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Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston.com, on the Patriots Broncos

Oct 5, 2012|

Mike Reiss joins Mut and Merloni to preview the upcoming game against Peyton Manning and the Broncos. The boys discuss Aaron Hernandez, Ras-I Dowling, and the return of Dan Koppen.

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Final hour -- -- not -- 37 WEEI. Michael's abbey Otto could join assailed rejoin us next week. Mike recent ESPN boston.com. -- join us every single Friday as part of a patriot Fridays and affiliation. ESPN on WEEI and articles stuff -- -- I'm mics can be part of the program -- drove about patent. Out of the gate like you wanna take your your name out of the Red Sox managerial race you wanna do that for talking football today. I'm happy I'm happy here -- the patriots. It Kentucky guys are we doing. Of doing good Mikey -- took it took awhile but finally. Finally we get Framingham back together Eric and Eric got Michael Reese. Back on the show here on Friday as we get talks have patriots it feels good sell side that's how we doing. About it like that mr. questioned. Aaron Hernandez. Walking through practice being involved this is that the equally biggest chance of playing this week. I don't think it would be a deep -- because I think you know you wanna put health first and foremost among my -- this what is obviously an entry in the patriots it's it's always the guessing game from the perspective but the fact that. It wouldn't go to practice Thursday and with limited -- eye opener against the day. And I sense that he'll be limited again it's sort of set up a situation where he could be a game time decision Sunday. And then get a lot of side I'll just go out there you laid to -- and the game. And not play because you look at you get these three guys and you -- a deactivate down 46. I could probably guys that wouldn't have a role in the game plans to get -- down 46. You can make appointment it's safe to say hey let's track the guys -- know why don't you give -- only Angel slaves. And he might have more value than some of your act and Rockford. I'll be interesting to see and -- -- -- funny haven't seen him since week two win these guys emerged a guy that's emerged from me on the defense decided Brandon Spikes like you had a great set out with him. On the patriots blog ESPN boston.com and I'm curious. And is always best -- with and that may there's an inconsistency about his play what it what is he got in your mind this year that has been different the last couple years for him in the middle that defense. Well I think of the biggest thing for me but is that he's playing more in the nickel situations where you used to be with him. It'd -- that safety sense you know first sound second count sort of the old Ted Johnson -- and then when they went to the sub package. Think a lot because really what he is is that -- -- -- guys playing downhill but -- that -- -- but. We're seeing him on the field now more in the passing situations so -- that's actually huge part of this game against the rock and I'm I'm curious. But yet the patriots want to leave Brandon Spikes on the field and they're nickel package -- have to believe that's going to be a matchup Peyton Manning would look for. You know another one to highlight is the -- corners against these wide receivers and Thomas and -- and it. Getting these guys face to try to throw off some of the rhythm early you know press you know coverage Bret the line of scrimmage to dissipate -- not challenged him down feel -- -- the ball pretty quickly. You think the patriots come out like that they sit back. No Lou I think that's right on the money and that that's one of the things they've been saying all week in the locker room that we have to disrupt is rhythm. And you do it in different ways that you can't always get there with the pass rush bill. Sometimes that get little -- but then and jamming up the line of scrimmage somewhat similar to what we saw them do a little bit against buffalo mean. Yet one more frustrating aspects sometimes of watching this team plays and those corners sort of sit back. A -- one -- a little more aggressive that there may you'll have to -- that putting themselves in the best position to make a play when they sit back. Speaking a corner we spent some time in this last week Mike and that's the play of Ross -- -- and the lack of plays that got what is healthy last year seem to be a starter. Became an this year it is now sterling Morse playing ahead in mark he's -- couple weeks go played ahead of him. Where where is Ras I Dowling right now any theories as to why he's not played as much -- -- we expect in the. Nobody in the witness protection program right now that -- in the. I mean it's -- so from that broke out in the first game of the year he is they're nickel back a bit. Defensive back at 36 laps in that game against the titans and whatever happened that day that the white hearing on -- Whatever happened that day in that game that we know we had one pass interference penalty and the coaches that he didn't like it because that's when the change happened he was important basically -- -- There -- releasing -- -- not like you don't want one night out over the lack. -- and so. Mean the coaches obviously didn't like what -- -- -- and this is a player heading in the wrong direction. When you go back over some of that you know on the defensive backs in past years that they've had -- high -- serious Butler. Is one that comes from -- -- he's sort of the -- in that direction. And you watch it closely because that's what -- -- he can't turnaround. But right now that's going obviously not in the direction the patriots hopeful. Mike your last year we spent lot time talk -- Dumervil and Von Miller in the patriots seem to have their way especially in their play -- game went. What is different street -- that big of a difference in this offense that seemingly couldn't stop pats last year. And he's obviously helping them to a corner but I think the bigger difference is it a little bit of a different scheme with Jack Del Rio coming over its defense of coordinator. And what the patriots as saying if they give -- more looks different looks may be more blitzing. You've seen in the past so I think. Me I think focused less on the personnel in terms of what's making this. Property -- bit better and more on indecent scheme alterations. With Del Rio coming and it really couldn't kids. -- in print on where they're playing defense. Like craziest via boston.com is joining us the offensive line I thought last week performed above my expectation Mankins doesn't play your plane buffalo. I thought that group played well the expectations this week against Denver. Any idea on Logan Mankins couple days limited practice here Mike expect him on Sunday. I think it's the same thing mothers -- Hernandez and the fact T eat out there you know leads you to believe he had a chance I -- the scientists on the that was. You know I guess conspiracy theory that the patriots would sort of try to players through the