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Michael Lombardi: Patriots offense will give Denver headaches

Oct 5, 2012|

The NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi joined D&C to discuss what to expect from the next chapter of the Brady-Manning match up and how the Bills were able to take advantage of the Patriots porous secondary. He chats about if Peyton Manning is all the way back, has he lost arm strength, and what the keys will be for the Patriots defense to stopped him. He also covers how the improved Patriots running game will help Brady, why so many teams in front of the Patriots missed on drafting Chandler Jones, who is the second best team in the AFC East, and which team is in more trouble, the Saints or Jets.

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-- SA patriot Friday and as we do every Friday we are very happy to. A couple of Mike Lombardi a conversation -- Mike is sponsored by town fair tire HSA. Insurance and by people's united bank. Joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT eight according to throw a party Howard usurped. I'm doing great thank you good morning happy Friday indeed hey if Ryan Fitzpatrick air about the patriots secondary for 350. What's the potential for Peyton Manning on Sunday. Well you know I I think obviously it each game's different and present different challenges. It's got to be concerned I think what you look at that New England pay a buffalo game there were so many. Bad plays in terms of the big explosive play the screen on third and fifteen where they get sixteen yards that is. Much is the killers the Donald Jones kept in the plant run -- the mountain amid got Hamlet two touchdown passes so much for what they're beautiful to watch him but the second one. Really -- it's like to play in the overall camera took it to the took it to the middle the field. So really -- was he played the wrong route and on the chunk touchdown when camera catches it we know the outcome could have better coverage so I think this thing you have to clean up. You've got to play better but for the most part you know I was watching the tape of the game. I thought that was the best that New England defense is played in terms of being overly physical right well impossible can't handle physical football team. What have you seen as the assembly from Peyton Manning is he all the way back almost all the way back symbol -- or something different. I think it's really Indianapolis it's almost all paid back its all -- -- the late in the routes and the running -- to the little feel I think it's gonna have to be. A defense for the patriots the -- the middle fielded forces in the for the ball outside. With the key to the game will be it will be that the patriots must not declare what they're doing. Until five seconds of the snap of the of the 452 clock has gotten to that number because what Peyton has done such a good job. Is being able to run the play that he wants to run the -- defense if you line up almost as if you're a statue out there. And you don't move and don't -- adult point. And standstill. I'm talking about the front of the coverages then that doesn't allow him to get into play he really wants to get into -- many guests and when you get of the guests. I think that's when we have them on the run. How much arm strength has he'd lost Mike and how how much public a problem is it. Well I think he bought some there's no question he can't drive the ball and heal the whole thing has always been when you play patent will we called get into the paint. You had to be able to get informing him. In in like if you picture -- with the ball than those three or four yards in front of him is where you needed to -- you were never promise -- -- the most ridiculous thing is bringing blitzes from. From -- From the edges on Peyton Manning it's never gonna get home because he's too Smart he sees it. So you've got to get the pain and by getting into the paint that fell out and he can't step in every parole. He's got all of what the ball and which you've seen lately is when he does -- put the ball. Is attempt to sell humbled that the ball is thrown. A either too tired too short and I think that's going to be the key -- place to be -- on the football if the patriots -- -- good job of playing like statues before that -- second comes to the point 52 play clock. We knew enough and the front office that how did you know one -- quarterback was done what is the rule and at what age do you generally look at a guy and say okay. It's is just he's just about over here. -- buried on page Ed it's really never arm strength it's always about check out I mean when you when you look at it it's about quarterback that quarterback Jameel box. Ed how do you know boxers doubly you know relax some quick -- but you also know that -- should react in the punches that are even be -- -- -- and quarterback you know -- done. Are basically when they come off the field and they can tell you the left guard to combat step on that -- You know the right tackle mrs. block when they're looking at the line and worried about the protection and -- and then -- start to react to punches