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Steve Simmons: The Blue Jays are ready to make a deal if one is out there for Farrell

Oct 5, 2012|

Toronto Sun Sports Columnist Steve Simmons joined Dino & Gerry to discuss if John Farrell has worn out his welcome in Toronto and how willing would the Blue Jays be to let him come to Boston. He chats about if the Blue Jays really want him back, what Farrell has done to prove he can develop pitchers, and questions why would Boston really want him. He also mentions if there is a problem between the Jay GM and Farrell, what would be a reasonable deal for him, and predicts if the Jays would actually make a deal.

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This wouldn't exactly be the boldest prediction -- make but I'm gonna make it anyway kind of obvious. Knowing they were gonna hear more than. Bobby Valentine in the next few days will be out of John Ferrell. Say to say you know this John -- that. I think it's fairly understood here. That he is the target. They will try to make a deal that can make a deal will be your next manager and they might even do during the playoffs meter. Because there's an awful and anyone they're going after him. If it fails then we move on that list that list is only for back. To help us put the Ferrell perspective into some kind of perspective is the very talented troubled some columnist Steve Simmons Steve and Jerry and I and some other colleagues had -- lunch together at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis I'm sure he doesn't he remember that he joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE good morning Steve Lowery. We need. The other is that was fine food in the cargo on. I am doing just fine how much do the Toronto Blue Jays -- -- retain this -- or are they tired of his act after 81 and now 73 wins in back to back seasons in Toronto. I think it depends on who you speak to. From what I make it I like to turn that around I'd love to know what is supposed John felt. And what he showed in two seasons that tells anyone in Boston that -- is going to be the answer any questions. I think they accused the answer in spite of that record I think they think there are other intangibles this this kind of presents what he did -- of pitching coach and and everybody knows. One of the main things wrong with a Boston Red Sox was starting rotation and Daniel -- an example they think barrel might be got to fix all that. I've got two words for that Ricky Romero. Who was the worst starting pitcher in the American League here and it was -- very very good pitcher in the other years and John -- wasn't able to solve what it was that was going on or whatever it was wrong with with Ricky Romero it it's a strange situation here. Because you don't get a sense that. Upper management with the jays are like absolutely in love with the guy. But you don't get a sense that they're ready to get rid of him. I think what they're ready to do frankly is make a -- what is the deal to be -- -- And if there is an -- to be made that he'll continue as a manager for at least another season and then who knows what BR match. I'd Stevie has one year left on -- contact right John Farrell so is there pressure to oh would you expect pressure -- if they're gonna keeping an academic at the eleventh from the Boston. They would have to extend them or renegotiate or would that be will and let him go and this is a lame duck. Well that was discussed on the last day of the season I talked out of populist general manager without job very well about it. You know he's he's not the least bit concerned about going into it -- contract. -- without a new one he says you know what you've. What you heard in the game -- what you got you know and so far frankly from these two years in Toronto he hasn't -- an extension. Alex says his priority is to address the key issues. And if sometime down the road in the spring training and of the winter. Into the next season they decide an extension is something that very appreciative. Then they'll look at event but it's not other. Radar priority list at this point if they're telling the truth do do what that's what each side is saying here. Again I think it's it's there's a deal to be date. Based on frankly I don't say this from my perspective based on what I've seen -- done fairly blue jays for two years. If if I can get anything tangible for him and replace them I would do it effective. Is there a problem between Alex to GM and John -- the manager. No I -- there's. That the problem frankly between every general manager manager. Because the general manager's thinking about you know today to vote next -- in the future. And the managers that you only have to -- -- that issues that exist and time to time you know. I wanna pop up that I know we're gonna call back I kind of kind of situation. But know that you know they -- they work. Very well together. Debacle is really interesting man. And I think it was the consensus general managers who listens a little bit to everyone has to say before you make the decision. So he involves everybody with what he's doing so I think I think that relationship is fine. You know if I'm looking at what the problem is if there is a problem the problem the -- And what -- done with it in two years as a manager. We're talking with Steve Simmons columnist for the troubled son Steve define a a a reasonable deal -- if a deal can be made does -- have to be a significant player we talk and prospects what's your sense of what they would want. I think that want to believe they can put on their roster right now. I'm not talking to 24 to 25 man. -- have -- somebody that can make it different values that you can get creative here. You know he doesn't have to be -- and so forth. They whatever. It is cubic yards and the player. For a player. If we just go out and two players are there's a lot of weight you can go here but the prospect -- somebody. It is you know even -- they're in the same division in the highly unlikely to be trading partners. You know. It's it's -- you know that again I'm being cynical here but it's what I've seen of the blue jays the last two years and especially this season. Is an indication of just -- a Major League manager I'm trading of two loss to quit I want him in my division. What about his manager managerial style or anything record aside don't like about the way he operates his this clubhouse is dugout. I like him personally I'm easy to -- -- not -- like he'd be very good to me. Decatur in terms of how he doesn't daily media in and does all of that kind of thing. Well I