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Rob Ninkovich: Peyton looks back to normal

Oct 5, 2012|

Patriots defensive end Rob Ninkovich called into the boys to talk about how they’ll try and stop Peyton Manning. He also touches on how impressed he’s been with how quickly the Pats offense has gelled, what are the benefits of later game starts are, and how Peyton has looked on tape this season.

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline is Rob Ninkovich our conversation with rob is brought you by all this dental -- states and by people's united bank good morning rob how aria. Or are very up what do what you're seeing in the film Peyton Manning anything new anything different or same old Peyton. Are pretty similar to where returns are obviously. Your utter control everything you know he's able to change -- on the fly so here are similarly or are there. I've read about a half a dozen stories and in fact Mike Lombardi just that at BQ with Peyton Manning has to disguise disguised discussed until the very yen is is is that pretty accurate. Yeah. I mean. It is your soaker alignment you know. Just being able Murphy report on the defense -- don't get it right where are you just make sure that you know sure you're sure your answers. Does he ever get fooled like did you watch the whole Oakland game he was on his game and the use what thirty to 38 did. Did today does he ever get full. I mean obviously. We're all human and you know everyone makes mistakes but very pretty here so. For you know he's he's on the things that he's done in the game so. Only use one of a specially those so that's that's what were not strong work -- The moment is -- real dirt they ordered. It -- of the Broncos offensively adapted to the presence of Peyton Manning because in his heyday with Indianapolis it look like a difficult thing to learn and and and synchronize and get going he'd only been there you know -- -- -- -- time as far as you can tell from the film you've seen. But the Broncos. Bought all in and on the same page with Peyton. That you know live up ordered double. A reluctant at this year's offense we're not going to be anything close to that was black reporter so are not as speakers eager. And you hear it Manning on the team on pretty -- so sure that they know all -- since the war in order to order. It back to well last Sunday vs the bills I'm guessing you graded out pretty high or higher than of some previous games is that fair to say. Yeah you know Russell grew and so -- that certain. You know order Berkshire. What did you like about what you were able to accomplish. Individually though individually are cornered him -- -- hour or so those that are pretty. You know. -- on the -- you know courier. Com. Faster. From our -- that are you know read the place he slugfest you know -- bought clothes are really just. -- -- in our -- all in all. There are throughout over the past. Year. You know watching that game it was stunning to see the speed with which the Patriots offense put that second half together you're sitting on the sideline watching it was a stunning for a player and I know you've seen on practice to a lot of amazing things. But was that stunning even to you to see how many points they put up so quickly. I mean are all really entered. -- armed. Obviously you know ultimately gave his -- that your first quarter. There are receivers -- worked great together. And they don't accommodate her parliament. Emit enough and the running game as well I'll -- also well you know just how hard Nortel fired don't involve itself. Now -- you are there. You hate or like the four point five start. Like a new life there. But it future that are. We've got a little bit where a body or your role under. Our what our -- is a pretty early and then -- know. There on the field. On eleven you know. Like you know it's that you do a little bit more Arnold and the dollar and regular courses. All of our. All right rob good luck on -- able docket next Friday. Our Rob Ninkovich our conversation with -- rob has brought you by -- dental lunch dates and by people's united bank. Join us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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