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What does the future hold for the Red Sox

Oct 4, 2012|

Mikey and Ryder talk about the future of the Red Sox and who might be a candidate to replace Bobby Valentine as manager.

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Right text messages are prominent. Arm. The source says that was this guy John. Dustin didn't hit 300 this year is a reason out of 300 hitter -- Yankees always be better well let me just tell you something. And earlier Yankee fans not only Europeans are idiots like you sir one major -- using yankees fan that says yankees or better I'm joking. But it he's -- that he because Dustin Pedroia is lifetime batting averages 303 so he's a 300 hitter OK now you're -- -- this year. Okay -- ninety. Okay excuse me. You talk about Derek Jeter not been a 300 hitter is hitting it 300 last year you clown. Ass clown of the season here. I know it's like gotta be pissed off course got a tablet and salaries fifth in the league in hitting the double place and a allegedly on his foot speed Tom indicate this at. Our next caller our first caller this hour I'm like yeah -- -- -- -- of garrido. Guns are not keep our name John I questioned for a aren't. And it's been -- so called talk radio and I swear my editor is Bob Bob my shoulder sunk. You clearly don't aren't to blame going to be summation -- what -- are you go turn aside content. Jobs to get on the radio. Talk about Lucchino Warner. And and and and enriched. Will it makes it I know there's a problem yes and I -- before in the past been in also I think there's plenty of blame announcing that Valentine's the single problem. And the added to a denies they added to it. Are you pretty much about five men's -- -- you know he's probably the guy Eric adolescent younger guys -- people -- god god is not bad. He couldn't -- That can't has inherent character whose boat by the way you can be gone Tinto and he can't you inherit a complete. Mentality. -- players last. You can select only hear what you want a year and I never single handedly said he was OK like at Bob -- what I think is right -- the bottom our initiative our owners. Great atmosphere. And you bought two players true that he created and whoever comes in your pocket and would you guys sure are informant sock puppet. And edit the M that day I wish some people whether church -- -- channel we never got. He turned back and stated that the problem is Lucchino Kerry and Warner. They created this mess and -- -- -- -- couple championships such great. But at the end of the -- them also promised yes and it's probably it and how -- -- -- technical in the chase championships that we want and Italy are today. He didn't disgrace. OK I agree with that disgraced part Tom I couldn't agree more about the overall impact of this do this year's team disgraceful. But. You look at the motives. The the situations that we're going on at the time. Now I'm not sitting here -- -- targeted the ownership has no hand in all of this failure I of course that's ridiculous -- It did I was tired Valentine runs as such as Ben Stein is the players as well as you mentioned. They would only got these players -- feel he's gone he got some of these players. Terry Francona is gone. You know some of the players are gone some of the very ones -- talked about and and by the way I don't know how anybody can expect the team to get rid of you know their top pitcher quote their best RBIs middle of the lineup guy you know there -- twenty million out of your left you -- produced crap. And and and expect this team to go anywhere at the end of the season ever wants to assign a percentage of blame -- said the centers so many different sex games this season and there's no question town news no doubt about it that Larry Lucchino is part of the blame here. And the Red Sox ownership group group as part of the blame. And I gave it to -- the only solution to a problem is what they started to their work at northern I didn't credit for. -- clean out. I mean you're not gonna you know what did not fire and Larry Lucchino and allies like you know -- -- updated because he makes John Henry money. The -- and its application and I'm sure you're right and that's what -- Larry Lucchino didn't going nine and fifteen with a five ERA. Might create our -- now are saying this he created OK let's just take Jon Lester individually. Weekly got Jon Lester up till this year that's a good move right. A good guy to keep by Carolina -- development in the system or what have you. With you all of a sudden it's we he's bad because. What are you -- like we -- and the fact that he also created the -- as a patient and it wouldn't wouldn't jump start and the sense that -- -- there to support or. Player like. I think relentless isn't perfectionist that's. You know and by the way up to this year whatever that attitude he had wasn't wasn't that bad enough to make them lose -- -- -- real good pitcher. -- -- up until the season. I actually to last September's it's. Let's be correct but -- -- the biggest to me the biggest mystery here and maybe were overrated and a bit maybe you'll never be that Cy Young guy now a minority police acted but Ortiz faced the franchise part of the 0407 championships and this year. A -- got hurt nor can complain about he what he contributor for the money would be paid however. I would've said three years ago was that go through this yearly ritual with him. Of extending that contract giving a new one. Or twelve or fourteen million. I signed up for four years forty million back four years ago like I said they showed up and then though these problems to be solved only got a bargain on them. This past year in the past couple leaders to -- One knew who got a -- The Red Sox in his one year deals although why we are only fourteen number I'm saying to