that I need to be enthralled. It's the quarterback -- level that I always watch and that's always being told by yards per attempt. And you look at that number like let's take -- -- you know everybody was giving me. Crap on on. On Twitter this summer about Blaine Gabbert completed pass and I you know my Twitter account lights up because they call me an idiot which isn't the first of Al Davis called it every day of my life but. -- the reality is is. Yeah you know what you're throwing checked out all the time your percentage completion goes up but yards per attempt this horrible actor playing every average of the six yards per attempt. The series over six yards per attempt. If you're a driver of the ball down the feel -- your eye level is -- up the field. You're not any good and I think I think it'll quarterback can't play. And and do you guy like Tom Brady that to the patriots in your mind might do they already have. Contingency plans for when Brady's done is is mallet in the plan as the next guy or is our next guy like in high school right now. I think mallet the guy that had to be either the next guy I don't think you're gonna find somebody with as much talent is now has -- editor -- fortune to get him in the third round -- a look at some of the quarterbacks overdraft now I wonder. How that happened and I -- responded you know the criticism about in the draft coming off the field could be handled. I think this time in this apprenticeship as much Aaron Rodgers is where he's able and the other Tom. And when it comes rate of walk away at that she should be -- should be ready to go to your commute to. Where they extend mallet contract because they're gonna have to do that doubled the -- -- -- walk away anytime soon. Mike -- -- the patriots head to 100 yard runners last week against buffalo what does that do for not only Brady's options offensively but for his long term health and wellbeing. Well it is the key component of that is it puts the burden of responsibility on the defense for example Jack -- real. Who's -- the defense for Denver and John Fox is probably more involved issue than he's ever been coaching. They have to make decisions they've played nickel like Dave -- the Buffalo Bills that get 200 yards to 200 yard -- trying to get some what do they go to bass. And then Tom Brady gets to pick where he wants to throw the football it's a real dilemma and that's what's. That was what was being created this summer training camp -- stock rewards -- we can improve the running game. That we put teams in a real burden of responsibility in terms of today take away the run they played base where they come into play nickel and now Denver. If they played nickel and Elvis Dumervil Bob Miller have to play with her hand and a third for 65 or seven he played. By the third or fourth quarter they're both going to be worn out their -- not going to be effective -- -- body punches of the run game. We're gonna Wear them down if they they base and Bob Miller places suspect backer Bob Miller can handle play action atom bomb nor can handle runs Adam. But Milledge got a run as -- linebacker and in a 43 defense she's a rusher. So it becomes uniquely a problem for for Denver how they play it I'm sure we'll have a couple options and I think the patriots will be able to examine those options in the first quarter. And then make their game plan accordingly. And I can be interest to find out what the buzz around the league is about Chandler Jones I -- is very early but what are people saying. Well I think everybody. Go back on the -- and wondering how quickly -- could have gotten picked improbable than you know helped -- McKellen could they got picked up I think everybody's looking out talking and executive in the league yesterday. And you know he was complaining to himself that he was sitting in the bottom of the first round he was complaining how come. You know that they did have a chance to get him but he's seven a hard time -- coaches in the word applaud him I think everybody was wondering. Where would he fit in obviously the patriots knew but I think everybody realizes just what -- want Capel Taylor Jones. He's really good now but I think the best -- -- to -- They will the jets win. Eight games the ultimate. I don't know where they get -- from a really don't. You know we talked about -- our membership on the regular Q Mike -- -- your best player on defense something wrong and not that Mike -- to that player and you know. I said that I think Mike DeVito as the best player -- of course forget about five tweets saying I was -- he was so I apologize for that but. The reality of this is that they're personnel would you break -- seemed a personal level. Haven't been very good him in the defense -- front last year and then this always gets lost in the wash. Lester when they were -- on the outside while they decided to go after. Calvin Pace and Bart Scott they estimate take a million dollar pay reduction last year in exchange for that reduction they guarantee their salaries this year. And both players are very good right now and that David Harris is too slow and then Mohamed lookers it was supposed to be according