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Peter King, SI, on the Patriots Broncos game

Oct 5, 2012|

Peter King joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Brady Manning rivalry, the upcoming game, and when Tim Tebow will get a shot in New York.

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Lunchtime -- -- and -- ID three point seven WEEI. Here -- -- on this weekend for Wi-Fi spot national TV. Patriots and Broncos with the addition of Payton Manning into this rivalry joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible you've seen a lot of quarterback matches back and forth Peter during your time covering. The National Football League is -- hyperbole to say that Manning Brady is the best sort a model model quarterback matchup we've seen in the history of the league. -- that you know in part because a lot of the other guys didn't go at it very much I mean it's amazing how few times Marino and Elway for instance when it and it. And you know OPEC in the days. John unite its. You know he. These parts are pretty much every year but. The difference here is that mark Starr was and -- and entered a prolific passer for the most part so. And you know regret -- -- Hey you know there's been some really good obviously but this one mean. Is the best of our -- time. -- you know in part because they've met so many times that this will be the thirteenth time in. If they stay healthy. You know remaining states tell the the treatment in the same spot they're division on me and I can stunningly good experiences. In Foxborough. Beard that that primetime game -- -- me 23 picks in the first quarter against Atlanta I think a lot of eyes were on that maybe because of that -- is sort of feel like people are. Are making things up to make me feel that he's not the same guy because I still watch and still that that's a decision maker do you see that same guy. I you know I think 9095%. Of the same guy. I think it's I think it's pretty. And nine. Story for people already. In -- that in and done. Throwing more and all that but. -- -- -- doing so or I mean he made some stupid throws. Against the way I felt. To retreat you know -- -- hung them up there and I eat it's got greedy he -- an -- directory. And -- patent and cannot. -- There will be used to EU it is actively training camp. But it doesn't mean -- still speed. A great quarterback in the NFL I mean little right now. If I basically aren't they -- a thirty per cent to 4600 yards. Mean how can anybody who into -- I don't know -- will be there. But how can anybody who complete 65%. Those important 600 yards and 32 -- -- a demand that you watched. I don't I don't be so. I don't think you're gonna see the things. Sort. Really on the ball on the sidelines ABC -- agree. You know -- agree graphic on the -- nineteen a couple of weeks ago that he played. Pretty sure basically -- You know years -- -- two years ago. He was there an out pattern. I think it was 49 miles an hour now we -- on -- 47 something like that bringing down a little bit but. In you know what I expect you more this summer one of the exit was well meaning and beat you with some anyways I just put his arm felt. I wouldn't I wouldn't. I wouldn't count him out too much right now. Peter the New York. Papers were already abuzz the report that Woody Johnson wants to put his fingerprints back on this franchise and installed Tim Tebow is the quarterback for the jets. I Rodney Harrison your counterpart for patriot NBC. I joked to TMZ kind of start Tebow are we trending. That this Tebow time again in New York Peter in your mind. Well. It's not gonna take very long for people to. To get a shot. -- -- I don't care what anybody would get as. Here award. You know and talk about guys dropping happens -- and right there in the bottom line in -- whole thing. Market -- is completing 49% of his past. They've had a lot of injuries. But he's completing 49% of his passes. -- look lousy. He's coming off the season in which he completed 56% of his passes. And ended the season looking terrible. So. If your -- -- And -- and that. Your -- -- go down to which it is. I don't see any reason why -- eight stink it up against the Texans aren't they aren't even one good reason why. Is that he doesn't put people in Indianapolis. And then. You people shot when they go to Foxboro in two weeks now. I maintain that the whole year I think at some point. Because. E-book market could be accurate he's racket and improve your accuracy overnight at some point. I think is -- They make OPEC has urging her to retreat but I can't think that in -- here are great Mac or you can start multiple interest. Why yes the -- be the case too but if you order. -- say why why would you not make debts which I would say that if you put Tim Tebow under center against Sampras -- good job 49ers. And they came out start industry against Houston he'd look even worse. We eat -- Tucker look too pretty good defense and Pittsburgh by the way. No question about it a little -- he used you know. -- you you have at yourself the question after watching three three and out. That are humble opinion and you get yourself up or what do -- do it. We feel the same thing for same trip over and over again and you know what. -- -- -- -- We know it when you play good team. It could be 36 and -- and whatever. And and I'm not it nearly the compound Cingular got all the example might be keepers -- another thing but. You know like just because. They fight you then incident airplanes entrances and use it back to back -- They're pretty good well you know they got they got the -- were coming up -- -- You know operations defense. In Miami after they have to go to Seattle which -- characters they aren't you want app a couple of weeks ago. I -- at New England record you know a couple of weeks up here I mean. Schedule are you technically on schedule and you know if you're gonna play lousy against those great -- Who do you think you're gonna increase in -- it really means so -- I'm not a -- him. Well you're from Siskel and use you know what could. People. I always an it incident particularly putrid. We're talking to Peter king of Sports Illustrated joins us every single Friday at this time Sanchez one of the quarterbacks in the hot seat -- a couple of others Peter. I'll start with Matt Cassel is there any conversation in Kansas City -- a one in three start that they need to go -- a different direction always turn the ball over here early. I mean there isn't one yet but I think it will be because really the turnovers hurt -- -- They're they're locked. It. That they -- huge deficit. And one at -- war that was that would block what