you -- got four years 40000010 million a year and it would install -- locked up through next year -- But instead they decide to go play hardball -- them. And yardstick he's DH. It's a market is different DH on the teams could use a DH and probably finally get that two year deal -- or he's 300 batter with a hundred RBIs thirty home runs every year that she's -- these guys that. A Java card next planet Mikey hello John. Evan almighty OK. Are you doing. Are you. So I want to tell -- some good memories -- -- you know if there are now I'm only here it is. -- well short story I got up -- Summitt who amazing needing girl. And as part of my -- and took over the bachelor party to. Our Red Sox game -- actually well they want. Wow back. Or 132 games at home that you were there a lot of pretty. It was funny because I want to go see -- completely on security live on -- and right trying to remember. I cannot -- the public I'm still. I J. D. Drew Knight is going to be gone. Beckett is -- is I appreciate them being here bringing up a lot of little patent being part of the World Series. You know you go on. Oh exit he try to -- -- lap dance it was in my dad's apartment and right so wait a minute now. Yemen a look back at this year. -- that there are no I mean there are no really good memories is your answer here but is Cody Ross walk off home run it happened one game knows that you know. And you'll ever dead brother at -- that -- There wasn't much go one army Johnny Pesky died this year and guess what this -- -- didn't even go to the field double to Joseph Castiglione want a well deserved. Pregame you know for thirty years there was -- -- -- elders are always a classic but honestly as baseball goes this year. It was pretty. His poor pathetic when you pointing out anniversaries and celebrations. As the best part of the season hundred years neighbor's yeah highlights of the -- they don't -- additionally -- -- and -- -- -- brought out those all those players on the on the -- had a terrific and that's it you know no one does those better than doctor Charles the -- I was just glad to see market -- there you know Diana -- Chamberlain. People I know when I heard right earlier trying to get the album. The ticket George if -- the seven that help or just you you know got that good good work by you yes I made that insanity yet. Right now troublemakers. -- -- What was I gonna say I forgot I had Alia was gonna read my snapple cap 6177790. Resilient by the way this last chance you have to use that number. On this program. Because tomorrow wanted to brand new phone number. Over tonight 61777. -- jury fifty. Now him. As he clears his throat. This is under my snapple captain. And a -- -- and if you shake a KM of mixed nuts. The larger nuts will rise to the top. You know I didn't. In everything you never shaken your notes before I was just gonna say what would open nets were talking about it says I just to read again you obviously were reading your notes monitored not listening to your cohost over and it. If you shake a -- of mixed nuts. The larger nuts will rise to the top so -- ball is another one for you do know that this horseshoe crab has sky blue blood it does there have. I did not know that bills that favorability June ought to be told me that would make me a lot of crap. Never bill. They're -- open for -- Mercury and operate the there at all. Okay -- -- that they're perfect but right now it's like white white wedding you beg your head against that tree because it feels so good and I stop that right in saying you know what it. I'm difficult open Belmont they're real quick now what you get -- -- whatever you want -- great equipment you're making you ought they not to like fought. But they feel that it is legally all it is that the Yemeni -- four and about the date compare their comeback and. Everyone doesn't seem like him what are the players would feel that the real good survey would be talked to the players are currently have a team how would you feel -- -- as a manager. Think it's too soon I -- IP. I. Well but again it's a lack of experience in that now what do. -- I hear a question of whether Varitek has what it takes to be element to say that at all -- I think on the contrary he's shown. Certain things on his career. Like the encyclopedic knowledge of hitters and the dedication to the hard work and preparation all that stuff handling the pitchers are very important. I think if you're going to be good manager to have some of those skills the past however. We don't know and I'm sure he probably doesn't even know. What kind of manager he'd be jumping right into the fire when I just talk much jump and a AAA level. Double -- for year or so or taken over crappy team where there are no expectations. This is Boston these -- the Red Sox. You know. And he's gonna have to jump right into the rest of that -- fire and in the in the best question guys do is does -- don't want to manage this and it's another thing I never said I wanna manages to -- it be said that then mentally ready to be considered I think he's gonna spend time in Atlanta is gonna help some of these younger and younger players he's going to be a roving catching instructor still have some time with his family. And also you know. Be another -- and another -- they organization now there are some people out there that that have other reasons for the Red Sox demise Heidi watney fans particularly think that making a movie again Jenny gallon there was so it changed everybody's luck I think she's. I think -- -- is a lovely lovely girl. He's a question about that -- this text says -- dealt with the best part of the season that uses G. Tanner tanner tanner tanner and. Ours Edgar yeah yeah like Edgar Lego and there's something. Yeah yeah now. There's nothing is --

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