direct tried the next Richard Seymour which we haven't seen that. He might be Richard Seymour now that Richard Seymour he was good and you know I think -- defensive -- vastly overrated offensively. You know we've all known that sentence can't complete any more than 54% of his passes and they have no explosive players. Who's had more trouble the jets -- the saints. Well. In the district I think the jets are because -- I think that's yet. Philosophy is they're gonna have to win game seventeen to fourteen. You know whereas. The jets defense is good enough to hold some of the seventy points. No wallet can get it would shoot out with somebody and they can win they're always gonna score points even though they're not as talented offensively that they want for. But their defense on the other than not being able to tackle there not been able to rush other and not be able. To cover is really playing well. You know it is it's disappointing. Mike in a way that there's just no competition in this division. I of the other day I thought Miami the second best team in the east. -- because Miami defensive front will give you some trouble you've got a handle you've got to handle Cameron Wake. You've got to be able to handle their inside players you've got to be physical enough to match from and then offensively -- -- the run the ball left. -- a -- needle and Jake Long they can actually test -- and run block so they're tough to deal with there. And you've got to force some of them the mistakes part -- has run routes very well this summer he's gotten a really good job he's always been silent killer you always wonder how hard -- does make some place. When you just think of him as a possession receiver but I think the reality of it is is that the second best team there I don't see help buffalo can deal with that defense. Vastly overpaid for the defense of fraught with Kyle Williams is still the best defensive lineman. And then you look at the jets to mean the jets to discuss the continued to implode because the talent base is in good enough. Right I heard somebody say one of these how cheap guys say the Houston Texas 799%. Chance to make the playoffs because you know obviously the role -- and and the and the division stinks. But if that's true of the pitchers have to be up after the close of these two. Should we just play the AFC championship game now and and where should it be should have been used in the -- Well and I think I think Houston's got an advantage because you know when you get to play in the twice that the play Jackson openly in this I don't know there's a war there's. Jacksonville compete and compete with the Jacksonville Cleveland. Other people seemed I was reading this site the other they would if they. They have the odds on who gets the first pick in the draft I think right now at a Cleveland Jacksonville so you're pointed to your point Jacksonville and your point and the thing that's six. That's the easy -- And make -- we always ask you this time of the yeah interview beside the patriot game what's the game that fascinates you most on schedule. Well I think Philly Pittsburgh I think this Pittsburgh as it relates to New England as well -- -- Pittsburgh football team they old. And slow on defense collective -- the first three weeks of the season orders James Harrison -- probable comes back really rejuvenate -- make him a better team. Where there are so talented and I think this is applied to Baltimore as well is they now have to win games for the office. Is but they're offensive line has really struggled in his they're offered -- linebacker they help clean -- and they pass protect against Phillip and it's going to be a fascinating game. Because they have the three receivers. That make it almost impossible cover you know starting with Mike Wallace and Antonio brown and that you go and Emanuel Sanders so we got to talk to deal with so. I think that Pittsburgh Philly game going to be that they completed the you know where Pittsburgh is defensively and can they get a backlash here they get -- -- -- ability to create turnovers they got it back but you were they are this year. You and build the market the Cleveland 95 buddies together make some money. Actually it bill are we talked wardrobe the other day we're talking about it you know these the sweaters I was Wear them and and all this cut off says it was interesting you know and a look at last week Katie Coleman. Some of Ken Coleman really that that was made possible because of -- because bill was Smart enough to bring peace in the building a lot of be a part of it and it was interest in the C. Brought that was that they -- a lot of the people that were speaking. Weren't really always necessarily involved right and other guys that were jumping on the bandwagon that was there for a couple coffee. Who remain nameless. Has made a prominent role in the thing Belcher ever understood what we're doing Cleveland. Good stuff Mike Lombardi taught in a week into the weekend our our our conversation -- Mike Lombardi is a brought to you by town fair tire HSA insurance and by people's united bank.

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