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CSNNE's Tom E Curran previewing Broncos @ Patriots

Oct 5, 2012|

We speak with the Dragon (briefly), Tom E Curran from CSNNE's quick slants to get his take on the big matchup between Peyton and Tom, or rather, the Broncos and Patriots this Sunday.

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The big factories secondaries. Professor Russians. Get to the quarterbacks we we going to be. A strong overall. Positions and -- Because go out there. You know run good routes I got to run good routes and you know and so on at the open you'll source fiesta Atlanta. Little Rock is religion or that some. CSC NNE dot counts -- do you buy time and Wes Welker shared doctored doctor Robert Leonard. Call 1800 -- -- is a good 1800. -- here Tommy Karen Joyce's life right I'm John very -- You know it's numeric Friday -- for all of us now that you have officially -- as the other way Hernandez. Your take does he play on Sunday or not. Not not report. -- -- At all. All right so what so he's had limited report so limited practice for two days but you don't see him and on sun. Now of course the what's the logic behind it on the to have not they're practicing and looks like keys. Ready to do something what was the logic hold -- -- this week. I kept getting loose I suppose would be the logical or make Denver prepare for for him I mean if you have him on field during the week. And the team has to prepare for all the finger Aaron Hernandez can deal at all or makes but he can run. And that's an issue I'm sure that as of Thursday. And that that today limited participation most of tracts -- gonna leave that John Fox the Broncos have invested time. In prepared form but in -- reported actually limit the injury happened to 68 we can through injury usually what I ankle sprain. This sort of very mild one would suspect -- stable -- weeks' worth three but. Not going to be able to that -- that quickly I ankles are. I have a Mankins does he play on Sunday. I. Would anticipate him he wasn't asking your budget handle. He's funny he's so funny listening to top Friday's jobs right -- my job until he's been telling some bad jokes were about two weeks now -- Israelis -- -- some real bad deal -- Damascus about Mankins -- And then -- just about. Mankins and his absence were you surprised that. And -- against buffalo under their fourth diesel is a bit overrated. What we surprisingly it would do that. Well without Mankins and even what make you do that against the Buffalo Bills last week. Yeah I did those problems overrated on swim you line up myself it's a guy who attends sax and Mark Anderson. Mario Williams a former number one overall pick in. Kyle Williams is a really good player I don't know why we lose -- it would -- great pick up their asses summarily kicked. But I didn't think that they were -- I just I don't know what happened like I mean elect McCain and I actually sit there -- a couple of yards after contact you know. I want no contact. Well off the ball did their overrated. They are over there's no. One. Side. If you if you read listen and watch TV last Thursday night after excellence instead of going out drinking. And watch the tailgate show you what if you would have report some of that stuff up I know you do a great show. It's terrific and I watch it every yet Thursday night but then. They got to hang around for awhile markets of the -- I've had a glimpse at how about little quid pro quo is watching your show that your ratings. Did you would not. Do another -- you don't even support I was threatening not to attract that. I want to actually get to talk about -- according -- him and that it brought down on him but I -- -- your initial talk about I do. That -- I like that so that's okay that's a full -- -- that you will not I know I Michael wishes. -- Government aren't sure of their market. I -- get into. Like it don't get a credit. Don't get offended by -- -- listen I'm really proud of I really -- Well because I heard. That you've challenged. Some of the the younger what were snipers here bins. Football team -- touch football team and the ancient dragon came out of retirement and apparently schooled all these young guys I was pretty impressed when I heard the details. Of what the ancient dragon did out the football field against Ben and his friends I I'm impressed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I just ruled out there and I took it took a look at with the team in game it was all five of those working hard trying to do their. It knew it was a team gala that was all you that's -- -- the ball's in flight food but they were surprised at how about that I don't know if you should take that as a compliment ours and and so little -- Were surprised that you worried that -- fast as you are. -- you -- will distribute you know they're all out war on all right. I can get out and play. Well on Saturday at these we start the murder rate then. Continue did you were did you see their faces drop because that's what I her because you got there and you know they of the chuckles -- -- -- in their rising -- -- and then you just. You just call them out there and they didn't know what to -- the they'll react. What model actually surprised to host as we've been -- -- and stuff up double moves to compete but very heady player. OK so let's let's go from let's go from friction and throughout the nonfiction here because not get a little crazy but I was watching an -- ulcers and I was watching your show last night. And you address the Manning Brady thing which. Is just an intriguing topic and we'll be talking about it in the 1520 years after they retire you feel like Tom Brady by far. Is a much better quarterback then Peyton Manning Marty -- that. There's really -- record indicates that Peyton Manning is is even in the same conversation. 