanta is -- Houston who really gets your attention. -- -- hill you have me Atlanta and Houston too obvious wants you to know levels so that they accused needed to be the 49ers in Super Bowl. All those two teams standout form and -- Atlanta I want to see the interests of our quality of body work readying Atlantis for real. So there's definitely there I mean. I'm anxious to see the patriots evolved you know that it's fascinating to see them. Accomplished what they know they. Discussed in the option which is going to be get you know get more proficient at the running game. So there's also in the pages to run the ball well then. You know end you know -- what you know watch out for them -- Baltimore clearly mean to also look you know what he comes back he's really good the final. You know six weeks of the season -- in the playoffs. Also in their you know. They're gonna really stick out. And they'll tighten up their defense is no question about that Arturo one of the very few. I see on the expert export across that this big Denver why. Who needed -- at the other part of it. Also the leader in the clubhouse among -- well good margin I think -- last week -- -- he was or ice that prompted public about thirty seconds. About 32 and reached for all the -- -- is more fourteen and one last week I have a tendency to be a contrary you know like to pick two or three -- just oh okay. Makes sense that they -- to. When this game I think Denver -- you know of you know their ability -- run the football. You know may be. Maybe it's -- second -- it because they did you know what the Bill -- was going to be better the second half this season and they really are. But I don't I think -- to do outside backers you know you know Ron Miller and and Elvis Dumervil being healthy. You know. World will really. Really kind of can give some problems and then the key is can this Opteron whether doing it and again Joseph -- back you know who's to up one game suspension last week because of -- did not match up. That guy he's and he's attack machine so. -- I think it's that more than the that the member defense would be better than it's been in and you know but to be out -- I don't put a lot of time in the depicts. Yeah -- had a contrary to pick last week as well -- I had the jets and so. That's content that persistent and out. Yes pretty good -- -- I didn't even learn my lesson because this week I got some stupid ones have. I think you have Kansas City beating Baltimore. Oh well what good grip that those that's an -- using game because I've not talked to lose some people the ravens today and they think that they noted. I guess to get -- very aware. That's the game in this way under the radar that if it keeps clean up their turnovers. And that that could be that could be a game equipped turnovers -- a big deal. By the -- just gone back and on the outcome of the -- game I've ever got the note that you know. Daniel fells. Added aggravating last week against the bills you know -- -- not over 50% of the snaps and they're using them the way to use them fullback expect I'd. That you know that could negate some of what I'm talking about -- -- there are -- -- tumor through. I'm talking and actually giving you a good weekend. The illiterate -- -- -- from ESP. NFL 32 corporate rat -- to your calls.

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