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Everything we knew about Bobby V was wrong

Oct 5, 2012|

D&C lead off the show discussing the firing of Bobby Valentine and what adjectives really describe him time in Boston. The guys chat about what was the biggest downfall of Bobby Valentine, if the game changed so much since Bobby V's last time as manager that he didn't stand a chance to succeed, and will he get another opportunity to manage in the big leagues again.

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Read off the top eight new phone number my friends a new phone number grab your pencil wrap your paper 617. 77979837. Eventually that's coincidence cassettes. The station number two I think lottery seven I hadn't thought of that yeah -- -- -- while some embers just hot hockey rounded Dallas and number of losses the Boston Red Sox. 9836177797. 937. -- number of wins the Baltimore Orioles had. After losing 93 that's right so they go from losing 93 winning 93 which should be somehow incorporated into the theme yes for -- 2013. Boston ready wore heels turned around we can do Duquette did it. And I -- -- -- it if you can't can do it. Why can't -- was. Yet the fact that the Red Sox promised the Red Sox players the Bobby Valentine wouldn't be the manager and then renege. Was that the fact that Bobby Valentine was not allowed to pick his entire coaching staff was it to pro fame dressing down of Mike of the liberty. Was that the public very public criticism of Kevin Youkilis was that the response by Dustin Pedroia who said we don't do things that way here. Was it Bobby Valentine mispronouncing a number of players names was at the backs they -- mutiny. That did him in was hit the. And. The fact of the game passed him by and he was no longer a good in game manager. Was that multi fat -- pirates say it's small dive back tutorial but I don't understand the first one -- a lot last day. When they hired Bobby Valentine. It's kind of a throw it again. The told players they were gonna hire blog on yes yes players. Knew enough about it gone for ten years. Having how many players knew enough about it we think we don't want a guy like that. It just seems bizarre I mean them the only guy who would even been around. When Bobby managed would be gave -- he'd. What do you think you knew what did you know about Bobby Valentine when you first heard that he might be a candidate when nick -- element that we knew we thought we knew was wrong well yeah -- got -- know he was a look at me kind of guy. I knew that he was a very public guy you knew that you thought he was going to be a ball buster so and -- and -- we knew that didn't the players know that two to six degrees of separate I guess anybody in the Mets -- given. Picture -- as compared to Roy Ayers says in a higher and that kind of guy are you let me just plays a may be Beckett may be Becket yeah. But who like last -- enemy. -- -- -- Lester would say he can't hire him me it was even know but as a juvenile but anyway that's just one of the many. Factors in the multi effect or a situation yeah I'm looking at. Shoots in the front of the constituency. -- -- -- He describes all the things. That. Well Bobby V is now you've it's on the front page at our current front. On the front page of the paper and I read you said you -- I don't have a -- -- yes it acoustic kind of placed on the won't keep the front page that a I. I don't. Since we're not a lot of talk about the front that they want to keep -- that's true Eileen I used to have with -- little have a right yeah referenced now I'd never turn them out -- -- just read the back of her on the important stuff is. Read all the adjectives that Shaughnessy uses or. Bobby Beasley does he's everything we thought he'd be right to be opinionated. Telegenic. Smart. -- Can. Connect the how many of these would you say are accurate start over and goofy -- definitely goofy opinion did yeah yeah argument. Telegenic. Thing let's go John Farrell he's a good look at all the old guy yeah he's a good idea given that Smart. And calculating yes connected. Connected just don't have to disconnect when sick then you know -- A little off the reservation that's dealt with that Syria yes and one was the one that thinks he -- all that Andy was all that. Except the smarts at the thing with Youkilis which will displace. Seemed like the dumbest thing I've ever seen a manager say. And I was around for butch Hobson who thought both thought Sweden was a city in Norway -- it. And I like -- Not the brightest multi channel where he there's not a -- outside and was missing you out with butch yeah -- -- -- -- get a real high SAT score well and no great player to the ultimate ultimate dog yeah. And made 43 areas well to those bowls from around float around in his elbow in a terrific pass this. Most of almost as we just talked about and and Smart being one of them and -- and and disconnect -- the players all that sort of stuff and called on out you close do you think there is an umbrella. Canopy over this whole thing that if you set him back in time. Ten or fifteen years were Bobby V was supposedly in his heyday the Halcyon days of Bobby Valentine whenever they whenever they work. You think some of the stuff would play better. I mean -- -- -- as the game changed the players changed as the tone and tenor of the clubhouse and how you have to column massage and reach around and give a grab and put the outside who used to do it that way can't do that -- and I. I think we've said here on this show I haven't heard too many other places but I think we were on asylum is one of the problems is the owner is star struck me. I mean it was the problem last year that Francona ran to when he. -- headphones and to come on the boat and yes. I mean he's a fan boy he idolize these guys if he does not want. His manager yelling. Of the criticism. Glorified utility guy. But he's a veteran and he's you know. When John -- around him he's the same way now as he was when he was well let your -- spurs set but what do you say that is. And I may be Bobby could stood up for himself at that point and you know just synonymous at this place on fire -- let me do my way. But it had to be