don't like about is that. The team make the same mistakes over and over and over again. The -- eight many players this year and I've missed out relatively late in the season that. There's really no checks and balances here the coaching staff in the manager manager really good -- well. You know which is surprising considering you know Boston you know that's what they've got trouble the first place. And -- makes a mistake he. A lot of that there's no recourse for the they go back the next day and then make the same mistake again at the same mistake again and nobody says anything in -- pulled from the lineup and only dropped down in the order. And it. That kind of thing happens and it and to me that's the number one thing I don't like a vote. A vote on so I don't like the fact that this team ran itself more innings -- probably any team in baseball it. This here -- -- ridiculous time in incentive ridiculous situations. Some of that with the managers controlled double with just players taking off which should have been in an editor's. Steve. Dennis Farrell wanna come here does he want out of Toronto is Boston his dream job. I think that the double edged question. I think does he want out of you know would be my answer is busted his dream job yes would be my answer. So on the one hand I think he's happy doing what he's doing he's he's enjoyed it he wants to be around him build the case it is something. But you know it's you know it's like it's likely get cold but your alma -- in college. You know you wanna go back and coach there I think there is that feeling he won't say. But I think there is that feeling and lets be honest. The Red Sox aren't the center of the baseball up you know the world. You know were ordered outpost here. You know this but a lot of people pay attention to the Toronto Blue Jays. They haven't been in the playoffs in nineteen years. That he's on the Iraq franchise now so you want to manage in the in the heart of the game or do you want to manage you know where he you know that we -- notion is yes. A -- -- load does did this organization. Covet him is he would he be considered if barrel -- to -- on -- -- one of the backup plans here in Boston if barrel if they -- prime Ferrell away from the -- days. He's got a very highly here. You know there's some talk of him in Cleveland there's some talk of him involved as a possibility in Austin there's some -- of -- -- that the deal gets made itself. That I think Troy -- our Brian Butterfield who would lead -- likely choices here to. To be the manager when they hired John felt it was down to fill in Butterfield. And and political third base coach and very solid baseball -- So they they look around and there -- magic state they've got -- other people here to Don welcome Bob to manage -- beefed up in the majors is also here. In them that they write this stuff and in particular they like this that and -- experienced guys who work that everybody wants. One can put so loud and -- by the weather being bad players I mean fundamentally weak they quietly so fundamentally weak all the time. And if they were all season this was just a dreadful year for the case. By the way you're full of its image really you think Ricky Romero can hold a candle to Daisuke Matsuzaka being bad. I mean you're not so. You know that it and back up and when he used the Elias Sports Bureau here as as my. As my source in the -- sports bureau. Said that the string where Ricky Romero went from June 22. To -- he got his next -- which is sometime in September. What's the single worst pitching it's straight stroke I was a late starter going not missing a start. I think it would fourteen or fifteen starts that a win would any other way into the sixes or sevens. And that was the worst streak in baseball history. Yeah will dice dice -- got an ERA of two and a half runs higher than Romero. Now he didn't. Oh look at what it would be if he's pitched numbers that restart the. Thank you -- and then -- Romero is -- back. Here well Romero had thirty course I -- elevenths card to being an. One and seven with -- hate to wait until on we will put Daisuke up big nights. Ago. They paid a 103 million dollars for this -- OK LA Alley elected. There with a few of those mistakes made in boss. Yeah I was I was -- Farrell's. Albatross that he couldn't correct this guy fixed this -- other other guys we see no no he's -- dragged exposed to become so that. Are so it won't always see what was he supposed to fix. Brett -- -- People were comparing Bret throwing it short for that. When he first came to the case have and how we played the game with the kind of enthusiasm to this kid got a lot of ability. But he has no edit button and he plays the game at full speed and doors. You know I think -- doors cooking camp the coach but he can look at the -- team right now they've got some guys. -- -- got some projects Kobe Rasmussen is the project. You know ask the -- is a project. -- is a project. You know you want to see you don't young guys get better. -- fundamentally opposed to get better but when they make -- that would -- runs you know. Gets thrown out at third base every third game. And -- get punished for or never had to answer for. You wonder about leadership and there's a real question at the end of the year here where Omar Vizquel a veteran of 24 years the big leagues. Questions that gave internal leadership questions what the coaches are doing questions what you know who's. Who's really in charge. Battle I think some of the suspicion comes from and the judge said you would like that if you're the guy to carry a briefcase. And it'll be your corporate communications team. -- You won't even notice if Ferrell if that lockout ends and then in the maple is compact business yet they won't even notice of Farrell leaves. -- They see we get it would this. Steve win it -- this what do your instincts tell you blue jays and the Red Sox make a deal for John Ferrell. My -- saying -- That's based solely on my conversations without a couple of. Well that's a pretty good source is Steve Simmons from the Toronto -- thanks for taking some time Steve appreciate information in the conversation. Right. Here will -- -- -- New Orleans this time we'll put the next time. Toronto suns' Steve Simmons joining us on AT&T -- AT&T forgy LT sold as -- to straight. John Carroll's team. And John -- demonstrates no leadership. No corrections and mistakes and no responsibilities and no developing and -- are developing young pitchers for players doesn't talk like the right man for the job amid a.

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