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Devin McCourty, Patriots CB, on preparing for Peyton Manning

Oct 5, 2012|

McCourty talks about preparing for Peyton Manning and discusses his shaky start to the season.

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And you have confidence in ghost -- -- -- -- solutions and his minions. It's the same question whereas last week on the court and everybody want to cut him and becomes. And you know it was loan. Those two big turnovers. And Steve's gonna make a lot of big -- force and and that was chemical a big place -- support cornerback couldn't. I mean we accountants all players when they put out there. Bill Belichick -- with a big show earlier this week it's not -- ID 37 WEEI joining us on the AT&T hotline part of a patriots Friday. -- according patriots quarterback -- my little Oreo. I'm great how much does this morning. We're doing excellent. Your assert your coach there made a little reference that you know after he had had a tough week everyone around here you know how we are spans as media we get a lot of control and he joked several logic cut you here. The conversation when you have a bad game we don't play well do you hear that noise that conversation for fans for media that pressure to be better. Oh yeah a little bit like -- Twitter -- understand and then. You know all right after the game well not immediate you just -- -- told the questions and everything unmanageable. I think -- is -- hundred delete -- source. You know Democrat and a great regard about you know exit your last two games mussina Baltimore game. Was this bed every wants to make it out but in the spotlight at the end a couple of big plays it's sort of let's like the kicker right I mean nobody really notices you until you make may be make a mistake how difficult that. Did an automated the biggest religious group -- structure under. You know plays. Our community can now Schwarzenegger didn't go -- Toledo the most frustrating part about it -- you know a part of the game -- Now which goalie -- recorders. This may lead to less than a minute spot -- even -- the game -- you know which -- products go on there trying to get it don't. You know last year I think one of the the criticisms that people -- says -- you playing the ball you know ball in the air BB UN position but you were making a play this year. They may play some ball like you said one we can get two picks the other Wii give opportunities and don't make them -- part of the game the youth -- need to improve coming in the this year. But I artillery a lot of they've done an improvement especially want to thank all DB you know. Really want -- killed so were when they look back Q Nolan but I have a game. You know they -- an obsession or will make it clear that it relation between us and our profession you'll give them an opportunity to get that done -- This something you always got to travel. You talked about this week help how important practices and get those reps have a good week of practice and carries -- for you. What is a good week of practice and how is this week -- practice been leading into the Broncos game on Sunday. You know a lot of that is just to work we put in their our conditioning units and in the locker we're we're out there were already there. The biggest thing I would try to look sort of improvement throughout the week you know when Carl -- -- -- new opponent each week and you know. Our Rob Lowe from saint and already at what shall truly -- just want to get that -- -- -- Wanna get more familiar wonder what pain and -- Christi day here -- actually -- -- each week. There are types of people down a cover this team every week and one thing they do say about you is maybe their. They got him out there so much you know special teams is that tickets to all you being involved punt coverage kick coverage you name it. Polamalu. Data and I think this summer -- I'm never you know soda bottles. You know it is mr. Lerner or me or a little resistant and do so. I don't know you know ethnic shall now travel as it was. You know I'm not -- -- Taylor won't rest. I'm not a -- and I don't think it's a problem. We're talking patriots quarterback got -- McCord -- not looking for state secrets here but a lot of people. Are talking about disguising coverage against Peyton -- a veteran quarterback he's seen it all you have to really. Disguise your look what what does that mean to you DeVon and do you think it's an important factor plain against the guy like this on Sunday. Yeah -- has definitely important for the center are you know equally great quarterback chassis guy like saying you -- alone and they can be or. He just went out and I'll make it anything can be harder or yeah. In our defense and we'll try to do all day to try to make things. You know our our coaches that are split Leno the other child does something in -- district and look. You don't try to make itself formal Q well. It doesn't seem like Peyton softens really attacking too much down feels -- -- -- passes and guys stick it to the house -- to Mary's Thomas is very talented. Is that kind of something that you see is is is tackling something that's very important this week. Did you know tackle forty equally you have guys like you know. On the and -- and are bitter cynical Gaza and the speed is we know -- you know on -- -- -- can turn into a 67 New York so different than I would definitely -- in the know they get the ball has just try it out actually get a better. You mention Thomas that's looks like a big boy you got a couple chances at him last week last year DeVon. What makes him a tough cover what stands out terms his abilities. Let users are either he's a huge target and I think equally productive or do we know. Just try to -- -- aggressor there and deal culture -- You know -- good job the ball so slowly get prepared older churches that -- think he turned and after that gets that little girl. They -- they know that the focus and he got -- Must been nice not to hear about Tebow this week I'm curious 4 o'clock games Sunday spotlight national TV. You like -- for clock time slot DeVon for argue games. It is cool you know you you get to play. We're not as many games or -- -- You know trust you really don't think about it more to gain control of you don't think about host watch and I'm thinking only to separate -- Got the Peyton Manning and the Broncos -- Deborah McCord patriots cornerback -- appreciate the time we'll talk you down the road. -- joining us on the ATP hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster three G. It's AT&T rethink possible disguising coverage seems to be the buzz phrase.

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