shocked about time and maybe this will be one of the things he tells notes all over. That he -- of the -- and an and they pull him aside and said that's not how we do well. You know what -- -- spring training pro -- admonition story has morphed in recent days and weeks only has since reported it. That the the the dress down Bobby Valentine wasn't so much as a regular reported by members of the front office but by the players themselves. -- much of Larry Lucchino or bench during -- John Henry or Tom Warner would have even known. Out on the field -- faintly admonished a village for screwing up the drill I mean I guess that could get the word eventually from somebody that's collaboration but the story now has morphed -- the fact that it wasn't the ownership and it was -- management it will it was a number of -- who were upset by -- they witnessed that they thought it was unfair. And to quote 12 baseman who would like I say this about a month and a half later that's not how we do things around -- right and apparently they went to Bobby. And were upset and said that's not how we do things -- apologize and we thought we were under the assumption that that -- and that if they didn't go to him and and and admonished him for yelling at a bit less. He would have said the old Bobby Valentine was that shut the bleep up and go to -- position I mean I think rolled over like a puppy and -- himself like allies. And that the problem is if you wanna -- at an adjective and the most important one -- in Chelsea's home would be desperate. He was desperate for the job yes he was desperate for the contract he was desperate to. Ingratiate himself to certain people and to survive here. And he never had the authority he never showed I think the pinnacle or point I think is special desperate I mean. When you hire a guy. He should have some leverage some valiants. This guy just said human amnesia know he's adjusted yes yes yes and you can't pick your coach is just that's -- here Kirch and this morning Tim -- and said it was a two year deal with two option years. It -- option will boast the -- were John Henry's option. I mean he had no say in this and I'm glad he walked away some money I hope you know -- -- comfortably. But he had to do on his last day he had to. Beat Bobby -- -- -- with the African bike ride and down -- you see the report -- -- -- yeah -- chasing him I mean. I guess it felt good to be that important but it was last day where he is that important yes and he knows it. And despite I mean I'm sure nick of -- -- and all the lists of potential manages in Miami or whatever but he will never managed anything beyond his. This restaurant and -- for Connecticut again I mean he -- it was as bad as it gets this year it was you just listed. It is in Francona is eight years he didn't step in his offices connected in one. -- -- -- -- -- If you -- define useless. Listen to Francona on sports center talking about what went wrong here. The captured -- all seven questions began with I don't really know I wasn't in the clubhouse however I will say this they finally pulled one. Not get out of Terry Francona and that was used the word will be people with a little bit that this will be no either was or wasn't he and a little bit. Public with all of his brush fires. A a little too public. At and to me that's the stupid part and you could the easy part not to do. I mean that's just don't I don't see the Smart about where was the Smart Smart the other interviews with -- way or with us or with Michael K which and release Martin I mean like here sometimes coaches gentlemen I mean managed coaches. These siblings got all going on even if he's in public when Nick Saban is this a Smart move that. -- you never got that sense. Bobby was always the smartest guy in the room know it wasn't as the -- what what -- You. What what room we're talking about -- smartest guy in the room. But the bus station. -- I don't know what. Rule I mean may -- in you know I'll admit in 1986 when he came up with the Rangers when he was the manager of the Rangers -- -- living off that -- decrease somewhat. -- -- cerebral but it's goofy -- bullets thing it never Franken. Now under. If -- Why why do you drive an opponent dropped in -- market to drive way to drive an apartment way to -- a wonder that that's a typical. It's his duty and take. -- birds cry. How do lobsters feel pain when you -- the -- now I know that answer and you have did not it would make any difference to follow these disinterested and feel pain like we do we get to finish and you look at can be -- Dodgers to a back right it'll heal -- why this is another -- another situation. Win win. When there's someone who was foisted upon you. That you didn't shoes if there's a new boss that comes in or there's a new relationship and it's not one of your liking it's not one of your choosing. And human nature just to try to invent and find reasons and flaws that you don't like it is a perfect example. If indeed what we believed to be is true the Red Sox were told to not gonna get Bobby Valentine or a manager like Bobby Valentine catcher new manager and they reneged on the on a promise. Then. The Red Sox players. Were from the very beginning going to look for and identify and they couldn't find any invent some flaws as an example there's a piece in the paper today. Where -- talking about those film -- since spring training but he put together yet of a basic you know routine plays covering first base would argue over get over -- those kinds of things really do and and Bobby invented this along with the rap and ran it on the TV system in the club also that if you're sitting around putting your uniform -- scratching your -- That you're watching distance and all that's how big league players. Well somebody is -- say what you think about that -- that -- and stupid. We've been stupid now it shouldn't offend anybody write it shouldn't it shouldn't make anybody angry but if you don't like the guy that you are looking at things like that. Nitpicking it's a word I'm looking for not picking at a guys that. I whitest -- doesn't. The most obvious thing to get help if you think that some of what happened to audit I guess what they want