happened. After you know they fell behind so eagerly. I would I would look at the cheap right now. And here say Internet instead. It here at apple and then you know you've turned the ball over. You know you it might -- basically turnover. You know he's turned the ball over and part 72 street -- important. He you -- You just not gonna play like that I'm not a huge three -- guy in terms of its type in the leader of the problem and because I don't -- accurate enough. -- It's they're gonna happen and actually this week. I believe it's coming into the city and beat up a little bit. I I don't eat apples to writing another pair of. The other one had a question about Russell Wilson obvious he's got a future -- Matt Flynn there in the wings and that team. In a division that appears wide open as ever is Russell Wilson on the hot seat Seattle Peter. No question about it and EB. EEP. A lot more trouble if you know Matt Flynn were totally healthy right now which isn't. I mean it -- and look I think that brought Russell Wilson will be obvious move. At the start of the season. I thought it was the right move by Pete Carroll like. Having said that you have to look at the game and how they didn't play. You know we get bailed out by -- what he called really. In the Green Bay. And out and enact. You know he played OK. Like he he's just he's making -- leap to any read errors is -- practical and what that means is that. Sort of skin in the field go 123. And looking at the guy throwing the quality guys who really is the most -- you fixated on something else and that is I'm told. Is bigger problem right now we get fixated economic. At the article patterns and really isn't disciplined enough right now two. Look at the bad guy he predicted that -- -- better for our. Peter up -- Boston obviously I think you realize that as a manager search for the Red Sox and as important I think it is to have a good manager for team not as important Indiana and baseball as it is in the NFL when I saw that game last night Jeff Fisher. In Saint Louis got a court of school affiliate he brings over NFL head coach can just change entire culture that you see that seeing Louis. Well I I agree we -- Lou. What all it'll make its point about that I think that one of the things that arena. Have done -- year I look at how he won one B it's got to Egypt this year. Well let me he'd been generally answer because what they have done is it's basically old collapsed. Eight months they really read god. -- football. And him and inept and brought guys into their school art. They're changing the face severe. Exactly for most notably to Cortland -- in order strength and great line. I mean as of right now today. I think great Carolina but that victory in the NFL who knows that the game is at the time. But how can you be any better and thirteen -- with egos coming 46 and beyond. -- country. And he's been absolutely terrific he helped them leaders. You and you know they're they're pre game to a does that compare wins he's beat you -- it knows -- -- Washington Seattle. And you know an hour hearing in court with him here basically. Take it either side of the deal that sent to the opposition. OK for years now. The arena have been totally weak at the quarterback position. And now. Especially a career and -- victims in the second round. I really like your current they have taken let me be here -- -- enters. Call it or hearing it on the phone. Every day. Any talks and the congress thanks you know what's going on where you -- it because obviously take it at that terrible. At their organs and Alabama. And so a lot of things ought to stay away for a while -- -- with them and who knows well how logo. But you're fighting. It sure looks like they've made the right decision both -- again. In which I think the thing you're right I think get picture really. Might say they've seen. And he he basically brought in philosophy. They haven't -- -- it was called white. You know despite what Curt Schilling and corporate art that first year whine about like it we wouldn't. If you know -- extreme and I think creature that the same thing with him. Peter it's a great week five in the league in your game Sunday night in prime time it's chargers it's -- I'm curious any silver linings for the saints team now -- no breeze capacity United's with the touchdown record this weekend. Anything else saints fans hang their hat on as to try to sell -- than. Well I mean the good thing for them as I think they're gonna win this -- this weekend it will be a big celebration everybody will be happy. If they win the game -- -- the government unimportant -- they're buying. And they can look at their schedule that you know all about walks. I only problem with -- scene right now is that. You know in the last eleven weeks and they probably have to go nodding to -- yet we were 83. The only problem you've still got two things that. You've still got to say they'll go Eagles in the New York. You've got to go to Dallas you know with the -- and you've quite seen -- Cisco. You got -- meaning in Denver. Soul. I -- to go 92 against that schedule virtually -- -- is going to be tremendously tall order but I think you guys would agree that. Anything that got Drew Brees you know at any gains. You can score 35 points he can score 35 point you can beat anybody so. You know if they win their scheme. They don't give them -- 10% shop. I don't I don't think it's a great shot but I think 10% with a quarterback like that the level one other thing even know. Alec is it would expect they'll look at the defense -- coordinator with the giants in 2000 -- The giants were awful early on it got its Spagnuolo. And then in the last thirteen fourteen weeks of the year they got it work or you know APN with the exception of the patriot pick up in the week seventeen. At the meadowlands and then after that. I mean obviously the -- great play out so I'm not counting now they know when you talk about -- seen playing better on defense as the year goes on. Peter King a Sports Illustrated love talking football -- -- enjoy the weekend we'll talk connect product. Peter King joining us up on the AT&T hotline or Peter King joins us he is sponsored by town fair tire. We transition to a lot of football as part of that the new phone number listen up we -- a new number for the show on all the shows here on 937 WEEI market down. 617. 77979. -- 37 as the phone number to get in touch -- any of our shows 6177797. 937. Is the food new phone number. They -- second break it to your phone calls and talk about the Patriots defense has to do against Peyton Manning.

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