21 -- one block record. Tom Brady's. Lost forty to 43 games including playoffs eight Manning. Plus it was 31 games. Operate -- games over 500. Peyton Manning's -- fifty games over 500 in these guys great. With the best in their generation and what people want trot out the defense is. Unrated -- equivalent defensive player of the year. -- -- -- -- -- -- group but it is replete with poetry. You know the one thing that people used to -- Well -- Your mail. I might try to find out what a move them out -- what do you have like a -- -- ever heard that. I heard that led to -- and beat me like it. Oh yeah yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Beverly would just get it to the good -- Brady Manning debate. Too bad or send -- that Tommy -- and. I was surprised that he was going on and on on the -- but I would not talk about the Brady and all agree that. I don't like I would take Brady. Absolutely. In the same to the same conversation right. It's really the only conversation you can have. The last ten years and you're talking about quarterback with all respect to Drew Brees. Who was phenomenal and he's been very good for a long time and now we're talking about -- Rogers -- Rogers. Isn't that special class you Ben Roethlisberger. But to me if it's Brady man knowing you also. More head to head with those guys you're not gonna have that was Aaron Rodgers because it's going to be a -- Latter part of the career as early on Rogers wasn't playing so. Go to the latter part of of certainly Peyton Manning's career and probably Tom Brady's career. So. Eat then head to head between those two. Is this. It is certainly comparison that is used to will be talking about for three years ago when they both go into the all of that I I tend to agree with Tom I I think -- He's a little bit more rambunctious with this. That that this going with with Brady -- shoulders over. Overpay me and it's really close point. You know we always wanna do that we always wanna try to find the difference what's the difference between one and two I would say this they are up there on an island by themselves. And there's a slight bit of difference between one guy in the other guy but effect early on if you look at the matchup of these do. Brady seemed to have. Up Peyton Manning's number but the patriots had a better defense but more recently and it's five of the last seven now Manning is one and he's -- because the patriots secondary hasn't been as good. And one thing one thing you don't know. You don't know what it would Peyton Manning would be if he played outside. What would it what is stats -- yet I don't know I didn't I give them props is not his fault that he was dragged about Indianapolis Colts -- the colts play -- don't. So he can't control that. But it when it comes down to. Which guy would you pick for me -- picked Tom Brady. I've seen them perform at a high level in a number of conditions it really is is preferences dialed to -- it really. -- up here -- here's the big difference between them. Mean if you outside of colts fans and patriots fans just depends on what you think. You know -- because neither one of them went to talk about mobile quarterbacks. People would not necessarily use the word for either one of those guys I think. They move around in the pocket as well as any quarterback I've ever seen maybe Dan Marino was and categories well being able to find them Scotia or breathing room to left of the right. Both of these guys or is good at reading a defense. As any I have ever ever -- so they have similar qualities here to what they do appear on the football field. I would say Brady slight advantage you know. -- not there aren't a lot of quarterbacks like them anymore. Because even if you look at than that the new guys Rogers -- -- looking -- -- -- Rogers Rogers remember that the older of the best comparison may be used. Matt Ryan -- of the younger quarterback. Disguised stand backer of market mean Joseph Flacco has has decent BS or big guys. In a Cam Newton he can run the can't bail Andrew Luck -- I -- -- held Toronto Griffin the third all you'll get a chance you'll see a lot of the quarterbacks coming up saying well. And I'm disgusting and pocket and survey the defense and make my decision. Like Brady does -- Manning doesn't -- Aikman did in Dan Marino did it right it was different that night but I -- one. If you can do both. You're gonna be that special quarterback and that's when you look at it in Camden new to me. When he's not how -- not pissed off at that somebody in his own team. Cam Newton can do both of those things he can read his defense very effectively. At this stage in his career I think you'll get much better -- side of -- -- -- I can't speak any knows. When you run to Ron and when you run to actually throw before but the question is he better intensity. Michael -- that time like I gotta tell you mr. Tebow going to reverend and I and I don't conduct uncle. But I don't go to our new I hope but they let up Ravi Patel a baby dragon is actually how the -- up on you really hung up and you wonder why people hate them overcome them SP. Some believe that we don't have policies that's. If you think about it -- game -- Advocates. Who wants -- It doesn't -- feel like Borges is picture in front of -- that -- just you know stoked up very. Very sensitive. The time of the month click break right back --

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