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Mikey reacts to the Bobby Valentine firing

Oct 4, 2012|

Mikey and Ryder spent the final weeks of the season speculating on if and when Bobby Valentine would be fired and now that it's happened they react to the move by the Red Sox.

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So you have to a can of Coke here's here's to get sick glands. OK does that mean board as any caffeine or something now you kidding me I -- so -- -- -- always fire finally have a radio show after all this Red Sox despondent times some might suggest hero upset to see -- it's -- season and not for the you know weigh on that'd been produced and in terms of hours of work this team lost more games than any team since 1965. And I would say that I watch more games in sixty. Except that they were on TV back then they were on the radio where they were only on TV maybe selectively on the weekends was announced -- the -- suspect sixty. I it would be well -- Doughty was done and I think it's sixty bright red around 1965. Ken Coleman was not yet the key cable for maybe after the 65 season. From Cleveland. So he was the guy but Ned Martin was there. And no hard now was doing some color analysis formatting -- you know this is a team you you could look at that team back then -- -- understand why there. Why they've lost over 92 games a hundred actually believe it was 65. If they sucked. You know RC they had they had nothing going on -- it to EC and the ads and you know that's that's pretty much yet. It all started to come together for the red such -- Aaron you know years later. When Dick Williams came in brought in the young players that Mike Andrews Rico practice only Reggie Smith. Jim mom or it was a on the team and 65 and 66 when he was just learning how to pitch and let's not forget. And 67 he was only 25. Well they -- young award winners so. I 2014 might -- the same exact -- -- -- -- I know this team now with their their positioning is gonna do things -- -- different than what they're gonna make big and -- money no matter what their student Toronto -- On the field and that's something we're gonna analyze over the course of next few months is exactly who they're gonna. I try to get -- comets gonna make -- -- but you know that's not. Wrote a baby out at a -- waters so to speak. There are still pieces of this team. Where they have a base of talent. And I have talked and Ellsbury Pedroia. Middle Brooks. Certainly Jon Lester is better than we saw him this year has to be better it course -- what do you added him into -- It we know that he's better than that and I think -- colts. Is still you know a nice piece of this Red Sox team that they have gaps absolutely. But they have a core of talented guys. Way bigger gonna put them with the with the right manager at a fresh start on things and automatically in the 500 range. And as tournaments go above that that's going to be the big key in getting other players from other places and and doing -- -- due diligence on who regularly test for bench -- more than anything else. This offseason and it -- -- because in not only now includes getting these players to fill in the gaps and he has money deployment. But it's also question which manager. And let's not let's not screw up twice. I mentioned earlier the I didn't know would the last one and done in my lifetime there has not been a warrant a manager now is like 34 was 1934. Or get protects on this from people who -- by the way at that might read every single text and I'd just as a celebration of excellent -- a lot of sex but you know what will be your. Bucky Harris 1930. War. Was the last time I was one and and I thought though you know he gets screwed over other people 1930 remember that interim guys who came on right here hired for full season ended down -- hasn't happened enough. My dad's 78. Years. 78 years since that's happened. That's 2012. Well you look -- -- -- he is referenced 1965 there's so many different. -- problem in 65 I believe it was Billy Herman who was the manager and he retain that job of for the following year despite losing a hundred games different different climate on a completely -- well they the their first last place finish since 1990. Eight game losing streak to finish the season -- -- that happens if he wants a lot of worst -- This guy text message from Connecticut already Red Sox sorry season is over New York Yankees are AL east champs mark from Connecticut up yours mark. Com and Mikey they will end up with Felix. The accident it yeah better chance of feeling like Aaron -- while admiral likes hear that but doing it's a different story. Now already getting text to Obama dog -- and yet you know you threw that out there and whiner line accords which has 500000 listeners. My name is Mike and I'm appalled lover lame I know -- -- -- I do not have a total or happy I got a new puppy or yesterday he's a shelty he's a small Kali and I've had show these before. I like that breed of dog two little kids in my house. And