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Bobby Valentine's Greatest Hits with the Big Show, Part Two

Oct 4, 2012|

We remember some of Bobby Valentine's strangest moments on the program this year. We'll miss you Bobby!

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-- -- -- Here. For me ask you about some baseball you all the little -- kind. My primary games honestly now. How was it -- -- NN usual the communications and you're accustomed to dealing with in the past I don't know. What -- and things work out with Bob McClure. Why didn't they -- gallant but I thought they -- -- -- worked -- they just. You know there is a consensus of opinion and changes needed maybe you've kind of checks that you checked out of us. -- an embarrassing things you know there I urge you in the mouth. LA district. Why was somebody. That is that it comic strip it hurts and -- -- Because you work late at a ball game last week that it certainly -- Because whoever wrote that you know rappers can result -- -- -- -- -- -- It absolutely is still there and integrity -- forever do you believe your players are fighting the Stanford. I just -- juice Williams which is. And should apologize -- -- are saying they're extremely. -- Bobbie let me ask you this question the ownership -- come out and said that you are going to be here through the rest of the season when asked about next season. They have pretty much not answered that question does that concern you. You know. Concern you just for the record now. If you're brilliant you know gonna just say this when you -- hitting when lefties. I'm not not just 38 right okay and when he left here in the disagrees and use it to 38 is because I really effected it negatively I was -- cause of I was the root cause of his not perform well. Since his -- Chicago. He's at 238. -- just wanna go on and it just so you don't want to say that I didn't know his -- but I just wanted to make me wanna I wanna make it clear well look I wanna make it clear to us. The cause of him hitting -- to 38 was not -- OK was there any thought pinch hitting for him before he got to the -- And while it's good flesh -- glass thank you Bobby I have a great week and -- -- and it does that mean it. It babysitters. But he never gets to the ballpark tested 330. -- personally ask all the beat writers. Beat writers and he gestured to 45 you can -- the games. What's up. And beat writers travel on the relevant. But it would get it erode. Either the public you finally are over thank you guys good idiots I've gone outside. I must tell anybody I was a little bit concern we didn't hear you went to 235 I thought a couple of those French -- got all the on the bike again today no. And it's going to be a good job guys OK I'm on your song that's funny about the but I could -- -- like yeah zoos and really big news. You know considering a road -- the road every day this season and only have one accidentally witnesses -- phenomenal and you know basically having interviews once we could be just. I'd -- a good job can you we'll talk to you and actually get a good -- Take place I didn't really do it because the only -- I think that think that it does have a standard -- degeneration which is what competitors -- be open. So you -- involving. I yeah. He even yeah. Saw. And he. I mean.

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