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Jerod Mayo with the Big Show

Oct 5, 2012|

We speak with Patriots LB Jerod Mayo on a Patriots Friday to get his take on the big match-up vs the Broncos and Peyton Manning this Sunday.

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Sounds like writers writing the material for -- man now from Turkey fans Gilliam is that are -- and selfless. Herbal RS for right. Now. Thought let's start some football. Our weekly interview would Jerod Mayo presumably SP alive the no nonsense and life insurance company is now offering new low rates for men and for women call 88 get into Beilein or visit has been lied on. Free quote is -- Jerod Mayo. What's up as demand already this week on. With -- right -- okay. -- let's start let's start with -- -- because the last time you saw this team the running that spread option. Little bit strange and you guys said no difficulty with at all. This week you've got Peyton Manning and I guess this is the old colts offense all over against something that you're seeing quite a few times. I'll let me you know played it definitely is fist pump on the options and they do a lot of things get he did in -- McCain better that we in we've become more comfortable with the guys around so. That would be a big challenge flows. -- your rookie year was 2008 the first time you saw Peyton Manning. Did anybody tell you whether it was a coach or player. How to deal with all of his signal weighing in some of the calls whether there are legit or dummy calls and in who wasn't what they say. Oh yeah I'm -- remarks and a lot of film man. I actually liked the TV copy from game sister chatter. A couple of hundred much in the and you really never know when it's it's on the -- columnist and associate -- knockout -- and it. Summer thank you could pick up on an you know the coaches know -- all the stress. -- China listen you know what's going on and the players as well especially around here a lot -- Pickens secondary. They'll let. And just just a follow up on that watching film. Not told from from people -- -- you pretty well the -- a bit of a film junkie and you always were. From day one if you look at. How you watch film and in 2008 or you're just your understanding of the pro game and away. -- is now what do you think the biggest differences. No -- there -- you know not only watching with offices -- by applying what we do. Who plays at -- -- I noticed in an outlook aren't for an out of out of play well look you know just being able to apply. Our defense and how often try to attack no specific flat or since its coverage I think it's probably the biggest difference now than when I was working hours. The terminology ever confusion early birdied two with an overwhelming when you first started. Although they are 2 o'clock -- -- you know -- came to a great situation where. -- there are a lot of guys who was single extra hours with me nomadic he would not have a lot of a lot of late nights. Know borrow the terminology and the playbook and things like that it's really helped me in my career. I was talk about the play action is that something the Peyton Manning is just as good as anybody I've ever seen and he's got a good running back. And Willis McGahee right now what is it on biting on it. And how do you deal with -- especially when you probably set up and a lot of sub packages I would think against him. Well -- the way you do a play action. If you stop dornin -- packet in Obama attended the running game going. Good because then you're more -- I don't a lot of you know a lot of those experts at the repair of our read your keys. You know make -- it was on the same page you see it before I'm hoping that the quality young -- out you know pass so all right. You know we -- sit there are no secrets on defense. And what you got now. We talk about this every week but every week hit it seems to come up in how physical. This defense has become do you sense. That your team right now is. More physical in the -- the past few years. Are the outlook we -- -- you know take pride in trying to get adequate defense and always China -- -- don't drop the way -- You know they've got come across the middle -- -- -- that just so let them know that were spared no this period of got a movie. You know tumbled some big plays source they and then in the middle house spikes. A lot of that secondary you know they evolved you know really put their heart had on hand and really it's the and it slows. I know you guys always say in football you gotta play the entire game and you really can't. You can't predict some things that are gonna happen got to keep working hard but with that said I'm wondering. In your wildest dreams do you see a 45. Point half. Coming from your offense. Last week he has the against the bills. You know -- forgot what you we always -- when you know the more we get the ball to our sources and the better the better chance we have scored about 1% vote vote turn over those that have really. You know be able to that position and we noticed on the comic -- out with the blog and the court has. -- -- -- are there are. So we're -- or bill last week about the defensive backs and how they have to work on their hands and it's a difficult thing because the quarterback's got thrown the ball to user is gonna come at you from odd angles about Jimmy got a it was a tip last week from -- you came up with the interception how have you worked on. I catching the ball is there anything you do on particular. To develop that skill. This just try to do in practice you know league the coaches do an excellent job their contract is. -- -- part of the gang I know that's hard to believe whether we practice hard each and every day and you know. Working -- and one -- -- get to work on it not articulates its like can't look at the secondary they're in the rest so of effort. It did that drill I think pepper used to do it on the line he disliked. -- You're like OK well let's send it into my whole orchards and. We don't know where that -- -- secret. Hey hey there are no secrets in Foxborough c'mon now. Please that's a pretty good now transferred to this group well you're you're doing I mean describe to people. You reveal the secret like that -- bailout that get into great detail about what it but -- -- to people what that would that realism like. -- -- You know -- Our coast our jobs a year -- can you would never pay the big in the big match play. You can throw the ball very hard and he felt the ball hard he can't. You know to a lot of back you have to get you the market yet -- -- so. A lot of people have described Peyton Manning is not having great arm strength right now first of all is. That needed for the way he plays. You know the way he operates that the offense right now and what do you see anything different looking at film and -- Here in Denver from what you've seen in the past. Well actually watching the film right now he's sitting here now what some people call and -- like that -- You know he's making Santoro -- -- in -- way he says the way he plays really runs the offense you know it is not about. How Oregon though it is great touch -- you know those while receivers the ball and wait for them pretty much the other breaks so I think they're all about timing -- -- -- there are. There just just ask you mr. you're watching film right now you don't have to Telus but you couldn't. Please give us some insight. You're looking at Ole stuff on him right now are you looking to see if there are differences right now if there's something that you can exploit Mickey -- on the. Are definitely didn't you turn the he's attacked the smooth some thank you answered yet and look at. You know what they're trying to do now my -- -- earlier -- in an interview that they're -- every week in their name Hussein he's become more comfortable to Paris so. But -- it barely get prepared for anything you know we've we prepare for a while -- you know he might scramble about the -- -- try to. Cover all the bases and get it and. They have it's gonna apparently -- conditions rainy on Sunday it's really a factor anymore and that they drive the balls they bring new balls and virtually for every play and you playing on the on the the turf right now that. You know just sucks the rain it's not like the old days when you're playing on a natural turf isn't really a factor in the game. No they'll talk about you know. We're not playing against the wild -- I -- we have met and that there were planted here to Denver Broncos and no we try to meet with ourselves under in a mentally -- changed sometimes we -- this practice in the way you practice now also. Know when it comes to -- market preferred. -- takes sprinklers and drama elected it is the sprinkler going against those is through the world. Remember. Bush and -- commercial. Is beautiful look at all -- that was when on Sunday night does. It should be a blast enjoying it. Have a great Campbell talked you back here and actually. -- today -- Mayo there a conversation with Jerod Mayo sponsored by Sam Adams Boston -- and Boston and SP alive and nonsense life insurance company to our free rates for men and women call 88 get as the -- guy. Another number I can memorize or visit as below -- now for your freak somebody -- we should have -- origin. Bad idea. Does this -- memorable. It would. Besides she would. Be a writer right. You know right now my ankle in association. No one writer writing for ease he just doesn't have the top an original he's an original interpreter and I feel like we should be an array of what that music. -- we get back video phone calls for the brand new phone number of 61777979376177797937. And we do -- ninety seconds yeah.

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