locker room ever yelled hello to practice if they didn't really believe. Yet a chance to let him and of all the players on the team and turned the process. You have to put Logan Mankins near the top of the list I thought the fact he didn't practice. At all last week and didn't travel with the game in buffalo was an indication that it has to be a pretty painful injury. But the fact he's out there at least on a limited basis this week leads you to believe he does not have a chance but later on and. Those AFC East Aurora oil and look at it now and you see the jets -- the gonna deal with Houston and San Francisco. Buffalo I could get even uglier as far as you know what the rest of it looks like with the second best team in the AFC east in your -- not right now I'm struck by the end of the year who will be the second best team. It is unbelievable. Lou -- -- -- and -- in the Miami Dolphins because I didn't see this coming and I really -- the -- I would be there and I can -- Sanchez clearly isn't the answer I mean watching I watched a couple weeks ago. I'm Becky and that they had against the dolphins I was just hard to watch certainly not sensibly. And that would -- us so lets you know what how could get all right I think that. Talk to one of my colleagues as -- New York who covered them in the healing this -- among the reporters since. That they're they're close they're here watching that Titanic as they've been sort of feel like that might be going downhill fast and the bill. To be I would never really a believer in what they did this -- these are the sort of felt like. Know they've been they've been -- executed at the flashing headlines. You know in the offseason but I I just felt like the way they were open was still a question about Ryan Fitzpatrick -- -- still see them -- Middle of the road. Surprisingly competitive. Through the first four games of the year and with the quarterback it comes down to the quarterback sit at -- -- Looks at you like -- hit on the first rounder instead of milk and so I think that foundation you know they might not win you know. More than seven gains this year but you can he's there at some potential there it's sort of reminds me a little bit of the patriots back in 93. When -- got Bledsoe and here in this sort of felt like he finally catching. Used that word potential we've been talking about that with a gala Shane Vereen and meanwhile he's not played -- and Brandon Bolden had a monster game last become curious called back to. Training camp with the UN field gates and Mike brought actor crew there and ESPN Boston. It anyone sir look at credible -- say I imagine a weeks three weeks for him have a hundred yard game on the ground with Steven Ridley. Well -- that is the credit. My colleagues feel -- because he actually said Boldin. Would be the fourth back over Joseph Addai it was somewhat I really thought was gonna make it bigger impact here of course. You made no impact and he -- wasn't even around so I think you'd you'd -- the flashes what it can't. Of -- this sort of you know he -- -- whether it was as a goal line runner even catching the ball so you knew he would be on the team. But she didn't know we've got to run -- -- hundred plus yards like he did. You know Sunday in -- that are agreeing to meet. I'd sort of say let's give this one more time while we're at the fouling situation. Looks to me to be strictly performance at quarterback where he's trending in the wrong direction. I think that helped that it would mean you know injuring the foot and that third -- game -- -- I really felt like he was coming on at that time that you've sort of got to find a way. The restart and get himself back on track I still believe -- big partner. Last one is about guys not here anymore because we heard so much for so long like about Brian Hoyer and I guess my surprise is that. I'd always worked out I know he's Diego with the giants but. Is there any surprise based on his workload here basement Reza -- of people thought that Brian -- not hooked up yet with a team somewhere in the National Football League. I think. The biggest and that is the position I am not you know there's only so many jobs since. With more peacekeeping gets two quarterbacks on the roster and Brian not having any practice squad eligibility it's sort of boxes than a little bit and when you get cut at the end the training camp. -- routine to bring to their doctor if you're really gonna need an injury. Because what's your expectation that you would be able to come in and -- -- system that's fast and really make an impact they'll. I think in that respect I'm not surprised but it there is an element where it's sort of a lot pretty sharply hurt him I mean remember the -- even. I I heard people say what they did -- betray them and get something forums and here's the player that's on the market and can't even get the job so in that sense. I think the -- that there is something. In my last one from me. This matchup Vince Wilfork looks like the ankle is going to be there should -- intriguing one. So I would say what what did you see article opening camp. That we think of that matchup. Yeah well loved -- -- -- and and sort of the first stop and the that it could be similar to what we are and -- the AFC title game last year patriots ravens where. Will work really dominated in the middle against an older -- Matt. -- -- -- We saw the impact of what do Wilfork in the when he plays like that. Because it broke open obviously getting up there in the year if it can't hurt him. He started really low and it looked pretty bad but I actually thought he got better and towards the end of camp when they were making their final roster I thought there was a good chance. He might be able to stick I think what I heard it here was the lack of versatility in the center only I think if you're not going to be starter with the patriots it's sort of you know -- your backup to be centered guards -- they -- back up to. To be a -- -- -- Peyton Manning and -- Mike -- of ESPN boston.com Mike appreciate the -- talk in football the every Friday and into it again in the Sunday. Portrait as well drive Mike. Like -- joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible -- some. At some point Little League scouting reports ran again and you to go on back and forth the best back in the day. Yeah acts Jessica was umpire Mike you all excuses in -- Lagos a for five years old whatever wants wanna say that if that six out of ego we'll get loose breakdown Mike is the lead player there preening himself now -- where. Lot of people took offense of that saying that printing in north is just as good one. -- we okay -- is going to be a battle back and forth we have now of typical north side pick and a better -- We got a new phone number what your friend again north south or anywhere near number four -- is 6177797937. Again. Not your phone gallery just in all the shows here WEEI is new please market down putting your phone 617. 77979. -- 37. We'll take a 92 break a tearful calls a play a little game called overrun.

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