to identify flaws and. And guess what when it starts to go bad yet and then you know they wrap the rest is jump off that ship and the ship was sinking in in one may. June and they and they bailed and they -- amount and they said. The next guy's going to be out you know and and -- I think they cut him off at the knees I think he he never had a chance I think that's accurate it's kind of a cliche but year. I never had a chance it not because he didn't hire a bomb or. Is that the game the players who never get mentioned very Earl -- right and they knew. That they would get their way because they always do because it's the owner is you know fan boy but. You mentioned Francona -- useless that was Francona is -- the phone companies probably look at text from picture pyro and you know what's the contract going to be Bradley one. He's already checked out of the SP and we knew we would. And we knew it on the B musical chairs thing and Bobby Valentine when they have struggled back and Stevie I don't know he knows exactly -- is trying to do from -- trying to get his old job back. -- it was a very lucrative job very easy job -- -- analyst and Schilling and that this stuff. He has some filters they have not. Installed the filtering and get in trouble but. He was great you know with the -- weigh in and all these great on the SP and break -- down on this it's got nothing to do with in game moves even though he did some group orgy of movement and you know made some just bizarre. Decisions. But handling people serve better example of guys did a poor job handling people yeah. And you can't which finger money can't say said the wrong thing this agent with Youkilis and he could let's go boy image imprinted on a daily basis. In days like this it's that important. But he was awful and handling people and and I guess we should've seen it come and I guess when you take ten years of and no one wants touches in the tenth for the whole reason isn't it right and and it's because and it's another cliche but it applies the game and passed them by. This style this guy his methods don't work for more. 6777. Lines are sorry that's a wrong number of start the new number 6777971997. A mock Q I would never it would take me months. Get that right after this and it's the -- beginning as you'll number 6177797. 93 Cecil Joaquin from Jamaica -- who is disappointed -- -- that camp bubbly but we'll get to what you call that number of the new number yet as -- new -- yet while joke he must be Smart 6177797937. It is a free form Friday my guess is we're going to be all over the board it's going to be patriot football and probably a lot of Bobby Valentine plus. It's the caption contest and this is the portion of the program. Where Jerry response on the dark closet rod I'm seeing it a shot I don't but I haven't have three tweeted why -- and 530 so check. Out my Twitter account it's at John Dennis WEEI. When -- in come up on my Twitter feed. Include my name register befall me almost -- its ball it is a picture of the Red Sox brain trust a -- -- -- better time ten months ago. Just kicked I got to feel bad tendency to -- and I mean chilling start come and Murray -- -- come and I should -- the tenure it's coming right into -- that's what exactly great. One of the guys -- convince me it could work Steve yes who'd have hated Bob hated him. But said no it was my fault -- I had issues -- ever this could work and see I don't think Larry is irrational as more I thought Larry thought this through and and when he made this move -- you know this could work and I thought. The the anti Perry was a good idea because they laid down -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and he became -- came in and set and in spring training -- -- -- -- -- they pulled him aside and said that's not you don't -- -- do you do get a new appreciation or Francona because there's only elements of the deal with players I -- and its players many of any buy and sell if you Google has ample and then. Ownership and then GMs and you know Larry in media I mean he did a brilliant. And I more than ever looking forward to that book you think he's really gonna. Hope so lettuce -- I think. The irony of Tito Tito wouldn't when he was on ESPN. Tell tales out of school. And really tell you what he knew about the Red Sox inner workings or anything for that matter why. Because he wanted to get back to being a manager right and now that he's a manager he's not going to say anything I tell tales out of school because managers don't do that because -- -- -- in the club house. Really Terry yeah I don't really know what's your office in an -- -- -- the opposite she'll actually doesn't think like I better be careful here you've seen and you know what Valentine knew did you hear -- -- -- just an idea of these high -- think he's bike riding in this some chick reporter run in next to -- yes buddies like I have the greatest coaches. The fall off with one of Obama -- and I actually set I had some some of the summit summit Briscoe we can we conclude we have all the result. All that play a lot of sound for you we talk Rob Ninkovich -- a patriot Friday Mike Lombardi will join us as well Larry Lucchino. At 805. And Steve Simmons Steve Simmons is the baseball columnist or is it -- beat statistical columnist for the in Toronto sun. Missed the Toronto on the front on not a fan of John fan not a big fan thinks the Red Sox would be nuts to. They run down that road here and you're gonna now describe the picture of Red Sox in better -- just happens here I did the rat's nest and joining us -- at the ago that you picture of the Red Sox brain trust. When was at ten months ago -- real men Bobby he and John Henry. They're posing for a photo at all and he put the Jersey on his opening press conference and -- -- have big smiles on their face and all holding hands. When we come back ninety seconds from now what is going to be our first caller the 61777979. -- 37 I think we should give Joaquin a teacher in the first one don't you especially economic case for why they shouldn't have to Bobby Valentine and the article ever thought that he's not that we'll be right back.

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