that I would like a dog it's friendly friendly -- a little kids and Timothy is now a member of the -- households have at the Adams as of yesterday and -- eight weeks old and yet Al -- further updates to -- twice on the -- it's very classic American name. -- -- of -- and -- accuser you know it's -- to others. Restrain that -- never ever. -- priced jet -- has -- graduated Miguel Cabrera. For his Triple Crown Diaz 45. Years later. Able to pass the torch to the next Triple Crown winner John who set it right here on his radio station a month and a half ago. John yes he'll take government of course of issues gets mentioned like you predicted a red sex that we're gonna try to. We have Monday night tests Thursday -- football tonight and then I got the cardinals in this one minus one and a half I mean there -- winners and your defense is very very surprisingly strong president pass rush. Now -- secondary users are never gonna I think there's a little more intimate notes on the road we'll have that game for you in its entirety. Beginning at around 8 o'clock or so right until then let's load up these telephone lines at 6177790850. 888525. Zurich fifty certain. No shortage. Of subjects to talk about but before we get to the phone and wanna mention I got a busy weekend Ryder. Saturday I'm going down to the October fest in Newport, Rhode Island. Where Adobe beer business or pleasure or this is -- number radio station authorized appearance from sending -- ended sending the wolves and a chicken -- with -- with a -- you get paid to drink beer. Yes I am and that's at noon Saturday besides a Red Sox pitcher world -- do that. -- guy out of that's going to be -- enough Sunday. It's a back -- my favorite little enclave in -- central Massachusetts. Amherst Massachusetts. Viet placed -- actors now that has no it's not a reference to the waitresses. That's that's the name of the place stack -- hub. And grill or whatever it is it's backers I'll be there at 330. An hour before the patriots game. With Budweiser in the WEEI. Water boys and girls given away prizes in and meet people drinking Beers. Specter's in hammers you for those delisting a moral five point five on UMass and Amherst College people. That's the place this Sunday to watch against you CD WEI. Water boys and girls more than EC my boys out myself and -- -- that's for sure yet. But that they're nice and -- you know when I was out there a couple weeks ago it may have really adorable while water girls -- pure. So we're gonna have some fun out there on a Sunday 330 an hour before the game be their for the prior games if you want to hang out and it will stick their through it. After the first half of the game. And I'd be -- So in the meanwhile again Bobby Valentine this thing here and I I say this only because I don't you -- to love Bobby Valentine no I don't. I hate him no I don't I don't. That everything they hate that right does he have an abrasive personality shore sometimes he doesn't. Is he gets himself involved in wades into the mock a little bit it comes to his dealings with the media. Out but it was an adjusting year certainly on the big show to have Bobby Valentine on and a disastrous year for Bobby Valentine's resume. Not a great clothes for him however. Even though I just said that to you. I doom not to blame Bobby Valentine for the demise -- -- at all and no blame but obviously it was a piece about Arnold bad puzzle that he had to. Yes but he wasn't the reason. Now. -- clearly wasn't. -- -- -- -- maintain this into eternity. Isn't it the players didn't get hurt. As they did if the if the unproductive. Overpaid stars of the team some of whom are departed. Didn't fail so miserably it would have been quite an embarrassment for Bobby Valentine quite the embarrassment it was this year certainly 69 games that's horrific. Red Sox team with a high payroll like this but let's let's not -- you know all of a sudden forgetting. Just how sucked. Josh Beckett was just how sake Jon Lester was I just how injured every single player 56 different players used on the -- a record today they were does so by injuries but that they Mikey -- pathetic ness if that's a word. It was rampant throughout the organization and so does he should he take the -- hit -- in Wheldon 100. You know the Yankees Orioles. Tampa Bay what's their excuse. But he excuse for what they had injuries. Saturday that protects depth in reinforcements and some of the pre warned that one of these teams had injuries like it's. I'll tell you know I don't know they had -- but again. There were adamant there was a number of key guys on the Yankees and even with the Orioles starting pitching staff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well the Red Sox -- guys okay. Where -- you restart muted start -- -- center field MVP candidate out for half a year and let's start with that about the only guy hitting in the team. He goes down for two months at the end of the season I was hitting land water -- a rookie third baseman who's driving in a -- almost a run game. And it gets -- it's definitely it's a valid excuse but I'm just saying that the the others a number of teams that dealt with the injuries and were able to win or at least finish under five over violent okay but not as many injuries and I'm not even to talk injuries for a second let's talk about. Failure -- Buy dot Frontline pitching staff to get it -- Period failure absolute failure it wasn't injuries Lester wasn't hurt. Cycle was a little bit but it Lester ended up with a -- and -- are almost five. Mean that is. Unbelievably unheard of in his career and and it told no matter what. So it H uses are everywhere. Not to take any excuses 69 when you got just what category you -- You get -- so many veterinarians and mr. scratch no no question about it. 61777 -- 0850. By the way that number. But I just gave you which is kind of habitually comes out of my mouth is changing here is as of tomorrow right patio. Okay -- here's the number alleged to delete. That number at 850. Number from your phone 0850. K because for those of you call the program regularly. Or any program on his radio station regularly. You're gonna wanna replace it with -- 6177797. 93 separate. OK I'll do it again 617779790. Trees have a lot of sevens and they're a lot has sent hundreds of man it's like. One of those though you know. Machines a player of the year casino slot resentments are crazy savage. -- like I'm lucky seven blasts that straddles yet. As so they made dating history. That's is sevens I'd Jeremiah in May largely be our first caller on this to our program. Big guys picked in my car Jeremiah we say kids. -- -- -- Not at a huge baseball yeah. My brother Alonzo Wiki huge baseball and that's kind of let -- a lot of latent talent and the need adult expect ride all day. -- -- You smoke pot -- you're driving. No but I -- hit it -- it do you text when you're driving. -- I like -- him. I just checked in I know because texting while driving is very dangerous. Well. They played at the dogs do your texting and to be -- I don't doubt I got -- -- don't forget you know what question they're real big baseball fan but I here who have been here all year. I packet that uncle Bobby's feet Bengie called you guys and I'd just like that and I can't help but think that he is yet. You're cues that tell. He's he's he's a scapegoat now. Winning hired him I I think they really thought that who hope to think that there -- going to be as bad as -- were no and no one thought no. People following even if he's a crappy manager. You know as a figurehead as a media guy and all these other things it may -- them on field managed term. He's still -- they're they're gonna win ninety games because they have all this talent I think nine and at Kennedy's but it. Francona dilute it to be a -- -- let -- drop down and you got Crockett and I look at that is that Franken honestly won any result and I think this sums up uncle Bobby -- and I. And Larry that a unanimous let's realize something to not only to the Red Sox have that epic collapse last year that ended on such a sour -- note. But here goes boom the manager -- -- general manager out the door then. Yeah okay the failing pathetic roster. It forces a bunch of the guys out the door -- say this body you're Gonzales I think he's probably a nice guy. I don't think he has any heart as a player I don't think he's inspired I don't think he's one of those guys who want to look for character are my baseball teams Jeremiah. And I seek Eric during guy you know when you think back -- the 04 team. Are any team and it's been successful Red Sox history I think of the characters on that team that type of people were. Adrian Gonzales is bland. And boring. And you know add some J. D. Drew and on a spot J. D. Drew -- thing on their bodies publicity I think I bought for as much -- talk about Manny. Many had personality Pedro Martinez Kevin Millar. These guys had. I mean even -- -- all these guys -- eight a certain feeling about -- gives out little bit of mr. may mr. June in -- you know. And well right guess watched you know he was -- either you're gonna keep guzzlers. Right of course is you got to -- -- -- one thing you got to have Jeremiah is the the confidence of the face the trust of -- You'd you'd team members as a manager or you're gonna get this. You know divided situation which we very clearly saw. From Pedroia and Youkilis on right through the entire team. Nobody liked Bobby Valentine as their manager and that that that added insult to injury overall are on the failing pathetic. Point twelve Boston Red Sox were -- infamy. In most people's lives the worst team they've ever seen wearing a Red Sox uniform. The most the worst team that they've ever Edwards door for an entire season. And -- talk and I go back barely 65 but it was different then -- never expectations it yet this this team will be a punchline for years to -- -- -- And probably around us and I will refer that to that is punching the clown.

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